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07-06-2013, 06:12 AM
Good morning hope everyone finds a cool place to ride out this heat wave. Cannot wait to hear about the upcoming weddings.

Had a really nice day with my son. Was so good to have him home. His dad forewarned me he was "in quite a mood" when I picked him up. Apparently his "mood" was only with hid dad lol. We talked a lot yesterday. Hopefully I am helping him.

Working 16 hours today, hence why I am posting. Packed a full day if OP food. Working through Tuesday. Wenesday is doctor appointment's then later Joe's DD birthday dinner. Looking forward to having my son home again while his dad is away next weekend.

Have a great weekend

07-06-2013, 07:46 AM
Good morning, Jekel. Sounds like your time with your son was good. Sorry you have a 16 hour day. I don't know how you hack it - especially in uniform. :hot:

We are still pretty steamy here and today is Rachel's wedding day. I'm glad it's at 7 when things might have cooled off a tad. We are going up to 94F but no t-storms are in the forecast until tomorrow. I still have no idea what I'm going to wear - maybe the t-shirt dress in my profile picture.

Going over to the florist shop at nine to work on the wedding flowers. Did the flower girl's basket and the boutonnieres for the guys yesterday and they turned out well. Remind me never to do this again!

In the meantime, coffee tastes great this morning and it'll be cool (for now) on the front porch. I may just sit out there and relax for a bit before I leap into this day.

Enjoy your summer weekend and let's try to remember this in January!

07-06-2013, 08:21 AM
:yawn: :coffee: Good morning!

Jennifer, I'll be thinking of you with compassion, working a 16 hour day in this awful heat and humidity. Is it all outside work, or is some of your shift indoors? I'm sure I don't have to remind you to drink plenty of water!

Ruth, I'd love to be joining you for a coffee on your front porch this morning. Try to stay cool in this heat and enjoy the wedding this evening.

Jake wants me to run down to Home Depot with him this morning before visiting Dad, and then I plan to spend the rest of the day in the pool with the grandkids. Supper is going to be pizzas made on the grill. I'm looking forward to that!

07-06-2013, 08:24 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Drinking my smoothie and prepping to head out the door in 10 minutes. I have the awful section today and it should be super busy. I can only hope to make it through without some awful mistake. Tomorrow off, thankfully.

Have a great day everyone!

07-06-2013, 09:08 AM
Good morning, chicks!

Hot and humid again here, but the risk of thunderstorms is low today. Seems like we are really stuck in a pattern this summer.

Not much on my agenda today: reading, recovering and trying not to nosh when I get bored.

Continued well wishes to those traveling or managing weddings! Seems there are several exciting events this weekend.

Have a great OP day and stay cool and hydrated!

07-06-2013, 11:18 AM
Good morning,

Jekel stay cool, don't know how you manage a 16 hr shift, I could not hack any longer

Ruth have fun at the wedding

Cottage enjoy the pool

Debbie hope your shift runs uneventful

Beth enjoy your reading time.

I am going to try and steam clean the carpets today but I am rethinking since DD2 birthday party is tomorrow I may hold off until that is done so I don't get upset if they mess up the floors :) I will be decluttering some of the rooms have been doing some small areas.

Tomorrow we are having DD2 10th birthday party even though it's Monday night but we have swim meet so we have lots of girls running around but should be fun, need to go pick up cake this afternoon and start blowing up water balloons for tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend

07-06-2013, 11:24 AM
Morning ladies!

Once again, trying to get back into the swing of things. I know eating several pickles and bowls of chili (not together...) a day probably isn't the healthiest, but if it will get me through the first couple days, that's what I'll do. I keep trying to be "good", without ever feeling satisfied, and I tutor twice a week at Panera. Just saying.

So chili and pickles and nuts...oooh, tasty almonds... it is, until the carb monster goes away.

No real plans today other than having my eyebrows done this afternoon. I got in a pair of Coach sunglasses I ordered- LOVE THEM. I've had the same pair of sunglasses for like 10 years, and even though they're in perfect condition, I want new ones :lol:

Hope everyone had a wonderful (SAFE!) 4th of July. Talk to you ladies later! :wave:

Ohio Dreamer
07-06-2013, 11:39 AM
Hello everyone,:wave:

I am heading back to the beach after a long absence. Veggie and cheese omelet for breakfast, salad for lunch and baked chicken for dinner. Lots of yard work for exercise if I can tolerate the heat and humidity.:sunny:

07-06-2013, 11:52 AM
Hi Cindy! Welcome back :)

07-06-2013, 07:54 PM
I'd say "Good morning," but..... :)

The last few times I've restarted on South Beach, within one week if not two, I either get sick or something changes in my work life. This time, it's both. I've been having night time palpitations again, first time in two years. I thought I was over them. This doesn't affect my eating on plan, just means more doctor's appointments and erratic sleep. I also thought I'd be free from work pressures since I've "retired," and I mostly am, but I've taken on a new project that is fun (writing) and not stressful, but will take time. All to say I won't be around a lot.

I will try to check in a few times a week to say hello!

07-06-2013, 07:56 PM
p.s. Sorry, but I forgot this. Twynn, thank you very much for your tip on spinach!

07-07-2013, 06:56 AM
Xan it seems the retired chicks are busier than us full timers lol. Enjoy exploring your creative side. One day I hope to get back into sketching again, just not now. Now it's time to drag myself into work. Have I ever mentioned how over rated work is on a Sunday. Keeping my fingers crossed I can leave early or get tomorrow off. I know my Lt will be sympathetic, but minimum manpower may not cooperate with my plans. Had a bout with emotional eating last night. Actually the last few nights. At least my choices are OP just in mass quantity. Fortunately with this heat the water just pours out and off of me lol. Now there's a visual. Have a great Sunday :)

07-07-2013, 07:44 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Welcome back, Cindy!

Xan, sorry to hear you're having some health related "stuff" again.

My shift went great and was my biggest "back room" day of the year. I had as much sales as the two front girls and I still felt pretty good afterwards. I've had a new pair of shoes for two weeks now and I think they are really doing well for me.

I have a day to myself unless I get a call in the next hour. :crossed: I'm going to use it wisely and get alot accomplished. I'm going to start in the office.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

07-07-2013, 08:14 AM
Good morning!

Jennifer, I guess you are already at work and I hope it's an easy day for you and you get off early.

Debbie, I hope you thoroughly make the most of your day to yourself.

We already have the AC cranking this morning on the 3rd day of this heat wave, It's Jake's birthday today and he opted for steaks on the grill rather than going out to dinner, so I'm about to run to Wegman's. The kids will all be here for swimming and to help celebrate, so it's looking to be a busy day. It's a good thing I rested up yesterday! ;)

07-07-2013, 08:55 AM
Good morning :coffee2: I'm back home and catching up a little. Tons to do today, of course, and as hot and humid as everywhere else around here. We actually broke down and bought a small ac. I really hate closing the windows but it's been one heat wave after another and the 10 day forecast only has 2 better days so it was time. It's just a tiny one, mostly for the dog. It sounds funny but she is one of those breeds with a shortened snout and has a really hard time breathing in the heat. So sad that people want dogs that have physical characteristics that shorten the animals life :(

We have been loving these oat cakes ( for breakfast. I subbed 3/4c protein powder and 1/4 flax for one cup of oatmeal and half pumpkin for bananas. They are about all we can tolerate in the heat. Very nice with a cup of coffee on the porch (it's never too hot for coffee!).

Not only did I find clothes for DD's wedding, I actually have twice what I need because I couldn't make up my mind. One dress goes back today. My Mom and I did the marathon shopping thing, no stopping until we had something to wear :) Glad that's done!

Cottage - love the new picture!

Okay, off to clean, do laundry, and make some salads for the week. What salad do you love right now? I'm looking for some new ideas.

07-07-2013, 08:58 AM
Good morning. Survived the wedding and am now back to reality, The bride looked absolutely lovely and the flowers were the same. The food? Another story. :shrug: It was easy to resist. Ever be at a wedding buffet where they served hot dogs? There was other stuff but it was not worth a visit.

Hot day again - seems like I've said that every day the past week. In a few minutes - and one more coffee - I'm going out to cut down some fake bamboo. Never let Japanese Knotweed invade your property. It's a thug! I'm also planning to freeze more strawberries because the season is drawing to a close. :( Next up is corn but I try not to be tempted by the stuff.

Enjoy your Sunday. I sure will!

07-07-2013, 09:09 AM
We have that stuff everywhere Ruth. It grew in all the areas Irene washed out. I don't think we will ever be able to control it here :(

07-07-2013, 09:56 AM
Good morning!
The heat wouldn't be bad here if the humidity wasn't so high. We run the AC on a high setting mostly for the dehumidifier aspect. And it seems t-storms are in the forecast almost every day.

Not much on the agenda today. I think I will finish my book and perhaps see if I am ready to accompany DH to the grocery store. I am actually glad the timing for this knee thing was such that I could have it done during the summer. That makes no pressure and no worry to hurry up and get better.

Scale moved down a little this morning. woo-hoo!

Here's to more coffee!:coffee2:

07-07-2013, 11:15 AM
Good morning,

The heat is rising but mainly it's the humidity that is getting bad now and thunderstorms every day.

I did hold off on steam cleaning the carpets and will do next weekend. I have a living room full of a couple of girls sleeping they set up a fort in there lol. They were laughing into the wee hours of the night, the rest will arrive today at 2 p.m. for the party. DD2 is so excited.

Enjoy your Sunday!!!!

07-07-2013, 06:10 PM
Hey y'all! We just got back from camping, and I of course had to check in with the chicks. Of course, it's still raining, so we're waiting for it to stop to unload the camper! In one way, it was a great little trip. In another way, it was a mud bath with gnats on top :D. Thank goodness yesterday was a beautiful day except for a 5 minute rain.

Glad you liked the spinach, Xan! Ruth, do we get to see a pic!?!

07-07-2013, 09:59 PM
Evening ladies!

Sounds like you had a fun trip Tammy! How does it feel to be back in civilization now? :p

Somehow I got conned into helping Mom weed the garden. Then I got mom-guilted into digging holes in aforementioned garden. My arms were shaking by the time I was done! Have I mentioned I have the upper body strength of a noodle?

On the upside, it did get rid of my appetite, so technically I'm skipping "dinner". Although Mom and I did go to a late-afternoon movie (I was GOOD!) and I had about 2 good handfuls of nuts with me. So that might have been dinner-ish.

It feels so weird knowing I'm not going into work tomorrow... hope I'll find something soon! My house is hot and boring :lol:

Hope you ladies enjoy the waning hours of your weekend. See you tomorrow! :wave: