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05-23-2013, 12:04 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining! The weatherman is promising rain and thunderstorms through next Wednesday starting tomorrow. So much for any weekend picnic plans! Bob had planned to take the boat up to the cabin but now we have a Saturday morning funeral in his hometown so won't be taking the boat to that. We can head to the lake from there. Beth was planning to spend the long weekend there while Jason was just coming for the day and leaving their kids to stay overnight. I can tell it's going to be a summer of phone calls trying to coordinate schedules. :rolleyes:

"Gma" -- My furnace came on for a few minutes this morning. ;) We did have the air on the day it hit 106 in Sioux City, just because we didn't want to come home to a hot house after being at the soccer game. I hope your Target order comes through. I hate second guessing the USPS these days. Good luck! I have red sandals but wear a lot of red, white, navy, and black. I also bought some navy ones this spring.

I have a farewell - retirement dinner tonight for one of our bell ringers. She and her husband are gone during the winter months and she decided it was time to drop out. I need to vacuum fur bunnies big time so better get to it. These two are just like have two little boys; they roll around and wrestle on the floor, then go their separate ways. :lol:

Hope you all enjoy your day and may it be a sunny one! :wave:

05-23-2013, 02:58 PM

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood in the 70º as I type and all is well. No wind as of yet ~ just a nice breeze. I had a wonderful night’s sleep and woke up ready to go. I have my herb garden looking good on that shelf and turn on the grow lights for some each day now. We have our strawberry patch moved and the animals thought that fresh dirt was just for them to frolic in. We went and bought some more strawberry plants today and a bale of straw to put on the bed for it will help to keep the animals out instead of putting up fencing. If they persist in getting in the bed then we will fence it later. :cp; The straw covering will also help keep the bed cooler like the strawberries prefer. We will just do the best we know how to have a good crop of berries. The bed is large enough to accommodate 8 plants. It sure pays to shop around for things for we found that the strawberry plants are 50¢ more a plant at Wal*Mart of all places than the place we ended buying them from and they are good healthy plants we put in the ground. We are going to put up a motion detection device that will turn on a bright light if anyone gets in our back yard at night. The strawberry bed is hidden from the alley for it is on the side of a shed facing the house.

Will has gone to check on some things and the animals are all out back enjoying the nice weather. He has suggested that I smoke a rack of ribs for dinner tonight so I hope he got one out of the freezer. ;lol: I need to cut up some fresh fruit so it will be ready to get some for a snack easily today also. We have a beautiful round seedless watermelon in the fridge getting chilled and a fresh pineapple sitting on the counter that is just about ripe enough to be real juicy. Blackberries are in the fridge ready to eat. I was going to cut up the fruit the other day but the pineapple wasn’t ripe enough just yet. I have got to empty that fridge out again and re-arrange things in it for it is getting hard to locate things that have been shoved to the back with taller items in front of them.

My computer is still acting weird but I can use it on “occasion.” This being one of them so I am posting. What is weird is that some of my favorites have been changed and I have to go in and reset them. It is just too weird. There was a new “search” program that came to me and wasn’t totally installed (don’t know why because I didn’t tell it to download in the first place). Not being totally installed it wasn’t working correctly and I could not go anywhere on my computer until I found out it’s name and could dump it and get my familiar settings back. Anyway strange things have been happening but I am hanging on as long as I can. :yes: The really frustrating part is when I type letters are missing in each word and I really have to watch it closely instead of just typing as usual.:o

Will just called and said he had forgotten to get the ribs out of the freezer so I will have to decide something different to cook. I can do that easily enough once I get out to the kitchen this day. :lol: I do need to get out there and work on that fridge and have a bite of lunch while out there. I have some of those Schwan’s® taquitos that I can pop into the microwave for a tasty treat with some fruit.

JEAN Aren't cats a treat to watch playing together. I get such a kick out of Cecil and Beanie wrestling. Too bad you won't be able to take your boat to the lake this trip. You will be back there soon though I imagine.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

05-24-2013, 08:57 AM
Good morning! It is going to be a bit cooler today than it has been but that's ok as long as the sun shines. We are supposed to pretty much get rain all weekend so guess commissary day will be in the rain.

Jack is going to shampoo the dining room again as we had several days it rained all day and night hard enough Fortune would not go outside and I couldn't keep up with him and the puppy pads. I can't blame him, his ole bladder just isn't as good as it was when he was young. At least he takes all his arthritis meds ok. I am going to look for the glucosomine at Petsmart when I take him and see if it is cheaper there. I doubt it. The other stuff he takes is prescription.

Jack told me this morning he sure is glad it is Friday. They have some new equipment they got probably 3 weeks ago and just can't seem to get it programmed right and working. The old stuff was really old about 30 years worth and these two machines cost hundreds of thousands of dollars so they have to get them up and running. That was how Jack hurt his hand was working on that thing and I saw he had a big slash across his upper arm and he said he cut it on a piece of metal sticking out from the pit hog.

Tomorrow is Walmart day as I need new hair color and Jack needs new Stetson aftershave and most places have quit carrying in the stuff he likes. I have a couple other things I want to check out while I am there too. Maybe they will have those tuna sandwiches I like so well.

Maggie: Your fruit sounds wonderful. One of the things I really love is black raspberries and you can't find them anywhere anymore. Grandma used to make black raspberry pie that was just out of this world. Jack did something similar to me about a week ago. I asked him as he was going out the door to work to please unlock the gate as we had packages coming. He didn't and around 1 PM I texted him and ask him if he had and he said no he forgot. :lol: Now it is not more than 10 feet from our back door to the gate and he forgets. I rushed out and unlocked it before she delivered. So, I guess we all forget stuff.

Jean: Do you have like a bell director who will audition for her position or will someone just take it up as a second bell? Sounds like summer fun is heading your way with your cabin and lake and boat and all. When do the kids get out of school? Thomas got out yesterday and didn't go. They had half day, had taken all the books up two weeks earlier and wanted free labor, probably to pack books until fall. Kelly said she was not going to make him go. I think year end half days are just plain dumb but how can kids study for finals when their books are taken up 2 weeks early? No wonder so many kids in Memphis are dumb.

Well gals time to go. You all have a grand three day weekend! Faye

05-24-2013, 11:17 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining again this morning but it is breezy and cool. The weatherman said rain is moving this way. I have to pick up a couple cards and head for the grocery store this morning before the crazies hit the streets. I vacuumed yesterday and the "boys" have been wrestling so have fur fuzzies again this morning. :dizzy:

Maggie -- I think the motion light is a good idea for your garden area. :yes: We have one in front that lights up 3 lights for the driveway area. When it is very windy we turn it off because the blowing tree branches will make it go on and off constantly. The elderly neighbor's bedroom faces our house so bet they don't appreciate having them blink off and on either. I'm convinced computers have a mind of their own, and mine is never on the same wave length as I am! We may take the boat up this afternoon if the rain holds off. The problem will be the wind so will have to watch that. Bob will drive the boat over to the cabin while I "herd" the pickup (which I've never driven) and the trailer to the cabin. It's a short distance and no main highway so I can do it! If the neighboring cabin is vacant Bob can back the trailer in behind the cabin for the summer. If there are cars there, then he'll have to make a Plan B.

"Gma" -- It sounds like you may have the same rainy weekend we will. :( We need to shampoo the area rugs too, but it won't be this weekend. I'll bet Jack always looks forward to Fridays! We don't audition for the bell choir; anyone who can count to 4 can play but most have some musical background of some sort. There aren't many who want to commit to practicing once a week and then play in front of the congregation. One always thinks that everyone is watching only them but that's not so. We play in a U shaped pattern, from the smallest bells at one end to the biggest on the other end. They are the busiest ringers and most fun to watch. All of the grandchildren had their last day of school yesterday. Maddy and Zowie are sad while Ian and Kolby were ready! We used to collect the high school books before finals also. With the current round of students it wouldn't make any difference if they had a book or not. Kids who take notes and get good grades do well on the finals regardless.

I need to check my salad recipe and head to the store. Hope you all have a "great" day and enjoy doing something for yourself! :wave:

05-24-2013, 02:03 PM

We are in the 60º today with a chance of thunder storms. I did a rare thing last night and that was to sleep without waking up once during the night. First time I woke up was when it was time to get up. :cp: Cecil is having a long snooze also for he is still in the bedroom with the door closed and it is now 11 of the clock. I feel great today and ready to tackle anything that comes my way. I did get that nice round seedless watermelon cut up in cubes and in a large plastic bowl in the fridge and the pineapple cut into spears into a tall plastic container. We had some of the watermelon for dessert and it is a really good melon. I am going to have some with my lunch today. I am not going to do those ribs this day in my smoker for Will said that the market is doing ribs for the holiday weekend. They use their smoker and do that for holidays and they don’t cost any more smoked than they do fresh so we will get a rack from them.

I didn’t end up re-arranging the things in the fridge yesterday so I will do that today. I ended up cutting up fruit and then time got away from me for I went on to a different duty. We have so many jars of condiments that get shoved around and I need to get them all together once again so I can see what I have in there more easily and separate the sugar free jams from the sugar free bread and butter pickles and taller things toward the back and such ~ you get the picture. Nothing major ~ just some re-arranging of the items in there.

Will is back from the store and he bought some “used meat” so I need to go and get it bagged and in the freezer so I’ll be back in a bit to finish this post. I prepared pork chops and hamburger to go in the freezer. I like to freeze the chops two to a pack and the hamburger in ½ pound packets. When I make one of those boxed meals that call for a pound of hamburger I use ½ a pound because it seems like too much meat with using the whole pound. I have several packets of 1 pound for they thaw quicker than the larger packs for meatloaf and such. I like to make a meatloaf with 2 pounds of burger and ½ pound of hot Italian sausage :yes: along with all the other ingredients. Using turkey sausage isn’t bad cooked in a meat loaf either. :cp: Cuts down on the points +.

DONNA FAY I think maybe men's minds are elsewhere when we make a request for them to do a "simple" thing. :p Big really important things don't get forgotten it seems. I have learned to be very flexible during the years and don't even trip about such things for I also forget things. :yes: I hope they can get that new equipment figured out soon where Jack works. Instructions for such as that have been known to be wrong like do this before that and it should read do that before this.

JEAN I do imagine that motion light flashing on and off like a neon sign would irritate your neighbors. :p I hope the rain does hold off long enough for you to get the boat to the lake and your neighbors aren't there and all goes smoothly. I am glad your two felines get along so well and play well together.

Hope all are having a wonderful Friday and a good safe weekend. :wave:

05-25-2013, 09:39 AM
Good morning ladies and it is a beautiful morning here and no rain until this evening, which means I can enjoy the sun being out and about today. I got my new proper sunglasses yesterday and realized I ordered the same frame in the same color combo but reversed. I have a pair of white glasses with purple and my sunglasses are mostly purple with a bit of white. I am just glad I have some sunglasses now.

I know for you it probably isn't a big deal but it is for me. I am right at 40 lbs down now and I was able to paint my toenails this morning! :cp: I wondered the other day if I might be able to as I was able to lean down and cut my nails so I tried this morning and no sweat. I now have cute pink tootsies!! I am going to try a foot remedy posted on facebook and see how it does with my scaly heels. It is listerine, vinegar and water and you soak your feet in it. The people that tried it said the dead skin just falls off in the water so I am getting some listerine tomorrow. I can't stand the taste of the stuff so maybe it will work on the opposite end of my body! :lol:

Jack went to get his haircut and I am going up and getting a shower and dressed after I get done here. We are going to do Walmart and Krogers and such today so we don't have to do it tomorrow. I started with a little list but it keeps getting longer and longer not even counting the regular commissary shopping, which will be for 3 weeks again and will get us through until the payday on the 21st of June. We are going to Indiana on payday weekend so that's why I did the 3 weeks, 3 weeks shopping so we didn't have to mess with trying to get out to the commissary on an off week and try and shop. This is easier then all we will need to do is get milk or bread or soda stuff we use up.

Jean: We too have a double motion light right at the gate, but the dumb thing has quit working and we aren't sure what is going on with it. This place is so shoddily built we are finding a lot of electrical screw ups that have to be fixed. I am not so sure bell ringing is as easy as you say. The groups I have seen sure look like it is hard. Do you have a hard time getting into pickups as the step up is quite high? I find that the SUV can be a challenge sometimes especially if it has rained. We have a step up on ours, but it gets slick when it rains and I have to use it to get into the car as my legs are short. I told Jack we have to buy a sedan for our next car as we are getting too old to try and hike ourselves into something high.

Maggie: Jack is not a watermelon eater so I only get it when we go somewhere like a buffet or such. I don't buy the prepackaged ones at the store because I have had sour bad batches more than once and the stuff is expensive. Have you had yellow meat watermelon? Now there is a real treat. You can get them in Arkansas especially. Delicious. As a treat for Jack today, I am making enchilada casserole, not WW friendly but growing up in New Mexico he does miss his mexican food so I imagine it won't kill us for one day to be over pts.

Well girls time is creeping on so I need to get upstairs and shower and such. You all have a nice long weekend! Faye

05-25-2013, 01:06 PM
Good morning, ladies! We're in for a sunny weekend in the 70s after it rained all week.

I went to English Paper Piecing yesterday and then lock in last night. Almost too much fun for one day!

I have a session with my personal trainer tomorrow afternoon. I really enjoy these.

Faye, congrats on the 40 pound loss. The NSV of painting your toenails was a good reward for all your efforts. I hope they get those machines up and running soon before Jack has any more injuries!

Jean, I'm like Faye and think bell ringing must be harder than counting to 4. I'm sure the whole family is looking forward to good times at the lake all summer. What kind of salad are you making?

Maggie, I kept getting small stuff "lost" in the fridge so I went to the dollar store and got a couple of clear plastic shoeboxes which I use to corral it. Easier to pull out a box and move everything around. Just thinking about those ribs makes my mouth water. We went to Virginia Barbecue for dinner last night and I had pork North Carolina barbecue. They really do good barbecue.

I'm going to go for a walk before lunch and then I'll be putting a quilt together this afternoon.

Have a wonderful day!

05-26-2013, 09:32 AM
Good morning everyone! It is going to be a beautiful day to be out and about. We have commissary shopping this morning later on. We have had our breakfast and are just vegging out for just a bit before we get cleaned up and ready to go. Chores are all done so that is out of the way.

I am down another lb but then we had enchiladas last night so it may go up a bit in a couple days. I just keep focused on portion control and such along with pts and let it just come right off. I now have two navels, just kidding but the 40 lbs lost is making my ostomy hole sink in as well as my incision area. It looks pretty funny.

We got our official invitation to Jackson's birthday party. In honor of the Ninja Turtles he is having a "shellabration." :lol: I imagine it will be lots of fun because they usually have things for the kids like those bouncy things in the back yard and bbqing and such. Looking forward to it. I have 2 of his three gifts and I think I will wait and wrap them when we get up there on Thursday so the paper doesn't get ripped in the car by something.

Thursday is my doctor appt so we shall see what she says. I know that starting on Thursday last I imagine after the pills were out of my system that I started losing a lot of tissue. Fortune has a grooming appt that day too so we shall be busy. Saturday is my hair appt and I am going to have her cut it real short for summer to keep cool.

Susan: Hope you had a successful workout with your trainer. Sounds like you had a good time with your paper piecing and lock in. Sure haven't been to one of those in a long time.

Well gals, need to clean up breakfast dishes. Have a good one. Faye

05-26-2013, 05:12 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Rain, rain, and more rain! We've had 2.4+" since early this morning. Our patio flooded from the yards behind us; thank heaven Bob was home and able to get the sump pump into the yard hole and get it going. We'd have had water inside the lower bedroom and bath had he not been here. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for the rest of the week -- this is crazy! The lady next door called and her sump pump wouldn't turn on so Bob is over there helping her right now. I have rivers and streams in the basement so know that will go on for a long time. The ground is saturated.

Maggie -- We got the boat up to the cabin but by the time we got there, the south wind was blowing too hard to get it in the water. Getting it in the water isn't the problem but getting it in the boat hoist is. Bob really needs Jason's help to get the top cover on the hoist; it's too heavy for me to lift. We had our first watermelon yesterday. I bought a half that was a dark red and it was delicious. :T

Susan -- When you have a lock in, do you stay all night? :dunno: Sounds like fun! I made a corn salad and a Snickers salad. The corn salad is just two cans of corn, green pepper and onion to taste, grated Cheddar cheese, and enough mayo to moisten. Before serving crush some chili cheese Fritos and mix in. The granddaughters both like it while Ian always asks for the Snickers salad.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another pound! WOW! 41 pounds gone forever! Being able to paint your toes is great! I'm not very neat and spend more time trying to erase the excess polish than the actual painting. Let us know how the Listerine works on your feet. Bob's pickup has bigger wheels than the last one so I feel like I fall out. There is a running board and I use the handle on the inside to get up and in. I am not graceful about either! I buy small containers of cut-up melon; I love watermelon while Bob isn't too fond of it. He likes cantaloupe so I buy the whole melon, or sometimes just a half.

I have a load of laundry to get into the dryer. My washer drains into the sump pump that the second sump pump dumps into. It has started to rain again so will need to make sure the pump is working. If we weren't home and/or the electricity went off, it would not take long for the basement to fill up. Not a good thought. Hope you all are having a sunny warm spring day in your corner of the world! :wave:

05-26-2013, 11:28 PM

It was very windy today which I don’t like much but the weather is still in the 70ºs and low 80ºs.

Did I mention that one of the buffalo had a baby? Well she did a couple days ago and that little one is a hoot to watch for she bounds around and trots here and there having a great time. The other females should be dropping their calfs soon.

Will surprised me and bought another refrigerator. We have been talking about getting one for quite a while now and the time was just right for he was there to get the “deal”. It has a huge freezer compartment at the bottom which is a drawer that pulls out and a person can find things in it easily enough. He wanted a fridge for cold storage of veggies out of the garden and found this one on a terrific sale so went ahead and bought it. It is a good brand so should serve our purposes well. I am thinking of transferring some things out of the existing fridge to free up some space in it ~ mainly the cut up fruit and veggies and bottles of stuff that aren’t used often but keep well under refrigeration for quite a long time. Bottles of water and sodas will be kept in it also. I now have 3 places to have frozen things and need to put veggies & fruit in one and breads and sweets in another and in the kitchen fridge freezer I can keep cut up veggies that have been dried or frozen. Veggies that are dried have a longer shelf life if kept frozen. Butter and hard cheeses also have a longer life if kept frozen. When we get a hunk of Parmesan or other hard cheese I cut it up in pieces that fit into my shredder and then wrap them individually in plastic freezer wrap then in foil and put the pieces in a plastic bag and into the freezer. If all the cheese isn’t used that is in the hand held shredder then I put it into a plastic bag into the fridge and use it from there until all the cheese is gone. It is a shredder just like lots of Italian restaurants use to put cheese on folks salads. Works great for me. :cp:

We are now back from our visit to the buffalos and there is still just one baby that was born day before yesterday and the other 3 are expected any time now. The little one is so cute ~ a female and running about so cute.

I have started moving stuff into the new fridge and cleaning out the one in the kitchen. Since we are not using the ice maker I used the ice tray which is only about 3 inches deep out of the new one as a tray for small bottles of things in the main fridge and it sits on a shelf nicely and slides out easily. Our main fridge has a great ice maker that keeps us in good supply so no need to hook up another. I put all my bags of different kinds of flour and all my bread making supplies that I had in the existing freezer and they have a new home in the freezer drawer of the new fridge. I keep my flours in the freezer to prolong their life and keep them fresher that way. My frozen bagged veggies also were moved to the new fridges freezer. It is all coming along and pretty soon I will have it all arranged.

JEAN I can imagne the wind would prevent the poper launching your boat. Good idea for Bob to get help from another strong male. Don't hurt yoursef heping him.

SUSAN I would have used your idea of using a plastic shoe box in my frdge fo the small stuff but had that nice ice tray from the new fridge to use which works out great. I love the Carolina BBQ.

DONNA FAYE Your two belly buttons gave me a good chuckle. It is great that you are back to losing for once you get started you drop pounds fast.

Hope all are having a lovely evening. :wave:

05-27-2013, 11:42 AM
Happy Memorial Day, ladies! We're having temps in the 80s today and sunshine.

I'm going to Sandy's house for a picnic and sit and sew. I need to relax today because my boss called and said we are having major computer issue with the server and workstations not connecting. Thankfully he didn't want me to come in today, just earlier tomorrow. I'm thinking the router may need to be replaced which would be an easy fix.

Faye, I have no belly button due to surgery. I wondered where it went and now I find you have it!:D I enjoy working out with my trainer and she also teaches one of my water aerobics classes. I get 3 sessions with her every 6 months or so to keep on track and improving. I'm glad you got your leggos.

Jean, we are ladies of a certain age so lock in is over at midnight. It's always a treat to see what everyone is working on and the shop owner gives us special discounts and door prizes. I'm going to make your corn salad for our potluck next month.

Maggie, 2 fridges will certainly be useful when the garden starts producing. With just me, sometimes I wish I had just a little more space. I had a buffalo burger yesterday. I can get it at Kroger and they are delicious. I also came across some elk jerky and that was good, too.

Have a wonderful day.

05-27-2013, 03:39 PM


It is currently 95ºs at 12:30 of the clock and they say it will get up to 100º and beyond before this day is done. I slept in this day and it sure felt good. My first cup of coffee of the day tastes especially good for some reason. There isn’t any WW today to attend but my scale did show me a pound down but I won’t put it in my records until I weigh “officially” at WW next week. I usually weigh 3 more pounds there than I do at home without my clothes and shoes. So if I add that 3 pounds to what I weighted this am at home I pretty much know I lost a pound. I have to watch it close now this week so I can really show a loss next Monday when I go to WW. If I weigh again at home after I have gotten dressed it is what I will weigh at WW, which shows me that my upright Health-O-Meter doctor’s scale is set correctly. :cp: Even though I have this wonderful scale I don’t get on it more than once a week.

We are going to grill burgers for dinner this day. Will is out washing the Jeep as I type then we will go somewhere and get some lunch and check on the buffalo. Maybe another baby has been born. :cp: Those little ones are so cute to watch. The big ones lumber but can run real fast where the little ones frolic about.

I received the neatest free (it states it sells for $5.00) little pamphlet from the Nutrition Action folks called Healthy Foods which is a guide to the best basic foods by Bonnie Liebman, M.S., and Jayne Hurley, R.D. It is a “Factbook of Practical Suggestions on Nutrition and Food”. It lists the calories, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6; potassium, fiber, folic acid, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, protein, total fat, sat fat, sodium for Fruit, Veggies, Beans, Grains, Meats, and Nuts & Seeds. They have given each item in the lists a score and a key on how to read the score. It is a bunch of information I wish I had had years ago. Remember if wishes were horses than beggars would ride. However, now that I do have it I can make good use of it. No I am thinking of a good place to keep it to have it handy for a quick reference.

SUSAN Bufalo burgers are very tasty and I remember when I had my first one and it was at a place called "Calamity Janes" in Montana. Yep they are tasty and I have had a few since then. Maybe you could get one of those little fridges if you just need a "little" more space. We used one for awhle but then need more space now so Will moved it back into his office next door for his water bottes.:p
Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

05-27-2013, 05:13 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We are water logged to the max! 7" of rain since early yesterday morning according to the weatherman. Bob got up during the night to run the two pumps next to the patio and vacuumed the basement twice. I've vacuumed three times so far today and he has been out digging a drainage ditch along side the garage to get the water out of the back yard and to the street. Farm fields are flooded as is the park next to the lake on the way into town. The worst part is that poor Sonny got shut in a basement closet all night. :eek: Bob ran a hose to the pump in there and Sonny must have thought he needed to have a look. There is a crawl space that goes back under the steps and behind the furnace wall in the next room. It's the first place to get wet. Boy did Sonny howl when I called him this morning! His tail looked like a rat's tail, his paws and underside were wet from front to back. I tried to dry him with a towel but he wanted no part of that. He did lay on the towel and licked 'n licked 'n licked.

Maggie -- Buffalo babies are cute! I think all of the animal babies are fun to watch. We've seen a lot of late calves on our way to ball games the last few weeks. My main refrigerator has the freezer on the bottom. The only thing I don't like about the drawers is that you can only stack things level -- no room to pile extra high. :lol: I think we might be grilling burgers tonight too. I'm sure Bob is probably ready for a nap first though.

Susan -- I hope you are able to solve the computer glitch at work without too much of a hassle. Any computer problem makes me nervous! :hyper: Are you sewing on something special at Sandy's? A picnic would be fun. The official corn salad recipe calls for red and green peppers. Someone told me they buy the Mexicorn (?) that has the peppers in it. If you want the official recipe I can send it to you.

I need to clean off the kitchen counter and balance the gift shop check book. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

05-28-2013, 08:56 AM
Good morning to you all! It is going to be around 90 today and it is so humid already outside. I decided when I go Saturday to get my hair cut that I am going to have her give me a cute real short haircut for summer. It was so hot last year for vacation so I am not going to do that again. I can go back to it being a bit longer after we get back from our cruise.

I never did get in here yesterday. Hope you all had a nice holiday. I made a pot roast in the crockpot, then pour out the stock into a bowl and shredded it and put my homemade bbq sauce in it and we had beef bbq and tots for dinner last night.

I need to start weekly cleaning but it is so hot. It doesn't look like it is going to get any cooler so I guess I will have to clean hot or not! :D

I am going to color my hair this morning I think and do my shaving for my doctor appt. I have so little body hair it is kind of ridiculous as I have to let it grow for weeks but I feel for women like my younger sister who have to shave everyday. I imagine it will be just some talking and then scheduling another d and c.

Susan: Hope your computer server problem is an easy fix like you said. Sounds like you had a pleasant weekend. Do the buffalo or bison burgers taste any different? I want to try them but Jack is his normal phobia self. I know they have seriously less fat then beef.

Jean: Oh how horrible! We had that much rain earlier this spring and everything was puddles. I couldn't even wear my sandals! :lol: Glad poor ole Sonny got out of his predicament and is ok. I had a nosy baby, (Jay) who followed my mil's dog behind the couch at their house and got his chubby little self stuck. You would have thought he would have raised a ruckus but we couldn't find him for about 20 minutes or so without a peep from him. I found him when I was coming back from searching the bedrooms down the hall and just happened to see a little butt squirming!:lol:

Maggie: You will have double the points to show for it next week. It's funny but for me, I didn't notice the loss on my body then all of a sudden I realized less double chin, less tummy, fingers were thinner, etc. My new cotton expensive undies are too big too! :lol:

I hope everyone has a great week. We are gearing up to go to Indiana next week and of course I have my lists. All the presents should be here by tomorrow along with 3 pairs of sandals. Have a good week all. Faye

05-28-2013, 12:10 PM
Good morning, ladies! 73 degrees and sunshine at 11 am.

Nothing happening this week except doc on Wednesday and the Y every day.

Faye, you are always organized. I'm the one who always ends up forgetting something and having to make do or borrow. I try making lists, but I always manage to leave something off. I have to laugh a little at all the sandles you have. I have 2 pair of black, 1 of tan, 1 of brown, and 1 navy and that is my summer shoe wardrobe. I can only wear them if I'm going to be doing a lot of sitting. I need my orthodics (flat feet) and heel lift if I'm going to be walking a lot or my back gets out of alignment. For that I wear my athletic shoes or SAS. All together for all seasons I have 11 pair of shoes total. I actually sewed underwear up into smaller sizes when I was losing so much weight. I like nice underwear and it was too costly to buy more all the time. Now that I can wear size 6 its not so bad. I have 2 bags of clothes ready for the next DAV pick up on Monday. Since I've been on this special diet, I'm down to a 10. I had a couple pair of capris I could take off without unbuttoning or unzipping them...had to wear a belt and that was ridiculous. I know you are counting the days until you see Jackson.

05-28-2013, 03:54 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's not raining! :cp: No sunshine either. :( The basement is drying up in the one room so that's a plus. We are being asked not overload the sewer system until it can catch up with all the rain -- unofficial amount was 10" while official was 7.35". I counted church money this morning and then helped put together 700+ folders for a P.E.O. convention this weekend in Des Moines. I stopped and picked up the gift shop money on my way home so that's ready to deposit. Today is the last day to spend $20 on groceries and get 20 cents off a gallon of gas, so will stop and pick up a few things. Nothing sounds good since we just ate lunch.

"Gma" -- I don't want 90 degrees yet but I would like it a tad bit warmer. :) You are so organized with your house cleaning chores. I am so "hit and miss" it's pathetic. :o The fields look like lakes and farmers are getting crabby. Lots of fields will have to be replanted if/when it dries out.

Susan -- Your weather sounds perfect to me! :yes: Did you get the computer problem, at work, figured out? Hope so! I need to get back to sorting clothes! I was looking for something over the weekend and found the top but not the slacks. I swear in my next life I will be better organized! I keep telling Bob I need a dresser with bigger drawers to hold sweaters and sweatshirts. He tells me I have too many. :rolleyes:

I need to head to the bank. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

05-28-2013, 07:37 PM

It is the same temp we have been having and expected to hit 100º before the day is over with. We were under a tornado watch last evening but nothing formed thank goodness for we don’t want one of those hitting us.

We have been out and about this day and I ate a half of an Arby’s roast beef sandwiches which I count 5p+ for the ½ since it is 9P+ for the whole of it. Went and watched the buffalos for awhile and there is still only one baby frolicking around. Any day now the nursery will be full when the other 3 moms have their babies. My sugar free fat free vanilla latte sure tastes good today for our favorite gal made it. She just has a touch that the other gals don’t. They don’t have a clue how she makes them better nor does she but they are better for we can certainly tell.

For dinner we are meeting our teen friend for dinner at a place called “Cancun” which we hear serves very good meals. It is over very near the collage and the parking lot is generally always full when we drive by. I can surely find something there to eat that is OP. :yes: Hopefully his mother and her male friend come along again this time. We have met several teens that are planning to travel when they get out of school and don’t have a clue how they are going to be able to afford it. They don’t want to get a job and then retire before traveling about for they want to travel first. When we traveled about those two years we had an income that kept us going since we had a good retirement plan working for us. We plan on doing some traveling again when we get a motor home but I don’t believe we will be “full timers” again. Maybe, but I doubt it now ~ depends on the economy for it is so iffy these days.

JEAN Thanks so much for that recipe. I plan on taking it to this coming Sundays pot-luck. We don't care for the taste of Mayo so I will be using low fat Miracle Whip instead and a purple onion. I have most of the ingrdients on hand except for the Fritos. I am sure folks will like it and I may not bring any home. That was sure a lot of rain you got hit with. OH my ~ a wet cat is not a happy cat unless it chooses to get in the water. Cecil didn't get wet when he was locked in that shed but he was not happy about that ~ but got over it. My main fridge is a side by side and the freezer is not very wide that it has. I put plastic baskets on the shelves and use them to keep the small packets of frozens stading on their sdes so it is easy to see what is in the basket when it is pulled out. Other-wise it would be a mess in their to find anything. I try to keep "like" items in each basket. The pull out drawer in the new fridge freeze drawer is housing my backing supplies and I have it arrnged to be user friendy. When we get produce to be in cold storage there will be room for that in the fridge part. We have some things in it now to keep it running properly that can be moved back to the main fridge as needed to make room.

DONNA FAYE Isn't it fun to no longer wear a piece of clothing because it is now too big. :cp: If you sew at all you can take in some things and still get some wear out of them. I know you are having fun planning your trip to Indiana.

SUSAN WOW ~ down to a size 10. Isn't it wonderful that you have lost so many sizes. I imagine clothes shopping is now fun that you can now have so many choices for your size that are great looking. I wear mostly my SAS shoes because they work best with my brace. I can get by wearing sandals if I know I will not be doing much walking though and have several pair that work with the brace. I just feel more "secure" in my SAS.

I wouldn’t mind this heat so much if the humidity was lower.
Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

05-29-2013, 03:56 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We had about 20 minutes of sunshine this morning, .07" of rain around noon, a slight breeze blowing, and now it's just cloudy. The weatherman keeps saying that more storms are on the way. :hyper: Our local newspaper said that 1500 local homes and businesses have water or sewage damage from the last storm. In a nearby town, the river came up so fast that basement walls were caving in. Now that would be scary! I went to get my nails done this morning and need to vacuum when I finish here. The water in the basement is slowing down so that's the good news. :cp:

Maggie -- I'm not ready for 100 degree temperatures yet. :nono: I'm still waiting for some "nice" spring days! How was your dinner last night? I hope all went well. Do you have room in your kitchen for two refrigerators? You will enjoy having all the extra space!

I have a load of towels ready for the dryer so better keep moving. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

05-29-2013, 04:21 PM
Good afternoon gals. It is hot and sunny here today and I am now in possession of all of Jackson's bday gifts. His leggo chest is pretty big so I may just stick a huge bow on it and keep it in the car until he starts unwrapping presents. The box it came in will take two rolls of paper! :lol:

Susan: I understand about flat feet. I have always had flat feet and have had to deal with it. I would rather wear either sneakers or sandals as my shoes gap if I wear regular shoes or pumps or something like that. With my knee the way it is, I avoid pumps completely. I have a beautiful brand new pair of formal black sandals that were bought for my son's wedding and my feet swelled so badly I couldn't get them on so I found a pair of slide type black sandals with a bow and wore those so the dress shoes have never been worn. I need to lose more weight a lot of it to try and wear them with my knee all whacked out.

Jean: Your area really hasn't had any spring it is either chilly weather and rain or snow! When we jumped into summer we did it with both feet as it is 88 here right now and the humidity is always so bad here. I feel for the folks including you who have water in your basement. Do you folks have a low water table that your basements flood? No one builds basements here simply because we have such a low water table.

Maggie: I am just anxious to get away for a couple days. I am home alone a lot and don't get out much so I am looking forward to just traveling a bit even for just 2-3 days. I look forward to seeing my best friend besides my family while I am up there. We have a freezer at the top fridge, but it does have lovely glass shelves which are so much easier than the old style shelves. With the separate freezer we are good to go no matter what. I do have a ice maker and we have an interior cold water tap which is always nice.

Well girls the ole doggy is barking to go out again. Have a great afternoon all. Faye

05-29-2013, 05:16 PM

It is another tornado warning day here in the ♥-Land up in the 90’s as I type with black clouds and some rain here and there. Perfect weather for a tornado which I hope doesn’t materialize. I have an appointment to get my hair cut at 3:30 today and am going to get it short and spiky. I’m just getting the “do” that works well for me in this wind. I use a lot of goo on it that makes it stiff and spray it so the wind doesn’t move it. :lol: Right now I have a curly top since I do have natural curly hair.

The pregnant buffalos still haven’t had their babies so there is still just the one that is frolicking about. The old bull is in a pen adjacent to the one the females are in for they aren’t nice to the little ones until they get older. Today in the wind the bull is up against his fence and the females are in their pen real close to the dividing fence and all are lying down. They are still a bit shaggy with their winter coats but are losing more of it each day and should have it all gone by next month and then in late September it will start to grow back.

I had one taco for lunch and am going to make some hamburger patties and a-gratin potatoes & corn on the cob for dinner with a nice veggie salad with chopped tomato in it and some cubed watermelon and pineapple spears for dessert. I mix in some spices and chopped onion in the burger meat and make 4 yummy pillows out of ½ pound of very lean ground beef.

DONNA FAYE Short get-aways are always great to recharge ones batteries. I know you will have a great time visiting with your friends and loved ones. Aren't the newer fridges and freezers nice with the easy to clean glass shelving. Plus it sure makes it easier to see what is on the shelves being glass. I really like being able to make a meal without having to make a run to the market for something.

JEAN That is so much water to deal with "all at once". Hopefully your place doesn't have any damage from the water. Dinner last night was fun. That young man is one bright individual and so fun to discuss "things" with. He said maybe his mother and her boyfriend will come next time. The food in that place wasn't as good as our regular place of the same cuisine so we will be meeting there at our favorite Mexican place next week. However, it was fun to try out a new restaurant.:p

Time has come to go get my locks cut. Type at y'all late.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

05-30-2013, 09:31 AM
Good morning to you gals. It is overcast and spotty rain this morning but the temps are going to be high so it will be sticky I imagine.

After waiting all this time, I had to cancel my appt yesterday and reschedule and can't get in to see her until the 20th now. :mad: From what I understand, the our practices servers kicked out Tricare as an eligible insurer so that flagged Tricare who in turn just willy nilly assigned new Primary Care Managers at other practices that were not UT. I just got a letter the end of April saying they had changed our primary care manager not that it was now with another practice so I had no idea until yesterday morning when a lady from the referral dept called about not being able to get Jack's cardiology referral because he had an out of practice PCM. His appt isn't until August so he is ok. I went into the website and changed it, but you almost had to tell them your underwear size you had to give them so much info. So, I called Jack and he asked me about my appt today and I said I wasn't messing with anything until after my appt. Around 2 PM someone called me from UT to tell me the same thing as the referral lady and that I couldn't keep my appt! Not only was I furious because none of this was my fault, but it takes me forever to get an appt with her and I am having a lot of bleeding and tissue passing so I want to make sure all is ok. On top of that, I went into the website to change it and put in all the info and it wouldn't let me change it. Told me I had to go out to the Tricare center at the base and do it in person. So, I called the 800 with Tricare and God Bless her, the lady did it for me in about 4 minutes. Now we just wait for the changeover. The thing is you have to agree to allow Tricare to change it whenever they want, usually it is because the doctor has left the practice so they assign someone else, but this was out in left field and they didn't tell us the problem so we sat on it thinking this new dr was part of the practice. Our practice is part of UT Medical and there are several dr offices around the city. We chose this one because it is behind the hospital and only 5 miles from the house. We have been with them for 12 years. Anyway, it is all straightened out except I have to go to Indiana in pain and with problems which is not thrilling to me.

So since I can't do the doctor thing today, I am going to go take the hold mail card to the post office, go get my nails done, and at 1 PM take our shaggy dog to the groomers. I then go get Jack around 2:15 or so. Saturday is my hair appt and it is driving me nuts so will be glad to get it cut off. My hair is very fine and the fans blow strands of it across my face at night and it feels like cobwebs. I have clips in my hair to hold it back, but they still get out. Weird feeling when you are asleep to feel like spider webs are on your face.

Maggie: I hope everything came out ok with your weather. Hope your hair came out just the way you like it.

Well I need to put some breakfast in me and get showered and such. Have a good Thursday! Faye

05-30-2013, 10:54 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's cloudy and windy again today, with thunderstorms coming this afternoon. :tantrum: We got another 1/2" of rain during the night. I'm working on the clutter piles this morning and need to vacuum. We have these "stringy" things on the deck, driveway, and patio that are blowing down from the trees I guess. Between them, wet leaves being tracked in, and fur bunnies the floors are a mess.

"Gma" -- It's great that you finally have all of Jackson's gifts. I ordered a "princess" doll for Zowie's birthday, from Amazon and just got an email that my cart was empty or missing needed information to complete the order. I've never had that happen before. I reordered so she will get it late when we go to a game next week. I had told her that one of her gifts didn't get here in time -- her mother never gave me her wish list in time, but I didn't tell her that. I asked Bob about having a low water table and he didn't think so. A lot of the area was swamp land and that seems to be part of the problem. New houses being built have tile around the outside as well as buried tile under the basement floor. However, if they are dumb enough to put a bathroom in the basement they could get sewage if the electricity goes off and the pumps don't run. If we would build new, I wouldn't have a basement. What a hassle with your insurance! :crazy: Could you keep your doctor's appt. if you paid out of pocket yourself?

Maggie -- We had our first tornado warning yesterday. It got quite dark a couple times during the day but no rain happened. I would love to have a new "do" like all you gals have. :yes: My hair is pretty thin and no body at all. Is your corn-on-the-cob from Schwans? That sounds so good right now; last year we had corn by the 4th but that's not going to happen this year.

I need to finish getting dressed and get busy. Hope you all enjoy a nice DRY, no storms, kind of day! :wave:

05-30-2013, 02:23 PM

I got my hair cut yesterday and bought a bar of Zumbar® goat’s milk soap *patchouli* from the beauty shop which is great. I have had a sample bar that I have been using in my bathroom and it is just about all used up. She has lots of other bars that I plan on getting but didn’t have enough money with me to get more than one bar. The web site for this type of soap is They have lots of products and not just bars of soap and I could spend a lot of do re me there. :lol:

We had lots of thunder last night and a gulley washer of rain and hallalujah no tornado to touch down. But it cleared the air of all that opressive humidity.

Yipekio ~ I just ordered the new charm from Smithsonian® for my bracelet which is that silver “envelope” and next week at WW I will be getting that “walking person” charm which I will put on my bracelet also. I don’t know yet what the new charms weigh but my bracelet already weighs 4.4 ounces. I take it off when I weigh at WW since it is almost a half a pound. :lol: They say I should receive this charm within the next 10 days but they are usually quick so I figure on about Monday I will have it. Can you tell I am jazzed? To get all the money off my debit card I ordered some things from Chefs® that will be useful that I have been wanting to order for awhile now ~ a pair of toast (non metal) tongs, stackable acrylic egg keepers, and a set of long “spoons for dipping and straw for sipping” spoon straws made of stainless. These spoons will be great for when we have our root beer floats made with sugar free, fat free ice cream and diet root beer which are so good during the summertime. When I order things I like to call their 800 number and talk with a real live person ~ for that way I am sure they get the order correct and all my questions are answered. So now if any of the meanies try to get money from my card they will find it empty except for the monthly service charge amount which I left on it. If that little dab of money disappears then I will destroy that card and get a new one. :cp:

Oh ~ Cecil is being a complete PEST. His dogs are at the groomer and he wants attention every few minutes so I give it to him. Will is leaving now to go to the museum and the cat is following him out so he may stay outside for awhile, hopefully. Not that I don’t like my cat but he can be such a pest at times when I am busy elsewhere. The little scudder ignores us when we are in the front room watching the tube for he prefers us in our offices so he can lie across our papers or want to be scratched under his chin. The groomer called and said she has lots of dogs to groom today so ours won’t be ready till late afternoon. She does a lot of Shih-Tzu dogs.

I have yet to make my menu for the day but I will surely come up with something we like for dinner. We still have some watermelon and pineapple cut up for part of the meal. I’ll make a decision on what to make when I get through here and go out to the kitchen and go shopping in the freezer. I am thinking of maybe chicken tenders. For my lunch I am going to have some soup and fruit. It’s nothing exciting for sure but OP and tasty none the less. :lol:

JEAN I am so glad we both didn't have a tornado to touch down. You sure got a lot of water damage in your area though. Water will always find the easiest way to flow. The little frozen coblets we get are about 4 inches long so each is just 2P+ and so good like fresh. Too bad corn isn't a free point veggie since it is so good but it is more like a bread than a veggie. :p

DONNA FAYE Yes, my hair cut is exact as I wanted. My gal undestands instructons. :cool: I called her just a bit ago and gave her some informaion she had asked me for and thanked her again for my cut. I am so sorry for your not getting to get some help with your problem before you go on your "getaway." What a hastle. :hug:

Hope all are having a lovely afternoon. :wave:

05-31-2013, 11:07 AM
Good morning girls! It is rainy and humid today so I am staying indoors. I have everything done for our trip except get my hair cut tomorrow. I got the dog groomed, my nails done, and the hold mail card taken to the post office yesterday.

Fortchy is sick. He hasn't had the diahrrea stuff in a long time. He had to have gotten into something in the last week so he is on Flagyl. He isn't extremely sick because he is eating, but just to play it safe with going to Indiana next week I thought I better put him on his meds again.

Tonight we are having pork chops in ff gravy and mashed potatoes. Jack suggested it so that's what I put in the crockpot this morning. I am trying to keep from using the oven as much as possible with this heat. It has been near 90 everyday and high humidity.

Jean: I checked and they have my new PCM up but not Jack's. I told him from now on we will change it by calling the Tricare hot line and not doing it online as it takes too long. I still have to wait now for the dr appt. Yes, I could pay out of pocket but the appts are really expensive so I will just bite the bullet and wait. Besides that, they canceled the appt and didn't even tell me until day before yesterday in the afternoon and the appt was for Thurs at 8 AM. I didn't have a choice. Hopefully the rain will stop in your area soon and you can have some sunny days. I think cloudy gray weather is really depressing.

Maggie: Pretty soon your going to be lopsided from you bracelet being so heavy! lol Fortune gets all clingy sometimes and it drives me bonkers. I tell him can't he give me 5 minutes to myself, but he doesn't listen! :lol:

Well girls lots to get done today. Have a great weekend. We are going to start packing and gathering I think. Faye

05-31-2013, 06:23 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a windy chilly day in my neighborhood. We had sunshine this morning but the puffy white clouds have moved in. I went to church this morning to help with the monthly newsletter and stopped at the grocery store on my way home. I must admit I haven't accomplished much this afternoon. Bob came home late for lunch and is now at the farm working on his tractor. He is a happy camper because the repair is not as major as he first thought, but he has to wait for a part to come from Illinois to finish.

Maggie -- You will enjoy your new charms! Do people ask you to explain what your charms mean to you? Sonny can be a pest too. He wants up on my lap when I'm trying to read the paper. He is so squirmy and manages to wiggle around so I'm holding him like a baby. That lasts for a few seconds and then he wants down, then back up, etc. If I'm sitting on the couch he will lay his front legs and head on my leg with the rest of his body beside me, but he never really settles down. He is a strange little cat; I think he is ADHD!

"Gma" -- I hope Fortune is feeling better! Do you brown your pork chops before you put them in the crock pot? I could eat potatoes, made any which way, every day! YUM! I had to laugh at Maggie being lopsided because of her bracelet! I know you are getting excited about your trip north. I hope the weather is nice while you are gone.

I need to go mop a puddle in the basement. For some reason the trickle stops in front of the dryer and won't move on to the drain. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

05-31-2013, 08:13 PM

I am going to make that Corn Salad that Jean gave me for pot-luck Sunday so Will went Wal*Mart this morning and did some shopping and got me what ingredients for it that I didn’t have. He also broght whatever else I had on my list which wasn’t very long. Being the last day of this month there are nice sales on some of the can goods we use so he did come home with a case of some of them. We try not to buy anything that isn’t on sale these days. That way we get more bang for the buck and if we buy by the case it is quite a savings. He also brough me Perrier water in a can since they quit stocking the bottles. I don’t know if they still make it in glass bottles but I will find out. :D

I now have in my “good for me” snack cupboard 3 boxes of the “belVita® Nutritious Sustained Energy, All Morning Whole Grain Breakfast Biscuits” made by Nabisco® ~ Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon, and Blueberry. They are packaged 4 crackers to a pack and I only eat 2 of them for 3P+. The two with some yogurt make a great nutritious meal or snack. They come 5 packs of 4 crackers to a box and are 3½ inches long; 2 inches wide; and ⅛ inch thick.

We just got back from driving to a little berg about an hour away and went to a shop there so Will could pick up some items that this area was out of that he needs. We had a great time sightseeing for there are so many little calves’ frolicking about but the buffalo ones here still haven’t been born. Just the little female one happy to prance around and kick up her heels is in the pasture. I saw a few hawks on the wing and listened to several song birds while going to and fro from where we went this day. Everything is so green and lovely ~ tall green grasses waving in the wind looking like an oceans wave gently hitting the shore. Eye candy for sure when we are out and about and see that each time we are out and about. That, my friends, is one of the good things the wind in this area provides and another is the wind sweeping everything nice and clean looking. AH, but so much trash is blown over our fence and deposited in our yard that has to be picked up daily or we would look like the local dump yard. I have picked up some lovely silk flowers that come down the road and into our yard from the flower shop. :cp:

It is already 5 o’clock and I have not started dinner nor do I have an inkling to do so. I know what I am going to fix but we didn’t eat any lunch until 2 o’clock and neither of us is hungry yet. Dinner will be a late one this day. We stopped and had a burger on the way back and I tore the bun in half and doubled up the thin piece of meat and had a decent half of a burger and ate just a few of my fries. All the veggies piled onto the half made it a nice sandwich. :lol: Not nearly as good as the ones we make at home though.

JEAN I have had quite a number of folks ask me to explain my charm bracelet and not are all WW members. It is fun to expline what each charm means to me. The WW leader has asked me to show it to some of the members and explain it them. I'll have to be sure to show my new envelope charm (when I get it) it to one of the WW workers that wants to make herself a "journey to thin" bracelet. Most of my charms are from the same company but some of the more "spendy" ones are from elsewhere and if she wants ones like them I can give her the source of where I purchased them. Bet you weren't expecting all of that explaination in answer to your question. Cats do have mind of their own and are some-timey for sure. How nice that the price isn't as much to fix the tractor for Bob. Don't you just love it when things turn out that way.

DONNA FAYE Poor little Fortune is just getting age on him and wants comfort from his mommie so gets up to you as close and he can. You are so good to him. Yep I think I am lopsided or at least have more muscle in that arm. :p Maybe I should switch off wrists every other day that I wear it and give each arm a turn.

Hope all are having a lovely evening. :wave:

06-01-2013, 03:59 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a chilly gloomy day in my neighborhood. It was misting early this morning when I went out to feed the birds and squirrels. It rained heavy for about 15 minutes around noon and the rain gauge says .05. Mr. Weather God, I want some sunshine! I took a road trip this morning to another town. There is a pricey dress shop there and I need something new for a couple meetings coming up. I was surprised to see how many fields are still under water and the amount of corn stalks and field weeds were washed up along the highway shoulders. There are several places that have orange cones marking areas that are too soft to drive on. I did find a couple bright colored jackets and bought a "funny" feeling slacks and top. Supposedly they won't wrinkle when packed in a suitcase; they are kind of poly/silk feeling, but feel heavier/weird on; I will have to be really careful of cat claws.

Maggie -- I'm wondering if you are having the same weather we are having today. I'm beginning to think spring skipped over us and we will plop right into hot summer. I hope not though. It is pretty to drive through the country and see all the different shades of green. Some of the water logged fields have corn coming up, but I'm sure farmers will be out replanting if at all possible. I have no clue what is for supper. Bob went to the lake to meet Jason and put the boat in the water and the top on the hoist. Then he was going to Sioux Falls to help with the lawn building project. It might be his night to cook. ;)

I am doing laundry . . . in the dark! The chain that turns the lights on broke right after Bob left this morning. I get enough light from the other room to see what I am doing but it's kind of a pain. I'm glad I cleaned out the litter boxes first this morning! Hope you all enjoy your weekend! :wave:

06-01-2013, 06:05 PM

It is in the 70º this day in the ♥-land ~ mostly cloudy and windy. Yep, windy ~ that, my friends, is no surprise there. Saturday, the first day of June, can be day to start fresh on anything you have planned to do or renew your resolve on something you have been doing. Nothing much is on my ticket to do this day for I am just now easing into the day. I slept well and am enjoying my first cup of java this morning while waking up and greeting the new month.

I made that Corn Salad for tomorrow is pot-luck and it is yummy. I’ll wait until serving time to put the chili cheese Fritos on it. Don’t want them to become soggy. :no: I have the cutest bowl to serve it in which is clear crystal with straight up and down sides with little vertical loop handles on each side near the top. :lol: But I like to make things to take that are different. I am making a sign to put on the salad with a long thin bamboo skewer. I like to label the dishes I take so folks get an idea what it is.

I am back now to finish this post. We have been out doing errands and seeing the buffalo and no more babies have been born ~ but just any day they will. We were gone long enough to stop for some lunch and I had half a sandwich with the top piece of bread taken off and just a couple of chips.

JEAN I think you got more rain than we did for ours has almost all soakd in and the fields are screeming green. I tasted that salad after I made it and it is very yummy indeed. It will be fine with me if it doesn't get all eaten tomorrow at pot-luck. :p I will srinkle a few crushed chips on top and have a bowl of them to set by the salad if folks want more so they don't all get soggy. Will loves corn and says it is a definite make again recipe. Thanks again for the recipe. I lightened it by using 90% fat free extra strong cheddar cheese and low fat Miracle Whip.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

06-02-2013, 02:56 PM
Good afternoon ladies. It is a gray day again today and not quite so hot, but it is supposed to really rev back up next week with highs 90's +. It is going to be about 20 degrees cooler in Indiana. I am still only taking capris and sandals! :lol:

I had her cut my hair short yesterday and wow she did a fabulous job. Because I have a really horrible cowlick on my right side, she cut it asymetrical so it is shorter on one side and longer on the cowlick side. She shortened the back quite a bit the cut it so I can wear it down or the neckline down and above it put in product and spike it out in back and a bit on top. I love it and probably won't go back to the longer cut. I have to go for 4 months without coloring it though so she can color it professionally and put in streaks. The receptionist has a brownish/reddish hair color and has it streaked blond and pink and it looks so cute and she is in her late 40's early 50's so it isn't too young. She told me yesterday I was the funniest person she knew and always looked forward to me coming in with my newest shenanigans.

Today is a quiet day. I should be starting to pack, but I am lazy. I put a pot roast and carrots in the crockpot for dinner tonight. I think I will make a couple yeast rolls and some mashed potatos for Jack.

Jean: If you bought what I think you bought, one of the brands it is sold under is slinky. If the material feels like is just slides down your arms and legs it is that kind of fabric. All my cruise dresses are made that way. I love it because you can roll the stuff into a ball and stuff it in a suitcase and it comes out with no wrinkles. I love it. I have a couple pantsuits made with that material too. One thing, I unless it says so, I don't recommend you dry them in the dryer and yes they can snag. Do you use fresh corn in the salad, canned or frozen? I bet it is really good with fresh corn.

Maggie: Hope your poluck was successful as was the corn salad. Church potlucks are either feast or famine. I mean you either have women that really know how to cook or their stuff is :barf: When I would see one of the women's contribution and it never got touched, I would take some but not eat it if I knew what it tasted like. We had one woman that always made the same thing and no one would eat it ever. It was truly disgusting, but I felt sorry for her so I always took some. I kind of always put it on the edge of my plate then when I sat down and ate when I was almost done I would double a napkin and put over it and take it to the trash so she wouldn't see I hadn't eaten any. I really felt sorry for her because she could not cook. I even tried to get to bring store bought rolls instead by making it sound like a big favor that no one had thought of rolls, but she decided to make homemade hockey pucks. So much for that idea! :lol:

Well, I better check on the roast and get something done anyway. Have a lovely day. Faye (Here's Thomas and Jackson at Steak n Shake. They are growing so fast)

06-02-2013, 04:19 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, a little breeze, and it's cool in my corner of the world today. Today begins the summer schedule at church, one service at 9:30 plus the Saturday night service. It looks like the "dog and pony" show (band and praise team) is on tap for the summer entertainment. We will be going Saturday night if we go at all. The band wouldn't be so bad except the keyboard is way too loud and there is a twangy guitar that belongs in a bar somewhere. On the way home we stopped at the hardware store to buy a part for my basement light and had a sandwich at Arbys for lunch. I've changed clothes and need to get myself psyched and organized for the next two weeks, before we leave for our annual trek to MN.

Maggie -- I think it is smart to label pot luck foods. At the funeral last week I took a small spoonful of a pasta salad and when I started eating it found shrimp hiding in it. I'm not a shrimp fan so picked through it before I ate any more. :rolleyes: I'm as bad as my picky grandson! I've used Miracle Whip in the salad and actually like it better. Anything I take anywhere I usually keep a spoonful or a "bite" at home for Bob. He says I take all the "good stuff" for other people to eat. :D

"Gma" -- I had to :lol: at the receptionist commenting on your shenanigans. The recipe calls for canned corn but I don't see why you couldn't use frozen or even fresh. The rest of the ingredients are amounts "to taste" so you can make it as big or small as you want. My slippery new outfit brand name is Picadilly Fashions and the fabric content is 98% acetate and 5% spandex, made in Canada. I probably will only wear the slacks when we are going somewhere and will put them on just before we walk out the door. Sonny puts his paws on my leg wanting to be picked up and sometimes has his claws out. If I ignore him, and my feet are bare, he will pounce on them. Thomas and Jackson look like a matched set! Cute guys! :D

I need to get my gift shop paperwork together so I can go visit the hospital accountant. I balanced in March but not April; I am missing a direct deposit she said I had and it's not on the last bank statement. I've added, subtracted, and double checked so many times I'm goofy! :dizzy:

Hope you all have a wonderful day, whether relaxing, working, or doing something for youself! :wave:

06-02-2013, 06:26 PM

It is a beautiful day in the 70º area and just a very slight breeze. Since today is a day without wind Will took advantage of it and did some weed spraying. Can’t do that sort of thing here with the wind blowing for sure. Got to tackle those pretty flowering weed plants that make stickers which are not nice to the dogs, especially Beanie, who does like to frolic in the grass.

Not much happening today except church this day and pot luck after morning services. I made good choices at the pot-luck and had a chicken breast which I took the skin off, a spoonful of the salad I took, some mixed fruit without any thing on it and one meat ball and absolutely no dessert. There are always some delicious pies and cakes and such at those gatherings. AH but I was not going to indulge.

I had a roast cooking in the crock pot with a package of onion soup sprinkled over the top of it while we were gone. Just the roast to use the meat in burritos one day after it is cooled shredded and bagged for the freezer. I’ll let it cool some before shredding it. We have plans to go out to the Golden Corral for dinner after evening services. I will have a good salad out there for sure.

For not being much of a “snacker” I sure have a lot of snack foods. Quite a few breakfast bar type things from WW and others. Will bought me some really good looking ones by Kellogg® Fiber Plus with antioxidants and 35% of daily fiber called ‘Caramel Coconut Fudge’ for 3P+ each and a box of 5 Protein bars from Fiber One® that are ‘Caramel Nut’ chewy bars with a chocolate flavored coating which are 4P+ each and come 5 to a box with 20% of daily fiber. I have quite a few other bar type items from WW that are “good for you” snack bars. I probably should stick them all in the freezer since I don’t often eat them and that would certainly keep them fresher then in a box in my office. Yep, I do believe that will happen this afternoon and all I will have left out will be the belVita® crackers.

JEAN I brought home only a small scraping of that corn salad today. I did also get asked for the recipe so it was a big hit. Thank you once again for it. :cp: I had only sprinkled a smattering of the crushed chips on the top and served the others in a bowl beside the salad. One man asked for the recipe that is an excellent cook himself and said both he and his wife liked it a lot. :yes:

DONNA FAYE Sounds like you got a great haircut that you totally like. That is great. :cp: I can most generally find something good to eat at our pot-lucks. I can always count on great meatballs brought by an elderly lady who knows how to make them delicious and then another couple always brings enough food to feed an army and they are both good cooks. Someone always brings a bowl of fresh fruit cut up without any dressing on it. And who ever brings the green salad also brings a few bottles of dressing that folks can make a choice from. I don't use dressng at those type functions so am pleased it doesn't have any on it. Anyway, we don't have any lousy cooks in this current group. But we have certainly been to places where the pot-luck offerings were suspect.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

06-03-2013, 08:14 AM