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05-14-2013, 02:30 AM
hey guys,
So i guess that for me I have associated relaxation and joy with food. For me the perfect end to a day is to sit down and watch netflix while eating an entire bag of some salty snack (my personal vice). And when I deny this craving I feel like every 5 seconds my mind is back to food. Sometimes i even feel like as soon as i finish a meal (no matter how satisfying) I immediately begin thinking about/looking forward to the next meal. HOw do i stop this compulsive fixation on food before my young person metabolism catches up to me??

05-14-2013, 03:51 AM
The only thing I've found that works for me is the South Beach Diet. Completing Phase I helps alleviate all those cravings for snack foods. Also, drink a lot of water between meals. I find it helps w/ that "hungry" feeling as most people mistake dehydration for hunger pangs.

05-14-2013, 09:16 AM
First, get rid of all your vice foods. If that's not possible, have some healthier alternatives. What about popcorn? You can air-pop some popcorn and then season it as you like.

Also, if you know that you do most of your compulsive eating during a particular activity, don't do that activity. Find other ways to unwind. Read a book, paint your nails, massage your feet, call a friend, take a walk, organize a closet, de-clutter a drawer or take a bubble bath or shower.

You can drink some tea or chew some gum. You can cut up some celery into slices and eat those. I find they have a slightly salty after taste. You can dip celery into some salsa or pico de gallo, which might give you that salty satisfaction.

It takes about a month to change a habit, but it's worth trying. I hope you figure it out. I know that I haven't been able to figure out anything long term but I'm trying.

05-14-2013, 01:13 PM
I was like that too. For years, i couldn't get through work without constant eating; if i wasn't eating, i just felt like work was so boring it was unbearable. In the last few months, i have stopped that habit. Part of it is willpower, but part of it is eating big enough meals so that i am not hungry at all in between meals. Of course if you're hungry, it will be difficult not to snack, regardless of whether it's out of habit. So i would recommend eating a big enough dinner (it may have to be a lot bigger than you're used to--this will be hard to do if you're trying to restrict calories) so that you have no desire to eat anymore. AFTER you're done eating, then sit down in front of the TV. If it's impossible for you to sit in front of the TV and not eat, then do something else. Or, do something else with your hands while you're watching tv (do your nails or something).

05-14-2013, 07:45 PM
I got to thinking about it, and honestly, drinking more water has REALLY helped me. I used to snack constantly. The other day I had breakfast and realized 7 hours later that I hadn't eaten anythin else. Same thing w/ lunch on Saturday...I had a bowl of soup and a side salad and then realized 8 hours later I still hadn't eaten b/c I just wasn't hungry.

05-14-2013, 08:15 PM
I am just like you with netflix and food. I was told it is common in persons with ADD and ADHD. We need to do two things at once. Once I had that knowledge my whole attitude changed. I now play solitaire on my ipad while watching tv.
I had to come back and edit...
I don't mean to make it sound so easy. I am trying to say that once I realized it was a part of my brain makeup instead of my "weakness" it became easier to handle. Overeating is not an easy problem to solve.