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06-24-2013, 01:12 AM
So I recently jumped on the Myfitnesspal train, and I love it!! So easy to track everything, and I love seeing everything neatly organized in a list (my food journal tends to be chicken scratch scrawled across the page...I'm lucky the numbers are at least recognizable lol!!).

Now I'm working to keep my diet around 1200 calories, since that is what I need to lose approximately 2lbs per week. I have no issues with this, except for the days that I do exercise. Like today I did the elliptical for an hour, and burned 504 calories. If I was going off of just weight watchers, I wouldn't normally use those activity points, or if I did it might be 1 or 2. Myfitnesspal says I still have around 500 calories to use, but I don't have any more points to use unless I want to dip into those activity points.

I'm not hungry, so is it okay to not eat those calories? I know one of the things with weight watchers is you should eat all your points because you run the same risk of stalling as if you were overeating. 500 calories is a lot of calories to be missing, and I don't want to unintentionally stall my weight loss by not eating enough.

Any help is appreciated!! :hug:

06-24-2013, 06:10 PM
I can't say 100% for sure on calories but I do know with the points, I get 26 a day plus my 49 for the week plus my activity points and I use pretty much all of that and I still lose 1-2 pounds a week. I don't always use all my activities but I always use a good portion of them. Usually they are for my wine. I typically earn 3-4 pps a day in activity.