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07-12-2013, 05:47 PM
I have made another challenge that it would seem not very attractive to people (lol) so i am modifying it.

I am creating this challenge cause obviously i want company, but i guess i will deal with it if i end up being alone, and end up using this place to track my progress!

HW-155 lbs
SW in this challenge, 154 lbs (69.9kg)
CW-151.2 lbs (68.6 kg)

GW1-145 lbs (65.8 lbs) weight where i start feeling comfortable with myself
GW2-138 lbs (62.8 kg) realistic GW
GW3-132 lbs (59.8 kg) "ideal" GW, not sure i can reach.

my goal for this challenge is 138 lbs. but not only this: competing in a 10k, Oct 29th!!!

i am not going to start training for that until i believe begining of august, or at least having lost a few pounds, since at this weight, my knees get injured when i run :/

so my fitness program will be swimming 3X per week, 1X pilates, 1X yoga.

food plan: stay on plan during the week. focus on not bingeing when i come home from work - make a good meal instead of snacking. keeping things in control during the weekend: breakfast/lunch/dinner!!!


07-19-2013, 05:41 PM
HW-155 lbs
SW in this challenge, 154 lbs (69.9kg) 7/16
CW 150.1 lbs!!!!! (68.1 kg) SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!! 7/19

i have been making small changes and it's paying up!

incredible the difference small changes can make. so small i can't even believe what a huge difference they make. the difference between feeling stuck, and seeing that the scale starts saying i am losing!

it's silly i am so happy about so little weight lost, esp considering i've only been doing this for 4 days haha... and knowing me, i could quit anytime, but i don't feel like quitting. i feel that whatever it is i am doing, is helping me! and i have been stuck for so many MONTHS that these last 4 days have made me see that this is doable. i am not even suffering with this "diet"...

i want to write down the changes i have done, in case one day i feel like giving up, or i get lost:

i am bringing my own food at work - i don't depend on the food they offer, hence i don't either starve or binge. i am bringing 1 yogurt, 1 or 2 fruits, and 2 slices of bread, and it has made a huge difference. i know that this is the food i have, and that i will not starve. it makes me feel safe, i don't get crazy thinking i will be hungry. and i do not depend on anyone else :)

weekends: i have stayed organized. i ate only the bread i know i can eat (low cal), and not "just any piece of bread will do", cause obv it has more cals than i even know. not skipping meals, even if bf does, i need to be focus and make food.

bought food i know that will HELP ME: i bought oatmeal, which i never ate before, and i couldn't believe how good that was. esp cause it comes in a package, i know what one portion means.
i bought low fat cheese, which helps me reduce calories, but also gives me another protein choice.

now i need to really follow these small changes i started making, add the swimming (joined the gym, another change, but injured my knee :/ )

also i am weighing every day which i know is not good but it's hard not to when the scale is THERE... so i need to tell myself that if i see "weight gain" even though i did good, not to freak out. i need to make an official weigh-in day. i am not sure which day would be better to do so...

07-30-2013, 08:19 PM
:cp: Great job loser59! I wish I could join you on a "last 20 lbs" challenge but I'm nowhere close to being there (yet), lol! It's exciting to read about your progress though, so stick with it! :bravo: