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07-14-2013, 07:43 PM
Here is a huge THANK YOU to JerseyGyrl!

Less than a week ago, she gave me advice/info about low carb food substitution and the link to the awesome online low carb cooking resource Linda's Low Carb Recipes.

Last night I cooked my first low carb recipe dish, which was Crispy Fried Fish.

I wasn't sure how Tilapia fillets coated in crushed pork rinds would taste, but I was surprised.

It was insanely delicious,:spin: so much that my dinner guests enjoyed the low carb pork rind coated fish, more than high carb corn meal coated fish.

:chef:I cooked both low and high carb to ensure my guests' satisfaction either way,:stir: and they were more than satisfied,:cheers: but me, I was so thankful, because without that great recipe, I couldn't have eaten fried fish with my friends, unless I was breaking my diet.:hun:

I am so guilty of doing that in the past!:cry:

So once again, an enormous THANK YOU to JerseyGyrl/Kim,:cp::cp::cp: for caring, and sharing her knowledge with all of us who need it.!!!

It's really appreciated!:cheer3::cheer3::cheer3:


07-14-2013, 10:26 PM
Hi OneReallyBigBird:)
I'm so happy to hear Linda's Low Carb recipes are working well for you!! She certainly has lots of excellent recipes making it easy to stick to Atkins! I've never tried the "fried" fish but, it sure sounds good! I'll have to give it a try.

I'm happy to hear your guests enjoyed the fish as well. Its funny the things people enjoy eating when they don't know what they're really eating;)

I recommend Linda's Low Carb recipes to anyone doing Atkins. Its a lifesaver!

Keep up the good work!!!

All the best to you!:hug: