Biggest Loser Challenges - Blue Team Spring Into Action Chat Thread Week 6 (06/24/13 - 06/30/13)

06-24-2013, 02:26 AM
Hello and welcome to week 6. :carrot::carrot:

We're doing great blue team you have all been doing amazing with the weight loss and the exercise. You rock:D

I'm sure we did great as a team again this week and I for one am going to be more focused this week as far as food and exercise are concerned. Who's with me on this.

I'm going to add a routine of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats to my everyday activities if anyone wants to join me we are going for 20 a day this week

Here's to a little more toning on top of the regular workouts.

06-24-2013, 02:46 AM
Hi there ladies! Been having quite the battle with UTI - not only E.coli, but Klebsiella and . . . salmonella!!! None was found in my blood, just urine! So, I took the full dose of antibiotics and this week, it's baaaack! I think it's keeping my weight up, but not sure. Been taking cranberry pills and drinking lots of water, but here I am. . . again.

Another thing to report is that I don't know if you guys are anything like me, but I Absolutely CANNOT have any kind of "healthy" snack foods around, or I'll just be eating them all the time. I'm a grazer. Got these great pretzel snacks at Costco, 110 for 10-11 of em. Had to give a bunch away to keep me out of em. Then there's candied ginger. . . and on it goes. I'm the type who has to keep to just foods.

Lastly, had a NSV even though the scale hasn't moved. My bra keeps slipping up over my boobs, so my chest is getting smaller. And, my most recent picture on facebook has gotten some positive comments, like that I look younger!

Some ups, some downs, but I'm still in it to win it. Especially with the Blue Team, yay!!!

06-24-2013, 11:07 AM
Hi Dora your picture on here looks great. I hope you start feeling better soon. That doesn't sound to good. I'm like you I snack at night if its in the house and its an open bag. The pretzel crisps from Costco are yummy not sure if its the same one yours talking about but a person needs to count them out. Congrats on the NSV

I need to give up all night snacking. I'm up a pound and a half from yesterday.....need to focus the next two weeks and getting back on track. Need another 10lbs gone and was hoping to do it and maintain a bit already this challenge.

Well off to work now have a great day everyone.

06-24-2013, 07:46 PM
Blue Team:

Total Lost: 9.1 lbs (-0.32%)

Blue Team Biggest Loser: :congrat:jessicado22 (-2.5 lbs, -1.23%):congrat:

Honorable Mentions:

2muchbelly (-2.0 lbs, -0.88%) :carrot:
Kayin (-1.4 lbs, -0.72%) :cp:
hiddenstar (-1.0 lbs, -0.61%) :dancer:

Congratulations to all the week 5 losers !

Life has been crazy this week but what else is new.

Hope you feel better soon Dora ! Your picture looks amazing... very inspirational !

Here's to a great week 6 !

06-25-2013, 01:47 AM
CONGRATULATIONS Jessica, 2muchbelly,Kayin, and Hiddenstar for being our biggest losers this week. Great job ladies!

Well I'm off to a rotten start...did great all day then after supper ate to many peanuts and then was craving ice cream so gave in. Mom already fat and bloated so why do I do this.....TOM is coming this week and since I've been on some medication I get horrible cravings and can't seem to get past them. On meds three months......bad craving and bloat for three months....I see a trend

Well hopefully I can get pat this soon. Had a good workout and then ill do curves after work tomorrow as well.

Have a great day tomorrow everyone.

06-26-2013, 12:47 PM
Hiya ladies.

I actually logged on last night to post. I had just finished running and was sweating like a pig. Then I saw Bigmid's challenge to do the 20 situps/pushups/squats everyday. So I got off the computer and went and did that too (ugh, lol). Then I never made it back online, ha ha.

Doragone, your new pic looks great! Hope you get everything figured out with the UTI. Blech. And I am TOTALLY with you with the snackings. The hubby doesn't get it...he can have snacks sitting there so long they get stale. But if there is something I really like lying around, I want to eat the whole thing. He tells me to just have willpower. I tell him where he can put his willpower, lol. I am better with not snacking, than snacking a little on not good for me stuff.

Bigmid -- are you able to get off your medication, or is it a permanent change? I hate when medical stuff messes with your hormones and weight. So frustrating!

As for me.....ONEDERLAND today! 198.8 today. Whoopee! Funny though, I still don't feel I look any different than when I started. I know I'm smaller, but I just feel like I'm slightly smaller, but I have just as many rolls and fat. The hubby tells me I look great, but all I see in the mirror is my back boobs and fupa. I guess when I started, I imagined 199 as a magic number where the fat would be gone, lol. Probably because last time I was 199, I was younger, firmer and I hadn't had a second child. Now things are a little saggier, lol. Need to pick up on that strength training to firm up!

I honestly think the whole mindset is part of my sabotaging myself. Refusing to acknowledge the progress so I can just give up and go back to how things used to be. Many parts of me like not working out and eating whatever I want, lol. But I want to focus on the parts that like being healthy, and enjoy shopping in the "normal" size clothes section.

Speaking of which, another goal met today -- I'm in my goal pants! They are a pair of Jessica Simpson size 14 jeans I bought 4 years ago when I lost weight the first time. I got to my smallest size (209) and could barely fit into these. Bought them, and didn't even remove the tag as I started gaining weight right afterwards. I kept them all these years as my goal pants again, even though part of me didn't think I would ever get this small again. Last month I couldn't even get them over my rear. Then I could get them up, but not buttoned. Then buttoned but not zipped. Then buttoned and zipped, but muffin top out the kazoo. And now they are on and fit! I am going to wear them in public today. So huge NSV for me :)

06-26-2013, 02:47 PM
Jessica - Congratulations !!!! :cb::cp::dance: You are rockin' it out !!

06-27-2013, 01:09 AM
Jessica: Congratulations on getting to Onederland, and great NSV!

I am having an okay week, went to a fair and ate fair food, so still recovering from that. Otherwise have been pretty on track. Had a sore knee for a few days so couldn't go walking but was back at it today, yay! I love love love to walk! Hoping I'll lose some poundage at the last minute like I did last week. That was a nice surprise!

Good luck and keep working at it Blue Team!

06-27-2013, 05:37 AM
Oh Jessica, I'm so thrilled for you!!!:bravo:I (finally) got back downstairs to exercise and came back to the computer thinking there probably wouldn't be anything to read on this board - but you pleasantly surprised me. It helps so much when someone else struggles with the same thing you do, then tells you it CAN be overcome. With my DH, he too is way overweight and I truly worry about him. He says he knows I am right, he's proud of me but . . . he just isn't on board. So he and my DD eat anything they want and its all around here. But your post has me believing I can do this.

A saying from some time ago said "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." I'm getting a little taste of that with the NSVs and I'm sure you are too Jessica - so cool you're in those goal pants. Like you too, the self-sabotage is in my rebellion to being the odd girl out - eating hard boiled eggs while the rest the family's eating pizza. Having yogurt and fruit while they eat pie and ice cream, but I keep in the front of my mind how I'm going to look. And with onederland, I too would probably be thinking there's no there there - I tend to think I can slack off too soon.:nono:

Did I mention I also have a rib subluxation too? I was helping my DH lift a wall of the new chicken coop. Anyway, that put a crimp in my exercise plans, but tonight I did "okay". The UTI recheck still shows salmonella, with another week of trice a day antibiotics then they will be putting me on a maintenance dose. My immune system is quite compromised so I have to work in some relaxation exercises too or my body will attack itself until I'm seriously ill.

All that to say I'm so glad to find encouragement and success here tonight. I needed a boost. And during this time while my weight stays (exactly) the same, I'm made painfully aware, it's all up to me. And Jessica - you've reminded me of that - thanks so much girl!!!:hug:

And. . . of course congratulations to all our (other) biggest losers - you guys do us proud. Thanks too for the positive comments on my picture, keeps me trying harder to be my best:strong: Hope I can soon be a contributor to our near-weekly wins - go BLUE!!!! :cheer3::cheer3::cheer3:

06-28-2013, 11:35 AM
Thanks everyone!

About 5 minutes after getting into my goal pants, the baby spit up all over them. I decided to just spot wash them and wear them anyways because it was such a huge goal for me. Took the kiddos out to a kids movie, and sat in something candylike at the theater. No way to spot wash the huge chocolatey goo off my thigh, so I got to wear my goal pants for a grand total of a few hours, ha ha. They are in the dryer now, so hopefully I can wear them for the entire day today :) (Well, actually I'm hoping I can still get them on. Going in the dryer always shrinks jeans up a little in my experience and I'm dreading that when I go to try them on they won't fit anymore, lol)

Got on the scale yesterday and it was back up to 201. Even though I was OP the day before. Son of a B. ;) Then I stayed OP all day yesterday, but we decided to do a late night movie last night as our 6 yr old is gone at the grandparents and we could watch an adult one. I splurged and ate popcorn at 9:30 at night (homemade with real butter). Not a lot, but still scale was up to 204 this morning. I know it is water weight from eating that salt so late... At least it better be, lol. I haven't splurged with late night popcorn (which is my favorite food in the world) in 3 months, so I shouldn't beat myself up, but still hard to see on the scale!

Dora -- you do look great! And you'll be in Onederland soon. (Hopefully so will I, lmao). That sucks with all the medical stuff :( Really hope you get it figured out! You are doing so great!

kayin -- mmmm, fair food. Man summer is going to be hard, lol. Hope your knee is doing better and you can get those walks in!

Let's go blue team!

06-28-2013, 07:10 PM
Hello girls :wave: I am so proud of all ya'll ! Dora I noticed your new profile pic and girl you look like a young hot Moma ! I enjoyed looking at your pics you have a beautiful place there in Oregon :) We do have a lot in common for sure ! Jessica you are so funny :corn: I just love reading your post too ! I don't always have time to post a lot but I love reading everyone else's ! LOL . Hope everyone has a great weekend :) Picking my daughter up at the airport midnight tonight . She gets to stay until July 6 ........feeling excited !

06-28-2013, 07:20 PM
Congrats Jessica on those size 14 Jessica Simpson pants ! WOW WOW ! I bet those are made small too! I wear mostly size 16's but I do have a pair of size 14 short's . I don't even know what brand they are but there sure to run big or my big rear end would not fit ! :jig:

06-29-2013, 01:27 AM
Dora - I have same situation, dh is very overweight. I keep hoping that he would join me but with no luck. He keeps saying that he needs to lose weight then grabs huge portions of food to eat. I dont nag him but he is starting to have serious health issues.

Jessica - congrats on your nsv with the pants. I remember when i did that. I knew that i lost weight but was so scared to try them on. It is such a great feeling. Too bad about the accidents with the some days just seem to end up that way.

Im having a good exercise week. Walked for about 3 hours at the gym. Kids kept wanting to swim so i just kept going. Hopefully it will show on scale

06-29-2013, 06:08 PM
Well, another week is soon behind us and what a week it's been. Though with all my ailments, I've had good things come into my life too - so balance is there even if I can't always recognize it. Today the scale said 202 - talk about a whoosh from 207 - but I'm not counting it yet.:goodscale

Like you Jessica - the scale can be frustratingly fickle. I'm sure your gain was as you said - from the salty popcorn:corn: . I'm trying to catch up with you, I just might make Onederland by July 4 - my own sorta Independence Day!!!:hyper:

Tammy - talk about a hot momma, all decked out in your sleeveless dress and jaunty hat to boot. I still don't feel comfortable showing my arms, but yours look great. I know you're excited about your daughter's visit - I too enjoyed your pictures and your time with her is obviously uplifting to your spirit.

Kayin - glad your knee is better. I can't say I love to walk, but I think someday I will. I have a hard time doing exercise just for the sake of exercise. Put me out in the garden weeding and I'll burn a couple pounds of flesh - but, I do like the idea of how meditative walking can be. So, enjoy your walks.

Big Mid/Jacky - How are doing in the battle of medications vs cravings? You are one who is good about exercise and are an inspiration to me, did you know that?

Leslie - how's that crazy life treating you? Don't hear much from you, you're probably mad busy. Thanks for your kind compliment.

The new antibiotic for my UTI, Bactrim, has one good side effect - I'm not that hungry. Still not out of the dark, but still drinking lots of water, taking cranberry pills and DH even bought tea bags with cranberry. If any of you enjoy iced tea, mixing in a bag or two of the cranberry tea made ours delicious! My rib is slowly getting less and less painful and I'm even laying out in the sun today to get a tan. (Yes, I know, not too much) Looking forward to wowing DH's veteran buddies at the free prime rib dinner they put on at local casino for vets on the 4th - which I am really hoping will be my own Independence Day! Even if not, I know I will look much different than they've ever seen me - might even think DH is out with the "other woman", lol.

Nice chatting with you girls - I'm thinking I'll have something to contribute to our numbers this week - :crossed:

06-29-2013, 08:01 PM
good morning Blue Team !!! Hope everyone has a nice weekend and stay on plan including myself !

Jessica ~ Congrats to you for entering onderland ! Wow That is awesome. It will be 20 years ago since I last seen a one in front of my weight. That will be the biggest deal for me. I just can't wait !

hiddenstar~ I like your name ! I think about changing my name . I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I just felt like a big old Dumplin ! LOL...Good job with your exercising this week . I am just like your kids . I love to swim or just exercise in the pool . On of my favorite things .

kayin~ Hope that knee keeps doing good. I to enjoying walking . It is also good for the mind . I enjoy walking down at our park by this beautiful lake. They have sidewalks which helps me feel more stable .

Dora~ I also like that saying "Nothing taste as good as thin feels" so motivating ! Hope you are feeling better .

I have been doing so much better . I just started a diabetic class for weight loss . We have to turn our food journal in every Thursday . Each week we are taught something new. It's like going back to the basics for me which is exactly what I needed. A long time ago I lost weight really good with watching my fat grams . We went over how to do that . How many fat grams you are suppose to have a day is based on how much you weigh. I was eating to many almonds, walnuts, and peanut butter . I just do better when I try to think lower fat .

My man can eat ANYTHING he wants and never gains a pound too ! It just does'nt seen fair ! LOL

06-30-2013, 04:54 PM
Happy Sunday Everyone ! Had a great night last night ! We built a campfire , roasted Ball Park Turkey all white FF hotdogs on wheat buns with some baked chips had several of my DD's friends over like 20 something . Got rained out then came inside sang lots of songs with some pretty good guitar players here .Last guess leaving at 3:30 am WOW ......Daughter and I got up went to church enjoyed a wonderful service ! ....then shopping ..

I just weigh in lost 2 lbs. Moving like a turtle but just hoping I can keep that turtle going downhill instead of up ! LOL Good Luck Friends :)