UK Fat Chicks - emotional over eater approaching 30's.. help

07-19-2013, 01:52 PM
Hi, my names Jemma and I though i would introduce myself.

I'm 28, 5"8 and 11 stone 8lbs. Have been the wrong side of 11 stone most of my 20's and I am now forced to address my issues as I have the great north run in September and my trousers are starting to give way :)
I am not quite sure why i make a conscious effort all day to eat healthy and then stuff my face and undo all my hard work after my son goes to bed. I just know that something's got to give.. and not my pants elastic anymore!

Don't really understand this site properly yet but i am hoping that i can gain support and share my progress with others, and ofcourse do the same in return.

Please contact me if any of this sounds similar and you would also like a healthy life style buddy :)

big girl 129
08-26-2013, 03:31 PM
Hi jemma

sounds to me like you are eating out of boredom, maybe if you find something else for your hands to do by taking up a hobby to keep your hands busy.

maybe something like jigsaws or knitting or even reading? make sure you have plenty of water too so that you can sip that rather than heading to the fridge

if all else fails have some low cal snacks around and really keep all the high fat stuff out of the house

hope that helps