Biggest Loser Challenges - 2013 Biggest Loser Spring into Action Challenge- TEAM ANNOUNCEMENT

05-15-2013, 07:09 PM
Hello all-
This is the official Team announcement for the 2013 Biggest Loser Spring into Action Challenge.
Team Chat, Nutrition & Exercise Threads will be posted later this week.

Each team will have a weekly weigh in thread posted as a 'sticky'. This is where you will post your weekly weight. Your starting weight is the weight that is beside your name below (please do not alter these weights).

The first 'official' weigh-in is on Sunday- May 26th weights must be posted by 6:00pm (central time). If you do not post a weight or are late weighing in, you are charged with a freebie. Everyone starts the challenge with 2 freebies, so use them wisely. If you miss 3 weigh-ins, you are eliminated. You can post your weight any day/time of the week, as long as there is something posted by the Sunday 6pm deadline.

Any questions- please contact your team leader & we will help you out!

Okay- enough of the administrative stuff- now onto the Teams:

CanadaMel 140 (leader)
ArmyGirl 195.5
Rated 183
thinkfit 290
Nikel1979 223.3
Riddy 188.2
MamaP 244
MonteCristo 205
KimL1214 262
elizabeth779 260.5
Dahlia55 161
SuperHeroTeacher 239
Novus 190
jordynj 157
EofAZ 204
lindalee9 201.6
Nixmom 214.6
AlyssaMcN 175.2
angiemama 179
changergirl 175.8

Bigmid 173.4 (co-leader)
LeslieB 253 (co-leader)
Doragone 215
Tkkoz 251.7
jessicado22 226
bethbeth 251
hiddenstar 164
Dumplin 219
livelaughlovesunshin 290
Kayin 203.6
ajlee33 213.6
Cinnamonfox89 175
Bette K 258
Edwardsbloodtype 247
2muchbelly 240
Pink Hurricane 245
angelicus 184
losing4better 239.2

Mel (Red Team Leader)
Leslie (Blue Team Co-Leader)
Jacky (Blue Team Co-Leader)