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06-05-2013, 01:21 AM
I have been doing the Tim Ferris "slow carb" diet for 8 days now. I was originally challenged to do it for a week, but I feel like I need to give it another week, at least. Reasons are complicated. I didn't lost any weight in the first week, but I can feel my body changing. I feel leaner and my pants fit a little looser. But also, I weighed myself more throughout the week then normal. The first part of the week I lost two pounds, but then, on my official weigh in day, I gained 4. I know that's impossible. I don't know if I was just holding a lot of water that week or what. But I feel like I didn't get an official result. Which is mainly why I want to do it again for another week.

Thing is... I feel like absolute crap. I've been reading about the low carb flu... I have a continuous headache that won't go away. My body aches all over. I feel dizzy and nauseous... And, for the last two nights, I haven't worked out. It's not that I don't want to, I feel like I can't. And, last night I slept for like 12 hours.

I can deal with the symptoms... but I am really bothered by the fact that I don't have the energy to work out. Working out used to be something I enjoyed. Now it's something I dread. On nights when I do work out, I can barely get through it.

My big question is, am I defeating my own purpose if I'm not exercising? I would hate to think I am sticking to this diet that is making me feel like crap all for nothing. ANd I read somewhere that these symptoms can last 2 to 8 weeks. I hate the thought of having to go through this for another 7 weeks. And, I work a physical job too. So that just makes it harder.

What do you all think?

06-05-2013, 01:52 AM
Adding some salt to your diet helps a lot w these symptoms. A lot of people drink some salty broth to address it. Also, make sure you're getting plenty of fat, it'll get you into ketosis faster and give you tons of endrgy.

07-10-2013, 05:21 PM
I just switched to the keto diet about few days ago because my husband's been on it for a while. I've been feeling just like what you have described almost every day, sometimes it curbs a bit, sometimes it's just awful.

I've been working out every other day moderately since I do not feel very well. Some people call it the Keto-flu, suppose to go away after your body says "what did you do?!".

A good way to feel better for me is to drink some bouillon/broth. I've found a brand "More than bouillon" Beef base that taste good almost like french onion soup. It's got almost no carb, so it's not going to ruin the diet.

One of our friends who's been doing this low-carb diet for over half a year said that he had never exercised during his time. Just make sure you drink enough water, watch your electrolytes. You can also take supplement pills instead of drinking the broth.

More info: reddit.com/r/keto/wiki/faq#wiki_adapting_to_a_low_carb_lifestyle

Hope this helps :)

07-10-2013, 06:25 PM
I never found anything that made me feel better, but believe me, it's worth it in the end. When the symptoms clear, you feel really good!

01-04-2014, 01:47 PM
Ive a continuous headeache too since i lowered my carbs intake to 20. But i still hang in there and drinks plenty of water. I read that magnesium may aleviate the symptoms?