Depression and Weight Issues - Count The Replies.....count The Views...what Is That About!??????

06-13-2003, 11:33 AM
I am wondering if anyone has any insights as to why this board is suffering from so much apathy?

I think that any input would be great. Obviously people have an interest as they are checking out the posts but people are not to share why?

I miss all the interaction and hearing from everyone. I would sure like to hear from everyone.....we are all living full lives at work, with our families, our hobbies and struggle with being healthy. We have lots to talk about and share.

Just thought I would throw it out.

Have a good one everyone!:wave: :wave: :wave: :flow2: :flow1: :flow2: :flow2: :flow1: :flow2: :flow2:

06-13-2003, 04:03 PM
Hey Liz!!!!! I missed ya while I was gone! I see what you are talking about, there weren't too many posts while I was gone, but I guess there weren't really all that many before I left either.

About the "count the replies, count the views", I'm sure you know that everytime we come back and read what others have posted that it shows up as a view, so like if I post and then come back 4 or 5 times to see if somebody else has posted, it shows up as 6 views. I'm sure that those of us who are posting are checking several times during the day to see if anybody else has posted.

I know that I started posting here because my chatroom buddies were posting here - you, Leenie, Tippy, LindaT, JudoMom, Cin, Sweetpea, and others, and I was hoping to be able to stay in touch with everybody because we just don't seem to be able to chat much anymore. I think that others like Ruthxxx and some from the lowcarb board also drop by and see what we are posting in order to try to keep up with us, but they don't post a message too often.

I don't know why the boards are so slow really? perhaps it has something to do with it being a "depression and weightloss" forum - sometimes when people are dealing with depression there is less motivation to do these sort of things - I don't know really. Also I know if I am feeling "down" I am less likely to post because I don't want to be a "downer", so maybe when others are feeling down they are not posting much - it's just a thought.

I sure would like to hear everyone's thoughts on the subject. Whatever is going on, I sure hope to be able to stay in touch with my internet buddies thru their posts!!!!!

take care,

06-13-2003, 08:13 PM
hi everyone,

Cathy, I think you have a good point. The blues have hit me but hard the past month or so and somedays I have to really force myself to post. I'm trying.. but I bet others are having a tough time or maybe life is just very very busy right now.

Liz, I miss all the posts too. But I know there have been long stretches where just because I didn't post didn't mean I wasn't here. *s.. someone got me posting again.

It's summer, too, and when my kids were younger, our evenings were filled with league ball and soccer. I couldn't even THINK about getting online til they were in bed (between 9 and 10) and was too tired to do anything but check email.

Lurkers out there, *s... come join us.. even just to say hi.

*hugs* to you all

06-14-2003, 09:07 AM
I pop in here frequently just to see old friends.

I seldom post because I am not depressed and don't really fit in here. (My husband claims I am bi-polar and always stuck in the manic stage!) I do post on the Low Carb and Alternachicks forum and also do the Journal bit.

Anyhow - hi to everyone and I wish you continued success in the battle of weightloss and depression.

06-14-2003, 02:23 PM
You really don't need to "FEEL" depressed to post here, maybe at one time you battled w/depression or are battling with it now, either case people should feel comfortable to post.

I think alot of people are to ashamed to admit they are feeling this way and are embarassed to post here.

Feeling depressed is something that SHOULD NOT be taken lightly nor embarassed about, it is very normal and I bet more than 3/4's of this board have gone thru it one time or another.

THIS IS JUST AN OPINION and I'm not talking about this site in specific...........

Maybe folks are feeling like we are a click ? like some of the other boards that won't give you the time of day ? this could be ?
I don't think we are a click, we welcome everyone's comments and we try to help.

Bottom line is, if you want help post, if not than thats your choice. But people can't help if you don't post.

I realize that I don't have EVERYDAY something to say and thats fine but a pop in just to say HELLO !!! does help.

I hope more folks can come here to discuss every day issues as well as how they are feeling but maybe the title of this board is scaring people away.

Any ideas ?