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mascara blue
06-22-2013, 08:01 AM
Hi all, after a couple of ruptured ovarian cysts, both of which resulted in emergency hospital and loads of painkillers, I was diagnosed as having a giant dermoid cysts on my left ovary. Unfortunately the cyst had destroyed the left ovary and it had to be taken out. Having always had pcos I assumed I wouldn't have kids. But over the past couple of years, with losing weight and exercise my periods had become regular and I'd been thinking maybe my pcos was cured and maybe just maybe I might have kids after all. But the ultrasound also revealed that my right ovary still has cyst on it. I'm gutted! What are the chances of having kids now? Also women with one ovary have higher chance of kids with down syndrome. Anyway I'm trying to accept this and move on as removing the left ovary reduces my chance of ovarian cancer according to my surgeon and if I can't have kids I guess I have my health. He also said that my right ovary should work better now ( but I suspect he was saying that to comfort me).
Has anyone been through this? If You have, What was your experience? I'm terrified of premature menopause. Did you at least experience weight loss? Anything positive that you found, would you please share with me? Or even negative so I can be prepared. Thanks so much xo