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06-03-2003, 01:06 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It is bedtime but I wanted to check in here before heading in that direction. :yawn:

Our trip to MN was a fast one -- spent 8 hours in the car and the rest either sleeping or visiting with relatives that we seem to only see at funerals. This is the 3rd funeral in 8 months on that side of the family and we all agreed that we should get together for a happy event next time. :yes:

"Gma" -- Welcome once again! I hope you will visit often! As you know, I live in Iowa (where it has been raining all day). We've had some nice days so I can't really complain. We will be heading to Rapid City, later in the week, to pick up my MIL. I feel like my car is on automatic pilot. :lol: I'm also getting nothing done at home!

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-03-2003, 09:13 AM
Ok, I go away and come back and you have all pooped out on me! Maggie, Bubs, Gloria, where the heck are you guys? I need you to keep me inspired!

Jean: My sister and her dh were on recruiting duty in MN. I stayed with her once when she had surgery to take care of her youngins and boy did we get snow! I had never seen so much snow. We also several years ago went to Mall of America on a mini vacation. It was with the same sister, bil, and niece. We rented a car and took the trip together. It was great fun and on the way back our dopey dh's filled the car up with gas in Rochester, went into the convenience store, got drinks etc for everyone and we left. About 50 miles down the road, bil remembered he had never paid for the gas! We expected the cops to come and get us and haul us back to jail! lol

Hope you are having a nice day. I have taken off all my weight gain from our trip last week and so far 2 lbs besides so I am doing fine back on track.

Talk to you all later.

06-03-2003, 06:49 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!

It has been a cloudy, cool day in my corner of the world. I spent 3 hours visiting with a retired teacher that I am going to cat sit for. She and her husband bought a home on the country club golf course -- it is beautiful, huge, and looks like it belongs in Better, Homes, and Gardens. She is a tiny, petite person who wore beautiful, expensive outfits and jewelry to school. She inspires me to get going on the exercise again as she is a ballet dancer and a swimmer still doing both in her spare time.

"Gma" -- Maggie has been busy settling into her new home, Gloria is traveling to see her son and family, and Bubbles should be checking in soon. I haven't seen Joyce for quite a while so I'm not sure about her; her parents were visiting the last that she posted. What did you think of the Mall of America? I've been there twice; toured the whole place the first time not buying a thing. The second time we went to one store and I shopped! Congrats on the 2# loss -- you're on your way down again! :cp:

I thought we would be leaving for Rapid City tomorrow but DH talked #1 son into going for us. :jig: I wasn't up for another road trip so soon after being gone although I'm sure we will make a trip to get MIL settled into her summer spot.

Hope you all are having a nice day!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

06-03-2003, 07:02 PM
Jean: Truthfully, I thought the mall was totally overrated. I know it is huge and all, but you can get most of the stuff in your local malls. I wasn't impressed with the dining at all. We had better choices at the Galleria in Houston when we were there. Like you, pretty much all I did was buy souvenirs for my co-workers and not much else.

Well, I was just checking in. I am waiting for dh to call because he had to work late.


06-04-2003, 01:06 AM
"Gma" -- What kind of job do you have? I was just peeking in to see if anyone had posted today. I am on my way to bed. See you tomorrow!


06-04-2003, 05:56 PM
Good Afternoon!
It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood! :cool: I ran errands this morning and had coffee with another retired secretary from school. Life doesn't get much better than this! :yes:

Not much newsy from me, I guess. Hope you are having a nice day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-04-2003, 06:52 PM

We had a lovely quick trip down south Monday (5.5 hours one way) and got back yesterday in time to shower and change and go to a friends for dinner. I slept in this day and was just combing my hair after my morning shower (what I have of it because it is sooooooo short) when Will reminded me we needed to leave at 10:30 for some folks house that had invited us for a luncheon. Glad I had gotten my shower by then so I got dressed and we went. Just got back and I am so happy to say that it is much cooler today for it is just 90 as I type. I have some things to straighten around and maybe run a vacuum before we have a group in this evening but right now I am resting! :lol: We are quit busy since we moved here and it is great. We already have a party planned for the 20th - it will be a White Elephant gift exchange and finger food type party.

Someone is here....gotta go. Catch ya all later.

06-05-2003, 01:48 PM

It's going to be another warm one here in the Sierras forit is not yet 10 am am and it is a bright 70 degrees. Our plants that we did get planted are surviving. Today is my weigh day in the evening and I am not looking forward to meeting with that Iron Monster. I don't do well, as of yet, when we make those quick trips in the food department. My eating gets hay wire and folks want to feed us stuff that I can't exactly count.

Last night a neighbor down the hill came over and brought his dog. When Will opened the front door the little guy scooted past him and sat down in the front room as Stewart was asking, "Do you allow pets inside?" That little dog is so cute. Stewart wants to mate it with another like it and give me a pup. I forget what kind it is but it is sooooooo cute. It chased Turn down the hall and Turn turned on it and nipped his nose and was the boss of the two. :lol:

JEAN & FAYE ~ looks like it is just us in the flower patch of late. Hope to see you two here this afternoon when I peek in.

Catch ya later.:chockiss:

06-05-2003, 03:37 PM
Good afternoon from the sunny (so far today) south!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Maggie.

Jean: I am not working. I decided to wait until probably the first of the year as we are taking a trip for my birthday. We went to the mall way back in '99 so I was working for the law firm at that time. I do kind of wish I was working, but nothing ever came of anything and now stuff seems to be kind of non existent for the moment, but that is ok.

I am up to 45 minutes everyday on my water aerobics. I do enjoy that so much more and I really get a better overall workout than just walking. As of this morning I am down a total of 13 lbs since we came back from vacation, but I have worked really hard to get back on track again. I was really sick with menopause stuff for about 2 months and couldn't even deal with dieting. I tried to not go hog wild, but I still gained probably 10 lbs or so. I have good days and bad days, but overall I feel much much better.

Well, I want to get outside while the sun is still shining and clean the deck and patio set. It gets dirty pretty much everyday because we have a big ole tree.

Have a great day!

Hi to Gloria and Bubs!


06-05-2003, 11:15 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It's been a strange day for weather . . . we got up to thunder, dark rolling clouds, and then pouring rain for about 15 minutes. When we left an hour later, the sun was peeking out. We drove to Sioux Falls to pick up MIL and it was warm and sunny there. When we dropped her off, about an hour north of us, it was cool and breezy on the lake; then we drove in rain on the way home, but it was dry, warm, and sunny when we reached the outskirts of town.

Maggie -- It sounds like you are settling into your new home just fine. I would love to have a dog but DH says the cats have to go first and I have to scoop the poop in the yard. :^: Let us know when you get yours! Good luck at WI; I think you will have a challenge every day as your new friends seem to like the eating kind of get togethers and that can be tough. You can do it! :cp:

"Gma" -- Do you do your water aerobics alone or are you in a class? I always thought that would be something I would like to do. Unfortunately our inside pool belongs to the college and they are not at all interested in keeping up good public relations with the community. Half the time the pool will be locked up when a class is scheduled and it's really an inconvenience to find a parking spot then walk the distance to the gym. :shrug: During the school year the class is scheduled for 7:30 am or noon, neither of which I can get to. Maybe when I retire someday. Congratulations on losing 13 #s so quickly -- that's great! :cp:

I need to make a grocery list and hit the store early in the morning. We are going back to MIL's on Saturday; DH wants to put the top on the boat hoist and get it in the water, the grass will need mowing, etc.

Have a fantastic Friday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-06-2003, 12:02 AM

YIPEKIO I showed a loss of 2.6 POUNDS this weigh in. Our leader had been on vacation to Texas for a couple of weeks and brought us each a candle back. What a neat thing so when we light it we will think of WW.

JEAN you are having summer storms and I love them. Send them our way please. Just think how time passes so quickly and enjoy every minute of your summer.

06-06-2003, 04:29 AM
Hey girls! Am sitting here waiting for some Advil to kick in! lol

Jean: I belonged to a class for 2 years when I lived up north so I know all the routines, but I just do it myself here at our pool. I add stuff they couldn't do and more difficult stuff they didn't do because of some of the more senior members. I remember in one of the classes I went to we had this man who was 84 and he came religiously. I really love it and would like to do it year round, but the YMCA here has them at a time that is not convenient and it is across town and the couple health places that have them, you have to join and the cost is prohibitive.

I got an e-mail from my son this last evening and 30 or not, his mama felt so sorry for him. He is the showroom manager and salesman for a spa company. He and his boss (the owner, who I am telling you looks like a mobster, but is nice as can be) had this contest and ds lost by $2200. The prize was a trip to Vegas all expenses paid. I know a week ago ds was ahead by that much. He made the guy a lot of money though, he sold $64,000 worth of hot tubs in a month. I think ds has worked for him now for about 5-6 years. He started out in the delivery department, moved up to head of delivery and then because the owner was always having to be in the showroom and wanted someone he trusted, promoted ds to showroom manager and eventually to sales too. His mom and dad are proud if for no other reason than he has adopted a strong work ethic and has done well for himself. He just bought himself his first house and is stable financially. Nowadays, kids seem to be coming back home and mooching off the parents, but my kids are very self-sufficient. Not to say help isn't here if they need it, but we are thankful they grabbed on to what we were trying to teach them as kids.

Well, I want to go back to bed for awhile.


06-06-2003, 12:54 PM
Good Morning!
I am waiting for the rain to lessen before I head out to run errands. It has poured all morning long but the sky in the west is looking brighter by the minute. :crossed:

Maggie -- A BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your great loss! You are on a roll once again! :cp: The candle idea is a neat one; nice of your leader to think of you all. We had a former leader who used to give out different things, one of which was the pretty "squished" marbles/rocks that you can put in vases, acquariums, etc. Mine sits on a kitchen shelf and I always think of her when I look at it. I got a call from the assistant principal this morning and he was asking about what to do with special ed. students (who are behind in assignments) on staff development days. They are thinking of making them come to school while the rest of the student body has the afternoon off. Time is flying . . . I haven't even had time to think about June let alone next school year! :(

"Gma" -- That's too bad about your son and the trip. You'd think the boss might come through just because he sold so many hot tubs. :yes: Our kids have never actually moved back home although Jason did for a while between his freshman and sophomore year in college. He wasn't sure what he wanted to major in and was at the point where he had to make that decision. He worked in a production line making countertops, cupboards, etc., and decided that wasn't what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He went back to school and finally got his degree while working part time jobs and getting married. Our daughter left for college and never even gave a thought to coming back home. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and has done just that. Kids are so different and we wouldn't want them any other way.

I need to get going! Have a super day!

Jean -- :rain: in Iowa!

06-06-2003, 01:32 PM

I am just getting my day going now and sipping coffee in my tall cup through straws. Tomorrow we go to the roaster where he will have 2 pounds of freshly roasted hazelnut ready for us. He is so neat ~ will roast "fresh" what ever we want and sells it for 50 cents less a pound than the local market does that carries his roast. We love good coffee. GOOD coffee.

FAYE that is good news about your son and his work ethic. I love to hear success stories about folks now days since so many kids are not doing so well. How nice for you that you have a pool at home. I would be in it daily if I had one here and you are so right that the "join" fees are way up there. Keep up the good work girlfriend and you will be at goal in no time.

JEAN our leader here lets us get marbles from the little jars filled with them that she brings to meetings. We get a clear round one for each pound loss then on the fifth pound loss we get a squashed blue one. So when I came here I got LOTS of marbles. Bought a nice crystal vase that is skinny and tall and put my marbles in there. When I gained some pounds back I had to remove some marbles and they live in a little bowl beside the vase awaiting the time they get to join the rest. The vase is crystal and has a blue bubble in the thick bottom which matches the blue squished marbles. Looks nice sitting on my shelf. :) I think there will be room enough for all my marbles when all is said and done.:lol: It is a wonderful "visual."

I think I will get out my glass and make a house this day. I need to get going with my little village if I want to get it done by Christmas. Have a good OP day gals.

06-06-2003, 03:42 PM
Surprise! Happy Friday one and all:)

The weather is really doing a number on us all........everyone is in a major depression........we had 8 days in May w/o rain, and so far today is the second clear day we've had, with a storm moving in tonight and flood watches out for tomorrow. The river was really up when we went to check it Wednesday, but it's come down a good bit since then. Now it'll be back up again. We're just lucky it hasn't gotten out of its banks with all this.


I love the marble idea:D At Christmas time I buy the tall straight cylindrical vases, fill them about halfway with clear flat or round "marbles", add some silk Christmas greenery, fill it with water, and float a white candle which just fits the diameter of the vase on the top. It's a great gift, inexpensive, and I love the way it looks. You obviously could use it year round by just changing what you put in there and even changing the color of the candle. All this stuff can be readily found in the Wally World Crafts dept. and/or Michael's. The best part is, people think you really went to trouble:~}


Can't remember whether or not I told you, but Wed. went out to a friend's school and did the Field Day activities for her sixth graders. It was fun. She hates doing it, and after 50 years of camp activities, I can whip em up with little or no thought or preparation. They were all new games to the kids, so they had a ball too, and my friend was thrilled. This time of the year, it doesn't take much to do one in! The kids come Monday.......officially, and the teachers are there Tues., then it's over for the year. I don't know a soul who can close up the room in one day, so obviously the school board is relying on people working on their own time. I got so that I refused to do it. They put us in that position, so they can just live with it.

Just for your enjoyment........went to the trail yesterday, walked maybe 200 yds, and by the time we got back to the car, my damned thigh highs were both down around my ankles:mad: :mad: Tjoday I went to Krogers, and my right one was ankle bound by the time I got to the car:mad: Between the hose and the rain, I've just about had it!
If it ever stops raining, we're planning to start our Aquarobics class again. We'd hoped to do it this week, but the air and the water were too cold. By the way, the Ohio's rockin and rollin, so what's the Mississippi doing? The Ohio was supposed to crest sometime this morning in Cincinnati.

I've been keeping an eye on the weather in Maine, and their temps aren't any colder than ours..........let's hope it stays that way.

I'm off to add another dose of "super glue" to my legs........such fun!

Love to all,

06-06-2003, 07:46 PM
Maggie, I can't remember whether it was you or Faye who told me about alternating your points, but I think it was you. Anyway, I've heard via the grapevine that WW is starting a new program in the fall which gives you "X" number of points per day, and then 35 for the week to use as you choose..........what does that sound like to you? It may just be a nasty rumor, but came from a very reliable source.

Jean, those damn rain clouds you had yesterday are moving in! NOOOOO! And one young pup gets delivered in the AM:D Silly me, I'm excited.

Have a great weekend one and all,


06-06-2003, 07:54 PM
I really am brain dead. Anyway, thought you'd enjoy the following.
My friend for whom I did the Field Day had the Awards Assembly at school today. Last night as she was finishing up all those stupid attendance certificates she had a brainstorm. Every year they have to sit behind the podium looking out at the audience and at the backsides of their compatriots. So..........she got on the computer, made a big Smiley face like this:p that covered practically the entire piece of paper. On the bottom, in large letters she printed, "Martha Stewart Inc., Now Hiring" and had a friend slap it on her back when she got up to do her awards:lol: :lol: She could hear the snickers from behind her, and the principal got up to look at it, as she couldn't see from where she was seated:lol: Sounds to me that it was the highlight of the day!