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06-10-2003, 09:53 AM
Good Morning, Flowers!
I noticed last night that I was #14 so thought I would start the new thread today, rather than roll over to page 2.

The sun is peeking out and it is promising to be a nice day. I hope you all have a great one!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-10-2003, 10:51 AM
Looks like a beautiful day here too! I am about ready to go and get in that pool! I just loveeeeeeee the solitude in the morning. The only thing that screws it up is we are in the flight path of the airport and with Fed Ex being hubbed here, I bet 10 planes come in while I am in the pool.

Dh had to go for his recheck, but other than about 1000 bug bites on his left tushy cheek he is ok. He laughed when I showed them to him last night and said he thinks that is the side that was sunk lower. At least he can laugh about it. Me, I gag just thinking about it!

I am trying really hard to let God handle this whole job thing, but it is so hard for me to just let it go. I would really like the law firm job and so it seems to constantly be on my mind. The only good thing is it keeps me from eating believe it or not! In all honesty, if it is what God wants me to have, I will have it, otherwise not and that is that. I guess I am just overanxious about it. I did tell dh that you would think it was because we were destitute or something instead of just something for extra money and to relieve my boredom. I am just too obsessive about things!

Well, pool time it is! Have a nice day ladies! Remember to smell those flowers today!


Joyce in CO
06-10-2003, 10:59 AM
Hello Flowers

I know I haven't been here in awhile. Parents from AZ and DS from Fairbanks were here. Niece's HS graduation. Lots of family stuff. Parents left. DH's sister and family came. DS went back to AK. The everyone else left. Had a lot of fun. Ate too much. Glad it is over in some ways but not in others. It WAS a lot of fun!!! Now we are packing for a trip to visit another son for a few days. :dizzy: I did good losing in May but it caught up with me that last week. Too many variables changing around. Routine was out the window. ;) I do better when I have the routine going. Nice comfortable ruts. ;)

I hope you are all doing alright.

I see we have a new member. Hi Faye :wave:

I will try to catch up with y'all again after this trip.

06-10-2003, 10:01 PM
Just peeking in on my way by the computer.

"Gma" -- Hope you enjoyed your time in the pool in spite of the planes. :D We were in the airport "landing path" when we lived in Cleveland; it took a while to get used to the noise. We never gave accidents a thought and fortunately there were none; now that would make me nervous, I think.

Joyce -- It's good to see you! :yes: Enjoy your trip and check in when you get back. You will be back OP in no time, I just know it!

I have laundry to fold so better keep moving. Have a wonderful Wednesday . . . this week is flying by!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-11-2003, 08:44 AM
Jean: Yeah, I can just see myself, "Hey guys the water is fine, why not fly the plane right down here into the pool!":lol: Actually when we were very first married and I was pregnant with my son, we lived in the air station landing path and that was BAD! I mean, if you had extended the landing strip they would have come right through the living room. The jets would barely clear the little duplex we lived in. One thing, our son can sleep through anything! :lol:

Hope everyone has a great day! Joyce, I know you will get any weight off you gained. My thought is if you can't have fun from time to time, it isn't worth living.

Everyone take care and hope you all have good weather today!


06-11-2003, 11:29 AM
Good Morning, Flowers!
Well, I will try this one more time . . . . I just finished a note and POOF, it was gone into never never land. :mad: :mad:

The sun had been in and out this morning so I'm not sure what the weatherman has in store for us. It's nice and cool though -- I love it!

"Gma" -- Do you look back at your first years of marriage, first home, first pregnancy as some of the best years? We didn't have any money and lived a 1000 miles away from our families. The neighbors were all young couples either starting families or with small children; they became our extended family while we lived in Ohio. We have been reminiscencing quite a bit since Ian was born and our DIL asks questions about when Jason was a baby. I don't think I would want to go back but they were good times. It makes us realize how very blessed our family has been.

I need to get busy and work on my "to do" list before we leave on Saturday. Have a great day, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-11-2003, 02:54 PM

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. This one is only supposed to get up to 81 ~ we'll see about that.:cool: Dinner went over big last night :chef:~ they all loved those easy put together meatball sandwiches :burger: I made. And the Jell-O with pears and my famous cole slaw. Even Joe who said he doesn't ever eat cole slaw liked it. :D

JOYCE what fun you had with that housefull of people. I can imagine all the happy people laughing and having a great time. Have a nice "relaxing" vacation (if possible) and you will get right back on track OP when you get back and things settle back into your familiar routine.

FAYE Sounds to me like you are quite used to living in the flight path. We aren't under a fly zone here for which I am so grateful. Down south they were over constantly with all those bases near. Here, well it just doesn't make sense for them to go up up up and fly over these mountains where there is an easier route.

JEAN how did your class turn out at that ladies home you were going to? Or has it started yet.

BUBBLES YIKES does that mean I have to be getting up at 5 am when I get my puppy? Oh my ~ that will be a change for me. :eek:

Well flowers I guess I had better go get my house in order.

06-11-2003, 03:44 PM
Maggie -- The class starts next week when we will be gone. I just got the first handouts in the mail. There is a worksheet which is divided into the 7 days with 2 hour time slots. We are supposed to write down what we eat (not thinking diet, just what/when we would "normally" eat), what we were doing when we ate, where we were, and any feelings present during the eating process. Then there is an 8 step observation chart with statements that we are to copy word for word, then make any observations and/or correction ideas we might have. Last there is "The Last Supper" worksheet with questions about what I remember about when I last ate: what, where, how, environment, enjoyable, etc. If it wasn't enjoyable then there are options to change that. There are 8 class sessions of 1 1/2 hour each so I am curious as to what will be covered in each session. According to the teacher who already took the class, the idea is not to give up foods that you enjoy, but to have smaller portions, eat only when you are hungry, be aware, and enjoy your food. I am anxious to see what it is all about. Do you ever put bananas in red Jell-O? We always call that Grandma Bennett's secret recipe as she seems to make it every time there is a gathering. Her theory is that if kids won't eat anything else, they'll eat red Jell-O and bananas! I like pears in lime Jell-O or lime Jell-o with cucumbers, onions, and mayo. :T

I need to keep moving! See you later . . . . . . . .

06-11-2003, 05:32 PM
JEAN let me know what you learn at that class ~ sounds kinda like WW stuff in their Coach Approach book. No I don't ever put bananas in Jell-O. I am not a real fan of bananas but only eat them occasionally. I don't want to ruin my Jell-O with them in it. :lol: I usually always use lime jello for the fruit I put in ~ my favorite. However, I do use orange for Mandarin oranges. I like the red Jell-O with cottage cheese on the side. I never had to discuise food for my daughter for she liked a varity of fruits and veggies ~ we have such a nice variety out here. I don't ever force a child to eat a fruit they don't like because there is always some they do like. Right now we have a round seedless watermellon in the fridge getting cold. YUM ~ I will make a "watermellon slush" with some of it. That recipe is on page 96 of the lattest WW magazine.

Have a great eveing flowers.

06-11-2003, 08:23 PM
I guess I am just a big kid as I love jello. I really like bananas in jello, and red is my favorite, so I guess I would be one of your grandma's favorites. I have a friend that makes this stuff this is really good and totally amazing looking. It is about 8 layers deep (4 flavors) for example, the first layer would be red solid looking the next regular red jello looking, then maybe green solid, green clear, etc. When you cut it into squares, it is the neatest looking stuff, you don't want to EAT it! My grandma put the cottage cheese IN the jello sometimes and she also put grated carrot in lime or orange jello. I was never a fan of than, but I love whipped jello with marshmallows in them.

Jean: We pretty much were poor as church mice most of our lives while the kids were still home and a lot of that time is painful for me because of it, but like you, I remember when Jay was a new born, we had no money, Jack was in aviation school, a bunch of the young couples would get together every sat and play pinochle. Everyone brought a dish to share. It was one of the best times that I can remember. We have lost touch with everyone of those couples, but the memories still remain.

Well, I am trying to find a dress to wear to my best friend's wedding. I have some beautiful clothes, except they are all too big for me now, which is nice, but now I have to go and spend money. I found a beautiful two piece pink dress on line at Roaman's and am leaning towards it. but I don't have much time so am kind of leery about buying something without trying it on first since I've lost weight. Unfortunately, the Lane Bryant's here doesn't carry anything dressy and the Catherines carries stuff way too old for me. She just wrote and told me she is getting married again. I hope this time the man is decent. She had an abuser and then a mental case and she is the sweetest woman on earth. I would have sworn she would never have married again, but she was fixed up through someone at her church and he is in her church. She said she always thought he was so nice but SO married because decent men are so scarce at her age. I am just so thrilled for her. We have been best friends for 36 years! I am telling her we can't come, but then contacting her daughter to tell her we will be there. I want to surprise her. So, I better get back at it. I have to go and buy shoes too. YICK! I hate to buy shoes because I can never find any that are pretty and comfortable AND affordable!


06-11-2003, 09:52 PM
It is such a nice evening here . . . cool, a little breeze, and the lawn mowers are buzzing away up and down the block, ours included!

Maggie -- DH likes fruit cocktail in his red Jell-O and that is not one of my favorites! :hot: Otherwise I like most everything else made with Jell-O. I will keep you updated on the class for sure. I would love to find seedless watermelon! I don't think we have that available here -- at least I've never seen any. What all do you put in a watermelon slush? :?: I don't get the WW magazine; I buy one in the store once in a while but you almost have to be there when they arrive or they are gone.

"Gma" -- I have had the different colors of Jell-O but I've never made it. I have a recipe for a Christmas layered one but just the time crunch just didn't work out well enough to try it. Good luck in finding a dress for the wedding. It's so nice of you to surprise your friend; I hope this is Mr. Right for her! :yes: I just found an outfit I bought 4 years ago -- dressy pants suit -- just in case I couldn't find the perfect dress for my son's wedding. I ended up with 5 different outfits; took two back after the wedding, wore one for the wedding, wore one for a Christmas party, and forgot I had this one! I don't even like it so think it will be in the Good Will bag soon. No point in keeping it if someone else might enjoy it.

I am off to fold some towels. Don't know why I leave so much stuff until the last minute but I do. :dizzy:

06-12-2003, 02:11 AM

FAYE I wish you good hunting for a dress and shoes for that wedding. What a nice surprise for her when you show up unexpected!

JEAN here is the recipe......

Makes 2 servings ~ 2 POINTS each

Place all into a blender and process until smooth.
Serve in chilled glassess and garnish with mint .

2 cups cubed watermelon
2 tablespoons thawed frozen lemonade concentrate
3-5 mint leaves plus more for garnish.
about 6 ice cubes

82 Cal; 1g Fat; 0g Sat. Fat; 0mg Chol; 4 mg Sod,
20g Carb; 1g Fib;; 1g Prot; 16mg Calc.

from WW Magazine July/August 2003 pg 96

06-12-2003, 10:32 AM
Good Morning, Flowers!
It's a cool 64 degrees and cloudy -- the weatherman promised sunshine and 80 degree temperatures today. :spin:

Just peeking in to say "hello" and check email. Yesterday I got a few things crossed off on my "to do" list but need to keep working on it today. The contractor is coming back to tile DH's shower, while we are gone, and finish up the woodwork. Maybe I will get my house put back together this summer yet.

Maggie -- Thanks for the recipe. When I hear watermelon anything, I think of when watermelon bubble gum first came out. It always smelled so good! :T

I need to get moving! Have a terrific Thursday, Flowers! Do something nice for yourself as you are #1! :yes:

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

06-12-2003, 12:28 PM
Ok, now I know age has crept up on me. I saw this morning that David Brinkley has died. I think the only one left of the big anchors is Walter. My family were BIG Walter Chronkite fans so we didn't watch Huntley/Brinkley but the pair always had such classiness. I guess he fell sometime recently and never recovered. He was 82.

We are getting rain today off and on I guess. I did my workout in the pool in sprinkles, but that was it.

Well, I found something to wear and it isn't going to cost me a cent. I was really not wanting to buy anything and then turn around and it get too big, but all my dress clothes are way too big on me. I look like some homeless person who was given someone elses clothes. Anyway, I woke up around 6 and remembered that I have a brand spankin new dress that I bought for a cruise and never wore. To tell the truth it was too snug to look nice or sit down in. I thought, "What the heck, the worse it could be is still not fit." I tried it on and it fits beautifully. It is a gauze sheath with a matching jacket so it will be cool, the only drawback is that it is white, but as I am not part of the wedding party, this is not a first wedding, and I plan on using silver to accessorize with, I think it will be fine. Now all I have to do is get a handbag and shoes.

Well, this isn't getting my housework done so I have to get going.


06-12-2003, 04:39 PM
Ok, this is not good for us oldsters today! I was reading the news and it said Gregory Peck died too! I mean, I know he was 87 and all, but if there is one thing that makes me think about how old I am, it is when actors and celebrities I grew up with start dropping like flies!