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06-12-2013, 10:01 AM
Hello my fellow Atkins friends.

Ok I can't call you fellow Atkins friends yet because I'm not quite following the Atkins plan just yet. I've been reading the book FIRST. I've attempted Atkins twice, for very brief periods of time, and without much success, and perhaps that's because I hadn't read the book first. I am currently eliminating carbohydrates as much as I can, though. So I would say I'm going "low carb".

The book I'm reading is "Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution", and as far as I'm aware, the latest version is "New Atkins for a New You"..

Quick question:
Is there a large enough difference for me to go buy the New Atkins book? I know that there a few changes in the foods allowed etc but I actually read somewhere that the older version/s are better than the newer ones.

If anyone has some insight, please let me know :D

06-12-2013, 10:46 AM
Personally, I have always stuck with Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution (2002 or prior versions). My reasoning behind this choice is because Dr. Atkins himself wrote those books and who would know the correct way of doing the plan better than Dr. Atkins!:carrot: The newer books have been "altered" and allow foods Dr. Atkins didn't approve.
Hope that helps:)
All the best to you!!

06-12-2013, 08:01 PM
Hello there Kate :)

I am with Jerseygirl... The older version of Atkins books is better.... I have read the new one and it allows you all kinds of extras which will have your weight loss occur at a slower pace... But it is what works for you.. We all have different foods that we do not like and need to compensate for the missed nutrition from those foods too. It truly is what you can get to work for you... But sticking with the earlier version is more to the Truth and the chemical equations for the weight loss to be greater (and to help with cravings!!) :)

06-13-2013, 10:02 AM
Thanks ladies, going to stick with the old book then. Need to finish reading ASAP so I can officially begin with Induction. Glad that I'm getting into the swing of things with the low carb though :)

I have to admit that whilst I'm reading through the book, I'm getting more and more convinced that this way is not only going to get me to my goal which seems like I'm taking forever to reach, but also help me maintain for life. Dr Atkins is convincing me that this is not only to lose weight but to be healthy, and will help me curb my binging problems I've had. Since doing low carb (Officially began on Monday) I have not gone "off plan" once and have no desire for any sweet or starchy things at all. Last night I went to the movies with my boyfriend and he had popcorn. I wasn't even jealous of his popcorn. And I supposedly "LOVE" popcorn. I have never ever gone to the movies without having popcorn before, and I go to the movies quite often Lol. Was a proud moment.