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07-11-2013, 05:47 AM
So I came across this cool little bottle at my local target and I decided to give up the 10 bucks and give it a try. It wasn't until tonight that I really tried to use it and do the math. It will surely spread the olive oil upon surfaces better than dripping it from my tsp. But how do I calculate the amount I'm consuming for calorie counting?

I filled it with 100g of virgin olive oil.
Then I took my tsp and put it on my scale and weighed how heavy 1 tsp is. Which turned up 4 g and I confirmed it on google. (google>calories in olive oil they have a handy little tool)

So then, I got a bowl then sprayed and counted..
one one thousand, and so on

until it measured out to 4 grams.
multiple times and got an average of 8 one thousands.

Now I realize some of you are wondering who is this crazy girl doing all of this??
But I'm totally serious about this calorie counting thing, can you tell? :o:dizzy:

So This is to ask... does this sound correct?
Does anyone have this misto thing and did the same thing? probably not. lol.

(I just did a search > misto calories per spray and it says 1 sec = 1/4 tsp 10 calories...
which in my experiments 1 sec= 1/8 tsp 5 calories. I keep coming up with the same thing... so that's weird.)

11-18-2014, 12:42 AM
wow, kudos for you for being diligent in your calorie counting. I haven't heard of this misto thing, but I might look into it because I've gotten annoyed with the "spray can" versions that say 1/10 of a second (1 serving) is blah blah calories.. how the heck am I supposed to spray it for 1/10 of a second? lol. I bet raworz could work that out for me though ;)