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06-26-2013, 01:27 AM
As of today it is officially less than 6 months until Christmas. Does anyone have their shopping done? ;) haha

This got me to thinking today. There are some weeks when I do so well on plan I'm excited about my weekly weigh-in. The night before weigh-in feels like Christmas Eve. I've been a good girl this week, eating on plan and exercising. What will Santa bring me in the morning? A new bicycle (big loss) or a pair of socks (no loss)? I can't wait to find out!

P.S. Sorry, Santa. There aren't any milk and cookies for you this year. But I did leave you a flavored sparkling water and some greek yogurt.

06-26-2013, 06:50 AM
Firstly, I LOVE this. I'm such a big kid, Christmas is still one of my favourite times of year :D

I'm also thinking now about how this Christmas could be my first ever when I'm at a happy-weight and won't feel like an elephant at any parties. So excited already! :p

06-26-2013, 08:08 AM

Firstly, I LOVE this. I'm such a big kid, Christmas is still one of my favourite times of year :D

I'm also thinking now about how this Christmas could be my first ever when I'm at a happy-weight and won't feel like an elephant at any parties. So excited already! :p

This is exactly what I have been thinking..... since last Christmas haha. :P I should have definitely reached my goal by Christmas and can't wait to have my first Christmas of being a healthy weight and not having to worry about seeing family I haven't seen in ages and wondering how much fatter I look than the last time they saw me. I can just relax and enjoy the day! :) SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

Just looking through the Christmas smiley list and found this little guy ---> :rudolph: he's so cute!!

06-26-2013, 11:39 AM
I absolutely love Christmas, but do the same thing and stress myself out knowing I have to face my family with the extra weight I packed on through-out the year. It really puts a drag on the holidays.

I live out of state, so I only get to see my extended family once a year. I love my family, but I get it in my head that they're going to be whispering in dark corners about my weight all night. Obviously this is not true. My family loves me and is happy to see me know matter what I weigh. The only difference this year is the opinion of myself has changed. Definitely looking forward to a more positive holiday and being able to focus on the real meaning of Christmas this year.

06-26-2013, 11:43 AM
Oh my heck woman! Summer just started. ;)

06-26-2013, 11:57 AM
Christmas? No shopping that won't be started til probally October and that's early for me. I won't be at goal by Christmas but hoping to be in onederland.

06-26-2013, 12:38 PM
Onderland by Christmas!!!

06-26-2013, 11:48 PM
Haha, shockingly enough I have the major Christmas present already purchased for my house. I preordered a PS4. :)

06-27-2013, 12:02 AM
That's quite a present! I know what you'll be doing that day.

06-27-2013, 12:12 AM
I hadn't thought about Christmas, but I did think that Monday would start the 2nd half of the year. I hope my progress is better the second half or I am personally putting coal in my stocking! :xcheer:

Me, too! I didn't get going until April, so to think of what I can do in 6 months makes my mind go wild. Oh the possibilities, sparkly new Christmas/New Year's outfits and family pictures in front of the tree where I'm not trying to hide my body behind presents.

Right now Christmas seems like it's ages away, but in terms of weight-loss it really isn't. I know for me I could fall off the wagon by then. I could either be 30 more lbs down or have gained 30lbs back by then. It's exciting to think of myself in the 200's by Christmas, but I need to stay focused and continue to take this journey day by day.

My weekly weigh-in is tomorrow and it feels like a getting socks from Santa kind of day. haha

07-13-2013, 03:19 PM
I LOVE Christmas, Its my favorite time of the year, I usually start my Chrstmas shopping in Nov.

07-17-2013, 03:21 PM
Funny I have been thinking about what to get everyone for Christmas but have yet to do any shopping. I will be doing it ALL in September though! Everyone will get a $100 gift card to their fav place and then a couple other things. Tired of trying to figure out what to get everyone and no one is ever happy!

07-17-2013, 05:20 PM
no one is ever happy!

That really sucks, They SHOULD be happy they even got anything

09-01-2013, 07:51 AM
114 days until Christmas guys! It will be here before we know it.:carrot:

09-01-2013, 02:50 PM
Christmas is my absolute favorite! I had to force myself to put away the Christmas music last month because I just got the urge to listen to it haha. I haven't done any actual shopping yet, but I've got a whole bunch of stuff pinned that I want to buy/make for friends & family. I don't usually start actually buying anything until November at the earliest. In a perfect world I'd give myself the gift of onederland, but that would be consistently losing over 3lbs a week so I'm not gonna bank on it. I'll sure as heck try, though!

09-02-2013, 05:28 AM
Hahaha I totally get it! I just absolutely love Christmas & can't wait to start listening to Christmas music, in November i'll be putting up the Christmas tree and decorations... how sad am I? I'm getting excited about putting up decorations hahaha.

09-02-2013, 01:06 PM
Warrior - me too! We always make sure the lights outside are up in November so we can turn them on on Thanksgiving and everyone can ooh and ahh at them haha. I'd love to decorate inside as well, but my family fights me on that one and insists I have to wait to break out the fun stuff (music included) until after Thanksgiving. Can't wait!

10-24-2013, 05:49 AM
61 days left (NZ time) until Christmas!! WOOHOO! JUST over 2 months to go.

How so much has changed for me since last Christmas... it's quite incredible!

10-24-2013, 10:35 PM
When I first read this, I thought it was a little early for me to start thinking about Christmas but that was a few weeks ago. Since then, I have ordered some Christmas presents. I like to not leave it to the last minute, I have some more things to get but yes, I am glad that I finally did start my Christmas shopping! I love the meaning of Christmas, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, decorating and listening to music. I really don't like the over commercialization of Christmas, I think that the shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday is insane. That being said, I hope everyone has an awesome holiday season!

10-26-2013, 11:21 AM
Shopping for my mom is done, mainly because I'm making her a couple of things. Still need to figure out what I'm getting for my dad and more stuff for my husband. Christmas is at our house, so I need to think about what we're going to be eating and all of that.

12-12-2013, 05:05 AM
114 days until Christmas guys! It will be here before we know it.:carrot:

Only 13 (NZ) days to go... told you guys it will be here before we know it.... :D

12-14-2013, 01:09 PM
I will be glad when it is over! I love the decorating and all but hate the gift giving, the traffic every where and all the rude people!