Mini-Goals - If that's not a mini goal, then honestly, I don't know what is.

07-03-2013, 03:56 PM
Woah, I've been dieting for 6 weeks now! That's a lot of time when I was facing it- but looking back, the time flew by. I'm half way to goal.

I haven't been able to stay on track like this... in years. It feels good, I feel good, I feel powerful.

Some habits I've picked up include: Counting calories, weighing myself everyday, eating WAY more fruits and veggies, eating a waaaayyyyy bigger variety of food, eating less per meal, enjoying hunger as a sign of a properly functioning body, saying "no" to people if what they offer isn't a part of my goals, and non-food stress management.

I've consciously rewarded and celebrated myself in a way I've never done before...and it's making my self esteem rise.

I've connected with more people (especially through this form), I laugh more, I smile more and I'm more outgoing.

My hair skin and nails are healthier. I'm slimmer and feel sexier, so I am pampering myself more.

I'm excited to continue my journey, and am excited to reach the point where these new things I've been doing are just normal habits for me.

6 weeks was a mini goal. Mini goal accomplished!

07-03-2013, 03:57 PM

07-04-2013, 08:09 PM

I totally understand! I've been doing this about as long as you. 8 weeks or so and you should powerful! It's not an easy task at all. Especially the saying no to things not on the "list". Don't you just feel so victorious when you turn down that stuff? It's such a good habit to have. You've done amazing at completing your mini goal!! Here's to meeting your next goal!!!:hat: