Calorie Counters - Ugh- staying in calorie range but living off junk!

05-14-2013, 09:17 PM
From half a kit kat to chocolate cake and a pop tart, I am out of control! I am still perfect on my calorie numbers, but my nutrition is just awful! I started my period today and I think I am in a little motivational valley but...I NEED VEGGIES! I NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK!

Sometimes calorie counting almost lets me get away with stuff, as I can technically lose weight on Burger King. I'll be starving and irritable, but I can do it!

Gotta get back on track!!:drill:

05-14-2013, 09:22 PM
Oh NorthernChick, you *know* what to do!! Get rid of the poptarts and kitkats!!

Seriously though, you will feel so much better if you eat better. But you are right, you can still lose weight if you control the calories and you seem to be rocking that part (look at all those dancing carrots you have up there!!).

I'd say, get through your TOM as best you can (within calories of course!) and make a shopping/eating plan that you can and will stick to. It's not easy but getting rid of the junk food will make it 10x easier, I promise you!

Plus you can eat more when it's healthy low-cal stuff. :D

05-14-2013, 09:43 PM
This is what I do every time I start relying on calorie counting as opposed to just low carb. I start obsessing about keeping that caloric total low, so I cut corners by eating crappy low calorie junk. :-/ That starts the cravey binge monster, and I blow it by bingeing on pure crap after a while.

05-14-2013, 10:03 PM
About 3-4 days before and 3-4 days into my period, I crave red meat and fatty, carby crap. Thank goodness for birthcontrol meds, because without it, the cravings are much, much more intense, and last much longer. I seriously doubt I would have been able to maintain 394, let alone lose 100 lbs, if it weren't for bc (I know it makes some women gain, which is why I avoided it for so many years).

I still never know whether to feed the cravings or not. It seems to be a no-win situation. If I don't give in, the cravings and the white-knuckle willpower are unbearably miserable, and if I do give in, I feel blechy and bloated from the junk.

I try to compromise with sort-of healthy, or not-quite-as-terrible foods that fit the craving, like chocolate chex, really strong dark chocolate (because I have to be pretty desperate to resort to 70% dark chocolate, or a cup of sugar free hot cocoa (25 calories), or Women's Wellness hot cocoa (80-90 calories, but higher in calcium), or Jello chocolate fudge pudding made with plain yogurt, reduced fat coconut milk, or almond milk.

I don't always make the best choices, but every little effort helps in damage control. If I gain, it's always during TOM, always has been. At 12, I told my pediatrician I could be thin if it weren't for TOM (he told my mom and I that bc might help, but weight gain is more common - so we decided against it - and I didn't consider it as an option until my pms/pmdd symptoms became more frightening than the possibility of weight gain).

Don't be too hard on yourself, hormones can jack cravings into overdrive.

05-15-2013, 12:27 AM
Thanks guys- elvislover, you are totally right. Dont worry- I ate it all! I usually don't have this stuff in my house at all and this is why! lol I found an old poptart in the back of the cupboad...must be a year sad! ahahaha. the cake was at school and the chocolate was a beg to the bf due to being on the rag.

Man, when I want to binge, I am one resourceful chick!

Thanks for helping me stay on track but also reminding me not to get too drill sargeant on my @ss!

05-15-2013, 06:19 PM
Officially Meeting The Backstreet Boys August 7th. Goodbye, Junk Food! Hello, 5 Husbands!

05-15-2013, 11:06 PM
I'm the same way...I barely made it through my last period, I'm already counting down the days with dread until the next one starts. I know that will be my toughest time. I don't know what it is...I want barely cooked red meat and sugar during that time.

Congrats on getting back on the bandwagon!

05-16-2013, 10:39 AM
Oh, during my tom I just want to eat and eat. Usually stuff like pizza though. lol

05-21-2013, 11:18 AM
Hi NorthernChick! I think a lot of us have been there - choosing a slab of chocolate instead of a healthy and filling Subway. Starving all day so we can have McDonalds for supper, etc. I have done that a lot in my past, but I have kind of just grown out of the habit. Lately I have been splitting my calories into 6 "meals" throughout the day and I'm absolutely loving it. My breakfast, lunch and supper are the bigger meals and I have three 100 cal snacks throughout the day. I have a bad tendency to binge, and I find that by doing this, it really keeps me going as I know I will be eating something again in 2 hours (how scary does that sound lol).

Anyway, I find that I choose the healthier options as my calories are to be kept to 1200, and I want to eat more food. So I would rather have 6 meals and I will be eating regularly than 1 huge unhealthy thing for the whole day!

05-21-2013, 04:23 PM
Officially Meeting The Backstreet Boys August 7th. Goodbye, Junk Food! Hello, 5 Husbands!

Hey, I remember you from back in the day when I used to post! I can't believe you get to meet BSB...I love them.

05-21-2013, 04:44 PM
Hello, 5 Husbands!


I love your posts, NorthernChick!

05-24-2013, 06:16 PM
I just recently recommitted to my weight loss efforts and decided to try calorie counting. I love it but here's the thing, a lot of what I eat is junk, too. But I'm still within my caloric range. I figure healthier eating habits will take time. So for now I'm focusing on calories and slowly introducing healthier foods into my diet at the same time.

05-27-2013, 03:28 PM
Lady petite - you sound so like me! I have been calories punting now for five weeks. Gradually my diet has improved - I think it takes a while for me to stop craving sugar! My snacks today were a banana and a bag of steamed veg - so it's definitely getting better!!

Although I did have a singe portion of ice cream last night - still within calories though!!

05-30-2013, 07:59 AM
I know exactly how you feel. I have done this so many times before in my quest to lose weight, but this time I am trying to eat high protein foods and it really is keeping me full for longer. I have cut out white bread and now only eat whole wheat pitta bread which is high in protein (Food Doctor pittas) with egg white and sometimes lean turkey bacon in. I am feeling so much better than on any previous diet as I can now eat more.