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05-25-2013, 12:53 AM
I am following a Paleolithic Diet. I like eating like this and I feel good when I stick to it. I like to source my meat from grass-fed and wild-caught sources. So I recently ordered some bison online, various cuts, including liver.

Hadn't had liver in a long time, but I like it. And the bison liver is nice. For dinner tonight, I dredged it in almond flour and cooked it in a little olive oil with onions. Tasty!

Then I went online to log the food. I was so surprised to see that liver has carbs in it! :yikes: I did a little bit of digging and then it all made sense. Glycogen is stored in the liver. DUH!!!

So I have a few more pieces of liver in the freezer. I guess I will have to factor in the daily carb intake if I'm going to eat it.

05-25-2013, 08:49 AM
You're brave! I eat "semi-paleo" (whatever that means!) but can't bring myself to try organ meats. I've had them before when I was younger, and I think I have a mental block, especially about liver.

What is your online bison ordering source? I love bison, but my local availability is somewhat limited and pricey.

05-25-2013, 06:47 PM
I've gotten stuff from U.S. Wellness Meats ( and Body by Bison ( lately. It's very pricey to eat like this! But I cut back on expenses in other ways, because I prefer eating well rather than lots of other things. The first link had a wider variety of things available. The second one, I think, is more about making bison more appealing to the masses. I bought hot dogs and sausages from them. They were very tasty to me. I also bought the bison bacon. I over-cooked it accidently and served it to my son. He said, "Is this the bison hide?" Well, the dog certainly liked it! I tried feeding her some of the bison liver. She picked it up in her mouth but deposited it on the living room carpet and just lay next to it and stared at me. Like she was saying, "Really?!"

Locally I get the ground bison at the supermarket. I use that all the time to make meatloaf, burgers, spaghetti sauce for my boys, and breakfast sausage. I once found cuts of bison steaks Costco, but they only carried them for a short time. Too bad, because they were so tender and yummy!

I can't seem to bring myself to try other organ meats. But I did get some beef liverwurst from the first link, as well as ox tail and bison soup bones. I do like to make bone broths to keep in the freezer instead of buying boxed broth at the store. I bought bison knuckles for my dog. She LOVES those!