General Diet Plans and Questions - Lost it, gained it, lost it again, gained it again!?!?

06-28-2013, 01:45 AM
I just registered on here tonight, so hi everybody. :) I am at wit's end and beyond frustrated with myself. I have been in a back and forth struggle with my weight ever since I had my kids. My oldest is 18. I have tried it all I think. Lost it all and very quickly put it all back on again. I am past the point of wanting to be at a certain weight, I just want to feel good about myself again. I need to lose at least 40 lbs. I'm so tired of trying and not seeing results, let alone lasting results. Please, please tell me... Is there anything out there that WILL work if I follow it? I've got the mindset, just need a plan.

07-02-2013, 08:06 AM
Hi there :)
I had a time in my life when I gained a lot of weight and just like you, I think I've tried everything… 1000 calories, South Beach, Atkins, you name it, literally everything. And as ordinary as it sounds, for me what worked best was just the plain, good old fashioned ,,eat less, move more" strategy. No specific diet, I just ate much less, started running, drank lots of water. And actually, when I stopped focusing on finding a miracle diet and started focusing on my motivation it just worked- I lost 20 pounds so far, 10- 15 pounds to go and I'm done! I realize it sounds like a lame advice and I remember how sick I was of hearing ,,just stop thinking about it, just find balance", but in the end, that was what worked for me, personally. I threw out my scale (it was only nerve racking to weigh myself!), I took up jogging and I signed up for fitness classes and paid attention not to eat more than 1400 calories a day.
I know it's not a mind blowing advice, but that's what helped me ;)

07-05-2013, 09:23 AM
I agree with making changes.. moving more. Even if it's just walking up and down your driveway a lot while listening to your iPod (loll, yep, that would be me!) It's better than nothing, right?

I'm a newbie too.. My thing is I've joined a while back and never got motivation beyond that! Then I started my job. I don't move around a lot, but I'm on my feet for 4 hours, and so without trying, I kick started this whole thing! You can soooooooo do it! :)