General Diet Plans and Questions - making sure you eat enough calories without counting them?

Alyssa Autopsy
05-18-2013, 01:09 PM
i think i'm not eating enough calorie-wise. i'm eating healthier stuff (baked chicken>fried chicken, granola bar>cookie, etc) but after thinking about what kinds of foods ive been eating, i did some calculating... and realized i'm barely eating the "healthy" minimum for dieting... yet not losing weight. i'm afraid it's BECAUSE i'm not eating enough.

how do you make sure you're eating enough calories, without obsessively counting them?

i am eating disordered, though not giving into urges, so the calorie counting makes me completely obsessive...

05-18-2013, 03:39 PM
Could you handle eating so much of each food group a day? You could go to ( and see how much to eat of each group. Another way is to fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, 1/4 with protein and 1/4 with a starch.

05-18-2013, 03:48 PM
I hope Kaplods chimes in with information - she's talked on the forums before about how she follows an exchange plan. If she doesn't reply, you might want to PM her and ask. I know a few people with ED (bulimia and anorexia) and all of them have been on some variation of an exchange plan during their recoveries. (I'm not a doctor, though - no medical advice intended!)

Alyssa Autopsy
05-18-2013, 07:03 PM
i'll google what exchange plans are, though hearing it from an actual person who's done it would be great, because it would be less general information and more specific.