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06-02-2003, 02:56 PM
Hello all,
I am so inspired to read everyone's stories of success, but unfortunately I myself cannot join in on the celebrating b/c I have just reached the point of sheer frustration!

I'm 5'8", 150lbs...I guess by no means "fat" or anything, but I have a terrible body image. I look at other people who weigh more or are shorter or whatnot and think THEY look great...but my body makes me want to cry. That combined with the fact that I eat out of boredom and then feel guilty afterwards. I recognize all this, but cannot over come my problems.

To me life would be "perfect" at 130lbs...20lbs, doesn't seem so hard compared to the courageous ladies who have lost 50lbs., 100lbs., even 150lbs...but I fear I could never do that if I had to. :(

A bit about me...I recently (about 2 weeks ago) started taking Xenedrine EFX (ephedra free) and that seems to help with my snacking throughout the day at work (people here ALWAYS bring in snacks), but in the evenings I still graze, not even when I'm hungry, just for something to do almost.

I do exercise...I do Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds 2 mile workout for the full 30 minutes 5 days a week.

But I just can't seem to loose the weight at all...and I am SO frustrated. Another problem for me is that I don't always bring the healthiest lunches to work to eat. Who has extra time in the mornings to make something up or what not.

My other "problem" is a lack of energy...I am in a constant state of tiredness/fatigue. I am in the process of doing repeat doctor visits for this issue and hopefully there will be something we can do. My doctor noticed on my first round of blood tests that I had a "slightly underactive" thyroid, so she did another round. I go back for those results on 6/18. I looked up the symptoms and saw that slight weight gain IS a symtom of this disease. So who can say. I also have the brittle nails and cold intolerance associated with this affliction.

SO....I guess all my rambling leads to me asking everyone for advice. What are some good lunches? Is there more I could/should be doing? Please help ladies, ANYTHING you can offer would be GREATLY appreciated.

And good luck to everyone who has lost and is still losing...you are an inspiration!

Thanks in advance...

06-02-2003, 03:59 PM
Missy I feel for you in what you are going through. But the first thing I would say is that you have to love yourself no matter what first! I am not a doctor or an expert or anything like that. But I will venture to say that along with your current medical condition your feelings about your body image could be sabotaging your efforts. Being thin is not going to ultimately make any of us happy. We have to love ourselves no matter what first.

I mean for me I was 200lbs when I started. I was discouraged, upset, and disappointed in myself. But I still loved myself and new no matter what size I was life would go on. Being thinner sure makes things brighter but its not my ultimate happiness.

I would talk to your doctor about this. Your medical condition could be causing you to suffer from depression as well. Once this is addressed then you can worry about what you want to do about the weight.

Meanwhile keep up the exercise because that is good for you no matter what! I would get rid of those pills but that is just my opinion. If you decide not to do that I would at least advise your doctor you are taking them and he can determine if it is causing any of your health problems. Any changes you make on your own on your eating habits will last a whole lot longer then pills will!

As far as food at work. You could if you feel comfortable make it clear you are staying clear of any extra goodies brought in and would appreciate people not tempting you with offers! I bet there are other women in your office that feel the same way. Even that thin girl who has to do an extra hour of areobics to work it off! LOL! Bring healthy snacks. I love yogurt, fruit, soups, fat free puddings (the bomb!)and salads. If you have to eat out opt for the grilled chicken with no mayo and split the fries with a friend if you have to have them. There are so many things you can do if you put forth the effort. It is not hard and low fat does not mean it takes time. One more thing and I will be quiet! If you want to splurge just eat the meal or snack only when you are hungry and eat only till you are full.

I wish you luck. Hope the doctor is able to find some help for you so you start feeling better!


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06-03-2003, 11:36 AM
Hi Beth,
Thanks so much for your kind words. They really touched my heart. And you know the funny thing? I just looked up again the symptoms to hypothyroidism (what I think I may have) and depression is included in them. I wouldn't say that I am full-fledged depressed...my friends all say I'm too optimistic to be depressed, but I definitely feel like I haven't quite been myself for a long time.

I'm not sure I know how to go about having a positive outlook on my body. I'm really envious of people who do. And everyone looks at me and says "You look great." Etc. So i don't have a self-destructive boyfriend or friends or anything like that. I'm trying so hard though...and I'm kinda praying that this hypothyroidism IS what I've had...has anyone else had an experience with this?

I kinda started with the Xenedrine b/c I saw on these boards that people were fans of it. It's ephedra free at least...but I think you could be right...these pills are only a quick fix to the real problem. I'm just hoping that an appetite suppressant will help me 'train' myself into eating less.

But I'm really trying now. I was working hard for a month and now that the month is over and I've lost NOTHING, I was so discouraged, but I guess I had to look at myself and realize...what am I REALLY doing? And I don't think it was as much as I could have done.

I'll keep you updated on the doctor's verdict! :) Thanks again Beth, I appreciate your kind words and let me just say....Congrats on your loss!!!! I was thinking too, if you need a buddy to help stay on track, I'd gladly help you (but keep in mind, i'll prolly need the help more than you! :P) I just figured since we are both at about the same place andlooking to get to about the same place.

Even THAT is a bad attitude of mine. My goal IS 125, but I shot for 130 b/c 125 seemed too hard. LOL. I'm a slacker..maybe your great attitude can motiviate me.

If you are looking for a pal (or anyone else for that matter) my email is mugirl213@aol.com and I'd be THRILLED to help anyone out. Feel free to IM or email me anytime!

And thanks again beth!

06-04-2003, 03:56 PM
It takes time to feel good about yourself it won't happen over night. Believe me there are days when its not easy. That is great that you are surrounding yourself with positive people to. i think that is what has helped me. My dh has always been supportive no matter what size I am.

I won't try and kid you that this does not take hard work and commitment. But I will say that I tried to make it as easy as possible. I don't count calories, or any thing for that matter. I don't journal or basically anything that requires a time commitment. Because like you I can be a slacker in that area. I knew I had to do this as simple as possible.

Basically I cut back, exercise and drink lots of water. You can't get much simplier than that. I don't think that changing your goal is that bad. I have not really committed myself yet to 125 either. Simply do to the fact that it will be hard to maintain at that. I want to be realisitic in what I think I can really do. So its best not to fool yourself.

I wouldn't be to hard on yourself until you hear back from the doctor. Then you can make the real decisions.

I am in a couple of groups if you want to check them out. Angels Better Body Challenge and Jewels within. That is the best way on this board to just jump in somewhere! Good Luck!