Biggest Loser Challenges - Blue Team Spring Into Action Chat Thread Week 8 (07/08/13 - 07/14/13)

07-08-2013, 01:53 AM
Well here we are week nine and only six weeks to go hard to believe isn't it. Some of you have done amazing this challenge. I'm not one of them and I hoped to be at goal by the end. Not sure that's going to happen now, however as long as I don't gain anymore and I firm up some I'm thinking ill at lest be happy with that.

What will you be happy with this week at a mini goal?

Abs challenge
Monday - rest day
Tue - 45 sit-ups, 30 crunches, 30 leg raises, 35 sec plank
Wed - 50 sit ups, 50 crunches, 30 leg raises, 38 sec plank
Thur- 55 sit-ups, 65 crunches, 33 leg raises, 42 sec plank
Fri - Rest day
Sat - 60 sit-ups, 75 crunches, 40 leg raises, 50 sec plank
Sun - 65 sit-ups, 85 crunches, 42 leg raises, 55 sec plank

Holy this ones going to be tough

07-08-2013, 02:43 AM
Ha ha, after reading the exercise challenge, part of me is already not liking you very much right now Bigmid ;)

This week as a mini goal, I want to reach 194. That is all, lol. Because then I am close to the 180's which I have only dreamed about before! Heck, I don't think I even dreamed about it, because it just seemed completely unattainable.

I was kinda absent from the chat for the past few days, but I did just skim through the posts and I have to say --

Holy cow Dora, first of all congrats on Onederland! Yay! And secondly -- your pictures are AMAZING. Wow. You look so great! And brave....I am not brave enough to take or post pictures without my clothes yet. You are kicking ars lady!

I wish I had stayed on top of taking photos these last 50 pounds (especially after seeing Dora's pictures!) I kept meaning to take photos, but I've just been so busy. The first time I lost weight, I took photos every 10 pounds or so, but this time I took none. Until today, and that was only because Bigmid told us too for the challenge last week. And it still took me a week to get them done, lol. But I realized I really do want to be able to compare my loss at the end of this challenge! :)

I also realized I never posted anything in the mini goal section when I reached Onederland (I guess I kinda wanted to make sure it was sticking!), so I finally posted a thread on my loss so far. The last 3 pictures are the ones I just took for the last challenge :)

07-08-2013, 02:05 PM
LOL Jessica.....I hate me a little too when I looked at mid weeks total number this one going to be tough. At least you haven't seen next weeks yet:-)

I went to your mini goal post and commented.....just awesome.

You took more pictures than me and Dora took a great amount. I should have done more as you really can see the differences then.

Anyone who reads this.....take more photos even if its just for you to see the differences. I don't have many and really can't see the difference so if I had pictures to track. I have pics every year on action but the every 10lbs would have been awesome to have.....not at the time but now

Anyway have to hop in the shower and get ready for work. Have a great day everyone

07-08-2013, 10:15 PM
Blue Team:

Total Lost: 9.3 lbs (-0.47%)

Blue Team Biggest Loser: :congrat:Doragone (-8.0 lbs, -3.86%):congrat:

Honorable Mentions:

jessicado22 (-2.0 lbs, -1.01%) :carrot:
Kayin (-1.8 lbs, -0.92%) :cp:
2muchbelly (-2.0 lbs, -0.89%) :dancer:

Congratulations to all our losers for week 7 !!

It's been a heck of a challenge this time on this end. It's great to see so many of you doing so well !! Keep it up ! You are rockin in !!

Here's to a great week 8 !

07-09-2013, 02:09 AM

Congratulations Dora for being the BL this week and to Jessica, Kayin, and 2muchbelly. Awesome job:-)

07-10-2013, 01:51 AM
Wow! My first time ever being biggest loser :D Only took me 5 years, lol. Congrats to all of us for getting this far. So grateful to be able to keep on keepin' on. Thanks for all the positive remarks on my pics too. Yes, they do keep me in line and encourage me at the same time, pretty cheap built-in trainer. Onto the next week, however, I am out of town and will likely miss weigh-in so I'll be putting my same weight this time. Good luck to all the rest of the team!!!

07-10-2013, 01:54 AM
So did anyone do the abs today....I just finished them. Seems I may already be dreading

Had a very good day eating wise today and water intake was excellent. Will try to repeat tomorrow.

Thursday will be bad as going to the stampede and eating fair food. Only good thing is we usually walk for about 5-6 hours at least.

07-11-2013, 02:58 AM
Hey everyone... I got sick the other day (fun) and threw up. While I was vomiting, something exploded in my head pain wise. As soon as I was done vomiting, the pain stopped, however it would hurt for the next few days whenever I would bend over or exert pressure. It is weird, because I could run just fine, and do sit ups...but when I tried to do pushups or the plank, I could feel the headache starting again. I have no idea what is going on, but today it seems to be going away. I can at least lean over to pick up the baby without feeling like my head is exploding.

So, with all that being said -- I haven't been on top of the challenge exercises, sorry :( I have been sticking with the situps, and today I was able to do the plank. So hopefully as I am feeling better, I will be able to catch up. And, as I felt guilty I ran extra hard, and I'm so proud to say I ran at 7 mph today for 7 minutes!!! When I first started running, it was for a few minutes. Then I did C25K and worked up to about 5mph on my treadmill before I fell off the wagon. When I started this time I forced myself to do 5mph for 15 minutes, but it was so hard. Sprinting for me was doing 7. Now I regularly run 1/2 hour at 6mph, and I've been starting to add a few minutes at 7mph. Crazy!!! :)

I was stalled at 196 for a week, so when I said my weekly goal would be to get to 194, I was really not sure if it would happen. The next day I finally weighed in at 194! Then the past two days have been 193. So I guess I met goal. Way early, lol. But I'll take it since I stayed the same for an entire week!!!

Hope everyone else is having a great week, and whoosh fairies to all!

Dora -- hope you're leaving town for a fun reason...we'll miss you around here.

Bigmid -- Mmmmm...fair food. I am drooling, ha ha. Have fun and I'm sure the walking will help :)

07-11-2013, 08:31 PM
Jessica and Dora: Loved your stories and pictures, great motivation!

Bigmid: I hope you had a great time at the stampede!

I've been exercising well and walking lots in the great weather we've been having. Changed up my diet a little bit as I was not losing, and now have begun losing again, so very happy about that.

Have a great week everyone!

Oh yeah, Bigmid: my mini goals for this week are to walk every day and to hopefully lose 1 pound.

07-14-2013, 12:33 PM
Hiya ladies -- down to 192 and sticking (scale was even 191.2 this morning -- woot woot!). I have had pizza two days in a row, so I kinda expected the scale to rise, even though I stayed in my calories, and I didn't gorge. We went out to eat, and then it was leftovers the next day...and we got little ice cream cones...and I didn't exercise for 2 days in a row. So I am really excited the scale didn't go back up!!!

I'm going camping tomorrow till next Friday, so won't be on to chat. But I hope everyone had a great week and a big whoosh to you all!!!

07-14-2013, 03:32 PM
Dora, hope you having a good time while away. It's fun being the biggest loser isn't it. Here's to another one when you get back:-)

Jessica, wow you are just on fire with the weight loss. Wish I could do as well but my body seems to like it around the 169-170 and doesn't move much. I know fair food right....mmmmm. We had a fit it with us and we ate but shared most of the stuff and we put on 10 miles just walking around so didn't gain from that:-)
I hope that you are feeling better now fully.m kind do scary when something goes pop. Did you get it checked out?
Have a great time camping talk to you when your back

Kayin, great mini goal and I'm glad the sharks up,in your diet worked the way you intended it to. It's always nice when a plan comes together. I did have a great time at the stampede, they had a version of family feud going there and I got picked to go up and play. My "new family" lost but it was a lot of fun. They had Caroline Ray there as the host.

Well I had a great week this week mostly. Was very good food wise until Thursday when I went to the stampede and for the first time ever I did not feel guilty the next day for eating some of the crap foods. I shared everything but a piece of pizza and it was a great day overall so no regrets.....huge NSV in that alone.
Then on Friday went shopping and ate more than I should have and yesterday I worked at an airshow which I was good at but then came home and we had pizza and pasta between 3 of us. Felt so guilty and stuffed.
I was lucky this morning and showed a loss so I hope it stays. Each day I did do a lot of standing and walking though.

Well off to do more laundry then vacuuming so have a great day and don't forget to WI

07-14-2013, 05:36 PM
We went camping this weekend ! Had a great time ! I am looking at camping like I am going to the Fat Farm ! LOL We rented the campsite for one month for our construction crew . I quit my second shift job that I hated ! We are remodeling a McDonald's in Frankfort , Ky . So with gas prices and our 1 1/2 hour drive we decided to take our camper . I will be cooking for 4 people almost every night of the week . I plan to still eat healthy even if those men want to eat DONUTS , LITTLE DEBBIE CAKES, etc. That junk really don't bother me anymore. I have eaten fruit a lot this weekend I even cooked some Maui Maui fish with broccoli bake potatoe , grilled green peppers and grilled onions. Man that was a fantastic dinner ! (If I say so myself ) I stopped drinking diet coke again which has always helped in the past. I drink 3 cups of hot green tea each day now. I have been reading this book called 17 Day Diet . It seems to always help me stay on plan . Hope everyone has a great week :)

07-14-2013, 11:32 PM
Great job sticking with your plan even when not at home Dumplin. It makes it harder but when you keep you goal insight it does help a lot. That's going to be a little adventure your having so I hope you get to have some fun with the work as well.

I put up the new chat and exercise thread already