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06-09-2003, 11:16 AM
I just wanted to post my views on Bill hinberns
"Master method of Body Building"

it's a common sence fitness program that has nothing to do with a focus on loosing weight OR dieting. The focus is on education of HOW to choose a better diet, and HOW to exercise your body. Both of these can be combined to achive your results. In my case I wanted to improve my endurance. after a few weeks I have much more muscular and cardio vascular endurance than I did before I began the program. If i keep this up, my levels of endurance won;t change for the worse. The other upsides is no special equipment, no drugs or pill or shakes of any sort.

I found it care of a weioght lifting book, but it is available for ordrr on

The only limmitation is some people may have a difficult time doing the exercises, however i know they worked very well for me, with a lower than average fitness level. before this I was not motivated to work very hard on myself, not a change from the program, a change in myself.