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07-09-2013, 09:57 AM
Good morning to you all. Man is it humid this morning. Jack doesn't have to go back downtown until 10:30 this AM because they selected the last 40 and he was one of them. If he doesn't get picked this morning, he is done and will go back to work tomorrow. He skated by a sequestered jury yesterday as they willed the panel before getting to him to question.

I forgot to weigh yesterday so did this morning. I am down another 4 lbs, which means 46 lbs total since the beginning of the year. It's a little under 2 lbs a week and that is great. I would still like to be 10-15 lbs less than this by the cruise, but I am not going to fret about it. I am having too much anxiety with the dog, getting ready for the cruise and other stuff to worry about how many more lbs I will lose.

Fortune threw up 3 times yesterday and did eat in the morning, but I put out a second feeding and he wouldn't eat. I gave him a dose of the sulfur stuff yesterday afternoon and his tummy settled down. Frankly, I am to the point where I am afraid this is the game we are going to play until he dies. All I can do is feed him and encourage him to eat, try to get his meds in him, etc. I think right now his hip is giving him a lot of pain as he won't jump up on anything and is afraid to go in and out the door to go pee, which is how he hurt himself in the first place. He won't eat the chews so I may have to go to a chewable pill or something, I don't know. I may need to just go and buy a pill shooter to get pills down his throat at this point because he is spitting them back out even when I get them down into his throat cavitiy, which I have have no idea how he is doing it as I put it as far as my finger will go down his little throat.

This is haircut, grooming, haircut weekend. We also have Thomas all day on Friday, which should be fun. He wanted to come and spend the day until we take him to his bus to go to Jamboree. He is going to W Va for scout jamboree this year. I imagine he will be bringing a huge load of stuff to take with him.

It is so quiet in the house this morning even with Jack still home. I was so concerned about Fortune yesterday I never could get upstairs until late and then the upstairs was stifling hot as the ac upstairs was not turned on so I will tackle it this morning after Jack leaves.

It is loin chops, mashed potatoes and veg for us today. They had the little watermelons at the commissary and I bought one and wished I had bought two. They are juicy and sweet. I slice them open and cut them into chunks and bag them up then just put some in a bowl. Jack won't eat watermelon for the most part so I get to hog them all to myself. :lol: I also have some lovely pineapple, strawberries and blueberries to eat. Jack likes to put sliced strawberries on his lowfat ice cream for dessert so I go through those pretty quickly. My aunt made hamburgers for lunch while we were there and had these gorgeous tomatoes. She is in her 80's now, but spry as ever and I asked her if she grew the "maters." She said no, her dil gave them to her and they were so delicious. I put one on my sandwich and took three slices to just eat! :lol:

I guess I should get my yogurt, banana and make myself an egg for breakfast. Have a great day all! Faye

07-09-2013, 11:11 PM
Good Evening! It's been another hot day in my corner of the world. I had a haircut first thing and then met for lunch with the crafty group to say "good bye" to one of the gals who is moving to Sioux Falls. She is also in P.E.O. with me and goes to our church so will have two more get togethers before she moves on the 22nd. We decided on a car and filled out the lease paperwork this afternoon. It was being detailed and we may pick it up tomorrow or Thursday.

Tomorrow I start cat sitting chores for a few days, have a going away coffee for same gal, and lunch bunch at noon. Bob wants to go to Sioux City for an oil change so think I will ride along rather than sit at home. I may hit the mall while he sits at the dealership; I need a new shower curtain and can't find what I think I want.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another 4#s! :cp: Poor Fortune! I feel so bad for him, and for you! :hug: I know you will enjoy spending the time with Thomas. Ian goes to a couple of over-nights but I'm not sure just when. Last summer Jason and Amanda were in Sturgis when the camp director decided to send the kids home early because of storm warnings. The kids were staying with Amanda's parents so we didn't know anything about it at the time. Scary. We've been enjoying fresh fruit too. I need to make a list so I can spend $30 to save 30 cents on gas when I shop on Thursday. You would be proud of me as I have choked down yogurt 3 days in a row now.

I am rounding up some laundry to do first thing in the morning. The "boys" have gone to bed in the basement so don't want to disturb them tonight. Enjoy the rest of your evening! :wave:

07-10-2013, 10:37 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a "cool" 64 degrees this morning. Love it! I need to get dressed and head out to do my cat chores, "good bye" coffee, pick up a check that I should have had last week for the luncheon, and lunch bunch. I notice I said all that in last nights post. "Oh well . . . . ." :rolleyes:

I need to get a move on! Hope you all enjoy a super duper day! :wave:

07-10-2013, 10:44 AM
Good morning to you all. It seems like it is so much more humid than it usually is this time of year. You can hardly breathe when you go out.

Jack headed back downtown today and hopefully this will be the last day today as they have only one more trial to seat. Jack says there are about 20 of them left so he will probably get picked. He may on the other hand get bounced depending on questioning by the lawyers if he does get that far.

I am downstairs housecleaning today to get ready for Thomas to come over on Friday. I am looking forward to spending the day with him as we haven't done that in a long, long time. He is going to be gone for two whole weeks at Jamboree. As soon as he gets home he is back to school. He has had one busy summer.

I have to get out sometime this week and get more dog food, a birthday card for my dil, and a couple other things. Jack didn't get home until nearly 6 PM and we had to eat so I didn't bother with it, but I only bought a few dog foods to make sure he would eat them. He finally ate about half a can last night. I think a big part is the heat here. It is hard on human old folks so I imagine it is on senior dogs as well. He is a little guy and I imagine that makes it a bit tougher too. He has finished up the sulfur meds so we shall see how he adapts not taking it.

Well gals, I need to get hoping. Have a good middle of the week. Faye

07-11-2013, 09:29 AM
Good morning ladies. Hot and humid is the forecast for today. We were supposed to get thunderstorms but nothing, not even heat lightening. We could use the rain actually.

Today is finish up cleaning and getting ready for Thomas to spend tomorrow with me. I imagine he will just hang out with his Ipad, but that's ok.

Fortune is back to eating everyday so far, but not even a whole can. I am going to have to come to terms with that and maybe see if there is some kind of doggy supplement I could give him to put some weight back on him. I really am beginning to think it is this heat, his age, and his delicate tummy that all combine to give him problems. I try to keep him as cool as possible in the house, putting the fans on him, etc, but he goes outside and stands there and won't come in because he is afraid of the coming through the door. Yesterday I found him just dripping saliva from standing out there because it is so hot and humid.

Nothing else much going on here. I am going to have cold shrimp for me and crab cakes for Jack for dinner. It doesn't heat the kitchen up too much.

Hve a good day. Faye

07-12-2013, 12:02 AM
"Gma" -- Glad Fortune is feeling better and eating without getting sick. How did you come up with his name? Was Jack disappointed at not being picked for a jury?

It was a nice day in my corner of the world. I went to get my nails done and ran a couple errands this morning. This afternoon I waited around for the gal to call about delivering the checks I've been collecting. She never called so I headed to the grocery store; today was $.30 off Thursday plus there was a $.50 off coupon in the paper if one spent $50.00. My bill was over $100 and I ended up with $.94 off. For 20 gallons that adds up. The check gal called and came to pick up the money right after I got home. I went to do cat chores then Bob fixed supper . . . . . taco salads at the local restaurant! We are getting Ian and Zowie from their other grandmother tomorrow morning and heading to the lake. Beth is there for the weekend and the last couple days of her vacation. Jason and Amanda are coming Sunday to spend the day. This has been a busy week!

Hope you have a nice weekend! :wave:

07-12-2013, 08:30 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! We will head to the lake in a couple hours. Momma cat and 3 kittens are perched on the little table. She is still letting them nurse so she won't be moved to the farm for a day or two yet. It's supposed to be a warm breezy day; I hope it is a breeze and not wind. We got the new car yesterday so have cubby holes full of stuff to sort through and put in the new.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and enjoy! :wave:

07-12-2013, 09:59 AM
Good morning to you all. It is blessedly cool this morning, but won't last long I am sure. It isn't supposed to reach ninety, the weather channel says 88 so significant.......:lol:

Yeah, Fortune ate again last night and his bowels have firmed up so maybe we are back to normal. I am going to try and not stress about how much he eats as long as he eats.

I am doing finishing touches on making the house look ok as the kids will be here in about an hour to drop off Thomas. He has to be down at the bus pick up at 10 PM to do all his paperwork and then get on the bus. Wonder how he will like being away from all his family for 2 weeks? Usually, his dad goes to scout stuff with him, but their anniversary is today and they are leaving on a cruise from New Orleans tomorrow. My kids have the busiest lives I have ever seen. They always seem to be on the go. Guess you have to do it while you are young, 'cause you are too pooped to do it when you get old! :lol:

Like I said, I am eating yogurt every morning and taking a probiotic capsule and it seems to be helping me. I sure don't want to end up having surgery again so I have to make sure that I don't get in a situation that causes possible trouble.

Jean: Jack named Fortune. He said that is what he would cost us and boy was he right! :lol: His AKC name is actually Fortune Shines on Us, which is true too. :D Have a good time down or over at the lake or wherever it is from your home! I am sure you enjoy having the kids around for just a bit anyway. Enjoy your new car. What did you end up buying/leasing? We have a few years yet, but we are scouting out what looks good to us, though in 3 years the look of cars could be totally different. My sister and bil rented a Ford Edge, which was the crossover we were considering but Jack thought it was too squishy. I liked it when I rode with my sister to the store in it. It has more of the "cockpit" feel as far as the dash is concerned.

Everyone have a great weekend. Nothing going on for us except a couple errands tomorrow to get more dog food and a couple things at the store. Faye

07-13-2013, 02:17 PM
Good Morning, actually Afternoon, Flowers! The tornado sirens just went off so it is noon. Bob left early this morning for a tractor ride. He gets to "lead" because his tractor goes faster at 18-20 mph. Sounds like a slow ride to me! I'm not sure how far they go, but it will be late afternoon or suppertime when he gets home again. I finally just got dressed and need to do some laundry if nothing else today. After being gone yesterday, I have no ambition today.

"Gma" -- We got another Buick Enclave. The perks were 2 years of free XM, Onstar, and oil changes as well as $1000.00 for being a previous Buick owner. This one has a couple more do-dads my other one didn't so will probably buy it at the end of the lease. It has the "new" headlights and tail lights but otherwise no one will know we traded as it is the same color I had before -- red. I'm so glad Fortune is eating again! Does he mind it when you leave him? Beth's dog goes to a place called Happy Tails and loves it. He thinks he is a big dog and tries to keep up with the labs, etc. Beth said he sleeps for a week after he gets home. :lol: I agree that the kids are so busy; sometimes too busy I think. Do you have a favorite brand of yogurt?

I need to get going on the laundry. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

07-13-2013, 03:46 PM
Good afternoon all! Jack and I are feeling our age today after taking Thomas to the bus last night. We arrived about 9:45 PM, supposed to be there at 10 PM. This was the most disorganized mess I have ever seen. They were supposed to start boarding at 11 and pull out at 11:30 and didn't leave until midnight. Thomas said he was tired and was going to sleep as soon as he got his seat on the bus. The jamboree is in W Virginia this year and they are stopping somewhere today and go white water rafting before getting to WV on Monday. We sat and waited for the bus to pull out then came home and were up until about 2 then finally got to bed but were up at 7 AM so we are dragging today.

I was going out to do errands but they are going to have to wait. I am just too tired to run from store to store in the heat. Jack went to Taco Bell to get us lunch/dinner and I imagine we will his the bricks very early tonight.

Jean: Wow, Bob must be a speed demon! :D That is a nice car. Does it seem to have room? So many of the crossovers and suvs seem to be squishy. Ours is ok, but honestly could have a bit more room I think. We too have a red car. Since Fortune is afraid of other dogs, giving him a place to play doesn't do us much good. I eat the Yoplait variety and I like the vanilla. I like the fruit flavors too, but I have been eating just plain vanilla every day and a probiotic capsule and it seems to be doing what it is supposed to I think.

I guess I should go and fold the clothes. I laundered the clothing T left here yesterday when he put on his uniform along with a small batch of stuff that was already in the washer so need to get everything folded as the dinger went off. Have a nice Saturday and Sunday. Faye

07-14-2013, 12:48 PM
Good Morning! The sun has been in and out but it is much cooler this morning. We are heading back into the 90s later in the week according to the weatherman. We skipped church this morning. :o mainly because it is contemporary and communion which normally would have been last week. I have lots of things I could be doing -- really need to clean kitchen cupboards but my ambition level isn't quite that revved up. :D

"Gma" -- I hope Thomas got some sleep on the bus and has a great time at camp! I misspoke about the tractor speed; Bob's tractor will go 18 - 20 mph while most of the tractors on the ride go 12 - 15 mph. He leads at about 13 - 14 mph in hopes the gaps between don't get too far apart. The Buick is roomier than the Ford we drove and the Ford had a shorter wheel base that Bob didn't like. Going back and forth to the kids he just feels we are safer in the Buick. I thought that yogurt and the probiotic did the same thing; it was eat/take either or. I don't ever want to go through this again; don't know whether to blame the antibiotic or the probiotic but it wasn't fun. :nono: I have a load of Bob's socks that should be dry and ready to come upstairs.

Hope you enjoy a relaxing Sunday!

07-15-2013, 10:57 AM
Good morning everyone. It is back to being really sticky in the morning. So much for nice cool mornings I guess. It is revving back up into the 90's too.

Today was weigh in and I am down another 2 lbs. I am also down into the next set of 10 lb increments and only have 8 lbs to go to reach my goal for the cruise. All in all, I have lost 49 lbs since the beginning of the year. I actually probably have lost more than that, but I am taking the last number I remember. :D

Today is dusting and vacuuming day. I plan on getting to it as soon as I have breakfast and am done here. I can then do what I want with the rest of the day I guess. I have been working on cruise clothing I need to buy and will start getting all that this weekend. I need to measure myself so I buy the right sizes I guess considering I have lost almost 50 lbs.

Jack and I sat and watched, "Duck Dynasty" last night for a couple hours. It is the one reality show that I don't find disgusting or stupid. It gives me enough laughs for the next week. It is nice to watch a program without profanity, half clothed women and such. They don't sit around talking about body functions either like that ridiculous Honey BooBoo show. Now you want redneck trailer trash, that's it and is an embarrassment to people in the south IMO.

Jean: I do both yogurt and the probiotic because I have so much trouble with my colon. It seems to work great this way and though I imagine I will get tired of everyday yogurt, it comes on small containers so it is just a few spoonfuls. One thing that surprises me with all the antibiotics I have had to take over the last few years with the surgeries and such is I have never in my whole lifetime had a urinary tract infection. I know that they encourage you to eat yogurt if you are on antibiotics. I have never had a kidney or bladder infection either nor a yeast infection for that matter. Seems some of me works pretty well and some not so much! :lol: I am 4 weeks out from all the female stuff and still no sign of problems so I am keeping my fingers crossed we finally licked the problem once and for all. I just had to laugh about going out on a tractor ride and it taking all day. I think about the days before even slow tractors when they had to plow with horses, mules and such. We have come a long ways with air conditioning in them and comfortable seating and all that. I grew up in a farming community and it wasn't all that unusual to see a tractor "parked" in town.

Everyone have a great day. Faye

07-16-2013, 11:18 PM
Good Evening! It's sunny, hot, and humid in my corner of the world today. I just got home from the lakes luncheon; a good time was had by all although some thought the lunch was kind of skimpy. It was a salad of various greens, nuts, strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, with a small chicken breast plopped on the top, and two choices of bread. The gal handing out name tags, from the lists I turned in, is a pia so argued with a couple different gals who said they had paid but had no names listed because they didn't turn the names in to me. We won't have to do this for another 15 years so I will most likely be dead and buried by then, or won't care either way!

"Gma" -- :congrat: on another 2#s gone! You are doing great! Bob likes Duck Dynasty too. I'm sure the guys are laughing all the way to the bank!

Enjoy the rest of you day and evening! :wave:

07-17-2013, 10:35 AM
Good morning! Hot and humid already but I have to get out after Jack gets home and run a package to the post office then run to the grocery store. Alicia's bday is Sunday and I have a picture for Jackson in a frame of his dad and granddad and an 8 x 10 of the same picture for Jay. It is one taken at Wrigley Field when they went. I think I goofed and didn't take the one out for Jack to have, but I am not ripping into the box to get it. They are coming down here in Dec so I will have them bring it then.

I have kitchen duty to get to this morning and want to get it done before it gets way to hot to deal with.

Susan and Maggie: Hope you are doing ok.

Jean: Sounds like a good time had by all, well sort of. At least this isn't something you have to deal with on a weekly basis. Can you imagine being millionaires by selling handmade duck calls. Their family is a hoot I have to say. I know a few mamas like Miss Kaye for sure. It is funny how different northerners really are from southerners. You kind of have to learn a whole new way of thinking of things sometimes.

Have a good middle of the week. Faye

07-17-2013, 05:09 PM
Good Afternoon! The tree guys are here finishing off the huge maple tree. They dropped the trunk, I think, and it shook the whole house. Both cats went flying to the basement. It's hot and humid again today. We need rain badly; maybe I could round up some Indians to do a rain dance! I ran errands this morning and need to make a grocery list for tomorrow. I always bake something, brownies or cookies, for Bob to take fishing. He shares with the fishing guide who loves anything chocolate.

"Gma" -- I don't envy you being out and about in the heat and humidity. I just keep my fingers crossed the air conditioner keeps humming away. I'm sure Alicia will appreciate the pictures.

I need to vacuum the fur/dust bunnies and do some serious dusting before the white glove inspection by the house fairy. Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

07-18-2013, 10:45 AM
Good morning to you all. With Susan and Maggie not coming in here anymore, it feels like an echo. It is sad that their computers seem to put up stop signs as I haven't had any issues at all and my malware program and my virus program run constantly in the background. They also run a full scan once a week. Weird...

Today may be a lazy day for me pretty much. Fortune was all over the place and wanted outside about every hour last night. He is of course sound asleep now that I am up and around. :lol: Good thing is he is back to eating everyday. It isn't as much as I would hope, but eating even one can is better than not eating at all.

I am going to buy some new bras when I get done here to take on vacation. It is about time for them again. Tomorrow I order dresses, tshirts/tops, and capris, etc. I also pay for the last excursion.

Jean: I am posting a picture since we were talking about tractors a few posts ago. This picture is of my hometown and it is the 4th of July parade they have every year. We have very advanced parades. :lol: One of Indiana's state roads runs right through town and they are riding on State road 23. The building to the left is the North Liberty Methodist Church and sits at a point on the south side of down town. Right behind it in the white building is the volunteer fire department. If you travel south on this road about half a mile and turn right, it would be the street I grew up on. Brother, I reread what I wrote about Alicia and it made it sound like I sent her a picture for her birthday. When Jack and Jay went to the Cubs game, they got their picture taken in the bleacher seats. I ordered 2 8 x 10's one each for Jack and Jay and a smaller one for Jackson to put on his bureau in his room. I bought an acryllic frame for it and put it in it. For her birthday, I bought Pandora style beads, spacers and such and made her a bracelet all in red. It has a little oval right in the center of the bracelet with a picture of Jackson and Jay in it together then the spacers and dangles and such are all different kinds of hearts. She admired the one I made for my girlfriend so I hope she likes this. She is darker olive skinned so I thought red would look good on her.

Well, bill paying day and off to do some online shopping. Faye

07-18-2013, 06:35 PM
Good Afternoon! It's hot, hot, hot in my corner of the world today. There is a breeze but it doesn't help much. I just finished making a pan of brownies for Bob to take fishing. We have a meeting at church tonight but think he plans to leave for the cabin, where his two brothers are, afterwards so he can sleep an hour longer in the morning. He'd skip the meeting but there is some drama going on and another committee member called him for backup tonight. Bob's two brothers, Bob, and Jason all graduated from the same college in Sioux City. Jason thought Bob had an alumni t-shirt and bought two for the brothers and himself, wanting to all wear them out for supper one night. If Bob has one we couldn't find it so thus a fast trip to Sioux City this morning.

"Gma" -- What brand of bras do you buy? I've worn Playtex for years and they quit making the style I bought. :tantrum: Our 4th parade has a lot of tractors and old cars in it too. Since we go to the lake we've missed out the last few years. Bob has been in it a few times, pulling floats with his tractor. Thanks for sharing the picture; I found the church especially interesting. I'm sure Alicia will be tickled with her bracelet; it sounds very pretty. I love red!

I need to double check Bob's packing list and think about something quick for supper. Hope you enjoy a relaxing evening! :wave:

07-18-2013, 09:57 PM
Good evening, ladies! It was 99 degrees today with high humidity. Ugh!

My antivirus says the site is now safe so I'll try it again.

My life has been pretty boring. I had Applique last night and tomorrow night is lock-in but it's almost too hot to go out. Of course, I've still ben working out and have added Tai Chi and next week I'll be giving Senior Power a try - heavy lifting. I'll have to cut out one of my yoga classes to do that. The water in the pool has sure felt good, though.

Faye, I'm sure those pictures will be cherished. I like Duck Dynasty, too. I see Honey Boo-boo is back on again. That is one disgusting show!

Jean, that lunch sounded very good and it would have been perfectly adequate for me without the bread. I suppose they thought they should have a big old calorie laden dessert.

Have a great day tomorrow.

07-19-2013, 11:06 AM
Good morning to you all. We had a nice thunderstorm last night that dropped a good amount of rain. It cooled things off, but the humidity afterwards was 94% and stayed that way. :(

As of this morning, I have lost 52 lbs since the beginning of the year. I have 6 lbs to get to my cruise goal and still have 12 weeks. :carrot::carrot:

Quiet day today, but tomorrow is busy. I have to take Fortune to the vet to get his heartworm shot, then take him to be groomed and in the afternoon I have a hair appt. I screwed up and made it for today at 2 PM and of course can't go so she worked me in tomorrow as the last appt. I told her I would just rebooked, but she said no to come in since I am in there all the time. I may be late getting home because she cuts hair really slowly.

I paid for our last excursion last night and bought $400 worth of cruise clothing! :lol: I ordered my three dresses, 4 tops, and a pair of pink seersucker pants. I love seersucker and have a cute white top which will go perfect with them. I also bought a pair of capris at Target and two bras and two pairs of shorts at Walmart. I still need to get a couple new nightgowns, get jack undies and socks then I am done with clothing to buy. One more thing I can scratch off the list.

Jean: I buy either the regular Playtex 18 hr bra or one that is similar Just My Size. I got the JMS this time as it was cheaper. Hope Bob got off ok at a decent hour for his fishing. I am sure it will be a lot of fun being with his brothers and son. Are you doing anything with the girls this weekend or just relaxing at home??? Hope the church drama didn't last too long. We used to have humdingers sometimes that would be long and drawn out. The church in our hometown sits right at the point of three ways. There is a state road that runs perpendicular to state road 23 and the church splits 23 and a road called New Road. It has been there as long as I have been alive and beyond. In fact, I went to a private kindergarten in the basement of that church. In fact, I posted a picture of our kindergarten class. :lol: I was one of the tallest kids so I am smack dab in the middle of the top row in a plaid dress. That was back in the day you wore dresses to school, period. Funny thing the boy on my left was the kid I walked down the aisle with at graduation, again because they put us together by tallness.

Susan: Oh Susan, it is great to see you able to get back in here and still be assured your computer is ok. Weird how all that was for sure. Sounds like you have been busy as usual, more with your exercise than with your quilting and such. They say on the commercial that Honey BooBoo is a smash hit. That sure tells you what kind of brains we have in this country. It is trailer trash redneck all the way. I mean these new "smell" episodes, what value is watching that stuff. I got tickled on the DD episode where Willie took his daughter and Uncle Si dress shopping.

Well girls, nothing accomplished fooling around and I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Have a great weekend. Faye

07-19-2013, 04:40 PM
Good Afternoon! It's another hot humid day in my neighborhood. It's supposed to cool down into the 80s over the weekend. There is a 20% chance of rain a couple days but we don't usually get anything at 20%. I ran a couple errands this morning and have been putzing the rest of the time away. Every time I sit down Sonnybub wants on my lap; I love him but would like to read or be on my iPad in peace. :rolleyes:

Susan -- I'm so glad you could get in here with no problem. :cheer: Your weather sounds just like mine. All of your exercise makes me tired just to read about it. ;) I wish we had a "Y" that offered different classes as well as a pool. We do have a fitness center, actually two. One is connected to the hospital, in name only, and it seems that all the skinny minnies go there. The other is open 24/7 and the local athletes go there. The college has a pool which is open to the public when the spirit moves them to do so. Have fun at the lock-in!

"Gma" -- :congrat: on the 52#s that are gone forever! That is a lot! :cp: Beth posted a picture of her dog's (Fred) leg on FB last night. It looked like a round hole of some sort. He had gone from limping to not using it at all and it was swelling. Of course it was 10:00 pm and she had a call in to her vet when I called her. It had been an hour and I told her to either call him back or try another vet. She finally got to talk to a "new" vet who told her to give Fred Benadryl since he was keeping food and water down. The vet wanted to check him this morning, and it was infected so is on an antibiotic and pain pill. Beth really liked the vet so now Fred has a new doctor. The vet did say if he keeps licking it they will put a cone collar on him. Beth said it looks like a bb hole, but the vet said it could be a bite of some sort or Fred could have run into a tree branch or something similar. I can do without that excitement that late at night! The church drama is ongoing unfortunately. Part of it involves the secretary and because I help out in the office I've been dragged into it.

I have a load of laundry to get downstairs so better get a move on. I hope to have several boxes ready for the Good Will and SOS store when Bob gets home. Have a great rest of the day! :wave:

07-20-2013, 08:21 AM
Good morning to you all. Quick post as I have to get upstairs and shower and dress to take Fortune to the vets for his heartworm shot this AM then on to the groomers.

Poor Jack woke up last night with his knees hurting him a lot and had to take some Advil and try to go back to sleep. I felt so sorry for him as he must have really been hurting to take meds and his was barely able to walk. He doesn't have near enough sick time built up to have that knee replaced so he just has to deal with it. He says the cortizone shots hurt worse than the pain so he refuses to have those.

Alicia got her bracelet last night and loved it. I was so glad she did as I wasn't 100% sure she would like a pandora style bracelet, but she had admired my friend Vicki's so I thought I would give it a shot. Guess she has a full weekend of cookouts and dinner outs for her bday.

I was complaining last night about how bad my hair looks and that when she cut it today it would be really horrible color wise. I told Jack I would look like a pink, red and white skunk and he said skunks were only black and white. :lol: Funny man! He then said, "Just keep thinking about how nice it will look when she colors it before the cruise." He has a point, but to get there I have to put up with this hot mess on my head for another 12 weeks!!

Jean: Poor Fred and poor Beth. He very well may have been bitten by a spider. My niece got a spider bite that swelled up with a hole kind of thing in the center and got so bad she had to have it operated on and spent 3 days in the hospital. Hopefully Fred's meds (I'm a poet and don't know it :lol: ) will get him all better. Fortune is out of his arthritis meds and I can sure tell because he kind of waddles when he walks and refuses to jump up on furniture to sit with us and such. One of the nice things about our vet is he lives in the apartment over the clinic and from what the girls say at the office he comes down in the night and checks on everyone. Fortune is the same way and drives me nuts sometimes. I love him too, but having him lay on his own bed once in awhile would be nice. :lol: I guess I make a nice comfy pillow to lay on. Last night I had put my legs up in our old computer chair and he climbed in between my legs and when I made him get down he had peed while lying down and I had to shampoo the chair and wash my legs. I guess it comes with his age and we will just have to deal with things like that from time to time now.

Well gotta run and get a shower. Have a great weekend. We have commissary tomorrow and a "date" tomorrow afternoon to go see Red 2. I have been looking forward to it as I enjoyed the first one so much. Faye

07-20-2013, 11:15 AM
Good Morning! It's a beautiful sunny, COOL 64 degrees in my corner of the world this morning. The weatherman said a "cold front" was moving in and it did! I had to laugh at the "cold" part of the forecast because a cold front to us is anything below 0. I have lots of things I could do today, it's just deciding what to do first. I noticed dust bunnies in the bedroom when I changed the sheets this morning so guess I will start there.

"Gma" -- It sounds like your have a busy morning. I hope Jack's knee feels better. Could you do a hair color at home yourself? I've never done it but know there are lots of products to choose from. When I talked to Beth last night she said Fred was almost back to acting like his normal self. She put the collar on him for a FB picture and he looks so sad and embarrassed. :lol: If they are home he doesn't wear it but she puts it on him when they are gone, just in case. Her previous vet did call the next morning, leaving a message saying he had an emergency so that's why he didn't call her back. She ignored the first 3 calls from his office, and then called and told the receptionist to transfer Fred's records to the new vet. There's a movie I want to see and now can't remember the name. :hyper: I did see it listed as coming to the local theater so will have to look for it again. We don't go to the movies very often.

I am dressed but need to put my face on so I won't scare somebody if they would come to the door. Hope you enjoy a relaxing day and do something nice for yourselves. :wave:

07-20-2013, 07:04 PM
Found the movie . . . The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. It's rated R, for language, but is a comedy. I like SB and we saw MM in Identity Theft. she was a hoot.

07-21-2013, 05:34 PM
Good Afternoon! The day started out cloudy and a cool 65 degrees. We had a thunderstorm roll through and it left .43" of rain according to our gauge. We need more rain as the crops are really dry. The sun has been in and out, humidity is back up, and Weather Bug says it is 87 now. I went to church and stayed for the farewell coffee for the couple moving to Sioux Falls. Everyone wanted to know where Bob was; he is missed when he's not there. I've been sorting through magazines and have done a kitchen cupboard. I'm putting off digging in our bedroom and I know it's not going to go away. :rolleyes:

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day. I'm off to finish the Sunday paper. :wave:

07-21-2013, 06:53 PM
Good evening, ladies! A thunderstorm has been rolling in so this will have to be short.

I was booted out of this site 3 times just trying to get here to leave my message. I'll be running a full scan as soon as the storm is done. Be very careful - the fact your antivirus is catching anything doesn't mean you are safe, yours could have different settings and not be as sensitive as Maggie and I.

Just did laundry and cleaned house today after church. I have a London Broil with carrots and tunips in the oven for dinner. It's smelling good! k

Jean, I went to see the Heat with my friend and I sure laughed but Melissa McCarthy really has a bad potty mouth in this one.

Faye, I hope Jack's knees are feeling better. Skunk hair - your might start a new trend.

Just saw lightening and its getting close so have a lovely evening.

07-22-2013, 12:06 PM
:rain::rain::rain: Good morning girls! It is coming down in torrents but we need it so much. One thing though is I have the tv on and the satellite keeps going in and out and everytime it is out then comes back on it startles me. :lol:

I weighed in today and am down another two lbs! :carrot::carrot: I think one of the good things is the probiotic and the yogurt everyday. It keeps my colon in good shape and less blockage or whatever you want to call it. I know I sure don't miss the female stuff. It's been 5 weeks and no problems, which is super duper.

We got the shopping done and all the errands except I had Fortune get his heartworm shot before his grooming so they wouldn't groom him. I guess they have a 2 day delay when a dog has a shot of any kind so had to rebook for this coming Saturday. He sure needs a bath and cut and I can't even bathe him here at home as I can't get down on my knees at the tub anymore. It just hurts too much even with towels under my knees. He was sick again from Saturday night through yesterday morning with diahrrea and I think because he has just gotten over being sick and had a reaction to the shot as he had a bowel movement over night that was back to solid. Thank goodness because I am just anxiety ridden right now with everything going on and getting ready for the cruise and such.

We had a big issue at the commissary yesterday which didn't help either. We were shopping and I noticed they had one checkout open. The store was full of people so I knew we were in for trouble. We were in the store 45 minutes and we lined up and the line went clear to the back of the store. They kept just one checkout until people started complaining all over the place then we heard someone over the PA asking for all the cashiers to come forward. WHAT!!!!! :mad::mad: When we finally got out of there they had 5 checkers. Now why did they make us all wait in line when all of them had their lazy behinds smoking and screwing around instead of working. On top of that, they have changed directors and they only have the old email online. I don't call on the phone because I lose my temper to easily. Even Jack, who handles stuff better than I was really mad. He told me on the way home he shouldn't have gotten worked up as it does no good and he's right, it doesn't. They don't care about customer service as they could care less whether we are happy or not. This is non profit not like regular grocery stores.

Jean: I guess I didn't explain very well. During my last haircut, I talked to the receptionist about getting my hair colored by my stylist right before vacation in October. She had me talk to the stylist and I found out that when you color your hair with box color at home, this color really hangs onto the hair. When you have it colored professionally, they bleach the hair first to remove any previous color and ask you not color you hair with a box until you have it done, because it is really hard to remove box color from the hair. So I need to not color it until October and it has grown out and the color remaining goes from darker at the ends to almost pink closer to the scalp. Since a haircut and color is around $150, I want the color to be the best it can be. Oooh, I would like some cool weather.

Susan: I can't wait to have her color my hair. She is all excited too. If I really like it, I might have it colored every other time I have it cut as I can't afford $150 plus tip every time I get my hair cut. :lol: Your dinner sounded yummy. We are having ham steak and veggies and rice tonight.

Well girls, I the tv has zoned out again so I may give it up and just read inbetween getting chores done. I just have to run the vacuum and dust up a bit then I am done. Have a good start to the week all. Faye

07-22-2013, 12:40 PM
Good Morning! It's a beautiful morning here, but the humidity is "up" and the temperatures are supposed to be back in the 90s by this afternoon. We didn't have much to count this morning so had the deposit ready before the bank opened. The gift shop money is ready to deposit when I finish here. The railroad guys are working on tracks located on the main street into town. It's only supposed to be closed for a week but there are no "detour" signs for those that have no clue where to go. Momma cat was here with four kittens this morning. The littlest guy hasn't been around for several days so I'm wondering if he's lost or just didn't make it.

Susan -- I ran a scan as soon as I finished here yesterday and it was "clean." The movie is playing here right now so I'm hoping to see it this week. :yes: I usually can't remember a movie name let alone who stars in it. When I see something advertised on tv, I try to jot the name down because it's usually a long time before it ever gets here.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on another 2#s gone! Your commissary trips are cetainly a test for patience. I'm afraid I wouldn't be very nice at the check-out after waiting in line for so long. It's too bad you can't find someone to dogsit Fortune in your house while you are gone. Have you had this same gal color your hair before? Is she doing a new color for you?

I wonder if the Royal baby will be born today. Exciting, but I feel sorry for Kate being in the limelight right now. I need to head to the bank. Bob will be home early evening so need to do some serious vacuuming and decluttering first. Have a Marvelous Monday! :wave:

07-23-2013, 10:08 AM
:rain::rain: It's a two umbrella day this morning. I forgot to ask Jack to unlock the gate for deliveries, got all wet doing it myself then checked the shipping and they changed the date until tomorrow so I got soaked for nothing! :lol: That's ok, we really need the rain.

Fortune is here laying right next to the chair waiting for me to get up and go sit in the recliner. At the moment he isn't having any issues. I did keep him on a second day of rice, egg, and pumpkin just to make sure his tummy is ok. He threw up on the deck last night but it was bile. We just do this one day at a time now I guess. He gets groomed Saturday so I am sure that will make him feel better as he really needs it.

My knees are killing me this morning, probably from the rain. I don't know how much is going to get done, but at least daily chores have to get done. I started taking Bioflex to see if that helped any, but for today I imagine I will roll icy hot on them.

Jean: I have contacted several petsitters in the area and they won't sit in our part of town. It's ok, sometimes he is just going to have to deal with kenneling. I would prefer him to go to the vets as that way is something bad happens he is right there to be fixed or whatever. As old as he is and with the trouble he has been having, on top of us being out of communication, I am going to give them signed permission on what to do if he would pass away. He likes the staff so he will be ok. They are putting him in the treatment area, which is away from all the kenneled dogs. We ended up not going to the movies, maybe we'll try this weekend. Jack ended up needing some more cruise clothing so we did shopping instead because Penney's had a big sale. We got 2 prs of shorts and a button down tshirt for retail $65 and we paid $34. Everything in that store was on sale big time. They still must be struggling a lot.

Well time to get work done I guess. Have a good Tuesday. Faye

07-23-2013, 06:09 PM
Good Afternoon! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood -- sunny, a slight breeze, and 75 degrees. It's been a lazy day after making a grocery run this morning. I did do a couple loads of clothes; now I need to get the fishing clothes back out in the garage closet.

"Gma" -- A friend just called to tell me there is a BIG virus on FB! :eek: Her computer had to go in for repairs and that's the first thing the tech asked, if she had been on FB. I wish you could send some rain our way. The gal who comes to check on and feed the cats used to work at our vet's office. I called them after Mom had her stroke because I was worried something might happen when we were gone. My "sister's" dog won't eat at Critter Camp so they leave him with her daughter who has a much younger dog. Barney sleeps for a week after they've been together. :lol: Hope your knees are feeling better. Did you happen to look for the Australian Cream? I just saw it advertised on tv again.

I need to keep moving. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

07-24-2013, 06:33 PM
Good Afternoon! It's been a beautiful day in my neighborhood, sunny and cool again. It was my morning to work in the gift shop and I even sold a few things! The coffee shop was busy for the first hour and then just a couple of people over the noon hour -- Bob and I! I'm working again tomorrow morning for another gal. When I turned the tv on this morning there was no picture and a funny sound like a motor was trying to start. Bob stopped at the store where we bought it and, of course, they can't tell what's wrong until they come to look at it, but he's guessing it needs a new light bulb to the tune of big bucks. We've had it 7 years and it's on most of the day when I'm home so I suppose it's time to think about replacing it. :hyper:

Hope you all enjoy the evening! :wave:

07-25-2013, 02:08 PM
Sorry I didn't get in here yesteday but Fortune has been really sick. I had to sit up with him all night last night and took him to the vet first thing this morning. He got an antibiotic shot, a dose of some stuff sort of like Maalox and is on 10 days of a full pill of Flagyl. It must be bad because he has taken only half pills before. I had to shove it down his throat as he wouldn't take it in food. He has lost another lb and is down to 9 lbs now and should be closer to 12. I am hoping he will eat a bit tomorrow. I am not going to press the issue today. I have also decided to quit using his water bowel and use a glass one that I can put in the dishwasher every day. I need to cut down on bacteria as much as possible.

I am so pooped that it has given me a horrible headache. I told Jack I was going to bed really early tonight. Hopefully being full of meds, Fortune will sleep through the night tonight. I sure felt sorry for him last night, but I am not young anymore and having to sit up all night with him and constantly clean him up when he had accidents took its toll for sure.

I have to leave in a little over an hour to go get Jack from work and run a couple errands on the way home, then it is dinner and cleanup and that's it for me.

Jean: Nothing lasts anymore and when you go to have it repaired these days, it costs more than the thing was worth in the first place. Somebody somewhere is getting rich I think. I am still irked at paying $50 for a stupid oil change! That cream shows up on the Walgreen website, but I keep forgetting to order some and try it. I haven't looked for it anywhere here in town though.

We got Jacks tshirts, my shorts, capris and bras yesterday so today all I am waiting for is the water shoes. I wanted purple but they didn't have them in my size so had to buy this loud peach color. I just hope they work for walking into the ocean. I can't stand walking on the ocean floor, it creeps me out even though in the islands the water is crystal clear so you can see the bottom for quite a ways out. It just creeps me out though. You are supposed to be able to wear them in pools too. They have good gripping rubber bottoms it looks like. I bought 2 pr of shorts at Walmart which fit with room, which was cool and a pair of capris from Target, which fit and were a size smaller, which is way cool.

Well girls, I am going to go and sit in the recliner and read until I have to go get Jack. Have a great day, all. Faye

07-25-2013, 03:00 PM
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