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05-17-2013, 11:42 PM
Has anyone here ever done a diet bet (http://www.dietbet.com/)? I'm just wrapping up my first, and I have to lose one pound by Sunday to win! I'm on my cycle, so, there's hope, and I'm drinking lots of water to encourage a woosh!

Just a quick overview -- You "bet" a certain amount (mine was $25) and you have to lose a total of 4% of your weight in 28 days. You take photos of the scale to prove your starting and ending weights. At the end of the game, if you met your goal, you and all the other "winners" split the pot. If you don't hit your goal, you "lose" your money. That's good incentive, isn't it!?

Being in the game has certainly helped keep me on track, but I'd enjoy it more if I were playing with people I "know." ;)

Would anyone be interested? Just thought I'd put it out there.

If this kind of thing is not allowed here at 3FC, please let me know. I don't mean to break any rules or anything...

05-18-2013, 01:34 AM
OMG! I was just telling my husband that I have 11 days to lose 4.5 lbs or I lose my $25...which I refuse to do! Things started really well....I dropped my first couple lbs right away....then there were celebrations, mother's day, Fridays....so, here it is...crunch time! I've been on plan all week and have not lost weight, so I am expecting a whoosh tomorrow....which should leave me with about 2 lbs to lose in 10 days. Gotta do it! Good luck on yours!

PS....my husband asks, "So, are diuretics considered a performance-enhancing drug?" lol

06-05-2013, 01:41 PM
I started one with my friend..but we decided whole ever loses the most lbs in a month we buy what ever the other person wants. i thin a 50$ limit.. hopefully i dont lose... any ideas how to lose lbs quicker?