Biggest Loser Challenges - Blue Team Spring Into Action Chat Thread Week 10 (07/22/13 - 07/28/13)

07-22-2013, 12:01 AM
Well week 10 is upon us and I'm hoping to see a loss this week fingers crossed.

I went away for the weekend and ate and drank more than I should but I'm learning to not feel bad about it as this is a way of life and everyone eats and or drinks more then they should sometimes and they either stay how they if they are the right weight or they just continue with healthy eating the next day....well that's what I'm doing this is a new way to live. I can still eat and enjoy just in moderation like everyone else.

I was away from my scale this morning so I just put in my same weight from last week. On Friday morning before I left I was down by 2lbs but with the weekend and TOM showing up I know I will be up a bit. Now to take it all off by Sunday:)

Well hope your all doing great and talk to you all tomorrow.

07-22-2013, 06:38 AM
Blue Team:

Total Lost: 13.8 lbs (-0.70%)

Blue Team Biggest Loser: :congrat:Kayin (-3.6 lbs, -1.88%):congrat:

Honorable Mentions:

2muchbelly (-4.0 lbs, -1.78%) :carrot:
livelaughlovesunshin (-4.2 lbs, -1.48%) :cp:
jessicado22 (-2.0 lbs, -1.04%) :dancer:

Congratulations to all the week 9 losers ! Here's to a great week 10 !

07-22-2013, 01:38 PM
Congrats Kayin! And 2muchbelly and livelaughlovesunshin too! Woohoo!

As for me, the scale is finally down in the 180s! 188 to be exact. About darn time, lol. After a week of seeing 190 I was getting quite pissy (just in case you didn't notice in my last post, lol).

And to top off the awesomeness factor, I ran 7mph for 1/2 hour last night on my treadmill! That is 3.5 miles -- over a 5K! I used to run 7mph as a sprint, something I would force myself to endure for 30 seconds and slowly I've been building up to 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. And last night a full 1/2 hour! Admittedly, I stopped after 10 minutes to take care of the baby for a few minutes, and then I stopped every five minutes after that to wipe the sweat off and take a swig of water, but whatevs...there was still a total of 1/2 hour involved!!!!

Oh and to reply to Dora's post in last week's thread -- I completely feel you on hitting 199 and taking a hiatus. It was SO HARD to stick on plan when I hit 199. It was like "well I made goal, lets celebrate!". Of course then the scale moved upward so that made me get it in check pretty quick, lol. At least you are maintaining! Enjoy a break :)

07-23-2013, 04:52 PM

so I'm almost out the 220's. I've not been this small in over 10 years. I can't stop thinking about it and crying (ugh my darn emotions).
this challenge has been so helpful to me.

I know I dont chat often in these threads... work and working out is soo time consuming!!! but I do lurk a lot, and i find so much inspiration in them. SO i'd like to thank you all!

07-24-2013, 02:55 AM
CONGRATULATIONS Kayin, 2muchbelly, livelaughlovesunshin, and Jessica for being out BL for week 9. Awesome job ladies!!

Well I went and gained 5lbs in the two days I was away....who does that. Then I've been non stop eating the last two days. I need mental help I
I'm hoping to get back on track soon. I've been exercising still and also while I was away but I need to cut back on the food again too.

Jessica - 180's.....awesome and great job on the running that will drop the weight too. I need to focus back on running again too.

2muchbelly - it is an emotional thing when you reach new goals and milestones....embrace the emotion and remember the feeling you have now it keeps you motivated. Great job

Leslie hope things are good with you. How's the new job working out?

Well it's midnight and I should be sleeping so goodnight blue team

07-24-2013, 09:42 AM
Good morning Blue Team :) I have been staying in my camper for a couple weeks . First two or three days not bad only 3 people . Now we have six people . Kinda tight situation my camper is only 26ft . We are remolding a McDonalds but I think I deserve a break today gonna maybe hit the pool or see a movie . One of my problems have been all the free diet cokes I can have all day at McDonalds ! Another problem I come back to campsite grill 12 cheeseburgers for dinner with a big bag of Lay's salty potatoe chips( bet you can't just eat one ) and then there is is $1.00 menu like sausage,cheese McMuffin ! Then I have someone working who is on drugs so bad ( pills mainly ) who I would love to see her change . I am really trying to help and that has been tuff her mind is so consumed with her addiction . Now I put this homeless young man to work today I will be going to thrift stores to find him work clothes and boots . I didn't weigh in this week with sone many other things going on . I really don't know how to focus on my needs ( healthy eating ) when I have been around people who had greater need than I ever thought about . I truly know I am an emotional eater and this is why Iam a yo yo dieter . I don't really want to go to another restaurant for something healtier I feel I know different than these people working for us . I told the lady working for us . I have an addiction just like you all I wanted was food as she talked to me about how she was afraid she woould be sick in a few days if she didn't get her drug I ate a big glazed honey bun like I didn't have a care in the world . I don't have this kind of stuff at my house but I'm not home . She craves her drug I believe as much as I crave my junk food . I really can't keep contol of what always goes in my mouth (food) I truly know I am a food addict . I go to grocery stores a lot ! Now I am fixing lunch for 5 men and dinner .

I am starting out with oatmeal this morning . Gonna just try not to think about food all day ! My empoyee / friend had to go home yesterday she was not feeling well . I drove her 1 1/2 hrs to her home she was so excited to get home . She filled me in on all her addiction . I am in shock , worried , sad , confused , etc . This is what I been involved in and I just felt Iwas around people with much greater needs than mine so I did a lot of listening as I ate my junk food . I am commenting to today as being back on track of my healthy eating to life a more productive and hopefully longer life !

07-24-2013, 05:48 PM
Dumplin: It's really great that you can be a good listener for those going through troubled times and that you give them an opportunity to work with you!

I've had an on plan week so far EXCEPT last night when I went to a movie. All I could smell was the POPCORN! I ate a small bag WITH butter all to myself, that's like 8 cups! I'm back on track today, had a good long walk and I'm going out again to meet up and walk with my mom.

At least I burned 3300 calories yesterday (on my fitness armband, I love it, it keeps me on track and competing with myself) and only ate about 1700 including the popcorn. (It filled me up almost all day, must have had tons of butter!)

I hope everyone else is having a good week! Go team Blue!

07-25-2013, 12:17 AM
Good job all you losers!!! I've stayed back on plan but the scale refuses to budge. I'm eating quite a bit less as my family has had hamburgers and pizza, neither of which I eat at all, so I just have my salad for dinner. Something's gotta give.

Thanks Jessica for your encouragement on the Onederland issue, I'm ready to commit to losing the other 60 lbs. I was reading something from an email I subscribe to and they said to succeed at weight loss you need:




What they said about desire helped me a lot in that they said:

"WANT IT. If you don't have a burning desire to achieve your goals -- if you don't view them as critically important -- then I'm afraid you've already lost. You have to WANT IT, and want it BAD. Think about your goals and how achieving them will change your life. Now keep that image in your head and go after it with everything you have within you."

I DO want it! I DO love seeing a slimmer me when I'm naked. I DO want to become even more slim and attractive. How bout you?

07-25-2013, 09:26 PM
2muchbelly -- you are so close to Onederland!!!! Way to go!!! :carrot:

Dumplin -- It is great that you are helping so many people. And also aware how being there more for others than yourself can be a problem. Especially around all that temptation! Hope you are able to take care of yourself as much as you do everyone else!!

Doragone -- yup! Couldn't have said it better myself!

kayin -- I hate the smell of movie theater popcorn. Because it is SO freaking delicious and so hard to resist. Lately I've been sneaking in homemade popcorn...although it doesn't taste the same ha ha.

As for me, I just posted this in another challenge thread, and now I am too lazy to retype everything here, so I am just copying and pasting, lol. I've had a few huge NSV's this week!!! :)

When I have attempted hiking with the hubby in the past, I have felt like I am dying. I had to stop to catch my breath often. The last time we hiked a particular trail in our area, he kept telling me to basically suck it up. (He was in the army and can get in this zone where he'll suffer through anything and just keep trekking). We only went on 4 hikes over the past 8 years, and I literally felt like I was going to die on them all. PRAYING for the end to come. Like my lungs were going to burst. Embarrassed by being passed by others. That my oldest kiddo was faster than I was. That when she was a baby, my hubby could carry her on the trail faster than I could without any kid. I internally hated every skinny tight yoga pant wearing chick who skipped ahead of me. And through all the pain, I was just so disappointed and sad. I think I cried everytime when we got home.

Well, today we went on a hike with his friend. I carried our 8 month old in a carrier on my back. I was nervous starting out as the trail was steep. But soon I realized it was okay. My hubby and his friend stopped a few times, and I stopped with them for company, before I finally decided to leave them in my dust and I went to the top without stopping!! Carrying at least 25 pounds of baby. And I could've kept going!!! It was so amazing feeling! The last section is climbing over boulders uphill, and I remember the last time on that trail I could barely function, and today I just did it just fine. I cannot explain the elation at realizing I could do it. And then when I reached the top, I think my ego exploded, ha ha. I passed up my hubby. Suck it, lol.

I just wish I could've shared this feeling with my old self and started this journey sooner. I have spent 1/2 my life obese and unhappy. I know some people can be large and be happy, however I was not one of those people My weight has constantly been on my mind for the past 16 years exactly...something I was always sad about, even during happy times in my life. It is weird for me to adjust. To realize that I am almost there! And I can do things I never thought I could before....

So I'll stop gooshing now. Just super excited and proud of myself right now. Kinda want to go climb the mountain again :D

Pics are of before and after! I might be a wee bit sweaty in the last one ;) ( (

Oh yeah, and other NSV's are I officially weigh over 100 pounds less than my hubby. He is 6'4" and huge, and weighs 290. I used to weigh more than him, although I am a foot shorter and a girl. It was so embarrassing. Now I am over 100 pounds lighter! And another NSV I realized the other day -- I WEIGH LESS THAN MY DRIVER'S LICENSE!!!!!! That has happened, um never, lol. It always said 175 which was a huge freaking lie. Well, when I renewed last year, I was so large I upped it to 195. Was so ashamed of my true weight. And now I weigh less. I am going to go in when I hit 174 and get a new license, even though I just renewed last year, lol. Because my old photo (which I thought was a great photo) doesn't even look like me anymore! And I'll get to change the weight and not be lying. Okay -- I'm really done gooshing now, ha ha. Sorry everyone...

07-27-2013, 10:38 AM
I am following jenny craig to the letter this week and am seeing good results. Ive been walking and going to curves. The problem with this minor success is i am craving pizza like crazy :mad: So, rather than ordering one i will make one on pita bread with less cheese (fingers crossed this helps with the self sabotaging).
I dont post often, but i read everything and am amazed at your, often complicated, journeys and am in awe :)

07-27-2013, 06:56 PM
Tkkoz: I've done Jenny Craig before also and saw good results. Good luck with it!

07-28-2013, 12:06 PM
I am following jenny craig to the letter this week and am seeing good results. Ive been walking and going to curves. The problem with this minor success is i am craving pizza like crazy :mad: So, rather than ordering one i will make one on pita bread with less cheese (fingers crossed this helps with the self sabotaging).
I dont post often, but i read everything and am amazed at your, often complicated, journeys and am in awe :)

I crave pizza all the time. It doesn't help that my hubby still eats it quite often in front of me. I started making pizza on low carb tortillas. The big ones are 80 calories, and the small ones are 50. I just add some marina sauce, veggies if I want, and cheese. Then just broil them and I dip in "ranch" made from greek yogurt. Actually really filling and not that many calories. Not the same as pizza, but q good replacement and cures the craving. :)

07-28-2013, 05:00 PM
Hi everyone sorry I've been MIA I went away last weekend gained 5lb in 2 days and haven't stopped eating yet:-(.

I think it's the pills I'm on and once a month I go crazy for the week. Sad I can't seem to control it. Getting a better feeling today so I hope it is back to normal now again for a few weeks.

I will ate a freebie as I'm up a lot and hope to come down some by next week.

Dumplin I'm so an emotional eater as well but have been trying some new things and hope to break the habit. Good luck your under lots of pressure and its hard to do what you are doing and still make all good choices. Small steps lead to the same destination.

Kayin.....mmmmmmm buttered popcorn....all in moderation. We can't give up everything we like or we will never keep this up for the rest of our lives. Enjoy, no guilt move on to new day:-)

Dora it will come off you have done very well in this challenge and will see a few slow down periods. Your body is just adjusting

Jessica.... Awesome NSV your a machine. Must have felt great beating hubby to the top. You look great

Tkkoz even if you order pizza have two or three slices and not the whole thing and your still good. The exercise is working even if the scale is not showing it. I'm just believing this myself (knew it before but just believing it now)

Well I'll go put in my freebie, finish the laundry and then go for a walk befor ethe rain comes.

Have a great day everyone.