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06-07-2013, 09:26 PM
So I've been craving red meat lately, and while not ideal, it is allowed on Medifast as the 5 oz of protein of my daily lean & green meal, as long as it's a lean cut of meat.

I bought a couple of filet mignon steaks (pricey!) and was terrified I would ruin them. I've never cooked a good steak before - mostly because I prefer it well-done, and it's so easy to over-cook.

Well I found this non-recipe online and tried it today.

I used fresh garlic instead of rosemary and only 1 tablespoon of butter for 2 steaks, which actually made three 5 oz servings. My steak was perfectly well-done, moist, juicy and flavorful! Meat craving satisfied! :hun:

06-07-2013, 10:56 PM
Good for you! I am at about month 5 of Medifast and occasionally have a 5 oz steak too--it really is satisfying, isn't it? Nicely done.

06-11-2013, 01:00 PM
Mmm so good!