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06-13-2003, 11:04 PM
Just popping in to say that my life is BUSY! YEAH!! And I am not just watching the busy pass me by ... it's me doing the busy! Only all of you will understand that!

OK ... so I'm thinking I'll go buy a CD of 80's greatest hits ... I feel so good I think I'm back in high school. Two weeks ago I go to the mall --- hit the music store and this guy that works there calls me (get ready!) MAM! MAM!!! So, ofcourse, I politely corrected him and we had a little chat and I left. Tonight I decide to stop by to get my oldest daughter a CD of the Atomic Kittens ... yes you read it right. Well who is there but Mr. Mam. He comes over and apologizes and says he hopes he didn't offend me last time I was there. First of all ... why does this really cute guy remember me? (I'm thinking) Then we have a conversation .. he has to order the CD and asks for my phone number to call when it gets in. Then he asks if he can ... (are you ready girls) just call ... to talk. I stumble ... why would you want to do that? He says ... 'cause you're cute and I think I'd like to talk to you more. Now .... can you just believe that?? I ALMOST died. It has NEVER ever happened to me before. And I'll let you in on a secret ... it felt rather good. :D :o

The girls and I are hanging in there ... soon to be ex-husband moved to KY to a rehab place. I am glad he isn't around ... but the girls especially the oldest is having a rough time. But we're strong and will get through this.

Now that I've spilled about the music man ... JIFF let's hear about the FRENCH chef!

Hugs to all!

OMYG I almost forgot ... last night I bought a pair of XL slacks and and XL shirt from the 'regular' women's department. I was so happy!!!!!!

06-14-2003, 08:48 AM
Leanna :dance: so glad things are going well for you!

And.......a guy flirting with you, what fun!!

XL-------WOW!! Don't you feel like your in a dream! A GOOD DREAM!!

Keep up the good work......don't forget to join us on the daily chat......of course, when you have the time :D

06-14-2003, 09:13 AM
Whaaaaah! I want somebody to flirt with me! :(
Leanna, it sounds like life is good despite the ex-hubbie problems. Hug your darlings and carry on.