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06-15-2003, 10:09 PM
Hi guys,

Alex and I are working on him sleeping in his crib or bassinet. So far, he's sleeping at least two hours a night in one or the other. That is an accomplishment for us. It takes three or four attempts to get him down but then he usually stays. Speaking of which, I'm being paged now!!

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day. Have a great evening.

06-18-2003, 08:51 PM
Slow board this week!!! Kaylee is doing great!! Not sleeping well, but sleeping hard the 2hrs that she does sleep..just wakes up, sucks afew times and goes back to sleep!! I think she wants attention..
Gotta go!!!

06-21-2003, 11:12 PM
Hey Ladies!!

RR- Dear Lord, I hope Kaylee is better than Peter in the car for a long trip!!

Peter was really good on the way down. We left around 7:45 last Friday night and drove straight through, got there around 6:30 Saturday evening. He sleeped most of the way, except to eat, until we hit FL...he had had enough, and boy did he let us know!! I spent most of the trip through FL in the back seat with him. He was all out of wack and a nightmare all week. He never slept more than 3 hrs. at a time....and that wasn't often. I think between the ride, the ears, and the gas, he was just miserable. :( DH & I are exhausted.

He went in the pool at Nana's though and had a blast! I even dunked him once quickly and he was fine...just a little flustered, like when I dump a cup of water over his head in the sink! I would hold him on his stomach in the pool and say "kick, kick, kick" and he was kick frantically!! I mean, it was because he was excited, not that he understood me, but it was funny! I'll post pics tomorrow if I can.

Nana, who's 91 yrs. old, drove us nuts the whole week. I mean, I guess she's allowed, she's 91, but man, we were ready to shoot ourselves between Peter not sleeping and Nana!! :rolleyes: Aunt Jo was a life saver though, she's Nana's 84 yr. old sister. She lives in the same complex, across the courtyard.

Peter's freaking out, and DH is too...gotta go.