Weight Loss Support - Officially "Re-Losing"- It Changes Things!

05-19-2013, 01:39 AM
Hey everyone!

As of this week, I am officially losing weight I have already lost once before. Pounds 173-210 were all mystic wonders that had never been lost, but Pounds 172-152 were lost two years ago. I know it shouldn't change things but in a way, it mentally does! I lost those pounds super quick, as I had never tried to lose weight before and I was also a month away from completing my first marathon when I began losing. I don't think I can compare the speed this round! I am worried it will go slower..but that's no reason to quit!!!!!

I am hoping to use my "ah, not this again!" feeling to help me succeed when I finally enter maintenance!

I'm feelin' pretty good, as I hope to have a 40 lbs/Halfway post coming in the next few days/weeks, and I'll just keep pushing for the next mystic wonder pound...151!!

lol have a great night, all! Feel free to share any feelings about re-losing if you'd like!

05-19-2013, 02:19 AM
Relosing happens! Good for you for keeping on top of it & this part of the journey will help you in maintenance! Congrats on your success!

05-19-2013, 06:19 PM
Honestly this is my third round with the same lbs, although every time I push myself to lose a little more. I too hope this will be the final round for you and I both, I really hope to keep it off for good this time! Yoyo dieting is not fun, as we all know. Good luck to you on your journey and may discouraging thought not be a factor :)

Arctic Mama
05-19-2013, 07:47 PM
Do be sure to figure out why you regained to begin with - dealing with those issues and habits is crucial to maintaining successfully and getting off the yoyo wagon :)

I wish you the best, ladies!

05-19-2013, 07:53 PM
I'm never relosing (or regaining!) these stupid pounds again!! I can tell my skin is different this time around and I'm praying it's just because my body hasn't caught up as this time was a lot of weight and a short amount of time.

But seriously, I can't relose all of this again. My mental health can't take it. Plus what would I do with all the new clothes I have?? I'm NOT not wearing them because I outgrow them. This time I will be smarter (famous last words...).

05-19-2013, 08:17 PM
I feel your pain!

I managed to go from 195lbs down to 178lbs last year. I was then diagnosed with depression and after switching to a medication that worked, I got major munchies and ate my feelings for 2 months, gaining a year's worth of weightloss back and more! I have restarted my weightloss journey at 202lbs. I am preparing for many dejavu moments ahead :)

05-19-2013, 09:08 PM
Ugghh, I know how it feels! I had lost about 30 lbs and then gained almost all of it back. The reason was that I stopped taking my birthcontrol pills and boy that was no fun. My cravings were HUGE, you wouldn't believe it. I must have eaten around 3000 calories a day, no joke. I worked at McDonald's at that time and never ate anything there but once I was off the BCP I ate their food constantly. I just never felt full or satisfied. I'd go home after work and continue to eat until I'd fall asleep. After about 3 months of being off the BCP I started taking it again and the cravings went away. I went from around 155 lbs to 123 lbs, then back to 150 lbs and was hovering around that number for a while. I re-started at 150.4 lbs in January and want to get back down to the 120s.

I wish everyone the best! :)

the shiv
06-02-2013, 12:27 AM
Are you me? What the?

212-175 are mystical numbers I'd never lost, 175 and below is an unknown quantity! Ok, I HAVE lost those before, but about 15 years ago before I started uni! And not for long (because I started uni...)

I totally have a mental block there!

06-02-2013, 01:43 AM
I hear ya, shiv! There is a chance it's even the THIRD time I've lost them. i have a few scattered post-its with random weights from a year ago...but I can't tell if i had a GOAL of 152 written or my actual weight.

Either way, here we go! I didn't lose a damn pound this week though. I wonder how mental its gonna be!