Chicks in Control - Losing weight with a hectic schedule?

06-26-2013, 11:48 PM
Hey ladies and gents,

Right now I'm in school, working two jobs, and I'm finding it hard to eat right and find the time/motivation to exercise. Most work days I'm working 4pm - 2am, oe 1030 am - 7pm (I'm a bartender). When I'm not at work, I'm trying hard to finish my online classes, or trying to squeeze in a social life/summer.

My issues are the following:
Getting up in the morning after working until 2 to go to the gym.
Going to the gym after working all day
Fitting in time between my two jobs to do homework AND work out
Eating too late (4-2am and 1030-7 is a LONG TIME to go without food, and I rarely feel like eating before work. I end up binging at 230 or 9 :()

Has anyone dealt with this before? Does anyone have tips to curb late-night binging?

06-27-2013, 12:09 AM
1. Don't go to the gym!
2. Don't go to the gym!
3. Research shows that breaking up study sessions with 15 minute exercise breaks GREATLY enhances learning. Also, try replacing your computer chair with a big exercise ball and bounce on it. It works the core and improves balance, and burns some calories!
4. Force yourself to eat a small meal, and pack some healthy things you can munch on while you work. A small baggie of carrots, some nuts, some cut up watermelon, etc. It's SO important to stop bingeing, and going too long without an intentional fast royally screws your metabolism.

Before people tell me I'm nuts for saying not to go to the gym...

Sleep is vital to weight loss, and it's vital to normal body function. If you cut down on sleep and replace it with a lot of exercise, you'll probably find yourself performing poorly at work, or on your classes. Take little steps like parking at the end of the parking lot, or taking the stairs every where. Squeeze in a 15 minute work out video before going to work, or doing squats while you make pasta. Do bicep curls with cans of soup while you walk around in the grocery store. On some down time, volunteer to walk the dogs at a shelter. Being busy STINKS for weight loss, but there are ways :) I managed to juggle being a full time pre-med student, being in a sorority, a job, a new puppy, and my boyfriend who is like my child while still managing to find time for myself. It's stressful, but not too bad!

06-27-2013, 12:12 AM
Oh and for late night binging...

FREEZE YOUR FOOD!!! I struggled with an ED, so it's not just late night binging :) I kept all of my junk food in the freezer. It either made it taste nasty, or took too long to defrost and eat. Also limit what you buy in junk food. If late night binging is mostly the problem, I'm sure it's because you're starving and you're grabbing the first thing you see. Put veggies in the front of the fridge, or 100 calorie snacks in the front of the pantry