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06-04-2003, 07:31 AM
God Bless America!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

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These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.


06-04-2003, 07:34 AM
Good morning chicks,

I can't stay long, it's already 6:30 and I have to get the kids up and ready for school, they go until June 16th here.

I did manage to get the new thread started after about 5 trys at getting it right. The blonde you know.

I think I have found my way back to the wagon, I managed to stay on Plan all day yesterday, and am meeting today with new found attitude again. Fingers are crossed!!

Hope everyone has a lovely day.....Where is everyone anyway?

06-04-2003, 08:23 AM
Hi all have a good day

06-04-2003, 12:35 PM
Hi everyone. I went to see my nephew yesterday. I guess he is doing as well as can be expected. It doesn't even look like him because he is so bloated from all the drugs being pumped into him. I think my sister-in-law is holding up extremely well considering. I don't think I would fare as well if it were my child. It was so hard to see him like that and it is going to be even harder when they have to tell him about his injury. I am at a loss of what to tell my son. He knows that Travis is in the hospital, but he doesn't know about his arm. I don't know if he'll be able to understand. I know I need to talk to him about it because I don't want him to make an insensitive remark( not that he would purposely be insensitive. He is only 5) down the road when Travis eventually comes home. Anyone have any suggestions? I am not really saying anything right now since I know Travis will be in the hospital for a while. I'd appreciate any words of advice. Thanks.

06-04-2003, 01:54 PM
Hello Ladies,

I have missed you all so much. I don't have any clue as to what has been really going on in this thread for a long time, but I am going to try and read some of the old threads.

I am still alive, just still going crazy at home and work. I am still attending Weight Watchers but haven't done much of anything for several months.

I just started to get back into exercising everyday again, where as for a long time, I have only been doing it 3 times a week, which honestly isn't enough to burn off the 7 days of overeating. So I have done low impact Richard Simmons tapes for the last two nights, followed by 15 to 20 minutes on the exercise bike. I am feeling pretty good about myself at least in the exercise respect. Hopefully I won't go off the wagon again.

My husband and I are going to try to get pregnant with baby #2 in the late fall or early winter. I am excited but scared. My ob/gyn pissed me off, by telling me she wanted me to lose 30 pounds before than. I told her that I thought we agreed on 20, and she said that she really wanted me to lose 60 pounds before than. Well, let's just say that the pig out began that day. I understand her reasons, but I weighed 320+ pounds with my Son and had a wonderful pregnancy. Absolutely no problems! I am going to try to lose 30 pounds, but I am not going to put my life on hold because of this weight.

Work is still crazy. Looks like there won't be too many layoffs. And my husband and I probably won't have to worry at all about our jobs. But if the economy doesn't turn around soon, who knows what will happen?

Well, my break from training class is just about over, so I have to go. Have a great day to all.

Hope to hear/read about all you soon.


highest weight: 347
current weight: 267
80 pounds lost in total

06-04-2003, 02:39 PM
Hi Gals - I hope everyone is having a great day. I am at work, but can't seem to focus and am spending most of my time surfing the web - bad me. Today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary! :) I am going to leave early and stop by the store and get stuff to cook us a nice dinner. Then I think we might go to a movie. I know, not overly romantic, but I think it will be nice. I figure I have a better shot of eating healthy if I cook the meal and we haven't been to a movie in so long.

Steph - I am glad to hear that you were able to see your nephew and that his family is holding up. I don't have children, so I might not be the best one to give advice, but I think the best think to do with your son is to be honest and tell him what happened. He probably won't fully understand and will most likely ask a lot of questions, but kids are amazing and he'll probably handle it well.

Susie - Hi! Nice to meet you! Congrats on the 80 pound loss! I can't wait to be able to say that about myself!!! Hubby and I are trying to conceive #1! Who knows, maybe you and I will be able to go through it together. :) We haven't had much luck so far and we are not to the point of stressing, but DH has to be tested. Sorry --- I just met you and I am probably sharing too much info. Anyway, nice to meet you and welcome back. :D

Where is everyone else?

Sara - are you still lurking around? How are those eyes of yours doing? Seeing perfectly I hope! :cool:

Sandy - GOOD JOB staying OP yesterday!!!

It's raining here - AGAIN --- I forget what the sun looks like! I hope some of you are having nice sunny weather! :flow1:

Gotta run for now!

06-04-2003, 03:02 PM
MORE RAIN! I can't take it anymore!!!! :rain:

The good news is...I lost 5 lbs! The bad news is...I've already lost that 5 several times over...but, hey! I'll take it! I put jeans on yesterday for the first time in ages...REAL jeans, with a button and a zipper! And I was comfortable! :cp:

Steph, just be honest with your son. And if he asks your nephew questions, so be it. Kids are so much more resilient than we give them credit for, half the time.

Happy Anniversary, Barb!

I can't stay...need to get son out of school early for dentist appt. I'd much rather be sleeping! It's a great day for it.

See you later!

06-04-2003, 04:27 PM
Hi Gals -
I just have to share what my sweetheart of a husband just did...
he sent me a dozen roses with 9 balloons - the card said "a balloon for each year" (along with some other mushy stuff :love: ). I have to admit, I was a little embarrassed carrying such a huge bundle of flowers/balloons back to my desk - I have to pass about 100 people to get to my area. :o He is such a sweetie - I guess I'll keep him! ;)

Well, I am leaving to go get our makings for a nice dinner! Talk to ya later!

Barb :)

06-04-2003, 04:34 PM
Hmmmm...I posted another reply and it disappeared....it said....

Kat - Congratulations on the 5 pound loss!!!!!!!!

I know you'll keep it off this time and tackle the next 5! Way to go girl!!!!

:cb: :cp: :cb: :cp: :cb: :cp:

06-04-2003, 04:39 PM
Kat: Congrats on the 5 lbs :bravo:. You can do it. Congrats on the jeans too.

Steph: I agree with Kat, just tell your son what happend and let him ask any questions he might have.

Barb: Happy Anniversary......and wow, what a nice, loving thing for your hubby to do.....I'm jealous.

06-04-2003, 08:32 PM
What's new? Where IS everybody? I miss all of you MIAs!

Dinner is almost ready, I'm just waiting for hubby to get home. Baked Salmon, cheesy cauliflower, and a beautiful, colorful salad. The salmon couldn't be easier...wait a minute, yes it could. I have it all ready to pop into the oven for 15 minutes...but my daughter couldn't wait for him, she had rehearsal, so I nuked hers for 3 minutes...it came out perfectly. The only thing I put on the fish was a little smear of Jack Daniels BBQ sauce...mmm :T

I am really loving this low carb stuff. At first I thought, "NO WAY can I give up bread, flour, pasta, cookies, ice cream..." :no: BUT the trade off is that i can have cheese, butter, nuts...things that I would never have before...and somehow it's working. Believe me...I don't go crazy with the high fat stuff either...old habits die hard, but it's nice to make a cheese sauce once in a while or saute in butter... I think I may have mentioned this before, but it's scary to see how long things last in the pantry lately, without me nibbling all the time! Even the milk is lasting forever...I guess I don't need it to wash all the cookies down anymore!

Hey! Any suggestions for Father's Day gifts? I want to surprise him with something good...something that he'll really love. The only thing I've come up with so far is a gift certificate for a day of golf. But if it never stops raining, that won't work. I just had a crazy thought...I think I will make it a FAMILY golf day! My daughter won't think too much of that...tough...that's the least we could all do to show him how much we love him!

Speak of the devil, he just pulled up...see you later

06-05-2003, 02:44 AM
I am posting this just for you Kat. :D
I am in a weird place and just can't force myself to post.
I did cyber talk with Thinthinker and she is busy with her election.
The big vote is Tuesday I think... so we probably won't be seeing much of her until after the election.

Susie... good to see you again. Long time no see.
You are still an idol for me. I am sooo proud of you.

I care about each and every one of you in here... but I just need to get out of this funk.... plus I really have been busy.... VERY BUSY.
Have a great day !!!!

06-05-2003, 03:21 AM
I just want to tell you all that it sucks to be me right now. My hubby is out of work and may be permanently. He has a herniated disc in his back and that is just the tip of the ice berg for him. He has always had back problems so this is just another notch. So in turn I am going to have to quit WW for now, but I am going to try to do it on my own, I am so weak though that I know I am going to have a hard time at it. Plus I am sooo stressed over the bills right now, I know it is just a matter of time before they start to catch up with us. I just don't know what to do. Lots of prayers. Anyway, i will probably be in here a little more now because I need all the support I can get.

06-05-2003, 05:19 AM
A quick post before I head for home.

SusieH - glad to meet you, and what a great weight loss:bravo:

Kat - you lost 5 lbs - that's great!!! :cp: :cp:

Deon - don't waste your time and energy worrying about things you can't do anything about.:nono:

Barb - hope u had a wonderful anniversary!!

Sandy - it was great chatting with u!

Good night/morning ladies.

06-05-2003, 05:27 AM
:wave: Wow, the thread was very quiet today. I'm not here for long. I just had to pipe in about a few things.

Steph-I agree with everyone else on this topic. Tell your son the truth. We are adults and we see a much bigger picture than kids do so we are more stressed out about something like this. The best thing is just to tell the truth, answer his questions, and try not to let him see how distressed you are about how your nephew is going to lead his life.

Susie-Hello nice to meet you. Good luck on your next child. I was about the weight you are now when I had my daughter, and I had a miserable pregnancy, but we are all individuals and I don't think there is any way we can judge ourselves against another in an area with such vastly different experiences as child birth.

Barb- Happy Anniversary. You have a sweet and wonderful hubby. You are lucky. He is definately a keeper.

Sandy-Hi I'm sorry I missed chat but I enjoyed talking with you in the morn.

2Cute-Glad to see you. Drag your butt in here more often, would you? Even if it is just brief.

Deon-Oh my gosh you can't even imagine how much I relate. My hubby and I have been struggling to make it ever since 9/11. The only thing that has gotten us by has been help. I am very thankful to find that now my hubby is working and his business is going well. The best advice I can give is think outside the box and pray- a lot. The Lord will not test us with something that we don't have the ability to deal with, but we always need His help. Truly, if you want someone to chat with who has been there and is slowly digging out just email me. I know how frustrated and stressed out you are right now. My email is abvell@aol.com anyone else is welcome to email me if they wish as well.

That is all for me tonight. I hope everyone who hasn't posted is doing well and we all look forward to seeing you soon.


06-05-2003, 05:30 AM
I don't know how I missed you Connie, but I did. Hello to you as well. Good to see you.


06-05-2003, 08:24 AM
Hi Gals -
Sorry I missed chat last night - but hubby and I were out on our anniversary date! :love: It was nothing too exciting, but we had fun. I made dinner of filet mignon, green beans and potatos and then we went to see Bruce Almightly. It was very funny.

I just finished 1/2 on the treadmill - yep, bright and early. For the next couple weeks I am going to adjust my work hours slightly so that I can work out in the morning, go in a little later, leave a little later and then try to exercise again in the evening! I'm going to give it a couple weeks and see how it goes. changing my work hours may mean a little longer commute (it's already 50-60 min), but I think it will help to get some exercise in the morning! I'll see how it goes!

Food has not been great this week - not too horrible, I am just hoping for no gain tomorrow morning. I've still got a little bit of the vacation gain to get rid of before I am back on track where I want to be. I'll get there!!

Kat --- Rumor has it we may see the sun today!!! I'll believe it when I see it!!! :crossed:

2cute --- Good to see you popping in. Glad to hear Thin is doing well.

Deon --- {{{{HUGS}}}} Sorry to hear what a difficult time you are having right now. We are here for you!

Well, hubby is out of the shower so it's my turn!

I'll check in with you wonderful women later on today!
Barb :)

06-05-2003, 08:40 AM
Morning ladies,

2cute: That's exactly what I was telling Connie last night, that everyone seems to be really busy lately. That the thread used to move lots faster, but it's spring time almost summer and everyone is doing there thing. Hope you have having some luck with the house hunting.

Deon: So sorry to hear about your hubby, my prayers are with you and him. I hope it is not a permanent thing for him. Good luck with doing WW on your own, that is what I was and am doing again, once you get it down and as long as you have plenty of people to talk to it goes pretty good. Just remember we are all here for you.

Barb: Glad you and hubby had a wonderful anniversary.

Amanda: Hey there, it's okay about chat, I will catch you on Saturday night, well actually, I'm sure we will chat through the week...

Kat: I want to pat you on the back. I just don't know if I could give up the bread, pasta.....the bread would be okay, but gosh how I love pasta. You are doing great!!!! Keep up the great work girl.

Tina: Where the heck are you? Come back, come back.


06-05-2003, 08:44 AM
Good morning all
I got up with a headache this morning.:(
I went to bed mad I guess thats what I get. I am having trouble with our paper billing they have called me everyday for the last week to see if I have sent my payment. I have never been late I always pay on the 1st of the month.

Sandy and dixie sorry i had to leave so soon last night but I got the call while we were chatting and I was so mad.

Barb: Happy Anniversary a day late.

Deon: Hang in there things will get better. I have been there.

Congrats to all og yopu on your weight losses.
I am still stick haven't lost anything since Jan. But haaven't gained more than 1-2 lbs either.:o

Ok Tina wwhere are you?

I picked my first blueberries last night . AS I told Sandy on chat I have 8 bushes that are loaded.

Our outside cat had 1 kitten overnight it is the size of a baby mouse but it is loud I hope it survives.

WEll I better grab a bath and get ready for work I am off tomorrow but have to go to a mandatory Inter- Library Loan Workshop for 2 1/2 hours. I will buy my tropical fish for my new tank too. I want some guppies.

Catch all of you later have a great day and keep up the fight against this weight.:)

06-05-2003, 08:56 AM
Mmmmmmmmmmm...berry pickin' at Mary's! Grab your baskets!

Back later...I have a dentist appointment at 9 and a sick daughter to take to the doctor's.

Sleep today? Not soon enough...

Terri in MO
06-05-2003, 09:47 AM
Hi ladies! :wave:

Just checking in. I need to dash off and get DH up. We're taking a drive today to spend the day together. The sun is actually shining today so we're getting out of the house. My vacation will be over way too soon. Yesterday, we did errands and ate at Hardee's like fools. Stupid, because we should have had a light breakfast and not let ourselves get so hungry. Oops! But last night was BBQ chicken (without the skin), broccoli and salad. Weather was decent so we worked on the yard. I finally finished my landscape area - about killed my body installing the landscape edging and finishing the mulch but I wanted it Done! Yikes, how do people do that everyday, all day?? :yikes:

To everyone who's really struggling with life right now, take a deep breath. About the only thing in life that we can control is how we react to things that happen in our lives. Feeling bad about life or yourself won't make things better - food especially won't make it better. Hang in there and keep your chins up. We're here to listen and offer a :grouphug:

Congrats to everyone who's seeing results to their efforts. Whether its pounds lost, clothes that fit, or exercise getting easier - these are all payoffs.

Have a great OP day!

06-05-2003, 10:39 AM
Hi all!

Steph, my son is 6 1/2, but has always been very bright and inquisitive. So I couldn't hide things from him, or only give him a bit of a story, he'd want to know everything. But he's also sensitive, so here's what I'd say to him if it were me: I'd tell him that his cousin was in an accident, and his arm got very badly hurt, so the doctors needed to take it off to help him get better. I'd then tell him that his cousin is getting better in the hospital, but isn't feeling well, and is sad that he has lost his arm, so we have to be gentle with him.
I hope that helps, I'm sure that this must be very hard for all of you, and my thoughts are with you all.

I am glad to say I've had VERY positive results from my weekly weigh in. Firstly, I have lost another kilo! :dance: and on top of that, my measurements have shown great losses all over the bod, which has really boosted my motivation and confidence that this IS working and I WILL get to goal. :dance:

I went for a 45 minute walk, and have eaten well. Still learning about the pitfalls of not being careful in my planning of food - made myself some cheese herb grills, but made too many, forgetting that it would amount to too many points. But have learned my lesson, and won't do that again. Really cross with myself, because I'd made a promise that I won't go over points this week, so wasn't a very good start, but what I went over, I made up for with my walk, so I did break even. Tomorrow, I'll be more careful!!!

Also discovered that I'm not drinking enough water, which is wierd for me, cos normally I go through heaps, but it's cos I'm at home, and don't have a glass permanently at my elbow like I do when I'm working at a desk.... So my other challenge this week is to make sure I drink enough....

I'm joining Josh's class on an excursion into the city to go to the museum tomorrow. One of the joys of being at home is that I can be more involved with Josh's activities. I'm also planning on helping out in the canteen, and last night I took Josh to Joey Scouts, and got pulled in to help there! Marc doesn't drive yet, which is why he ends up staying home looking after Bec while I'm out driving Josh about. Gets annoying sometimes, but until we can afford for Marc to get lessons, I'm the chauffeur of the family!

See ya tomorrow!

06-05-2003, 10:48 AM
Hang in there and keep your chins up.

Oh God, that's funny!

06-05-2003, 01:07 PM
Thanks to all of you for all your support!!!!!!!You know with all this support and the support of my friends here at home and some family I feel like things aren't so bad,a nd that maybe I really can deal with this. And I just talked to my friend here at home and she has been doing WW with me and now she is going to do it with me here at home. So I know I will do it, I am sooo determined this time to make it. I feel like it is my turn to do something great, and finally be skinny and healthy, so I know I will do it. Thanks again. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

06-05-2003, 02:28 PM
Hi Dear Friends,
Just finishing up my lunch and popping in to say hello! I hope you are all having a great day! Mine is pretty good so far. Just a little slow - I've been in a bit of a funk lately with work. I like my job, the people I work with, etc. I just haven't felt much like working. Oh well, I know I will snap out of this! I'm still getting done what needs to be done.

I feel so good that I some of my exercise done for the day. I hope I can make this morning routine work out.

Terri - I hope you all have a nice drive today. Enjoy your time off, or what is left of it. You got me thinking about Hardee's breakfast - Yummy! There is not one anywhere near us, so no chance of me blowing it there. We did have a big breakfast pig out there when we were on vacation in FL. :T

Lynne - You are doing such a good job! Keep it up!

Deon - That's great that you have a friend to to WW with at home! You CAN do this!!!

Gotta get back to work!

Hi to everyone else!!! Talk to you later on!

06-05-2003, 08:34 PM
Hey, I'm here; wanted to get a quick post off before I start work.

The food is going good, but the exercise is NOT. I just haven't made an attempt. I know I need to get to work on this.

Did everyone read the latest news about obesity on the home page? What really gripes me is that my insurance will not cover obesity treatment. :mad: Does this make sense???? If it wasn't for work I wouldn't have insurance. My former employer didn't provide insurance coverage so I tried to get insurance on my own. Nobody would cover me because I didn't meet their weight guidelines. I was finally told that if you are overweight no insurance will cover you except if you are in a group plan at work. THAT JUST SUCKS!!! Of course, smokers can get insurance, they just pay higher premiums (my apologies if any of you smoke, but this is a touchy subject for me).

Well now that I got that off my chest, I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

Terri in MO
06-05-2003, 08:37 PM
Okay, okay, I did not mean multiple chins on one person! :p

A great accomplishment for me today. This evening, I got my bike out and rode around the neighborhood for 35 mintues. I almost gave up after 10 but made myself keep going. Eventually, it felt great. I love bike riding :love: - so much more so than walking. Hopefully, you will get tired of me talking about biking (that means I'm actually doing more of it! :lol: ).

Our day was really good. We took the big baby dog with us and we drove north to a state park. Since there was no one around one of the picnic areas, we let him out to run. You'd have thought he was a bloodhound - nose to the ground taking in all the new smells. He loved going with us. Except for when DH shut his head in the window!

Got to run for now. Have a great evening!

06-06-2003, 08:26 AM
bringing us to the top

06-06-2003, 12:10 PM
I'm here. I've not disappeared on you. Well, not for good...anyways. :rolleyes:

Thank you Kat for PM'ing me. It may have just brought me out of my funk. I've not read everything yet, but I'm working on it. :D Do you ever just get to a place where you're burnt out? :yes: We've had a catastrophe of sorts at work and I have been working my hind end off. (literally, I hope) :lol: I have worked every single day since I came back from Charlotte almost two weeks ago. We have three people that rotate on third shift. Two of those people have been out. One had a baby and one was in the hospital with bronchitis. To cover these people being out, me and the other first shift person have been coming in at 3:00am and working till 3:00pm. We just found a person to replace Chatty Cathy, but she can't work on thirds, so it has just been a mess! :dizzy:

Things are definitely looking up though. The girl that is working with us on first worked here before, so she won't need a lot of training, plus....she is working a 32 hour shift.....Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon. My other co-worker is going to take Fri & Sat off and then I am taking Sunday and Monday off! I get to be home on Race Day! No more listening to it on the radio! Wooo Hooo! :cb:

On the food front, all is well. This is my 4th day OP and I am re-joining WW on Monday and I can't wait. It is time to get the rest of this weight off....know what I mean? :yes:

I went through a period there where I was just eating whatever I wanted to and it scared me. I started feeling that "bloated, indigested, walking around in a "food haze" feeling again, and although I may fall from time to time, I do take pride in the fact that I always pick myself up. No, maybe I don't do it right away and maybe it takes me awhile to get my crap together, but the point of the matter it.........I DO do it. Even though the change in me is not what one might call monumental, it is still a big change. In the past, when I have strayed from my eating program. I just quit. You know, my head was saying, "Wow....look at all the work you've done and you're just taking all these steps backwards." But I didn't stop. I continued to ignore the voices in my head and went right back to my old eating habits. Sometimes I would eat what I wanted for a couple of months. Sometimes I quit all together and it would be a year or two or more before I would try to get myself back together. Sometimes I would let myself go to the point I didn't think I could walk across a parking lot without passing out. But something in me has changed. Lord knows that I'm not perfect. Lord knows I make mistakes. But I never ever quit. I think it's all about learning. Learning isn't always easy and sometimes, takes a lot of time. But, when you learn a new way to eat, learn to exercise, learn what you need to do to feel and be healthy....it's not an easy thing. It requires time. Thru trial and effort though....we just might get this thing right. :bravo:

Everyone have a nice day! :grouphug:

06-06-2003, 01:10 PM
Hi Gals -
I hope everyone is having a good Friday! The sun is shining here, FINALLY!!! :flow1: When I got home last night I went for a nice long walk - all by myself, no dogs allowed - and just enjoyed the beautiful day for a change.

Work is crazy today - I've hardly had anything going on this week and now today it's all being dumped on me! The only good part is that I am working at home, so I have all the windows open and the radio on and dogs laying by my feet. :)

Good news!!! It took one week to put it on and two weeks to take it off, but I have lost my vacation gain! 2.6 pounds down this week. Now I am back where I was the day I left for vacation!!! I would love to continue with a 2 pound loss each week. I know I can do it as long as I have my head in the right place.

Tina - It's so good to see you here and know that you are doing ok. Sorry that work has been such a bummer! Hopefully you are making lots of extra $$$!!!! I love reading your posts. They are always so thoughtful and insightful!

Terri - Good job on the bike ride! I use to love biking, but I don't have a bike now and am honestly a little intimidated to go buy one - I'm worried that I'm too heavy for a bike?

Connie - Glad to hear food is going well for you. Now if you just get the exercise in you'll start melting away! :) I haven't read that article yet, but I plan to.

Mary - Good to see you popping in, even if it's only to bump up the thread.

Has everyone else disappeared??? I hope you are all doing wonderful things! Please come and share!

I've gotta get back to my crazy day, just wanted to drop in my cyber-friends quickly.

Talk to you later!
Barb :)

06-06-2003, 01:53 PM
DO NOT POST HERE! GO TO "300+ And Ready To Try Again....#345"

God Bless America!