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05-22-2013, 08:29 PM
Is there anything that you recommend?

I'm new here ( :) ) and have currently (as of today) lost 33.1 kg (approx 72.9 lbs according to my conversion app lol) I'm in Australia, so forgive my metric scales :)

However, I have lost motivation. I'm not sure exactly what I need to get it back, are there meal plans that people follow? or are there any sites or exercise routines others do from home, that could be something I could look into?

I haven't gone to a gym, I have been using workout things for the Xbox Kinect, and it has worked, definitely has worked... but I'm getting bored with them. We have gyms here but I unfortunately can never get to them with my weight loss buddy... and not only that, I really don't feel comfortable yet, letting my flab and unfitness be shown to people/customers from work (small town, everyone knows everyone) When I have lost a bit more weight, I am going to reward myself in a gym membership... but I need to get motivated again!!!

I am super proud of my achievement so far!! :)

If you have any advice, I will listen intently :)