Weight Loss Surgery - Not hungry resulting in not eating enough

05-31-2013, 11:18 AM
Hi Guys

Yeah I know you going to read the heading and say Hello chick that is the object of the operation.

I am obviously not hungry and when I eat I have to really really force feed 3 table spoons. This results in not enough protein (at this stage mainly cottage cheese and on odd occasions some egg).

I have started taking more vitamins but still this is affecting my weight-loss (really slowing down)that one would think would speed up but it has slowed it down and I feel my immune system is taking a knock. I walk/run 5km 6 times a week but see more tired than normal after each session the last week.

Thought of maybe taking Herbal life with extra protein powder added to help?

Anyone else with the issue of having to force meals? Does the desire to eat come back, not meaning my appetite but my want to eat .

05-31-2013, 04:04 PM
Daleen - how long ago was your surgery? and i have to tell you that sometimes it's REALLY HARD to eat. but you have to make sure that you at least get in your protein. Are you using protein shakes? especially a low-carb protein shake?

protein is absolutely essential - you can't get it from a vitamin, and you won't be able to keep up the exercise unless you get enough.

Some people get head hunger - that feeling that they REALLY WANT to eat, even though they don't want to. Doesn't sound like you're one of them. at least, not now.

Just focus on today - and getting yor protein in. and try different forms of protein other than eggs and cottage cheese. some thinly sliced meats go down well, and cheese, yogurt, even mashed up lentils and other legumes.

this is NOT an easy thing to go through.

05-31-2013, 08:32 PM
Ditto to what Jiffy said. My recollection is that you are a fairly recent postop, yes?

Your body needs protein and it will take it from your muscles if you are not consuming enough. You don't want to damage your heart, for example, because you are not in the mood to eat. So think of protein as "medicine" right now. Even if you don't want it, or it tastes gross, try and force down a protein drink or two. Most surgeons recommend a minimum of 60g of protein a day.

And to answer your last question, for the majority of people, the desire to eat does come back. Your ghrelin levels have been affected by the surgery, but those usually return, although not necessarily to the levels they were prior to surgery.

06-01-2013, 10:24 AM
thanks guys this really helps getting advice from you guys, will work on my protein.