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06-12-2013, 01:16 AM
So, I had a semi-bad day. A day that reminded me how much people love to make fun of fat people. I know I am fat, I don't need the average Joe or Josephine to remind me that I am fat and 'unattractive'. Yet, they seem to insist on doing so! A part of me wanted to cry, a part of me wanted to go and kick them in their teeth, but the law protects mean girls!

That one incident could have wrecked my day, but I just sat at my desk afterwords and worked. I didn't run to the vending machine and seek comfort in food. Nope. I stayed strong, sucked on a bottle of water and drooled over bad food on pinterest (food of which, I will most likely never make).

After work was done though, I went with my fiance and his family to join a gym. Let me tell you, the bells in my head were going off. I wanted to bolt, but I know I have to be there. I need my family too. So tomorrow at five a.m. I will be at the gym with them. At least the day turned out a little better.


06-12-2013, 07:04 AM
Good attitude! People can be so rude and us overweight seem to be an easy target, I know I would cry my eyes out if a heard a really bad comment so I cannot tell you not to worry or stress because I would stress and feel horrible. What I`m trying to say is you´re not alone, keep going, eating healthy and exercise will take you just where you want to be!