Food Talk And Fabulous Finds - Please Help! Breakfasts and snacks for lots of allergies

05-28-2013, 02:19 PM
Hello all,

I'm looking for some quick on the go breakfast recipes, and some nice snack recipes for work. The trick though, I have a lot of allergies. So I am asking for help! I don't mind making things in advance, in large batches, or freezing/storing.
My Allergies
Raw Fruit (I can eat them cooked, picked or pasterized)
Raw Vegetables (I can eat them cooked, picked or pasterized)
Whole Soy (preservative soy doesn't bother me as much)
Artificial sweetners & stevia/agave

That's it... I'm currently living off fruit cups (yay pasterized!) microwave scrambled eggs (not filling at all boo) and ham sandwiches. I would love any idea, recipes, and even advice you all might have. Thank you!

05-28-2013, 02:26 PM
For breakfasts I often make egg whites in muffin tins with cooked peppers, onions, and mushrooms and bake them till done. I then wrap them individually and freeze, then just thaw/microwave and pair it with a light English muffin.