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06-20-2013, 01:17 PM
I lost focus badly, gained to 174 as of this morning up from 154 :( I hope I am back on track but somebody, anybody, EVERYBODY kick my butt and make me stop feeding myself and start working out again! :dizzy:

06-20-2013, 01:45 PM
I'm not going to kick your butt, because punishment doesn't work very well for weight loss, it just creates guilt, which is a stressor - Stress often leads to poor sleep which is another source of stress. Stress hormones physiologically makes weight loss more difficult by decreasing metabolism and increasing appetite.

What I WILL do, because reward is more effective than punishment, is reward you with praise for what you have accomplished - keeping off 62 lbs - recommitting to weight loss before you backslid further.

You don't need punishment, you need reward. Maybe for you, the scale will be rewarding enough. For me it isn't, and I get bored easiky, so I treat myself like a hyperactive toddler - I have a ginormous sticker chart on my bedroom wall. Every pound I lose, I add a sticker, and every 20 lbs gets a really big gold sticker with the word Excellent printed on it.

I also reward every 5 lbs with a "donut" bead from Michael's to add to my weight loss bracelet.

I've been thinking of adding a new sticker chart for weight loss and other weight loss tasks.

A few months ago, I stopped using my sticker charts and rewards, because I got careless and thought I was too busy and thought I no longer needed the reward system. There were a lot of other reasons (health problems mostly), but I too regained about 20 lbs.

I'm back on track, but not because I or anyone else kicked my butt. I just had to refocus on the goal and practice and reward the behaviors that would help me move towards my goal.

So stop kicking yourself - it will only make you hungrier.