Biggest Loser Challenges - Blue Team Spring Into Action Chat Thread Week 3 (06/03/13 - 06/09/13)

06-02-2013, 11:00 PM
Okay here we are week 3 and I'm worse off then when we started sorry hit a rough patch but hope to get better from here. Lots of problems at home that I hope are somewhat better now. Crazy rain inside the house, work, and TOM got the better of me.

New fresh start again this week. Only 12lbs to goal and maintain but I always seem to find a way to sabatoge my efforts when I get this close. I was debating on just doing the threads but not participate this time but I need to get to goal and stay there.

Back to the basics and small steps toward big things:carrot::carrot::D

Have a great week 3 everyone..

06-03-2013, 12:47 AM
Bigmid - i completely agree with you that the last few pounds are the hardest. It is so easy to sabotage self. Good luck and stay strong.

Hope everyone else has a good week. I got a good exercise day in again but i think this week will be hard. Last week of school for kids and got things i need to wrap up.

06-03-2013, 03:10 PM
Blue Team:

Total Lost: 19.4 lbs (-0.45%)

Blue Team Biggest Loser: :congrat:Cinnamonfox89 (-8.0 lbs, -4.57%):congrat:

Honorable Mentions:

jessicado22 (-5.5 lbs, -2.52%) :carrot:
2muchbelly (-4.0 lbs, -1.72%) :cp:
Kayin (-2.2 lbs, -1.10%) :dancer:

Congratulations to all the losers for week 2 !

06-03-2013, 03:13 PM
I thought things were beginning to slow down around here but week 2 was still as crazy as week 1 !

Hubby got a new job over the weekend and we were out of town visiting some good friends. Eating and exercise have still been off but this week I am determined to get back on track... so far so good today.

Here's to an awesome week 3 !

06-03-2013, 05:05 PM
CONGRATULATIONS - Cinnammonfox89, jessicado22, 2muchbelly, and Kayin for being our biggest losers this week.

06-03-2013, 06:45 PM

CONGRATULATIONS - Cinnammonfox89, jessicado22, 2muchbelly, and Kayin for being our biggest losers this week.

I had computer problems problems this past week . Just got my niece to come over and restart everything just like I need to restart my exercise and eating on plan ! Hope we all have a good week and get a little closer to our goals ! Good Luck friends :)

06-04-2013, 02:18 AM
Hiya ladies. Congrats to everyone with losses, maintaining and to those who had some problems this week will be better!

Bigmid, I totally understand the sabotage thing...last time I lost weight, I got within a few pounds of my goal weight and then started gaining. Ended up being 70 pounds gained back out of the 100 I'd lost before I got myself back in control. So I applaud you for recognizing, and getting on here to commit! :)

Looking though the weigh ins, Kayin made it to ONEDERLAND!!! Congrats!

Not much new here. I had to go shopping today to get new pants, and I only shopped in the "normal" size section! Totally walked by the plus size section. It has been years since I've been able to fit into a true size 16. (Yes I know 16 is still considered plus size, but the store stocks all size 15/16 pants with the other smaller sizes, so I'm still excited lol). And my tops are now XL. Was a cool feeling and I left the store pretty happy with myself, ha ha.

Let's kick rear this week ladies!

06-04-2013, 09:20 AM
hey all.. just checking in! i been on vaca at the lake for a week.. therefore, causing me to miss last weeks weigh in.. so sorry.. but probably wouldnt have helped out results.. i probably have gained.. since i havent been doing insanity and havent been eating the best since i got on vaca.. but i am starting over today.. so hopefully when sunday (weigh in day for Biggest Lose) rolls around i can hopefully just be at least 1 lb lower than my last weigh in.. until then.. time to pack up, eat breakfast.. then head on this 4 hour drive.. the moment i get home.. i am doing my insanity workout dvds.. isnt insane that i actually miss doing those videos.. haha

06-04-2013, 10:53 PM
Thanks jessicado22, I am SO happy to be in onederland!

Great job everyone this week and good luck for next week!

I've been a little off track compared to normal the past few days but getting back on track RIGHT NOW! (Not tomorrow, but NOW! haha, I'll do my best!)

06-05-2013, 04:46 AM
My scale is flirting with 210 not enough to claim it yet though.:tantrum: Got some exercise yesterday, but what was most impressive in my mind was the watermelon .

We have an extra fridge downstairs where we keep big things like those 5 dozen egg cartons, extra milk and . . . watermelon. I got this one at Costco, and it was big. And heavy - maybe 10 lbs. I got it out of the fridge and starting trudging up the stairs and it hit me - prior to New Year's 2013, I had been carrying the equivalent of 5 of these things EVERYWHERE I went. Incredible!

I can also feel the pep in my step getting quicker and easier. DH notices too, but it's still not enough for him to join me. . . sigh. . . maybe after the next 50 lbs, eh?:shrug:

Proud of all our loser-winners, you guys rock \m/ :cp:

06-05-2013, 07:13 AM
Doragone - isnt it amazing what we use to carry and that realization moment. I did that with a barbell i work out with. It heavy but that is what i use to carry allthe time.

Kayin - congrats on onederland

Ajlee - i am so impressed that you do insanity. And that fact that you miss it even more so. I tried it once and probably lasted 10 minutes. It was way too much for me.

Well, my exercise level has been staying good this week. I am a daily weigher and my weight keeps bouncing up and down this week. I been hitting the barbells hard so im hoping most is water retention. Next week, i decided to get a one month membership at the gym. Usually dont have time/money for full membership. But figure this will allow kids swim time in their outdoor pool while i hit the gym hard and try to get these last pounds to move

06-05-2013, 11:07 AM
ajlee33 -- hope you had fun on your vacation! And WTG to getting straight back on track as soon as your returned :)

Doragone -- I completely agree about the watermelon. The baby weighs 20 pounds and every time I lift her up, I think "I used to carry 2 of her! And at one point I actually carried 5 of her!" Crazy....

Hiddenstar - yay on the gym membership! I really want to get one but the baby is too clingy. Running is great for cardio, but I need some strength training to tone up...hoping she'll be a little less clingy soon so I can go in!

Scale is down to 209.8 today!!! I've lost 40 pounds since I started exactly two months ago (Apr 5), and 100 pounds overall (again, lol). I weighed 310 in 2009 and worked my way down to 210. Then fell off the wagon and ballooned back up to 270. So 210 is kind of an important number. I made it back, and this time I am going to keep going!!! :)

Pink Hurricane
06-05-2013, 03:34 PM
Needless to say things have been crazy busy the past week but I have been eating properly and staying OP. I have not had much time for exercise but I did go for a short run this morning and my husband and I are doing our Insanity workout after he gets home from work.

Hopefully I will be below 244 by Sunday!

06-05-2013, 04:53 PM
hiddenstar - insanity is exhausting.. and i am not going to lie... i take many breaks throughout the videos.. even when it isnt break time.. but i keep on and just think to myself.. next time i do this video I will take 2 less breaks.. i write down how many breaks i take therefore i can focus on taking 2 less breaks each time i do that video

jessicado22 - THANKS :) I didnt do insanity videos when I got home.. instead I went outside ( i live in apartments) and I ran up and down the stairs 60 times.. so that was a great workout.. leg really felt it.

its raining right now :( boooo.. but once it stops i am going to go outside for a run and run up some stairs.. if no stopping of the rain.. then i will do my insanity videos.. I might actually just do both :)

06-07-2013, 04:24 AM
Congratulations to our top losers :carrot:

Im slightly up this weigh in sorry (TOM).

06-07-2013, 06:19 AM
Remember our chat about size 20 or size 16 at about the same weight? Well, today, I bought 2 blouses and a pretty slip in Large! OMG - not XL, not XXL but just plain ol L~~~ Very nice NSV for today ;)

06-07-2013, 11:15 AM
Well I am currently up in weight.. not sure why.. could be water weight from the diet pepsi I was craving so badly yesterday :) but I am not letting that stop me.. depending on weather I Will go outside for a run/walk and if weather is poppy I will do my insanity videos.. :) ta ta for now.. hopefully I can lose 2 lbs in 2 days before weigh in.. haha

06-07-2013, 11:50 PM
Doragone - WooHoo on your NSV!!! :cb::cb:

My week has been going good. Been getting in lots of exercise and just plain feeling good about myself. Hope the scale shows the same but if it doesn't. I am happy with this energy high that I am on. Perhaps it's from not being able to do much previously when my allergies were bad.

GO BLUE :whoo:

06-08-2013, 11:38 AM
Hi everyone quick morning check in.....should have already left for bad.

Anyway wanted to say hi, been pretty good up until yesterday. BBQ at work for the JDRF walk I'm in tomorrow and I ate chips and cookies....which led to more cookies. Hope I can be good today again and show some loss on the scale...wait and see I guess.

Well I will try to check in again tonight. I have now idea where the time is going I go to work, come home, fix supper, workout and its time for bed

Pink Hurricane
06-08-2013, 04:50 PM
I am down just 0.8 lb again this week. I was really hoping for more but I know soon enough I should get a whoosh! I went ahead and put in my weight for this week since tomorrow is going to be crazy busy and I might not have time.

06-09-2013, 02:43 AM
Hiya ladies, :)

Dora -- congrats! That is a huge NSV! I am loving not shopping in the plus size section--I just now got to XL, I can't wait till larges... Way to go!

Not much new on my end. I've been struggling this week to stay motivated and feeling kinda blah. I think 210 is some sort of mental block for me. Last time I lost 100 pounds, I hit 210 and then just stopped. For no reason. And gained 60 pounds back! This time I hit 210, and all of a sudden I'm allowing myself some crappy food here and there, then a little more. Today I had to sit down and have a mental conversation with myself and see what the heck is up with me. I have no idea what is up with me, but hopefully I've gotten past this.

On the upside, I then got my rear in gear and ran A FULL HALF HOUR AT 6mph on my treadmill! So I'm feeling pretty jazzed about that. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week, so hoping to stay motivated, move past my mental block and work towards onederland! :)

06-09-2013, 11:53 AM
Weighed in and down 3 pounds to 209. Which is much better than I expected with all the crappy eating I did this week! Hope everyone else has great weigh ins! :)

06-09-2013, 12:00 PM
Hey Girls ! I love reading your post :) congratulating Doragone for her LARGE size that is absolutely wonderful . You deserve it :) yeah Moma Jessica :) for kicking that 210 in the butt this time ! I think I get to comfortable sometime and fall off track . I think I might be afraid of Onderland or something ! Lol I think I am ready to face my fears this time ! Lol I really feel terrible when I eat bad ! I ate greasy French Fries the other day and believe it or not they made me feel sick like . I just had not eaten anything that greasy in a long time . I realize now ....I do not miss it either . Just not work the misery it gives me . I feel so much better eating my oatmeal , smoothies , egg whites , berries , chicken , fish , fruit and veggies . Red meat occasionally . Veggie Burgers , I still make desserts sugar-free . I have been wondering ...Have any of you all been doing the Clean Eating plan which is nothing with chemicals everything all nature . They say if you Great Grandma wouldn't recognize it then don't eat it .

06-09-2013, 09:09 PM
Hi I just got home and am now fixing supper. I didn't do great weight loss wise this week at all yet my eating was very good except one day and my water has been excellent.
I was heavier on Monday then my Sunday WI shows so down more than can post but Thurs was down even more:(
I did a walk for charity today and the rain held off for it then we got a downpour.
Congrats to everyone for their victories scale and non scale....that's awesome.
Ill be back in a bit to do the new threads.

06-09-2013, 10:21 PM
was up 2 lbs this week :(

so sorry blue team.. not sure what was wrong.. but tomorrow i am going food shopping so lots of fruits and veggies is on my list.. i am working out alot harder now since my vacation has wore off and i am ready to move. see yu in the next thread :)