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06-26-2013, 02:33 PM
Confession time!!! I fell off the wagon on Monday. Big time. We had guests from Pennsylvania we haven't seen in ages, and had a lot of food. I TRIED to stay on plan at first...5 oz hamburger on lettuce instead of bread, took the carrots and crutons out of my salad. But then the pesto garden pasta came out, and I decided to have like, 3 noodles...which turned into a scoop. Then we had a campfire, and I had a smore. The next day, yesterday, I tried not to beat myself up over it, and I was good all day at work but at dinner we had the leftover pesto pasta and it was just SO damn good. It's like I sprung a leak, and i'm having trouble patching long as I kept saying no I was fine, but I gave in and now I can't stop...I just had two of the kids' cookies, and I don't even know why. at least they were tiny cookies lol. It's just so easy now that I've fallen off, and I'm out of ketosis. Now i'm starting to get worried about this weekend, as we are going to Summerfest on Friday and six flags on Saturday...which, for the record, I'm not looking forward to trying to get my body in ketosis on an 80 degree day in the hot sun at a theme park all day.

I'm REALLY going to try to get off this self destructive path I've begun...2 little fudge stripes is really not all that bad. At least I haven't gained...I've been sitting at right around 142...between 141.8 on Sunday, and this morning I was 142.4. If I continue like this, i'm going to have a REALLY hard time when my vacation comes along in 2 weeks. I think I need to go back to the basics...hard core dedication.

So that's it...I just thought maybe confessing it would help me put myself out of this mindset, I'm only hurting myself here.

06-26-2013, 03:56 PM
I’m not on Medifast but for me the best way to get back is being strict and eating 100% on plan!
I’m sure your vacations must be a great motivation so whenever you feel like cheating think of how comfortable you want to feel with yourself in your vacations and that should do the trick... You’ve done so great (according to your ticker) and should really just try to go back to where you were!!!!

06-27-2013, 03:32 AM
You can do this! Remember how far you've come and get your butt right back on track. As for this weekend, MAKE A PLAN! Research, and know by tomorrow, EXACTLY where/when and most importantly WHAT you're going to eat at 6-flags and summerfest. Go online, look at menus, etc.

06-27-2013, 12:09 PM
Thanks ladies. I managed to get back on yesterday...minus the cookies, of course, and I plan on staying on today. I had a long talk with my coach about it...I was nervous and seriously considered staying off plan, but stay healthy until after Saturday because of the whole six flags thing...until I realized that it would actually be a lot easier to do six flags on plan then stay healthy off plan...there isn't much healthy I can buy there! And in order to be in ketosis and feeling well by Saturday, there could be no more cheats. And I'm pretty sure i'm already back in fat burning...the scale was down 2 pounds this morning, anyway. And I have my energy back (yesterday I was pretty lethargic).