Biggest Loser Challenges - Blue Team Spring Into Action Chat Thread Week 1 (05/20/13 - 05/26/13)

05-19-2013, 07:23 PM
Hello Blue Team

I hope you are all ready for the new challenge. I'm going to encourage all of you to use this chat thread as a place to learn and talk about victories and challenges you face during the next 13 weeks.

I'm glad to have many returning blue team members and look forward to getting to know all of the new members on here too. If everyone who wants to gives a brief description to help us get to know you better that would be great.

My name is Jacky and I have been doing these challenges for awhile now. First I did them as a team member.....three I believe and lost 10-15lbs on each of them. Then I became blue team leader and for some reason I don't lose now but I enjoy it. For the last 2 challenges Leslie has come on as co leader and it has been great sharing the work. So thank you Leslie for continuing to be blue team leader with me.

I'm 46 and have been overweight most of my life. i was always the fat kid in school. looking back at pictures now im wish i looked like that now:D. Im single but my mother lives with me and her health is not good so i take care of her, work and try to fit in daily exercise as well. I was down to pretty much goal at 158.8 in March, then I went on holidays and gained 8lbs and started a medication that you gain on and now I'm up 12lbs. So my hope is to get back to goal during this challenge and fit back into the bathing suits and shorts that I went on holidays with.

During my first three challenges I used the nutrition thread then got a smart phone and tracked there and didn't want to track twice. I'm now going to encourage all of you to try this for a couple weeks to see if it helps you stay accountable. I am going to track on here again too so we will see what happens.

Well I hope this is a great challenge for everyone and that you enjoy every moment of the journey you are on.

LET'S ROCK THIS BLUE TEAM:cheer3::cheer3::cheer3::cheer3::cheer3:

05-19-2013, 08:44 PM
Hiya ladies (and guys if there any ;)

My name is Jessica, and I'm 32. I've been heavy for half my life now. After the birth of my first daughter, I got up to over 300 pounds (size 24). About 4 years ago, got my rear in gear and lost over 100 pounds. I slimmed down to 210 (which I know is still alot, but I was happy and comfortable and felt good at a size 12).

Then I started gaining back. And back. And back. Finally last year I realized I was back up to 270. I started back up on here, and lost about 30 pounds before I found out I was pregnant again (surprise!). I was overjoyed at the pregnancy, but bummed that I couldn't really work on losing weight. I vowed to keep exercising and making healthy choices eating, which went great until I started bleeding after running a few months in. No more exercise for me. Still, overall I only gained 25 pounds, and after the birth was all said and done, I was only 10 pounds heavier than my start weight. I waited a week and then went to go back to my normal exercise routine, and then had a back to a few more months of no exercise allowed. I was depressed, ate whatever I wanted and gained another 10, bringing me back up to 250.

FINALLY a few months ago, I was given the clear to resume life as normal. I started running again, and am now up to 20-30 minutes a day. I am a work at home mom with a 6 yr old and a 6 month old and currently fitting my workout in is pretty difficult. I would love to workout longer, but the baby is extremely clingy, and I work around her.

With that being said, I should add that my posts will probably not be very long. I get on here and read everyday, but it is usually when I am nursing, and trying to type out detailed responses with one hand is a huge pain in the ars, lol. I would love to be the type of team member who is able to write responses to everyone else's posts, but I have come to accept that I am going to be probably what is considered a lurker, lol. I will read, and to try occasionally post...but time spent on the computer should probably be spent doing more productive things like exercising, working, cooking, etc. (In fact, right now I *should* be running as I just put her down, lol)

I use myfitnesspal on my ipod, so I probably won't be posting on here. But I will check in with weight, and mini goals, and participate as much as I can! I did a BL challenge a few years ago and loved it. It is harder to cheat knowing you have a whole team depending on you :) I am really hoping that by the end of this challenge I can be 185. I have never set a goal in my life beyond Onederland. But lately I have been trying to change my mindset, and I am going to give this a real go. I've always been comfortable being about a size 12 (I feel healthy and can run for miles, my husband likes me and I have a nice curvy body shape), but I am going to give it a go and see what thinner feels like. Who knows, maybe I'll like that too!

Excited to be on the blue team, and meet everyone. LET'S DO THIS!!!!

05-20-2013, 12:57 AM
hey all.
I'm CiCi
30 years old.. and ready to get fit.

At my heaviest.. which was just about January of '12.- i was 292...around a size 18. I got myself a trainer and a couple of months later... I was down to 240 yay a size 14.. However-- I got lazy.. stopped going to the gym.. and by the time February 2013 rolled around- and I finally decided to get on the scale, that I was hiding from I found out that I was 276. DOH!

something had to be done. I started watching my calories. I wrote down everything that entered my mouth in both a notebook.. and on MYfitnesspal app on my phone. I started working out 2 hours a day. Cut all liquids out my diet besides water...and today a little more than 3 months later- I weighed in at 233. I haven't been in the 230s since I was a freshman in college.
I'm super motivated to drop this excess weight. I think 160 would be a great final goal for me.. being my height and build. I'm determined to get there. and hope to make some serious progress with you guys in this challenge.

now lets do this !!!!!

05-21-2013, 12:45 AM
Well slow on here so far I had a pretty good day and a very nice walk. It was cloudy most of the morning but still nice out so sat for a couple hours drinking coffee and just relaxing. Then this afternoon I met a friend and we went for a walk. She has a book the best hikes and paths in Calgary. So we pick a random page and then walk there. She picked Saturdays walk and this morning I said look at pg 68 and we'll do that. It was in one of the nicer areas of town and very pretty to walk through.

I've had the last four days off work and don't really fell ready to go back to work tomorrow....if only they would still pay me to not go

Well it's be slow in here so far I hope the rest of the blue team come and join us soon. Remember you do have to post on the chat thread at least once a week in order to have BL status.

Jessica - welcome back to the challenges and don't worry about the long posts. I'm not that great either. I did better as a member then the leader but work was also different then and I had time to check in from there. I'm glad to hear you've got your health and can exercise again. Eating is a big part but the exercise sure does help with the toning end of things....not to mention good for the heart and lungs as well. You'll do great and get to Onederland no problem.

Hi CiCi - welcome to the challenge I hope you find this both fun and a good place to get encouragement and to give it. You sound like you already have a good start on things. I wish I could get a trainer. I need to start more on weights my cardio is spot on now. Seems I get in the mindset though that cardio is the best when I actually know that you need strength training to be more toned and to have better muscle to help with everything. Ahhhh the mind what it know to be true and what we think

I'm a little jealous of you two as I'm 170 and still anywhere from a size 10-14 depending where I shop. Even when I was at goal in March at 159 I was still a 10-14. I wish they would size everything the same so I could say I'm a size??? No such luck though.

Just remember everyone to do this safely and a way that you can maintain for life. It's not a diet it's a lifestyle change.

Well hope you all had a great OP day and have a good night.

05-21-2013, 02:22 AM
Hi I'm kayin!

I'm a 32 year old female living in Vancouver, Canada

My favourite thing to do is walk. I walk 15 to 20 hours a week and that is my main exercise. It's the only exercise that I really love. I live downtown and our downtown is boundaried by about 20k of seawalls so I walk there every day.

I just made it to Onederland today, 199! I am so happy!

I'm looking forward to this challenge very much and look forward to meeting you all!

Good luck everyone!

05-21-2013, 04:59 AM
Hi, I'm Dora from Oregon (doragone). I'm 62 years old, but don't feel a day over 40. Been overweight most of my adult life, but seriously obese the last 20 or so. I made a commitment / New Year's resolution that I would lose 5 lbs a month. My diet is basically real food, the way it comes without much prep, but not all vegan - I love chicken and do eat other meat in small amounts. I was doing Leslie Sansone WATP 5 mile challenge, but when the slightest hint of Spring is in the air - I start working in the yard ( Now this isn't any piddling around, I turn the soil (black mud) one shovelful at a time, remove weeds, make raised beds, weed and plant and boy. . . do I sweat!!!

All of my efforts have been paying off - since Jan.1 this year I have lost 47 lbs. with my whole year's "goal" of 60 lbs. almost met! I am thrilled. I thought I was too old to lose, but it really is possible. I'm even thinking I might reach Onederland during this challenge - a weight I haven't been . . . forever!!!

Another thing that really helped me stay motivated is to take pictures. Before and during pictures of my body - front, side and back. Otherwise, I start thinking I'm doing pretty good and can slack off. This way, I can see progress, but can also see where I still need work. When I'm at Onderland, I'll share - even then, it will be a bit embarrassing as all I wear is a bra and underwear, but hey . . . if it helps someone else AND keeps me accountable, it's worth it.

I too (normally) don't write much, and I used to try to keep up with everyone's comments, but from past experience found it is just too much. Even though I'm a retired RN, we have a lot to do around here - chickens (, a daughter ( Special Olympics, and all the family dynamics that come with being a mother of 4 boys ( who passed ( Dec. 24, 2009 and is honored with other family members at this memorial ( our property).

I'm excited to be on the Blue Team again and will do my best to help the team win. Thanks for reading this far, lol - I promise my posts will be much shorter in the future :o

05-21-2013, 06:28 AM
Hi, i'm Tania and im 42y/o from Melbourne, Australia. I have a 22y/o son who will be finishing uni in July :carrot: Ive been a single mum from early in my pregnency and have left me to last (as mothers do), consequently i gained a mountain of weight. I was 127 pounds before having da boy and my heaviest weight was 258.

It has taken me a long time to think about my health, but i am there now. I had 2 main struggles: 1. Living on one meal a day and 2. A seriously bad mindset. Joining Jenny Craig has helped with number one and ive no idea what my epiphany was, but my mindset is great for the first time in over 20 years! Ive also joined Curves to try and get some level of fitness back. Then i would love to start swimming laps and running again (not comfortable enough to wear bathers yet).

I didnt join the previos challenge or two, so am very much looking forward to this one. Thanks Jacky and Leslie for leading this for us :hug:

On a side note: My thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to all affected by the cyclone in Oklahoma, such a terrible thing. I was absolutely shocked by what i saw on the news this evening :hug:

05-21-2013, 12:42 PM
Hiya ladies!

Bigmid -- Size 14 at 159?!!? That is must be the companies! I really wish there was a universal required measurements for sizes too. Would make things so much easier!

Kayin -- ONEDERLAND!!!! Congrats!! So exciting. :)

Doragone -- I live in Eugene! I actually lived in Roseburg for about 5 years too (I grew up in Glendale). What a small world :) Congrats on your 47 pounds, that is awesome! Looks like you will probably reach close to your year goal at only 1/2 year! Sorry to hear about your son... :( But it does sound as though you have a large lovely family to keep you occupied and focused on the future. The memorial is lovely, and your photos of him on Facebook are great. He appears so vibrant, and what a great smile!

Tkkoz -- I hadn't even seen the news yet...I just went and looked online. So horrible. Pray they are able to find more survivors!

As for me, scale is down 1 1/2 pounds today. It has been stuck for a bit now, and even though I've been OP and exercising faithfully, it hasn't budged. I was ready to hurl it out the window today, and I think it sensed that and decided to appease me before it met it's doom. Smart scale, yay!

05-21-2013, 01:34 PM
Well, hi Jessica in Eugene! It IS a small world. To top it off, my daughter's name is Jessica - though we call her Jessie. Congrats on the scale finally moving - what an intuitive scale it is ;)

I'm with Jacky (Bigmid) that I could never be a size 12 at 210. I'm 212 and still a 20!!! Sigh. Someday I'll be a 12 . . . at 100 lbs, lol:p:p Either way, I feel so much better and like Tania, I don't know what the epiphany was - but my mindset is, well, set and ready to keep keepin' on.:dancer:

Go Blue :cheer3::cheer3::cheer3::cheer3:

05-21-2013, 01:37 PM
Hi , I am Tammy . I am 51 years old . I am been overweight most all my life always weighing around 200 and was actually not to unsatisfied with that . It was the age of like 45 I went up like a hundred lbs. I really don't even remember how it all happen. I just know it happened quick ! I was dealing with losing both my parents and my only sibling . Now 4 years later . I have lost some weight but it has really been slow . That is ok . I have been exercising every since I began so I can stay more toned and I am happy with that . The main thing was my health !

I just got a new job second shift ljob last week . Getting lots of exercise there but still trying to get my sleep pattern and workout time on plan . I life on a farm we raise cattle and he does construction work . I love to garden and do canning in the summer . I have one daughter living on Long Island , New York . She will be coming home Memorial Day weekend to visit ! I am excited . Having a cook out . She is has lost 50 lbs . We are both planning to eat healthy during our time together . Which is not the normal LOL ! I hope to get to onderland with Dora during this challenge ! Congrats to Kayin on getting to onderland ! I have been wanting that for a long time. I believe this new job will actually help me lose . I do not eat when I come home . I just go on to bed . I look forward to reading everyone's post and good luck to you all !

05-21-2013, 04:18 PM
Tammy - lots of parallels in our lives, loss of loved ones, living on a farm (your cattle my chickens), husbands in construction, canning and for 20+ years I worked graveyard as an RN. So glad you're doing well OP, Onederland is definitely in our near future "together":cp:

05-21-2013, 09:21 PM
That is so weird Dora! I am heavier than you by almost 10 pounds, but I'm a size 16/18. And you're taller than has to be clothing companies or something!

Hiya Dumplin, fun that so many of us are going for Onederland kinda close together! And how neat that your daughter is going to eat healthy with you. I dread family get gatherings because of the "bad" that is wonderful you have support!

I know I said I wouldn't post much, but the baby must be going through a growth spurt as she has been sleeping all day, and it is raining outside, so I get to play on the computer much more than normal! :)

05-22-2013, 01:49 AM
Hi everyone just a quick hello. Was busy at work today then home, supper, dishes, lovely walk before the bad weather arrives tomorrow then snack......way to much now bed.

Watched a news report on the Oklahoma tornado and wow is all I can say. My heart goes out to allow them.

Nice to see you chatting I've read the posts and will try to comment in the next day or two. It will be another busy one tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone.

05-22-2013, 01:51 AM
Hi Blue Team!

My name is Beth, and I have done several challenges before. I am a stay at home mom to 3 kids - Kaitlyn is 2 and twins Joel and Alyssa are 10 months. So I'm pretty busy with keeping them fed and cleaned up. I still have so much weight from my pregnancies and really don't have time to take care of myself.

It's nice to meet all of you and look forward to seeing you around!

05-22-2013, 06:24 AM
jessica congrats on the weight loss :)
dora it is so good being in a good head space. Best of luck reaching onederland :D
tammy best of luck reaching onederland. Enjoy your daughters visit :)
beth wow im sure the kids keep you active. Best of luck in the challenge

My first weigh in was today, im down 1.1 i should be pleased but am disappointed as i was so on plan.
My 11y/o dog is having a couple of lumps removed on Friday, im sure she will be fine, but cant help but worry about what is causing the lumps and about the general anesthetic.
Have a great night all

Pink Hurricane
05-22-2013, 01:29 PM
Hello Blue Team! I am super excited to start this new challenge with this team! I hope we all have a great amount of success with this challenge!

I am 24 years old, my heaviest weight was 275 and currently I am sitting at 249.2. I hope to drop at least a pound a week, hoping to drop more than that on other weeks! My goal weight range is 190-175 lbs, I am the healthiest and happiest at that weight range. My husband is incredibly supportive and is in great shape, and we just started Insanity together and he is a great motivator, he's a wonderful man in so many ways! We cannot wait to have children together and to start making our little family, but I have to be a lot healthier before we can begin!

My goal for this challenge is to create new healthy habits, with eating, exercising, and my thought process on pushing away negativity and doubts no matter the situation. I would love to be in or close to the 220s by the end of the challenge, and I hope to be able to give support to anyone who needs it.

Needless to say I am very excited!

05-22-2013, 02:45 PM
Dora-It is so good to chat with you again . I always enjoyed reading your post . I guess because we do have so much in common . I am working in the garden today before I go to work tonight ! WEW I am planting some spaghetti squash today . I have almost everything else planted , corn, tomatoes, sugar snaps (we call them salad peas in Ky ) , green onion, green peppers, banana peppers, watermelon, cantaloupe , cucumbers and summer squash . I really enjoy watching things grow but more than that I like to EAT it ! :) You are doing a really good job this year on that weight loss . Congrats to you ! It is really neat that so many of us are waiting for onderland . This would be a huge celebration for me !

Jessica-That sure is a sweet pic of you and the precious little one's . Don't forget to count taking care of those little ones as part of your workout :) I hope we make it to onderland together . I want know how to act ! LOL

Bethbeth -Congrats on having three babies and twins to top it off ! :) Always thought twins would be nice . However , I choose to give that a try and I am bless to have a daughter who is my world :) Good Luck Moma Beth !

Tkkoz- Yeah ! On your weight loss today . I say anytime that scale is going down something it is working right ! Good Luck :)

BigMid- You sound busy as a bee ! Just like me ! Yes, it is very a sad time Oklahoma for so many people . I could not imagine what they are going through . My heart goes out to those affected .

05-22-2013, 02:49 PM
Pink Hurricane- Great job on your already successful journey ! You have to tell me about the Insanity workout video . I have been wondering about that one ! Good Luck young lady :)

Bette k
05-22-2013, 03:29 PM
Hi Everyone,
I'm Bette and while I've done several challenges in the past I've been out for the last few challenges. I've spent the last several years caring for my father who passed in January from colon cancer ( I want to remind everyone to get a colonscopy) I'm 54 yo, married and mother of 2 children, a son who in serving in the USArmy and a daughter who will be starting Jr. High this fall. We live on a farm and raise cattle, I have a garden and I'm trying to eat healthier. It's been a struggle and with all that's been going on the past year I've gotten away from healthy.
I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and having a productive summer.

Bette K

05-22-2013, 09:46 PM
Hello Team Blue,

I am 23 years old and I haven't been overweight all my life but for the career I want to get in I will need to properly take care of my body and eat right again. I really let myself go and I just want to be at that active happy place in my life that I use to enjoy before I gain 40lbs. It really is for me at the end of the day just about putting the best me forward.

I want us to stay motivated and kick the red team butt ;-)

05-23-2013, 05:14 AM
Proud to say I did 45 minutes of intentional exercise with a strength training dvd by Andrea Metcalf. I was pouring off sweat, so I know it was effective. Hope you all are having a perfectly OP day.

05-23-2013, 12:24 PM
Cinnamon and Bette Welcome !!! Another farmer and gardener with Doragone and I . I like that . Sorry to hear about your Dad . Cinnamon you can do it . You are so young at 23 :) and YES I would like to Kick some Blue Butts too !
Doragone- Keep up the good work. I have not tried Andrea Metcalf's DVD . I just bought the Julian Michaels Kickboxing . I am a big fan of kickboxing . I was doing classes at the gym but with my new job I can't get there .

Good Luck today Blue Team I think we got this :)

05-23-2013, 09:37 PM
Hiya ladies, just a quick check in. I should be able to get on and post more tonight or tomorrow hopefully. Today was the oldest daughter's 6th b-day and it has been a busy day of running back and forth. Leaving in a few minutes now to take her to gymnastics. I still managed to fit in a workout though (just ran 1/2 hr) so feeling pretty good as I didn't get in a workout yesterday (not beating myself up too much though as it is the first day in over a month that I've missed!).

Had ice cream cake today, but I only ate a little piece. And for breakfast this morning I made her pancakes in the shapes of "6"s with sprinkles. But I was good and only ate 1/2 of one (no sprinkles), and healthy syrup. Tonight we are getting pizza, but I am going to just make mine at home with a tortilla instead of getting take out. Won't taste the same, but it isn't horrible (I dip it in greek yogurt "ranch" which helps). I just ran for a few minutes at 6.5 on the treadmill, so feeling pretty kick ars right now. And the scale was down to 220 this morning, so yay!!!

Will get back to do personals hopefully later, but just in case I don't -- I wanted to at least check in. Hope everyone is doing great!! :)

05-24-2013, 10:54 AM
Morning everyone just a quick check in before heading off to work. I worked late last night and now the quick turnaround to this those ones....not

Anyway no time for personals as its a very rainy day here today and that makes you want to stay under the covers longer than you should to get ready:-)

I'm home tonight to get mom some supper then off to donate blood.

Hope everyone has a great day

Pink Hurricane
05-24-2013, 11:40 AM
Hope everyone is having a great day! I am about to head out for a run, watching a good documentary about the Section 60 of Arlington Cemetery that is for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Very sad, words just do not describe the pain all of the people are going through.

So I am going for a run, I need an outlet. Things like that get to me pretty bad, and I can get in a good workout. I weighed in this morning at 247.2, so hoping to be close to 245 by Sunday's weigh in. I should have set my SW a little higher but did not realize I would gain before the challenge!

05-24-2013, 12:50 PM
Welcome Pink Hurricane (hope you enjoy your run!!!), Bette k (sorry to hear about your dad :( ) and Cinnamonfox89 (way to conquer this so young! I wish I had, plus your skin should still be extra stretchy to go back into place! Wish I had done this sooner (well I did, but wish I had lost and MAINTAINED sooner, ha ha).

Now that I am checking back in, it looks like there aren't actually that many personals to reply! So a general "Let's go ladies, we can do this!" should do the trick ;)

Scale was down to 219.9 today. Not a huge drop, but still, I'm in the 2 teens....Onederland is getting so close! I'm averaging about 15 pounds a month, so I am hoping to be at the 199 mark by July 4th. I joined the 4th of July challenge on here, and my original goal was 210, but I'm being more optimistic now :D

05-25-2013, 08:23 AM
Good morning ladies . I am down to 212.6 this morning . It feels so amazing to see that scale start moving again. I thought my scales had stopped working . Glad I didn't throw them away ! LOL

Have a safe Holiday Weekend :)

05-25-2013, 11:03 AM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry to be joining late. Been having a stressful month. I am so excited to be starting the challenge. This will be my second one. I am 42 years old with 3 kids. My oldest will be an official teenager in June :fr: We live in Texas.

Last year, DH and I decided to take a dream vacation to celebrate anniversary in August. It was the big kick/motivation to get me started. I didn't want to look at pictures of me big. So I am now down to my last 15-20 pounds and have been for several months now and really fighting it.

I can't say that I was good because this is when I found out my father needed heart surgery. They live in another state. So I have been traveling alot, eating out a lot and my mom's cooking. Spent 2 weeks just sitting in the hospital with very little activity and very unhealthy food. My DS even commented that the serve the healthy people bad food so that they need to be put in the hospital. But the good news is that my father was finally released yesterday. So I hope that I can finish my journey.

Good luck to everyone. GO BLUE:D

05-25-2013, 03:15 PM
Hi everyone!

Congratulations Jessica on being in the teens andTammy at 212 - we're at the same place. I can see Onederland in all our futures. Welcome hiddenstar, glad your dad's okay. I wish I was on the last 10-15 lbs like you. Well tomorrow's weigh in looks like 3 lbs for me - I'll take it. Jessica, that's amazing 15 lbs a month - mine has been 10 lbs a month and I was surprised at that! Tell me your secret, lol.

Good weigh-in ladies - we got this!!!

Pink Hurricane
05-25-2013, 08:56 PM
Good to hear about how everyone is doing! I don't have time for personals tonight but just wanted to say I am back to my starting weight that I had logged in the sign up threads, 245.

I am super happy about that. I may not be able to make much of an impact as far as helping our team pull a big number, but I am glad I will not be logging a gain!

05-26-2013, 11:43 AM
Wow, this thread has really slowed down from the last BL challenge I did! (Of course, that was years ago, lol). It does make it easier to check in and do personals though! ;)

Dumplin -- wtg on the loss! You are so close to being in the 2 "zeros"...and that is practically Onederland!!! :)

hiddenstar -- Glad to hear your dad is out! Hope he heals fast and well. And you're well on your way to goal in time for vacation! I have a 15 yr high school reunion in August, so that was part of my motivation too! All those photos on facebook....egad!

Doragone -- Congrats on the 3 pounds! Your so close to the 2 "zeros" too!! And thanks! I kinda have an advantage as I'm breastfeeding a 6 month old who nurses exclusively. (We tried introducing her to foods a few weeks ago, but she is not a fan, and so far it is more of a taste test than actual nutrition when we try every day, lol). So I get an extra 400 or so calories each day! I eat about 1600 calories a day, try to keep it mostly veggies, fruit, greek yogurt, semi-limited carbs (I'm vegetarian). And honestly what works for me is running. Last time I lost weight, I lost extremely slow until I started running, and then the weight melted off. Same thing this time. When I started out, it was just a little (C25K program is amazing!), about 15 minutes and about a mile at a time and now I'm up to running about 2.5 miles at a time (1/2 hr). I absolutely hated it, but now I kinda like it. Weird how that works!

Pink Hurricane -- congrats! You did lose, even if it just seems like you stayed the same. And especially catching that gain before it continues is AWESOME!

Well I weighed in at 17.8 today. I started at 226 on the 11th, and I'm at 218 for my weigh in, which means I've lost 8 pounds in the past 2 weeks! :D Yay!

I started out at 250 this time around losing weight (began in April). So even though I've lost over 30 pounds in the past 2 months, I can't tell a difference at all when I look in the mirror. I've been going down in clothing sizes, but I still feel I look the same. I started out at a size 20, and was squeezing into a few 18s after a little bit. Yesterday while going through clothes, I decided to just try on these pair of Hydraulic size 14s I had. I had no expectations for them to fit, but I thought they would be nice goal pants and I wanted to see if I could even get them over my rear. THEY FIT!!!!! I really did not think they would, and was only trying to get them on as a test! I still don't think I'm technically a size 14 (probably a size 16 now), but still! I also have XL shirts I am wearing now (not plus size!), so that is really neat. :D

05-26-2013, 01:25 PM
Hi just grabbing a cup of coffee and heading into the sun to relax for a bit. We've been having lots of rain the past couple days and it made its way into the house:-(.
The worst part is it was my moms room and she is pretty much bed ridden right now so moving all her things and the bed wasn't so fun. Not complaining though as its not to bad. Just have to have the dryers and dehumidifier a going for a few days the assess the damage that was done.
I'll be back later to post some more.

Don't forget to weigh in today:-).

05-26-2013, 03:42 PM
Hi Blue Team !

Welcome back to all the returning team members and a hearty hello to the new ones !

Hope everyone has had a great week 1... mine not so great but it's on the upswing.

Will fill in the scoop in a bit... it's been a whirlwind couple months.

05-26-2013, 04:11 PM
don't forget to weigh in today ! I am so shocked to have lost 7lbs this week. I had just started a new job last week that was terrible . My nerves were shot ! It was one of the hardest jobs I had ever done . I no longer work there as of Friday night > Thank goodness . I feel so much better now. However , that terrible job is what help me lose those 7lbs. I barely had time to eat and the job was my exercise. I really liked the fact I was getting paid to lose weight HAHA but it was killing me ! I will be back in the gym or doing my home exercise starting Tuesday after I take my daughter back to the airport. I am going to my nieces for a cookout today . I am fixing a watermelon basket with strawberries, blueberries, and grapes . These baskets are really fun for cookouts you just cut your watermelon in shape of a basket . Everyone seems to enjoy them. I am also taking Bake Beans. My daughter is doing the clean eating so we went to Trader Jo"s yesterday . I always fixed bake beans with pork and beans . However, I have learned to use white beans because pork and beans have sugar. She is also fixing us a green smoothie this evening. I will make a video of her making the green smoothie and then. I will video her talking about here on the farm she will then take it back to NYC to show her Bootcamp Clean Eating Program Staff in hopes of winning a prize for her video ! I am so proud of this girl . She has already had three interviews for a job in The Empire State Building . She wasn't even looking for work said she was happy with her job on Long Island . I just keep telling her to put everything in Gods hands. I just never dreamed my daughter would have been so happy and blessed. I am just feeling so thankful for everything today . Especially that my only child is here until Tuesday . It had been 6 months but she will be home again in 6wks ( July 4 ) We both try to see how much weight we can lose until our next visit. I have to say we both look different this time. Yesterday we went shopping it was so much fun . She took me out for my late Mother's Day lunch then bought me the PRETTEST red denim (dressy) skirt( New York and Co.) a white( New York Co.) jacket , blouse and sunglasses !
She has signed up to do her first 5k Glow in the dark in NY so I guess I will have to start my C25K next week. I believe it takes 6wks to train for a 5k . I will have to check into that ! Good Luck everyone I look forward to reading your post also Doragone I did want to catch up with you :) Now we are both 212:) I have always noticed we were both really near the same weight . I always lose big my first week back on my plan ( my serious plan ) . I really drank lots and lots of water last week that has always made a huge difference in my weight and I didn't eat things that had lots of sodium .

05-26-2013, 06:35 PM
Hi everyone well Im in for the day now and I'm going to put up the new threads right after this. I have to start supper soon and Im trying to make a photobook of my holiday and it is very time consuming but if I get it done by Friday I will get it for half price or if it's picked as one of our new sample books it will be free. Free is always a good motivator.

Im sorry I have been bad with the personals.....that's what was getting hard before to but I do read so please know that at least. I thought I would be okay this week but life has a way of the sneek attack.

Well hope everyone gets there weights in pretty soon as it's almost deadline.

05-26-2013, 06:35 PM
PS Leslie glad to see you back.....hope everything went okay with the move part of things.

05-26-2013, 09:47 PM
Hey Team :) Sorry I am late joining the thread :)

I am Amy! I am 22 years old with a 18 month old son (but he acts like he is 18 years... help me!) the heaviest I can remember being is like 230.. I am currently at 209.. I started my weight loss journey in feburary at 226 lbs.. so I am slowly but surely losing the weight.. i am doing the insanity workout.. only thing is i do NOT do it everyday but i am doing all 63 days.. but mine will be more like 80 days.. some days instead of insanity i will walk/jog because i am to exhausted for insanity.. :)

05-26-2013, 11:18 PM
I'm a little confused where do we weigh in ?