Weight Loss Support - Summer Goals, not (directly) weight loss related

05-27-2013, 01:53 PM
The kids are out of school, days are either packed or wide open, it can be really had to focus on your goals from day to day. Does anyone have any summer goals that aren't directly weight loss related? Like to track them here?

I just started WW and judging from past experience, if I do two things I will ALWAYS lose weight:

Never skip a meeting - go on another day or at another time if necessary, but never go a week without a meeting!

Track everything! Every day! If if I'm tired, even if it's inconvenient, even if I'm making some pretty big guesses on eating out (I try to guess high and let my Weekly Points absorb the damage).

Those are my summer goals. My weight loss will be what it will be, I can't control that - but I can get myself to meetings and follow the program.

Anyone else with summer goals?

05-27-2013, 03:13 PM
1. Run at least a mile every day of the summer.
Did this last summer and got myself into an awesome routine. It also got me in shape for cross country!

2. Get outside and stop sitting around in the house!
I travel a lot during the summer - the times I am home I tend to want to relax, watch TV, and not do anything. But when I'm home is the perfect time to see friends and do fun things so I'm really going to work on that.

I love reading. But during the school year I have no time, which is very sad. During the summer I have a book in my hand 24/7. My goal is to read 25+ books this summer (I think I can do it!)

Goodness gracious summer is so soon! I only have 9 full days of class left... crazy