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06-13-2003, 03:22 AM

Time to start another thread ~ I didn't want to go ovever to page 2. The Iron Monster said I am up 2 tenths of a pound. Well I took a marble out of the vase for that and am not going to trip. I have been doing this of late ~ down one week and then a little bit of a pound up the next week. I am making progress in the right direction and will keep on keeping on. However, this week I will drink more water than I did this past week. I started drinking too many diet sodas :sp: and neglected the water. When I drink my perscribed amount of water I really don't want any sodas so I know I had better start filling my drinking jug again. :yes:

Tomorrow is the first day of my week and I will start it out staying inbetween the lines. It is a 24 point day for me.

Everyone have a nice pleasant Friday. This week sure scooted by fast for me ~ how bout you?

06-13-2003, 10:30 AM
Good Morning, Flowers!
It's another nice day here in my neighborhood. I am off to the dentist in a few minutes, then out to lunch with a friend who has moved to Texas, and will have to make a grocery store run, and then pack clothes, etc., for next week.

"Gma" -- Glad to hear you found an outfit to wear -- isn't it nice to fit into something that once was too tight and uncomfortable? :cp:

Maggie -- You will have the tiny gain gone in no time. I can tell when I don't get enough water, I just feel different. Thanks for starting the new thread. :yes:

I need to get dressed so better get moving. Have a fantastic Friday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-13-2003, 02:12 PM
Hey ladies! So far it is a beautiful sunny day here. It is however Friday the 13th and it has already struck me!:lol:

I went to the pool at 9 and did my 45 minutes, came in, stripped off my suit and put it in the washer and went to hang up my keys on the hook in the kitchen. There on the living room floor was my library book torn to bits by the darling CAT! There goes $20 of my husband's hard earned money on a USED book!

I am including a pic of the dress. I got on a tangent this morning and decided to use brown/tan accents with the dress instead of silver and really like the results. I also have a handbag that goes great with it so won't have to get that. All I have to get is some sandals and try and find some wooden earrings.

Well, I am starving and been so busy had not a drop of water or food so I need to eat and drink.


06-13-2003, 06:11 PM

It is absolutely wonderful here. The magnolia trees are in full bloom and such a pretty sight. Yep, we have magnolia trees in sunny California.:lol: Will grilled center cut no bone pork chops today and I used my roasted garlic spread on some french rolls to put on the grill ....... he uses briquetts so everything came out so yummy. I am so glad he is a "purist" and doesn't like using gass or electric grills. His Webber is great for anything he wants to cook outside. He smokes a great turkey breast. I am so glad he likes doing that because it keeps the house cooler when I don't have to use the stove.

JEAN I am sure you enjoyed your visit with your friend who moved to Texas. What part of that wonderful state did she move to? I love it down around San Antonio by the river.

FAYE what a pretty outfit! Send it my way when you shrink out of it OK?. Wish you lived closer for I have earrings that match your necklace and I would sure be happy to let you use them.

Everyone have a wonderful afternoon and be safe and happy this coming weekend.

06-14-2003, 12:31 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
Just peeking in before I shut the computer down for the week. I don't think I'm going to have all of my stuff done by 8:00 tomorrow morning . . . and I thought I was ahead of the game for once!

"Gma" -- It has turned humid here and I finally turned the air on. Of course most of the "heat" is from me trying to get everything done! :lol: I like your outfit; be sure to have a picture taken with you in it.

Maggie -- My friend lives in a small town close to either Houston (sp?) or Dallas, I can never remember which. I am too lazy to go down and look in my address book. :rolleyes: She brought pictures of her family and we had a nice visit over lunch.

I will see you all a week from Monday for sure! Have a terrific week and do something nice for yourselves while I am gone!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-14-2003, 06:24 PM

JEAN Sorry I didn't get to wish you a great vacation. You will probably be reading this when you get back so I will say "Hope you had a great time!"

MAGGIE I truly believe the secret is the water. Even if I haven't been truly OP but have drunk all the water I should, I do feel better than if I have been OP and not finished all the water. I am sure you will be right on track next week! You have the tools and I know you use them. Your grilling out sounds delicious!

FAYE Your dress looks lovely and I, too, would like to see a picture of you in it. I like the beads and think the brown and tan accents will look great! We have just been invited to a 70th birthday party for a childhood friend of DH. This friend lives in Minnesota and the party is the 2nd of Aug. This gentleman is a millionaire and it really sounds like it will be great fun. If we can go I have a teal linen long dress that I will wear with a short sleeve white crochet jacket. The dress is sleeveless and I think I will wear white accessories. If we go we hope to spend an extra day or two and visit the Mall of America....after all we probably won't be out that way any time soon again.

Thursday I got to see my dentist for the broken tooth. She said what I thought she would say....root canal, post, crown to the tune of $2000 +. :mad: I asked if she could repair it and if not would she pull it. She said she would try a repair but would not guarantee it. Well to make a long story short, had it repaired and I think she did a great job. We will wait and see how long it lasts.

Gloria in MA.....need to start dinner as I can hear DH rummaging around in the kitchen.

06-15-2003, 05:09 PM
Hi Ladies.

For some reason Verizon changed something in the routing system I think, anyway, our connection was coming up with an unable to recognize password notice. We called our server, and Harry was able to fix it easily. He and DS had a nice chat.....I was clueless as to what they were saying, and plan to stay that way.

DS is in love with one little blonde puppy...........she is great. I'm seeing a side of him I've never seen before. Annie is his first puppy...........all our other dogs were given to us as adults, which was fine by me, and he liked them, but not the way he does this girl. Gets up with her in the middle of the night and never complains..........I sleep right through it. My beagle has been elevated to sainthood.........we now refer to him as "Saint James". He has been so good with her.

More rain, and it's forecast for the week.........we have a flash flood watch out until 8AM tomorrow......it's a slowmoving front, so it could happen. We haven't had any heavy rain here, but it looks like they have upstream.

Getting excited about our sailing trip........we leave Saturday, hope to get as far as Hartford, CT, then drive the rest of the way on Sunday. I'm making lists, and have gotten out my duffel to air it. Last time we took way too many clothes, so I"m trying to keep that in mind.

I missed the statewide WW meeting yesterday, as a dear family friend's funeral was at 11 AM. She was 88, and had been in bad shape for sometime, but we used to always spend time together with her and "the kiddos" as she called them at Christmas.......usually between early Christmas Eve service at the Presbyterian church and the Midnight service at our Episcopal church. There are only three women left of my aunt's good buds, so it was especially hard on them. Youall will probably think I'm nuts, but I like funerals.........they're a celebration of life and the resurrection......I love the music, scripture, and reminiscences. I figure about the time we were in the sanctuary, Bessie, my aunt, and their spouses were either playing bridge or digging in the dirt.

Have to go get some water. For some reason, perhaps all the rain,the city has loaded our tap water with chemicals, and it is not the least bit tasty.

Have a good week.

06-16-2003, 12:36 AM
Hello ladies!

I told the ladies on the other thread I post at, my Avatar is for those of us who want to feast on something other than food and still enjoy it!

I hope all you gad abouts have good times on your trips!

I am looking forward to going to Indiana. This lady is such a dear dear friend. I think I would ride a bike if I had to so I could be there even though she thinks I am not coming. I told her daughter I want her to go to Vicki and tell her there is a wedding present outside for her the giver insisted she have before the wedding and then I come in. I could never explain what this woman is to me. She is closer to me than my own siblings, her parents were like parents to me when I felt no one loved me, she lent my dh and I money when our car went kaflooey and we had no money for a new one even though she was a single mother and I could go on and on. I sang at her dad's funeral a few years back and that was one of the hardest things I have ever done even though I requested it. I wanted to give them something of myself during that time.

Bubbles: I have a very cavalier feeling about death that drove my mother nuts and drives my husband nuts now. I have a firm foundation about my afterlife and have told my family to take me out to sea and chuck me overboard to save money. I think it is a HUGE waste of money to spend 10's of thousands of dollars on a fancy casket etc just to show off to others that you loved someone. I believe when your soul leaves your body, why should it matter what is done with it? My mother used to have a fit when I would say that. Though, I will adhere to my husband's wishes, I am not spending huge amounts on his funeral accoutraments. He is allowed a casket and burial in a national cemetary because of his veteran status and I am taking it. I love him dearly, but I have nothing to prove to anyone else. We do not have to lie side by side in the ground to be a couple. When he is gone, I still have his heart inside mine and that is all I need to go on. I don't need a gravestone to go talk to. I will carry him around with me forever and can talk to him all the time if I wish! It is too bad funerals are not more of a celebration of one's life that grief over death.

Well, you ladies have a nice evening what is left of it


06-16-2003, 03:39 PM

Gonna be a :flame: one today. It is already 88 and isn't noon yet so will climp higher. One good thing is the humidity stays down in the 30% range. I remember in TN when the humidity number was as high as the heat number. UGH. I have a roast and some potatoes in the crock pot cooking away and wafting good smells throughout the house. I dumped a packet of dry onion soup over all and that is what makes it all smell so good. The meat will be so tender and I can shred some for burritos later.

JEAN ENJOY. We will miss you while you are gone but will know you are having a good time.

GLORIA YIKES you can buy a whole set of choppers for what that one tooth would cost. Hope what she did do for you does the trick.

BUBBLES do you ever wonder now why you never got a puppy before? What fun now for you son. Do you use a water filter? Gets things down to a more pleasant level to drink.

FAYE it is wonderful to have such a friend that you do. BTW where did you find that picture of my nephew? He is sure a looker! I see nothing wrong with your thoughs about your body after you are gone. Your spirit will go to one of two places to await Judgment Day when you die; and your old body can be located by God when he needs to on that day.:cp:

Have a great Monday ladies and drink that water.

06-16-2003, 04:27 PM
Maggie: Sound like dinner will be yummy! My dh and I have this running joke about roasts. I always flour mine, brown it in a touch of oil on both sides, add my veggies and enough water to cover everything and let it cook in the oven for about 3 hours. Always is fork tender. My sister puts hers dry in a roasting pan with veggies and that is all and it comes out all crunchy. It is awful, but I made it my way for my bil and niece while my sister was gone somewhere a couple years back and he wouldn't eat it. To each his own I guess. I had a talk with my minister who was so wonderful several years ago about this very thing as my husband's problem with it lies in the new testament verses about where Christ returns and we go to meet him in the air and it makes reference to us coming out of the grave and his thing is if we have no grave....Anyway, I asked this pastor about people who have been eaten by sharks in a sea accident etc. He said to me, "Donna, I don't have the answer to that, but I think if God can make us, he surely has the solution."

Well, I need to go. Just wanted to check in this afternoon.

Enjoy your dinner, Maggie and all the rest of you trip goers have fun!


06-17-2003, 06:51 PM

Wow it is a :flame: one ~ even as I type it is up to 96 but the great thing is the humidity is in the 20's so in the shade it is cooler. I have been catching up on some things I have been wanting to do this day and am taking a break right now sipping a cool one and visiting with you ~ my friends. I don't have to make dinner tonight for it is our Tuesday night friends turn. We rotate each week which is a lot of fun. I don't have a clue what she is making but I am sure it will be good. We are having a party here this coming Firday. A White Elephant Finger Food party. The White Elephant has to be something useful though. No gag type gifts but something someone could find a use for. I have a never used wooden napkin holder with matching salt and pepper shakers I have wrapped up for the occasion. I don't need them but someone would use them. I use a great pepper grinder and a sea salt grinder and a ceramic trivit to hold down paper napkins from being blown away with the fan. Works for me.

Everyone have a wonderful afternoon and smile ~ makes the neighbors wonder what you are up to.:p

06-17-2003, 07:35 PM
Oh, I love white elephant parties. I have only been to two and they were both church Christmas parties. They allowed gag gifts and I was floored when someone bought a talking beer stein and brought it. It was the hit of the party. Jack came home with this awful awful 60's hippy style jacket and I can't even remember what I ended up with. It was my husband's class which was mostly 60 and aboves and one of the men, won a tricycle and here he is 70 some years old riding this tricycle all over the gym. It was hilarious! I miss our group of friends a great deal.

I guess everyone but you and I have decided to take trips! I am going next week so unless you go too, you may get pretty lonely here! :lol:

Take care Maggie and have a nice evening!


06-18-2003, 11:49 AM

I knew we couldn't string more than 3 decent days together...it's raining, again. July is coming and I hope that brings a change of weather pattern. We are spending 4 days over the July 4th at my friends home on Falmouth Harbor.

MAGGIE Thanks for the email...was that you in the convertable...your making me jealous of your good weather.

FAYE I am not on vacation for the next two weeks so will try to post more often and keep you company.

A cute story. The other day DH and I went to Cam's elementary school (3rd grade-9yrs old) for their Career Day. All the kids had chosen a career and had researched the requirements, etc. Cam chose Pediatric Surgeon. His research showed he would need 4 years at Harvard and 4 years of Harvard Medical then intern and residency at St. Jude's in Memphis, TN. (Look out Mom, that will cost a pretty penny.) He had a stethiscope, tongue depressors, the little pen light to look down your throat and a basket of lollypops for his 'patients'. He also had his calling card...with his email address....whatsupdoc@aol.com. They all had done their research well and professions ranged from Detective, Secret Agent, Nurse, Navy Seal and many others. I thought it was a great display. Nothing like when I went to school in the 'Dark Ages':)

Gloria in MA....need to start the laundry as I can't work outside....have a good day all!

06-18-2003, 01:06 PM
Gloria: What a wonderful idea to spure kids on. I love it and bet it was fun for the parents and grandparents too! Tell Cam, when he gets to his residency at St Judes he has a standing invite at our house for dinner!:lol: :lol: Actually, my daughter worked at St Judes for one of the doctors in the ALSAC section with regards to fund raising.

Well, I was in the pool and got rained on big time today. I had to finally cut it short by 10 minutes because the rain got too bad to continue and still be able to see!

I am going to try and get my upstairs cleaned though I am not really in the mood. When are you ever in the mood to clean house, but I seem to be too OCD to let it go. I know I will get up from this computer and start in. Pretty sad, considering the house never needs much cleaning cause there is no one here!

Here is a pic of T in their yard. He is such a big ham. She took it to put on these cute evites. They are e-mailed birthday invitations. He will 3 next Wednesday and is going to Disneyworld with his parents for his birthday. Because me son is coming down over the holiday, she is having his party then.

Well, gotta go stick my hand in the toilets I guess! :(


06-18-2003, 02:12 PM

Another warm day a comin' ~ it is 76 as I type and climbing. I just got out of the shower and haven't broken a sweat yet and IT FEELS GOOD to be sitting here without even the fan going. Dinner was fun last night at our friends house followed by a game of cards. They made tacos.

FAYE it is truly a mystery how a house just needs attention. I often wonder why ours needs so much attention with just the two of us here ~ well plus it is Turn that lets us live here and he needs some attention. What a ham you GS is ~ a real charmer, the lights are on and someone's home. Swimmin' in the rain..... wish we had some of that rain here.

GLORIA yep that was me in my yellow Mustang convertable in front of my favorite book store. I was playing around last night making stationery and used that photo. What a great idea to have the children do research into what they want to be. It really makes it more realistic to them what it will take to get there. So, you will have a doctor in the family.

Everyone have a wonderful afternoon.