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06-03-2013, 08:24 AM
Good morning to the group. It is cool outside this morning. We didn't even need the ac last night. It is going to get hot though all this week though it is much cooler in Indiana.

We have started packing and I am going to do most of mine today and get Fortune's stuff packed up except his meds, which I will put in before we leave. I am hoping the postal person doesn't deliver mail today so that I don't have to call and listen to excuses as to why they ignored the hold mail card.

We are having steak tonight with hash browns. Tomorrow is going to be something quick and easy for sure. The pot roast was pretty good but for some reason the gravy didn't thicken up so we had runny gravy or at least Jack did, I didn't eat gravy.

Jean: Do most of the congregation like what happens in summer? I would think if you don't as a whole that they would drop all the nonsense and even though they have a different service time not include the band. I think the corn salad sounds like it could be really adaptive to a lot of combinations. You could make it southwestern like you make it or just summer veggies with the corn being the prime ingredient, lots of stuff. I think it sounds really good. Does it look like it is going to be chilly while you are in MN? I checked gas prices in the towns we always get gas at on the way up to Indiana. Our gas is $3.17, the first place we stop is $3.25 then next is around $3.65 and gas in Indiana is basically $4.00!!! Sheesh.

Maggie: I have a lot of different bar snacks too. I buy Fiber One, Special K, and a couple others if I want snack bars. I don't eat them too much. I would get 4-5 club crackers and eat them instead. Sounds like you salad went down gangbusters. Glad everyone enjoyed it.

Gotta get the laundry in the dryer. Hav a great start to your week. Faye

06-03-2013, 02:09 PM

It is currently partly cloudy and windy with the temp at 72ºs here in the ♥-Land with 49% humidity. My :goodscale: shows me down 2 pounds so I am keeping :crossed: that the WW scale shows the same this evening. I should receive my walking person charm and will solder it onto my bracelet tonight when I get home. I am waiting patiently for the mail to bring my envelope charm. Tonight after WW we are meeting our teen friend at our favorite Mexican restaurant for a meal. I am thinking of ordering a bowl of Chili Verdi and some rice and making a couple small burritos out of that. I will have quite a bit left to bring home for a re-run at a later date. :cp:

Eating seeds from our birdfeeder where two beautiful Robin Red Breasts which was a sight to see. They are so pretty and are nested close by. Cecil won’t be catching one of those. Speaking of Cecil ~ he is being a total pest this morning. His dogs must be outside and he needs to join them. :yes:

DONNA FAYE I agree that recipe can be changed with adding other ingredients. Next time I make it I am thinking of adding some Julianne strips of Jicama and celery for I love “crunch”. Do you use cornstarch to thicken your gravy? I am sure you will have all your ducks in a row come time to depart on your adventure.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

06-03-2013, 06:28 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's been a beautiful day in my neighborhood, although not especially warm. Our official church treasurer is gone for 3 weeks so it was just the secretary and myself counting this morning. She isn't nearly as fast so it took longer, but we did balance. Next week it will be me and the pastor's wife. He said it would be no problem because she used to work in accounting. Counting isn't the problem, it's putting the money in the right pot and finding the forms on the computer. I finally found the mistake in the gift shop checkbook and it was the accounting departments mistake, not mine, to the tune of $249.15. :cheer: That will be deposited tomorrow. This afternoon I went to a P.E.O. meeting and just got home. I'm collecting checks for a luncheon in July, with the deadline June 30th. Of course people have signed up without paying their money so will have to make phone calls to get the money. :twirly:

"Gma" -- Steak for supper! :T There are those of us who prefer the traditional church service so will most likely switch to Saturday night. My problem is that if we are working around the house, I don't pay attention to the time very well, then suddenly realize I don't have enough time to change clothes and get ready. When we did the survey last summer about going to just one service year around, some people wrote that if the contemporary service was eliminated they would go somewhere else, and the same with the traditional service. The worship committe is trying to combine both for the summer but it is more contemporary than traditional. :( Minnesota weather is kind of like Iowa; if you don't like it wait an hour or so and it will change. Our gas just went down to $3.66 from $3.98 last week. It came down a few cents at a time, but when it went up last time, it was by dimes and quarters.

Maggie -- I hope the WW scale will agree with your scale. :yes: Good luck! Enjoy your Mexican meal and young friend's company tonight! :T

I have to do a couple loads of laundry and get the gift shop deposit ready for tomorrow morning. Hope you all enjoy the rest of you day! :wave:

06-04-2013, 12:57 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It was really dark when I got up this morning and it finally rained hard around 9:00, for a half hour. It's a little brighter out but the forecast is for more rain. I have gift shop checks to take to the hospital and the deposit ready for the bank. If it's not raining there this afternoon, we will head to Sioux Falls for a 5:30 ball game.

I need to finish getting dressed and put my face on so I don't scare anyone I might see this morning. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

06-04-2013, 06:16 PM

It is currently 82ºs with the humidity set at 60ºs this day in the ♥-Land at 3:10 and all is well. Will is yanking up the carpet in the front room and going to lay down that good looking fake wood flooring like I have in my office and is in the dining room. After he finishes that the only places that have carpet will be his office and our bedroom. He will probably get around to putting it into his office and leave the bedroom carpeted.

I showed a “maintain” at WW last evening and am fine with that. I got my walking person charm and went to the jewelry store and got a silver jump ring so I could put it on my bracelet next to the bar bells and tennis shoe where it looks real good. The walking person is a sturdy little charm which is ⅞ inches tall (including the ring at the top) and inch ⅛ thick with WW stamped on it’s back or front if you want that to be. What is funny about this charm is that the side with the WW stamped on it is slimmer looking than the other side. I also got a jump ring for the little envelope in case the one that comes with it isn’t big enough to put on my bracelet. I am thinking of putting the envelope next to Tin Man who has heart. Tin Man is from the Wizard of oz and his arms and legs move and he is 1½ inches tall. It is one of my favorite charms for he has “heart” to see this weight loss effort through to the end. My bracelet now weighs 4.95 oz. of a pound. I bet ya when I get the newest addition it will bring the bracelets weight up to half a pound. :lol: I need to replace the butterfly which signifies my coming out of my fat cocoon. The jump ring wasn’t soldered and evidently and it pulled free and flew away and I don’t know where. However I do know where I can get another. :lol:

Not much else going on this day so I’ll say audios for awhile.

JEAN Dosen' it feel good that you found the mistake and it wasn't yours. :cp: Life gives us roses now and then doesn't it.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

06-04-2013, 07:16 PM
Evening girls. Just a quick post as I am trying to finish up and start packing some of the car this evening. Been real busy all day and never did get in here.

I probably won't get back in here until next Tuesday so keep the fires burning!!!


06-05-2013, 08:22 AM
"Gma" -- Have a safe and wonderful time!

06-05-2013, 02:08 PM

We had a gulley washer though the night and it is in the high 60ºs with a bit of wind this day and a chance of rain. I slept clear through last night without waking up once until I got up this morning which is a very rare occasion for me. I really don’t like it that way because I woke up stiff because I stayed in one position all night.

Time has come for me to make a loaf of bread and I do believe today it will just be a plain loaf with some crunchy seeds on the top. I’ll have to remember to press them into the top after the machine has made a loaf and getting ready to bake it. :lol: The bread machine booklet gives a graph of how long each process takes so I can easily figure it out. We prefer the homemade bread without all those preservatives the store bought kind has in it so I really should make it more often than I do. I usually make it only when Will requests a loaf. I don’t eat much bread and he gets ciabata rolls and likes one toasted for his first meal.

Will just came in from being at the museum to pick up some stuff they had ordered for him and brought me a ger-prize. it is made of wheat and is a 6 strand square braid with wheat heads at the bottom and top. Here is a bit of history ~ Wheat-weaving originated as a “thank you” for a good harvest in the Mordiford region of England. Boys made them with the wheat heads at the top as well as at the bottom for their girlfriends who wore them in their hair. Girls made them without the heads at the top for their boyfriends who wore them on their belts. I have mine hanging on the wall here in my office. :cp: If I had long luscious hair I would wear it in my hair ~ but alas mine is so short it wouldn’t support it. He is getting a fresh shave of his head today and his beard trimmed for he is being interviewed on TV tomorrow about what he does at the museum. The director said that the TV folks were on the phone when Will went to pick up his ‘stuff’ and wanted to talk to him. They had “requested” him. I think it is neat that they requested him since he is only a volunteer one day a week down there. But he is an expert ~ so there you go.

DONNA FAYE Have a wonerful time and come back refreshed. :wave:

JEAN You are a lady of a few words this day. :p
Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

06-05-2013, 09:12 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We've had sunshine and clouds both today, along with the wind and cool temperatures. Bob is mowing and I'm determined not to fall asleep before it's time to go to bed. I think I was awake every hour on the hour last night, afaid I wouldn't wake up in time to meet the gals going to the meeting at 7:30 this morning. The hospital auxiliary meeting was interesting. We broke into sessions to exchange ideas, had lunch, and then was offered a tour of the Blue Bunny ice cream plant along with free ice cream afterwards. We walked through a couple dress/shoe shops and headed home. The gift shop I wanted to visit is now a consignment shop and I was bummed. One of the gals talks nonstop; a little of her goes a long way. I am tired!

Maggie -- I can almost smell your fresh bread baking! :T My "neice" was on the Steve Harvey ( :p ) show; she's had bad luck with finding a "good" man to date and he was going to help her. We knew when it would be on tv and was fun to watch. She did end up with a guy who fit her requirements and they had a dinner date in Chicago. They live fairly close to each other in CA so will be interesting to see if anything develops. Will you be able to tape Will's interview? I'm sure it will be interesting!

"Gma" -- Hope all is well with your travels! Have fun! :D

Susan -- What are you up to? :twirly:

I think Bob is done mowing so will check on something for supper. Tomorrow I start in the church office; wish now I had said "no" but will do my time. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

06-06-2013, 01:54 PM
Good afternoon ladies. In the 70s today.

We're waiting for the first Tropical Storm of the Season, Andrea, which is supposed to hit here around 2 pm today bringing several inches of rain, flooding and 40 mile an hour winds. Just so it doesn't strength to hurricane strength before hitting us. We are the landfall target.

Tonight is First Thursday Bee and Saturday is tea. Always fun.

I've been having a lot of pain in my right hand due to tendonitis so was using it as little as possible. Ice and Advil have helped a lot but my hand and fingers are still noticeably swollen.

Jean, I don't think "No" is a part of your vocabulary. You will surely have lots of stars in your crown in Heaven for all the volunteer work you do. I have a 4-legged alarm clock that wakes me up between 6 and 6:30 each morning. He doesn't take no for an answer but its good to have a routine for rising at the same time - and going to bed at the same time - every day. I've always been an early bird so I don't mind too much.

Maggie, I had never heard of wheat weaving before. That is a beautiful piece you have. Any chance of seeing Will's interview online? How's your garden doing?

Enjoy your day.

06-06-2013, 04:28 PM

I am a happy camper for yesterday the mail brought me that silver envelope from the Smithsonian® and I now have it on my bracelet. Inside is my “before” picture and the saying “Don’t exchange what you want most for what you want at the moment.” I have a couple of my other favorite sayings that I can rotate into it. It now weighs 4.78 ounces. I have one more charm to receive and it is a butterfly that I have ordered from Broderick to replace the one I lost awhile back. The one that I ordered now has rounded edges on its wings and is smoother and will not catch on things. :cp: I do believe it will be the last charm that I put on this bracelet. :yes: The young waitress at I-hop last evening wanted me to tell her what each charm stands for. I get asked on occasion what it all means and my answer is “My weight loss journey.” My envelope is very pretty with a little heart engraved on the tip of the closing flap.

Today the mail brought me my package from Chefs®. The grip it tongs are going to be great to use for toast and hot rolls and even on the BBQ. They are a nonstick coating on metal grips. I also received the ice drink spoons which are 8½ inches long and made of stainless and dishwasher safe. The other thing I ordered was a clear egg keeper that holds a dozen plus 2 eggs. Now if anything gets set on top of the eggs they won’t break. :cp: They included a sample of the Dark Chocolate AÇai with Blueberry pieces and a dollar off coupon. They are yummy and 3 points for an ounce and made by Brookside.

Will is at the museum and is going to be interviewed for the local TV and giving them visuals of what he does there. He isn’t going in “costume” but is wearing a nice long sleeve red cowboy shirt and his summertime cowboy hat. :cp: He looks sauvé and debonair.

SUSAN OUCH ~ I sure hope that pain in your right hand goes away quickly. Take it easy at your B's. They are going to give Will a disk with his interview on it so I will see it then which is nice since we don't get that channel on our TV. What we did plant in our garden is doing fine so far. The weather hasn't beaten the plants too much for we are trying to keep them protected. I'll keep :crossed: that storm your expecting doesn't turn out to be a bad one.

JEAN It is nice that your neice had help finding a neat guy to date. Hopefully all works out well for her. Like I said Will's interview will be given to him. He said it went well this morning when he popped in just a bit ago before going to anoter appointment. When he gets back around 4:30 we will take a run out to see the buffalo and if any more babies have been born. Two more to be born soon. We noticed the bull is back from being "loaned" out. There is a fence between him and his harem.

DONNA FAYE :wave: hope yo are having fun out there.

Hope all are having a marvelous day. :wave:

06-07-2013, 12:18 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am on my way to bed but wanted to check in here first. It was another cool day of some sunshine and some clouds, but NO rain. I was busy in the church office this morning. I had several bills come in the mail and was trying to type check vouchers for the gal to come in later and type the checks. She brings her baby with her; he's 8 months old and not happy sitting in the carrier. He gets crabby, whiney, and will complain/cry/scream the whole time. :hyper: I know people on the phone can hear him in the background. On my way home I stopped at WW -- not a pretty sight! This afternoon I had coffee with my friend whose husband has cancer and dementia. She talked and I mostly listened.

Susan -- I hadn't heard anything about Andrea coming to visit. :no: I hope the damage isn't too bad. I had to chuckle at your four legged alarm clock! I am an early bird too, and really like to get my chores done in the morning if at all possible. I hope your hand feels better soon.

Maggie -- Are you going to start another charm bracelet for your other arm? ;) I was surprised al all of your charms, and what they mean to you! The egg keeper sounds like a good idea. I can only stack two cartons on top of each other. I hope there were new babies for you to see today.

I'm tired and heading to bed. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday tomorrow! :wave:

06-07-2013, 06:24 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We started the day with sunshine but the clouds have moved in again. It's supposed to rain off and on all weekend. Bob wants to go to the lake tomorrow and I want to stay home and get some things done around here.

Bob is working on his tractor this afternoon so I have no idea when he will be home. He wanted to finish it today. Hope you all enjoy your evening and have a nice weekend. They go by too fast! :wave:

06-08-2013, 01:22 PM

It is 72ºs as I type and they say it will get up into the low 80º area. No wind this day so Will was able to spray for unwanted things in the lawn and get it mowed nice and neat. Boy O boy did we pick up trash that blew into our yard from businesses downtown. I keep the silk flowers and leaves and make little bouquets to gift folks with. The flower shop that the silk ones come from has evidently put the ones that come on the wind into their trash bin and the wind lifts them out and brings them down the street and down the back alley into our back yard. Quite a trip they make. Cecil probably likes chasing the silk plants in the wind.

I have not much planned this day besides to make a new loaf of bread. My yeast was evidently too old and the last loaf was on the “heavy” side and did not rise as much as it should have. I get the kind of yeast in a jar that is “best for bread machines” and keep it in the fridge but it does go bad after a time. It had to be the yeast for all my other ingredients were fresh. Will likes it though to make toast with so it isn’t a total waste.

JEAN No I won’t be making another bracelet for this one has “my story” on it but I can think of more charms that I see that will work with the weight loss theme so I may just get them and add them to the bracelet. I especially want my “bad habit rabbit” and my “barely bear it all bear”. :lol: I have a lovely gold Italian Figaro chain bracelet that lives on my right wrist that Will bought for me years ago. No more charm bracelets for me. I am sure glad that when I started this one I had the foresight to get a nice hefty chain that would support this many charms. You can see in that picture I sent how large the chain is. I am looking for a silver walking person charm to replace that pewter one that WW gave me. It looks OK on the bracelet but I would prefer a silver one.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

06-08-2013, 08:00 PM
Good evening, ladies.

Andrea hit Florida instead of us and by the time it got here it was just sporadic hard rain - 5 inches here. I'm very thankful for that.

Glory, Irene and I had a lovely time at tea today and this was my off plan day. I don't think I'll do it again because I've had an upset stomach, headache and light headedness both times. I'll go to tea but I'll ask for just a scoop of chicken salad, ham salad and pimento cheese for my tea. They said I was really carb sensitive and this just goes to prove it. I won't be eating anything else today.

Jean, I don't think I could deal with the baby when I was trying to work. What are you going to do it if you don't go to the lake?

Maggie, how nice to get silk flowers delived right to your yard! How did you like Will's interview?

Have a great evening.

06-09-2013, 12:55 AM
Good Evening! Rain, rain, and more rain today . . . which we DON'T need! :tantrum: My furnace is running pretty steady this evening. Jason and Amanda took Beth's kids with them to the lake yesterday and we drove up (in the rain) to see them today. This was Beth's weekend to work so she and Will stayed home. The kids are old enough to entertain themselves, Amanda and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle, while Bob and Jason critiqued (?) golfers on tv. We hadn't planned to stay overnight and when we were leaving Jason and Amanda decided to pack up and go home too. Needless to say I haven't done squat at home today.

Maggie -- Hope your bread turned out lighter today! The rabbit and bear charms sound like good choices. :yes:

Susan -- Glad Andrea behaved herself in your area. I'm sorry that your off plan food didn't agree with you. :( That's is a great reason to stay op with foods that your tummy likes. I have a "to do" list started for tomorrow!

I'm heading off to bed. Hope you all have a super Sunday and enjoy! :wave:

06-09-2013, 12:28 PM
Good morning, ladies! The sun is shining and it'll be in the high 80s this day. Casper and I will wait until after dinner to go for our walk. Humidity is just a bit high. I noticed the ground is all spongy from the rain we had the past week (and more on the way) when I took the recycling out this morning.

I went to early Mass and came home and read the paper then made hard boiled eggs, a relish tray (I have one with 5 divisions and I fill it on Sunday so veggies are all ready for the week), made some pasta salad. I found a local store that has high protein, low carb pasta - 130 calories, 20 grams of protein, 7 grams of carb, and 2 g. of fiber. It cooks up to about 1-1/2 cups of pasta so I added lots of veggies and a couple of hard boiled eggs and called it 2 servings. I'll take some to Applique Bee tomorrow for my lunch and then have some for lunch a work this week. I've got chicken breasts thawing that I'm going to bake with rotisserie seasoning so they'll be ready for salads, etc.
I love cooking ahead.

Jean, I know how you feel about the rain. Water is standing all over but everything is sure green - and my grass is growing very fast.

Hi, Maggie!

Safe trip home, Faye!

Have a wonderful day.

06-09-2013, 05:34 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another rainy crappy day in my neighborhood. The rain gauge said .8" for yesterday and .11" so far today. The weatherman lied again -- said there would be sunshine today. We went to church because I had to pick up the money. We stopped in during the coffee hour so I could check on where the coffee money would be; got stopped as I walked past a couple tables and got an earful of everything wrong in the office and church in general. Like I can do anything but pass the info along. We ate late and I just realized the afternoon is almost gone.

Susan -- I would love some 80 degree weather! :yes: The Weather Bug says it is 60 here, feels cold and clammy! A mental picture of you and Casper going for a walk makes me :D . At Ian's ball game last week, a "grandpa" came walking down the sidewalk with the cutest pink stroller. As he got closer, Zowie wanted a peek at the baby. The baby turned out to be a tiny black puppy! The stroller was decorated with paw prints which I couldn't see as he walked towards us. It has rained so hard some of my flowers are bent over, but everything is really green. I've never heard of high protein low carb pasta, so will look for it. Does it have a different taste? I could eat pasta salad every day. :T

I have laundry to do so had better get a move on. The weekends fly by too fast! Hope you all are enjoying a nice day. :wave:

06-10-2013, 06:07 PM

We have been out and about and still there are just two baby buffalo. The other two moms are getting BIG so it can be any time. It is 104º here this day and they were very close to their water source. We had the dogs with us since we had just picked them up from the groomer and they smelled so good and behaved and didn’t bark at the buffalo. They usually have their “come play with us” bark going but we were thankful they were quiet today. They are out in the front room supervising Will as he is yanking up the carpet in that room. Cecil gave them “what for” when they came into the back yard when we got back. He is so funny scolding them for being gone. I wonder how much of his cat talk they understand.

I weighed the same on my scale this morning so I am not expecting to show a loss at WW this evening. I guess I didn’t do so well this week for I wasn’t faithful in my tracking. I always do my best when I write what I bite and somehow got out of the habit. I have got to do better this coming week. :yes: I guess I am just one of those people that does have to write everything down that goes between my lips for me to show a weight loss. Write it if I bite it. Bad Habit Rabbit has had a field day and Barely Bare it all Bear needs to get a grip. I have told all this to myself before while going down this road to thin and probably this won’t be the last time either. I surely do not want to show a gain at the scale this evening and can handle a “maintain” so much better.

JEAN You have sure gotten the rain. We would like some more. Isn't it just the way it is that folks complain to someone that really dosn't have anything to do with what they are complaining about.

SUSAN Our apple tree is sure going to make a good harvest for there are lots of golf ball szed apples on it. We hung foil strips to keep the birds out and sprayed it earlier to keep the bugs off. Our tomatoe plants are covered with blossoms and tiny tomatoes. All is well so far. What a neat idea to use that relish tray to divy out your food for a few days. What brand is the pasta you spoke about?

DONNA FAYE I hope all is well with you.

LATER: I am now back from weighing in and I ended up showing a loss of 0.8. However, I am still going to write what I bite. :yes:

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

06-11-2013, 12:12 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! We started with a gloomy day but the sun came out this afternoon and there was NO wind. Beautiful! :cheer: The morning flew by even though we aren't counting money until tomorrow; the pastor's wife is coming to help as in the blind leading the blind on that one! This afternoon I made two trips to the hospital; one to pick up money and one to take back checks I wrote to pay bills. I am tired tonight and the rat race week is just getting started. We are supposed to go to Ian's game tomorrow night.

Maggie -- Wish I could send some rain to you! It's in the forecast again -- showers and/or thunderstorms every day through next weekend. Hope the iron monster was kind to you tonight!

I am heading for bed! Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow! :wave:

06-11-2013, 12:22 PM
Good morning, ladies! Rain and thunderstorms today. We had a tornado sighting last night. It supposed to keep up all week again. I want sun!

Tonight is our quilt guild meeting and we have an out of town speaker. I'm taking a class on machine applique from her on Saturday.

Since you both asked about the pasta I use, it isn't available in grocery stores. Its called Proti Pasta and is actually sold for bariatric products. We have a large nationally know bariatric surgery center here and they have a store that sells to the general public as well as their patients. When I was talking with my research study counselor I was lamenting the absence of low carb foods in the grocery store and she told me about this place and uses their products herself and thought they were very good. I get the pasta, a proti-max cafe latte that has 20g protein and only 110 calories, 2 net carbs, and I just got some of their protein chips and pretzels to try - 15g of protein per package and 8 net carbs for 120 calories. The stuff is pricey but I checked it out on Amazon and other online places charge about the same plus shipping. I never use my weekly grocery allotment from the study and I can use some of it for this stuff. They are having an ice cream social at the store next Monday from 4-7 and I plan to go see what that is about. I also got a bag of the Miracle Noodles - 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 protein, 0 fat - they are all fiber but have the texture of white pasta. I tried them and liked them a lot. I order an assortment of them on Amazon to have on hand. You have to rinse them well before using, boil 1 minute and then add to your sauce or however you are going to use them. They have no taste so take on that of whatever you add them to. These are not the same as the Shirataki Noodles that Hungry Girl uses all the time.

Jean, your weather is just like mine. I sometimes feel I'm on the go more since I quit working than before.

Maggie, I hope the scale was kind to you last night. I'm one who has to keep my food journal every day or the scale starts creeping up. It's got to be second nature to me. I'm getting anxious to hear about more baby buffalo.

Have a wonderful day.

06-11-2013, 02:07 PM
Good morning ladies! Back home and finishing up laundry and such. I pretty much have everything put back and only laudnry to put away at this juncture. My poochy is sick so I am fighting to get antibiotics in him. He could have found something in one of the hotels we stayed at with him. He is sensitive so it might just have been the trip as a whole. He did wonderfully but could be just unfamiliar stuff and being in the hotel alone from time to time.

It is 105 heat index today so I am hoping Jack doesn't have to work in it. I am keeping my nose in the house for sure.

We had a great time. Here is dad and Jackson showing off his cake. They had a bouncy house and thank goodness because there were a ton of kids that came. The adults hung out and ate and drank. I of course got sunburned even though I sat in the shade all day. Had a great time with my girlfriend too. We caught up on everything I think.

I did have a mishap on Saturday morning. The hotel had a couch/sofabed and it sat really low to the ground and was tough for me to get up off of because of my knee. I asked Jack to help me because my feet were swollen a bit and my calves and he took my hands and pulled me to my feet but I was barefoot and my left foot slid on the carpet and I fell and whacked my left knee really hard. I then had a heck of a time getting off the floor because everything sat low to the ground to use as leaverage. I finally told Jack to get the computer chair and I rolled onto my stomach and got up on my knees which was excruciating one bad one, one bruised on, and put my arms through the chair arms and picked myself up that way. Jack was just beside himself all day though I told him he didn't drop me or make me fall. I have a purple bruise on the knee and shoulders and such are still sore but I am fine.

We got our resort pass for our Jamaica excursion so one out of the way. This is a Hilton resort and you pay a flat price for transportation and all day at the resort, pools (whooopeeee,) the ocean, all the food you want at either their buffet, restaurant, or pool cafe, a water park, all drinks including alcohol is included also and they have a shuttle to island shopping. It is an all day affair so should be fun.

I will do individuals tomorrow. I need to get back to cleaning my dirty house. Faye

06-11-2013, 04:38 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, it's windy, and humid -- strange weather! It was crazy in the office this morning! The pastor's wife came to help count money and we thought we balanced ok after a few false totals. She left and I tried to do my part on the computer only to have that not balance with the original totals. :tantrum: I finally called the secretary and she said to lock it in the file and she would try to figure it out when she comes back next week. While I'm making copies of all the checks, a member comes in wanting 50 copies of 5 pages he has hand written in teeny tiny letters. His marbles don't all run in a straight path although he lives on his own and does odd jobs for money. I stopped what I was doing and talked him into letting me do the pages back to back to cut down on the amount of paper. He had to staple them because our copy machine doesn't do that. It is a slow copier and seemed to take forever; he's talking the whole time we are in the copy room! We had mothers coming in to register for Bible School, phone calls for the director, and lucky for me the mail lady didn't bring any bills that I had to deal with today.

Susan -- I'm sending some sunshine your way, just a bit though because I still want some! ;) I wish we had more unique grocery shopping opportunities like you do. Our stores are pretty plain and simple. :( I know you will enjoy your quilt guild and the class on Saturday. Are you officially done working at the office now?

"Gma" -- I'm so sorry Fortune isn't feeling well. :( Hope he is back to his old self soon! :yes: I also hope your bruises and soreness from you fall, are gone asap. I imagine your knee will take awhile to get back to normal. How can your house be dirty when you've been gone? ;) Thanks for sharing the picture! It's hard to believe how fast Jackson has grown up.

I need to make a grocery list; today is 20 cents off a gallon if I spend $20 which won't be hard to do. I'm just not in the mood to grocery shop. We decided to go to Ian's Thursday game so Beth and the kids could go with us. It will be a late night but I'll have Friday to sleep a little later.

Hope you all are having a nice day. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

06-11-2013, 05:22 PM

It is in the 100ºs today and expected to be 108º by 5 PM this day. I’d say that we had a very short spring if any. We had just a few showers on a hot day and called it spring. Since it will be a hot day we won’t be working outside much. :no:

I came back last evening after WW and being out to dinner and posted my 0.8 loss but I guess you gals missed it. I am still jazzed about the loss and have my “write what I bite” booklet opened up on my desk all ready to post in. We had a nice dinner with our little friend and got to meet his older brother that is here now to attend this university. He had been living with his grandparents on their ranch and has been cowboying. We are finding out that family is quite well heeled. The two of them will be living in one of the houses the family owns here in town. We’ll see how that works out. We were glad to meet the brother for he has a good head on his shoulders which will help to keep the younger brother in check.

Will just about has all the carpet up off the front room floor and has gone to pick up the flooring. He is taking it up in strips so it will fit into the trash cans. :cp: He will take the carpet up all along the hallway and then the only two rooms with carpet in them will be his office and our bedroom. He will later take up the carpet in his office and replace it with the flooring boards. The reason I have the flooring here in my office/shop is because of my glasswork. So much easier to sweep what gets on the floor when I am working than to vacuum it. Plus the chemicals I use would be hard on a carpet.

We went to lunch at Applebee’s and I only had a couple bites and was full. I sure don’t consume the volume I used to. We went to visit the buffalo and there are still just too little female calf’s that are so active. They frolic about and then their mothers have to wander off where they are to keep an eye on them.

DONNA FAYE :welcome: back. Hope your injuries that you receivd while gone are healed up soon. I can't beleve you have much house cleaning since you cleaned it spick and span before you left. :no: Surely you must be kidding.

JEAN What an intertainment you had with that eldely gentleman. Wonder why he needed so many copies ~ a will or something of the sort. We have been having unusual weather also or maybe it is usual. :D

SUSAN How nice for you to have that sorce of good food in your neihborhood. Maybe it will catch on elsewhere so folks who are health conscious can get it. I am very happy for your being able to get it.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

06-12-2013, 12:52 PM
Good morning to you all. It is going to be close to 100 degrees today and from what I read, looks like Jean and Maggie are going to get hit with a pretty bad storm today so take care.

I am working more on the house bit by bit. The ac can't keep up with this kind of heat so the outer rooms are warmer than in the living room etc. Trying to cook things that won't heat up the kitchen is hard but I am working around that.

I fixed Fortune 3 scrambled eggs with a chopped up hot dog and he ate all that so I am hoping I can get him back to eating his regular food. He hasn't eaten in 3 days and he has lost weight, which worries me more than the not eating. He isn't lethargic, but I am watching his water intake especially.

I am hoping Jack only has indoor work to do again today. I had him take 6 bottles of water and he drank 3 glasses of water before leaving for work today. I told him to run by the store and buy a case of water after work as we are getting low on water. This heat is going to last for awhile it looks like.

Jean: When we left Memphis our gas was $3.17 a gallon. As we traveled north it got higher and higher and in South Bend it was $4.25 a gallon! :fr: Our gas went up to $3.29 yesterday but nothing close to what we paid up north. Hope everything with the church count got straightened out. I always come back home feeling crummy shopping wise. They have a local family owned group of groceries up there and the one closest to the hotel we stayed at is huge and has all kinds of fresh areas, ie, deli, bakery, butcher shop, cheese shop, liquor store, and on and on besides aisles of grocery products. We have such crappy shopping, Krogers, Walmart, a super Target but that is limited choices, and we have a Fresh Marke and Whole Foods but that is mainly specialty stuff.

Maggie: Sounds like you all have been busy. I will surely be glad when we start our flooring in a couple years. Since we decided on tile that looks like wood it will surely make it much easier to clean.

Well, I have work that is waiting. You all have a great day. Faye

06-12-2013, 05:49 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We had sunshine this morning but now it is hazy and quite humid. It feels like a change in the weather, as in storm, could happen any minute. The office was busy again this morning. I thought maybe it wouldn't be and I could spend some time looking over the contribution money that didn't balance. I don't like having money out in the main office where people just walk in and can see it. I went to lunch bunch and then back to process the checks written over the noon hour, took them to the post office, and now have an hour before I'm off to a P.E.O. meeting back at my church. It's finger foods at 5:15, where we usually have a dessert at a 7:00 meeting. Should be interesting. :dunno:

Maggie -- 100+ degrees is TOO hot! :congrat: on showing another loss! You are right, I didn't see it on/in your post. :o The gentleman from church is not elderly. :lol: I'm guessing he would be in his 30s, but I'm no judge of age either. He is pleasant and always would leave envelopes of change around the church. His dad was a Methodist minister so he tithes 10% of whatever he earns on a job. At least now he brings the money to the office or on Sundays, we get an offering envelope with "tithe" written at the top but never his name. When I first met him he asked my name, and when I told him, his comment was, "I can remember that! Tony Bennett!" I told Bob not to be surprised if he gets called Tony sometime. :D

"Gma" -- You and Maggie can keep your 100 degree weather! :yes: I had to :lol: at Fortune eating scrambled eggs and a hot dog! Good for him! You are a good dog mom! :yes: Our gas just went down to $3.62 a couple days ago. The last time Bob put gas in his pickup he saved $.52 a gallon from what I had bought at the grocery store. That adds up for 20 gallons. :cheer:

I need to figure out something to wear for tonight, or may just leave on what I wore to "work." Hope you all enjoy your evening! :wave:

06-13-2013, 01:51 AM

It is 11:25 pm and It is currently 79ºs and got to well over 100ºs today here in the ♥-Land and thank goodness the humidity level is low so it makes it much more pleasant. There are still just two buffalo babies when we visited the group this day and the little ones are still frolicking about while their moms munch grass. It is so fun to see them growing bigger each visit.

Well we got the carpet taken up clear down the hallway now and what a mess underneath it all to be vacuumed up. Cutting it out in strips and then rolling them up we were able to stick them in the outdoor trash can for them to be picked up which sure makes them easier for us to handle also. The easy to keep clean laminate wood look flooring comes in 6 inch by 4 feet long sections ~ the width of 3 boards, each with a different look in the wood look grain. We researched this and wood flooring and chose this because of its resistance to abuse especially since we won’t be the last ones to live in this house. The flooring here in my office still looks great and we put it in here a long while ago. The dining room had it in there before we moved in here.

My appetite is not what it used to be. For lunch I had the smallest burger that Bergerking® makes without sauce and only ate half of it along with 3 fries. Last evening at Applebees® I only ate a few bites of cole slaw and a couple of shrimp and had the rest of the meal put in to go boxes. I hope that Applebees® gets the neat half of sandwich and salad or soup entrees here soon.

DONNA FAYE There wasn't a bad storm predicted in our area ~ we had fluffy white clowds dotting a beautiful blue sky this day. We would welcome some rain though. The gas prices are $3.52 a gallon here in this area. I would not like to see it up to $4. Sounds like you cooked your little dog a delcious meal with eggs and hot dog.

JEAN :D oops it sounded like he was up in age and not just a yongster. We also have a market here that is tied in with a gas station so we take advantage of that savings. Also on the back of their cash register sales receipts are coupons for I-Hop for a free entree with the purchase of another of $6.00 or of equal or more value & 2 drinks. We always have a coupon when we go there for a meal.

Catch ya all later.

06-13-2013, 10:58 AM
Good morning. Just a short post as I have to clean upstairs bathrooms and it is already really hot. Our ac can't keep up with the heat as it was 84 in the house last evening having run it all day and fans too.

Tonight is chicken and dumplings. Jack wants it but told me not to make it with the heat. Doesn't matter as it is hot no matter what you make.

I put another hot dog in a bowl of regular food to get him back to eating dog food again and he is trying to weed out the hot dog pieces the little stinker. I usually put less and less in each day until he is back to all dog food. He has lost a lot of weight because he isn't eating enough so we may have to get some supplement or something to get him back to where he should be.

I picked out and ordered the beads and bracelet for my dil's birthday present. She admired my girlfriend's so much I thought it would be a nice gift for her. She is olive skinned and dark hair so I am making a red bead bracelet and then the spacers and such all are different hearts. The middle of the bracelet has a photo cube with a picture of Jackson and Jay in it. I bought it now because of a buy one get one free sale, I had $5 in points and bought enough for free shipping. I saved $30!!!

Jean: It was funny when we were at Jackson's bday party, we met Jay and Alicia's best friends parents on both sides. Kelly's mom took it upon herself to make sure we were introduced to her other family members. She said, "This is Jack's parent and Jackson's grandparents, Donna and what is your name?" Jack said, "Jack." She said, "oh!" and we all laughed at it because we call him Jay. I told her there used to be a 4th one too. It gets confusing because some people call my son Jay and most of them call him Jack. The Jay people know he is Jack but a lot of the Jack people don't know who Jay is. It gets to be fun. Jean and Tony Bennett has a nice ring to it. :lol:

Maggie: It is always nice to lose more weight for sure. We have an Applebees here but it is clear across town over by Kelly's. We haven't been there in a long time.

Gotta go girls. Have a good day all. Faye

06-13-2013, 02:32 PM

It is noon o’clock and currently clear and 73ºs and they say it will not get higher than the high 80ºs but when they say that it reaches 100º and above. We have heat that is not good for growing our veggies. They suffer. We are thinking we are not going to have a good producing garden again this year. :no:

I was just doing some research on the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer as seen on TV and talked myself out of getting one. It is really a convection oven with a browning element. I have a Cuisinart convection oven that has a browning setting and use it almost daily. It is my oven of choice for it doesn’t heat up the kitchen like my stove oven does. I can cook “oil less” in it and do quite regularly so why would I need that new big appliance. I am glad I did the research on line and read lots of pro & con comments on it for I was thinking of getting one when I saw the advertisement in a magazine. See how I saved a few bucks? :lol: Talked myself out of getting it. Now if I didn’t have that nice convection oven I probably would get one for they sound like a good appliance to have if one has the room for it. I sure hope we can find a place for that oven in a motor home. :yes: I bet I can. There are appliances that I can do without but my convection oven is my most favorite one.

I don’t have a clue yet what I am going to make for dinner and don’t have any ambition to cook but I will snap out of it and get something planned and go shopping in the freezer. We are going to send back the second freezer for we won’t have any produce to be storing in it after all and they said they would take it back. I transferred all I had put into it back into the kitchen fridge and freezer so it is now ready to exit the home this evening at 5 o’clock. We thought we were so smart to get it when it was on sale thinking for sure we would have a good garden this year but it won’t happen after all. Best now it is best to let it go back when they are willing to take it. We have done a lot of business with them so are considered “good customers.”

Our front room and down the hall looks awful. Just the wood flooring and puffs of under carpet padding stapled to it that need to have the staples holding it down pulled out. Since I don’t bend over very well I could use my rolling office chair and pull some staples if I had a mind to ~ but I think I won’t. :no:

My compute is givng me fits and I am afraid I will have to do some quick saving of some of my things before it completely quits. I really don't want to get a new one and have to go through all the things to teach it to do what I want it to do.:p

DONNA FAYE Do you have any fans that you can plug in to circulate the air better for cooling off? Ours really help the air conditioner out that way. John is also a name used by some guys named Jack. And Jack is also used from folks named John and Jay for Jayson or Jay for Jay. :lol:

JEAN an SUSAN Howdy to the two of you this day.

Have a great day Magnolias :wave:

06-14-2013, 10:35 AM
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