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06-02-2003, 09:55 AM
Ok, I am starting this thread for those of us who have been at this a long time, may need a LOT of encouragement, may or may not have a LOT to lose, and need a place to go for FUN!

I have looked at a variety of threads and notice a lot of COMPLAINING! I want this to be an upbeat thread where you can come and say I had a lousy day, but I AM GOING TO KEEP GOING. Complaining wastes energy and EVERYONE has bad days.
Complaining is also different from needing encouragement. We want to be encouraging to each other, not wallow in self pity!

I am going to put out a challenge for those of you who want to give it an ole college try. This is for the summer ladies so let's all get motivated!!

1. I am going to EXERCISE at least 4 times every week
2. I am going to cut out 1 food that I know is BAD for me
3. I am going to TRY and stay on my program everyday
4. I am going to get that water in
5. I am going to tell myself I am beautiful everyday and MEAN IT because you are!
6. I am going to help at least one person who is struggling by my love and encouragment

Are you with me ladies? Can you really be positive about your life, love you now not just when you are thin? It is tough to do sometimes, but I know you can do it. Help is ON THE WAY!

Monday is Mission day: Our mission for our first Monday is to exercise today!

Faye ;)

06-02-2003, 10:26 AM
I can surely try!!!!

I need a good kick in the *** to get me going again, and this may just help.

1. Exercise is okay for 4 days a week, I can do that

2. One food.....hummmmmm I think will have to be chips of any kind, they are not safe in my sight.

3. I will TRY to stay on my plan everyday, and if I don't I will not complain, because it's my own fault I guess, no one picked up the food and shoved it in my mouth :lol:

4. Water I can do with not a problem.

5. Beautiful: that may be a problem, but I will try.

6. Help others, I can do!!!!!

So, I guess I'm up for the challenge.

By the way, my name is Sandy, I'm 33, mom of 2, three if you count my biggest baby my hubby, and I live in Maine.

06-02-2003, 11:10 AM
Hi, Sandy, nice to meet you!

You have to be beautiful or dh would never have married you!!!

I have grown children only, but I do have one grandchild who is 3 and my sweety.

I am glad you are up for trying the challenge! We can do this together I know we can.

I got ready to go out to do water aerobics at our pool and it came pouring down rain so guess I will have to do something else today for exercise.

You work hard and you will surely succeed!


06-02-2003, 11:11 AM
Count me in! This thread is just what we needed! No whiners, lol!!! I recently re-started WW and need lots of support to get me through.

There are a few gals at Jadied Ladies that I will send here. For some reason, that thread just never does take off....

I am a 49 y/o married mother of 3, grandma of 2 with 1 on the way, and a sort-of grandma to 2 more. I used to be a Personnel Director but have been a SAHM for eons. We live in the country and I am surrounded by fresh fruits and veggies in the summer.

It will be nice to have a place to check in every day...


06-02-2003, 11:30 AM
Hey Jana nice to meet you!

I just believe in lots of positive thinking. Even when I am not doing well, I just think to myself, tomorrow will be better and I make it that way! The power to succeed is in ALL of us, we just have to grab hold of it and run with it...heavy on the RUN! lol

I grew up in a small town and my parents and grandparents canned fruits and veggies every summer so I love them which is a big plus!

Well, it is lightening pretty bad here now so I have to log off.

Will check back later!


06-02-2003, 01:11 PM
Hi all!

Can I play too?
Actually I followed Jana here from the Jaded Ladies, and a few other places.

I cant promise that I will never whine..but Ill do my best..LOL

My name is Michelle, and I am 34yrs old. I have been married one year and seven months. No kids yet...but hopefully soon. We are thinking about trying to start a family at the end of this year.

I work part time filling vending machines with candy. Can you say temptation? Other than that I love to garden, spend time with my sweet doggie, and do some crafting. Just recently I have added working out to my list of pleasant activities. I started on April 28th, and have only missed 6 days since then. My hubby and I work out together, so we are really good at giving each other that extra push when one of us tries to get out of it. He makes it fun for me.

As far as your challenge goes...

1. I think I have the exercise thing down. Yayyy for me!
2. I cut out soft drinks and alcohol completely. Im 2 for 2!
3. Ok...I pass this one on a technicality. I do start everday with the intention of TRYING. Im not always successful, but I try.
4. This is where I fail miserably. I just tend to forget to drink water until I am really thirtsy. Then Ill drink a whole bunch before I go to the gym, to try to make up for it. I am getting better, but improvements are needed.
5. This I can do! I love being able to discuss my quest for a healthier me. It feels good to share ideas about what works for me, and what doesnt, and to learn from others too. Thats why I come here! I have even had daydreams about becoming a personal trainer when I reach my goals.

Well, Ive babbled on yet again. These boards turn me into such a chatterbox. Youll either get used to me...or sick of me. lol

Have a good day ladies!


06-02-2003, 01:51 PM
I messed up and missed number 5. This is a toughie...I have days where I feel beautiful and healthy and strong. Then I have days where I feel fat and ugly. Sometimes theres no getting past it, until you sleep it off, and wake up the next day. But I can make an effort to find positive things about myself. Like... I am working hard, and making a difference. I want to be healthy and strong, beauty will just be an added bonus.


06-02-2003, 02:25 PM
Welcome Michelle!

I want ALL the ladies here to know they are gorgeous, beautiful and stunning right now, now 20, 50, 100, 200 lbs from now. We have to first be willing to tell ourselves that to have someone else "Catch on!"

Good for you about soda and alcohol. I gave up soft drinks completely and am thrilled about it. I probably lost 20 lbs FAST just from cutting all that sugar out, let alone the caffeine.

Incredibly, I found exercise easier than food choices though I am morbidly obese. I absolutely get in 5 days a week and shoot for 6.

You keep coming back and "talking" til your little hands are tired! lol As for the whining, we all want to do it, but to tell you the truth, it takes away from our goal. Positive thinking even on crummy days will get you right through the rough spots!


06-02-2003, 06:32 PM
Hi ladies -

I'm on my way to a meeting, and in a real hurry, but wanted to tell you something before I go. I just did the Walk the Pounds Away dvd for the first time, and I love it! I especially like that the leader is neither young nor "skinny". Being as out of shape as I am, I could feel the burn even with the 1 mile workout. I think I've found my exercise niche! YAY!!!!

See you in the morning!

06-02-2003, 07:02 PM
Three cheers for Jana! It is always great when you find a form of exercise you like. I love doing my water aerobics and get a really good workout doing them though of course since the pool is outside this is a good weather and summer thing only. I even got in today after our storm. It was much cooler and deeper, but I did it anyway and am glad I did.

TOMORROW IS TARGET TUESDAY: That means I want each of you think about a targeted food. I want you to target a food you have trouble with and work to get rid of it! We will talk about it tomorrow morning!

Everyone have a lovely evening and stay OP!


06-03-2003, 02:21 AM
HI!!!!!!!! Here I am ifin you all want me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faye, I was so impressed to see a thread that is so positive which in my mind is the most important thing.

As for your challenges....
1. I usually get to the gym at least 5 days a week if I don't make it I do a min ab workout at home.
2. I have already given up caffiene(goin on 4 yrs). Now I am trying to cut back on my fried foods. Baby steps here.
3. Every morning I start the day off OP and try to the best of my abilities every day to stay OP. If I don't I dust myself off and get right back on.
4. Water no problem. Usually 84oz or more a day here!
5. Beautiful, that is something that I have already been trying to do. I believe that I am beautiful while it may not always be on the oward apperence I am beautiful in my own right.
6. Helping others here I am willing and able to try to be a big help to everyone here.

I am a Sandy, too. I am 36 married(2nd) and have a 6 yr son going on 30(first marriage). Went thru a horrible 2002 was dx with endo and on Feb 6th 2003 had a hyst and was given my life back. That is when I started my weight lost journey again. Since then I have lost 25lbs. Now I am at 188 and my goal is 160. Have a large bone structure and don't think that I would look good any smaller. Here's to a great week and a great thread. Look forward to it.


06-03-2003, 07:43 AM
Dear Friend of "Time for SERIOUS FUN":

Today is Tuesday and I am ready to be on the wagon again. I have decided, again, that I am climbing on and trying to stay put. I think with supportive people like all of you I will be on my way again. So here it is 6:37 a.m in Maine and a beautiful morning and although I have not yet dressed or brushed my hair I'm at the computer to check in and offically start my day.

gigglez: What a wonderful name we have huh...:) You can all just call me peek so we can keep the names straight, I will even sign my posts peek.

Now I just want to say hello to everyone that has jumped on board sofar. So a big :wave: HELLO to you all.

I promise to try to check in daily, actually that will not be a problem I love the computer and usually am not to far away from it. I will probably be here so much I will bug the heck out of all of you..:D But support is the name of the game.

So far today I have had coffee (still on the first cup) and guess what? I have given up sugar in my coffee this a.m., so that is #2 accomplished so far.....and for # 5 I AM BEAUTIFUL, AND I WILL RADIATE THIS TO OTHERS TODAY!!!!

So, I have rambled and rambled~~~I will close and give someone else time to post and let me read something....

Everyone have a wonderful OP day.

06-03-2003, 09:05 AM

TARGET TUESDAY: Ok, for Target Tues I just want you to think in your mind something currently in your pantry and vow NOT TO TOUCH IT TODAY! Like Sandy said, baby steps and what better way then to take one day a week and work to not eat that one thing that calls to us all day. Now because I believe you should be able to eat ANYTHING if you want to and plan for it, Target TUES no no's are for that day only, just to give you a lift when you have been able to stand strong and not do it.

For my Target Tues, I am going to not eat these little graham snacks that I love. They are not really fattening, but to tell you the truth my house is pretty low fat all the way around. I have my dh buy snacks he likes that I hate (like coconut cookies) and all my snacks are lower fat, but I can overdo those darn things so for today, I am abstaining from the Cinnamon Graham Snacks.

As I gained when we were on vacation a week ago, I am proud to say I lost it all and another 2 lbs besides! Hurray! I hope I can get in the pool before it rains today. Course who knows with the weather man!

Sandy: Welcome to you and we definitely want that positive spirit of yours. I am thrilled you have your health back (I am in that menopausal crap which looks like you may get to skip all together now LOL), and BIG congrat on weight loss so far. I am looking in my magic mirror and see a very beautiful woman looking back.

Peek: Way to go girl! You be positive today. If your cream is your target today, you be strong and leave it out. How you can drink that nasty ole coffee though, YCK! lol I have never drank a full cup of coffee in my life. I hate the taste of the stuff in everything except a cookie my sweet grandma used to make called coffee hermits. They had no coffee taste, they were a spice cookie with nuts and raisins. Haven't had one in years and years. My mirror is showing me one hunk of gorgeousness coming from you!

Elle: Wow vending machines, huh? I guess you should just keep thinking what each chocolate bar will look like on your butt if you eat it! lol You keep up that exercise and you are doing a fine job of getting where you want to go. I look in my mirror and see an unusually pretty young woman smiling back at me!

Jana: How's it going girl? I am glad you joined us. We can use all the positive input we can get. You go with your exercise and those summer fruits and veggies! Now my mirror shows a very young and beautiful grandma looking back with a nice big smile!

Ok, ladies let's target that food today and accomplish our list of goals. Dr Phil is doing a bunch of shows this year about weight loss and he told a lovely black lady yesterday something I think everyone should think about. He basically told her that she should prioritize (this lady is a fancy real estate agent and tax consultant) anyway, that if she is let's say having trouble exercising everyday, then make a goal that she would not comb her hair until she had exercised. In other words, she would never go to work with uncombed hair so she would HAVE to exercise. That is how I am going to try and look at things. Make priorities in my life and to tell you a little secret, I am kind of a big cleaner so I am going to try and leave housework until I have exercised everyday so I will either get out in that pool or walk.

Looking forward to reading your posts today and keep on that smiling face! We are going to SUCCEED!

:) ;) :dizzy: :lol: :) ;) :dizzy: :lol: :) ;) :dizzy: :lol: :) ;) :dizzy:

06-03-2003, 09:45 AM
Hi there, Everyone:)

I would very much like to be a part of your group! It sounds like the perfect match for me :cp:

I am totally serious about getting on with this weight loss thing already, and I need to surround myself with people who are just as serious;)

I am 35 years old and married. I do not have children yet. I live in New Hampshire near the coast.

I think that the challenges you offered are great, Faye!

#1: I am committed to this one:) I work out 5 days a week right now as it is. I alternate between step aerobics, walking on the treadmill and the walk away the pounds video. On the weekends, I try to get as much exercise as possible outdoors, in the form of walking, hiking, gardening, etc.

#2: I think I can do this. I have been working on trying to replace one junk food per day with a good healthy alternative like fruit, fat-free yogurt, etc., but there is ALWAYS room for improvement!!

#3: This one will be hard, obviously, lol! But I am hoping that with the help of all of you here, it will become easier:) For us ALL!!

#4: I am a huge water drinker, so got that one aced;)

#5: Now this might be the hardest one of all for me!! In fact, I had posted in my journal a few days ago that this was a very hard thing for me. I think that I may need to work on this even more than my weight.

#6: I can do this one! Seems like everyone here can do this one;)

Sandy: I am with you on the chips thing, lol! And the candy and cookies and cake and........ :rolleyes: LOL!

I noticed that you live in Maine. What part of Maine, if I may ask? I live in Greenland, New Hampshire. Are you familiar with Greenland? Wow! That would be cool if we lived close;)

Jana: Good luck to you with WW! Do you like it so far? I tried WW awhile back and I found that it stressed me to eat more, LOL!! I think I am weird because I haven't heard anyone else say that.

I see that you have become a Walk Away the Pounds lover. I have the 1, 2 & 3 mile set. LOVE IT!!! Very motivating workout! And I agree about the leader:) The whole gang makes it fun.

Where do you live? Do you grown your own fruits and veggies?

Michelle: Great name, lol! My name is Michelle also:)

I can only imagine the temptation you must feel with that type of work, LOL!!! Oh, how do you do it??

That is so cool that you and your hubby work out together. It is great to have the support of one another! Good for you for sticking with it. What types of workouts do you do? I love that you have been inspired to become a personal trainer when you reach your goal weight:) Excellent! Keep on with the positive attitude and you WILL reach that goal!

Sandy #2: Sounds like you are doing great with the challenges already:)

I am sorry about your having to have a hysterectomy due to endo, but I am sooo glad that you seem to be feeling much better? I am sure that this did not help with the whole weight struggle. You are doing GREAT though!! 25 lbs. lost. Excellent!! Keep at it!! I think that you will reach your goal in no time;)

Faye: First off, thanks so much for starting up this thread! Everyone sounds so motivated. I have belonged to some other groups and it just wasn't active enough. You have to feel like there are people there when you "check in":)

Is water aerobics your exercise of choice? Do you have the weight belt and all of that? I have a pool at my house, too, and I do my own workout in it, but I have wanted to try all the workout equipment. Please let me know if you find it helpful if you use it!

I share the fact that exercise is easier than the food part! I have always loved to work out and have been pretty active my whole life. It is the darn eating that has me bogged down, lol.

I think I got everyone. If not, I am sorry!! I am trying to keep everyone straight. I know that this is a long first post, but I thought it might be easier than responding individually to each person.

Here's to a new beginning!! I think that we can do this if we all set our minds to it and help each other out.

Will check back later :dance:

Michelle :flow2:

06-03-2003, 10:23 AM
Good morning ladies,

Peek - I start my day at the computer, too, with a cup of coffee! I used to start it with a cig a long time ago, so I feel I have made lots of progress, lol. Glad you are back on the wagon - we will help you from falling off again.

Faye - WOO-HOO on the extra weight and additional 2 pounds gone!! I just love Dr. Phil, but his show is not offered on any channels I get on my satelite out here in the boonies. Prioritizing is a good idea! Aren't grandchildren the sweetest??
Mine (the twins) live in the house next door on family property, so I get to see them daily. They will be 1 in less than 2 weeks. How old is yours?

Michelle #1 (Elle) - how are you today?

Michelle # 2 - I am from Indiana and we live in the country. Growing in our own garden (or on trees) right now is lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, green peppers, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, strawberries, blackberries, cherries, pears, onions, peaches and apricots. Then also, we rent someacres to a big farmer who grows watermelons, cantaloupe, wheat and corn. I will literally have melons out my back door. How are things in New Hampshire?

sandy - glad to meet you, and I'm glad you have your health and life back.

Regarding the Tues. challenge - I have to say that I try to keep any "problem" foods out of my house. Chips and chocolate are my downfall, and if I get a craving for them, I work it into my points and buy an individual pack of whatever. So far, so good.

I am more than 100 pounds overweight and try to not dwell on the lonnnnnnggg journey ahead. One day at a time, right ladies?

Toodles for now!

06-03-2003, 10:29 AM
Wow!!! 2 Sandy's and 2 Michelles....LOL, this will be fun.

Michelle/getinfit: I know what you mean about feeling like no one is here on the board. I love to come and read new posts and post more. I like when a board moves really fast (ie...lots of posting) Makes you feel good and lets you know people care and are there for you.

I also have the #3 tape of Walk away the pounds and I loved it when I did it, but it seems I have been lax and the poor thing is growing dust. Today it is beautiful outside so I think a good walk is in order. Tuesdays are my day off from work.

I live in a small town called Bremen, Maine. We are on the coast. My dh is a lobsterman. We are about in the middle of the state. How far down in the state of NH are you? I don't really know NH well, but I have been to Santas Village, Story Land, 6 Gun City and some Trading Post place, you know, all the visitor places. And I did get to see the Old Man on the Mtn. Are they gonna fix that? Can they fix it?

Faye: I'm with the rest of them, thanks for starting the thread and please kick me in the butt if I start to whine.

Check back in a bit.....I warned you:D


06-03-2003, 10:39 AM
Jana: You were posting the same time I was...LOL So good morning to you. I used to start my day with a cig too, but I quit just over a year ago now....my anniversary date was May 28th.

I forgot to let you all in on my weight issue too. I am at.....god, I hate this part, but a wonderful lady I know once told me not to be ashamed of telling people what I weigh, so here is my number........271......

I started a journey on January 29th this year to loose weight and on that date I weighed in at 295 and I got down to 262.5 on May 1st of this year, then things have been lax.....so I did loose 32.5 but have gained back 8.5 in a months time.....that is just too easy to do!!! So I am starting today with a net loss of 24lbs and will start from there. Did that make sense to all of you or am I just being blonde and it only makes sense to me? LOL....

Anyway my number today is 271!!!! I promise to try not to be a scale aholic like I was in the past, I have a problem with obssesion somtimes.:D and from now on I guess Tuesdays are my weigh in day.


06-03-2003, 11:00 AM
Wowee Kazowee! We are really up and going. I was afraid people would stay away because I maybe offended by my complaining comment. I would never offend anyone, BUT I really think pity parties serve no purpose. They never make us feel any better about ourselves and to lose weight and keep it off, we have to start with our brain and fix what is broken up there. I mean, we all have issues that really are the reasons we eat and we need to deal with them to succeed forever. Do you know that not only is failure rate for weight losers a whopping 95%, they also GAIN back 110% and we are not gonna do that girls. We are going to learn our triggers and work to eradicate them, fix our bad habits, and learn maybe not to love exercise, but to make it a permanent part of our lives like carpooling! lol So with that all said, Weds will be Weds Woes. No complaining, just sort of a helpful hints day, where you can come and tell what is giving you trouble and let us give you suggestions on how to overcome it! So put on those thinking caps and get ready to share what is giving you problems.

Now on to the duplicate name thing. No one wants to always be looking at user names or avatars to keep everyone straight so here is what I propose. Peekaboo will be peek instead of Sandy, the other Sandy will be Sandy, giggle will be Michelle and Elle will be Elle instead of Michelle and the rest of us are allowed to keep our current names! lol

I have failed in one thing already this morning dear ladies. One of you ladies who knows me will get a big laugh from this but I succumbed to the housecleaning before my exercise! I tried, but it just didn't happen! lol The good news is right after I get off here, it is out to the pool.

Michelle: I was in a regular water aerobics class for 2 years about 4 years ago and loved it so much. I don't have the weights or the dumbbells, but I do my own thing and really get a very good workout. I still have 160 lbs to lose but I developed a way to do pullups using the bars on the steps and positioning my feet on each side against the wall. I do 10 reps of pulling myself completely out of the water and with my size boy my upper arms get a good workout along with my inner thighs. I do about 8 different exercises and laps. I do 15 reps of each thing repeat them all, then do 4 laps and go back to the reps, I do that for 35 minutes usually.

Jana: My grandchild will be 3 in just a couple weeks. There is absolutely nothing like em!

Well, it is in the pool for me!
Faye ;)

06-03-2003, 11:36 AM
Hi again ladies,

It is raining outside so I'm back and forth from the 'puter to housework. Guess which is winning out? LOL

Faye - could we please just discuss whatever is on our minds and whatever is giving us a problem rather than have a daily assignment? I think maybe this group needs to talk about things as they come up and hopefully, we should all feel free to get "preventive" advice here at any time. BTW - welcome back to the boards!!

Peek - Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! Doesn't it feel so good to NOT smoke anymore?? I love the way my house, car, and myself all smell now!

Gotta go tackle the bathroom...

06-03-2003, 11:42 AM
Hey Again:)

Good to see so many posts!

Jana & Peek: I share the coffee indulgence with you. I had to switch to decaf, though, because I get alot of palpitations. I miss my regular coffee :halfempty:

Way to go for both of you on quitting smoking!!! That is DEFINITELY a step toward a healthier you;)

I am a HUGE fan of Dr. Phil. I saw his show yesterday, Faye, on weight. Sometimes, I think he is a bit TOO simplistic when it comes to the weight issue, though. He sees it very black and white. He says that if you are overweight, it is because you want to be. I understand the whole concept of problems that contribute and "pay offs" etc. I just think that sometimes he thinks that if you want it bad enough you should be able to do it. Like, what's the problem. It ain't that easy! I think that there is alot more to it than anyone has even figured out yet, unfortunately. But, I do love him and have learned alot about myself and why I am the way I am. Too bad you can't get him where you live, Jana! I tape the show every day and then hubby and I watch it together in the evening.

How wonderful that your twin grandchildren live right next door! That is sooo great! You are blessed :goodvibes:

Wow! You sure grow alot of things. I would love to have all that fresh stuff growing outside in my yard. We have so much wild-life here--and we aren't even out in nowhere--that it would be very hard to keep up with. I do alot of flower gardening. It is my passion. I would love to have a veggie garden just once. My dad was big into veggie gardening while I was growing up and I really miss all the great fruits and veggies.

Things are great in New Hampshire. I love it here. We are about 15 minutes from the coast in New Hampshire, 20 from the coast in Mass., and about 20 from the Maine coastline. We are in an ideal spot.

I, too, have alot to lose. About 80-90 lbs. at this point. Yuck!! It IS overwhelming if you think of it that way, but I like to try to break it down into attainable goals.

Peek: I agree about liking a board where there is lots of posting going on. It really DOES make you feel like you aren't trying to do it alone. That is what a support group is supposed to do, right?! We gotta be here for one another! :grouphug:

Glad you like the Walk Away the Pounds tape. It really is a good workout, but I like to walk outdoors when I can too. Time to dust off those tapes and add em back in, as well!!

I do not know where Breman is. I will have to look at my map! You mentioned you have been to some trading post. I bet it was the Kittery Trading Post?? We are not far from the Maine border at all. Just a few minutes. Do you know where Portsmouth is? We are just minutes from there.

Yes, we did lose the Old Man on the Mountain. There has been some talk of putting another one up, but I don't think it will fly. Alot of people do not want a man made one. It is kinda sad given that it is our state symbol. It feels weird to have it on our license plates, etc., knowing it is no longer there.

((((Peek))))) That was a big step in telling us how much you weigh!! I know this because it is a huge step for me to tell as well. I HATE giving it away. I always dread the subject. But, I am doing to do it here and now, lol........242...as of last weighing. This could have changed either way since then, lol!! I think that you have done a WONDERFUL job of losing that much weight in such a short time!!! Are you kidding?? Lax??? No way!!! From 295 in January to 271 now! Excellent!!! Don't even beat yourself up or try to take away from that accomplishment!! It had taken me a year to lose 25 measley pounds, lol!! Then I gained almost half back! So, you go!!!!

I do agree about being a scale-a-holic. I have never been one to be too focused on the scale. In fact, I make it a point NOT to weigh myself too often because I know it sets me up for failure. There are so many things that can factor into your weight on any given day. I weigh myself once a month now. I measure inches lost once per month as well. Measuring inches lost is a much more accurate depiction of what is really going on than lbs. because of hormonal fluctuations, etc. Just keep on staying focused on making those little changes, Peek! You are doing great:)

Faye: I heard that about the failure rate of people who lose weight yesterday, too. Disturbing, isn't it!

It sounds like you like to get your exercise done first thing in the morning, too. This is how I am. I HAVE to do it first or I know it will NOT get done later. I love to exercise, but by day's end, I am tired and I know I won't be able to make myself do it. So, this keeps me from sloughing off. It gives me more energy and a better spirit for the day as well!

I am envious that you are swimming already. Here in New Hampshire, it can take a bit before it is warm enough. Although, it IS June 3 now. It should be warmer than it is. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.... Your water workout that you do sounds really good. It is good to have something that you enjoy doing. You will stick with it more!

Well....as you can see, I can certainly ramble, too!! I need to get out there and get some gardening done. Before it rains again, tomorrow!

Got my step aerobics in this morning and am doing good so far. Hope you all have a great and healthy day today! It is so nice to be getting to know one another :grouphug:

:flow1: Michelle :flow2:

06-03-2003, 12:28 PM
***Please understand!!! This board is OPEN to any kind of conversation at anytime. Also, I want to keep the daily thing, BUT and this is it, it is for those of you who WISH to participate. No one has to do it. This is not a military camp. You may not want to do it everyday and that is ok. Some of you may not want to at all and THAT IS OK TOO! We want everyone to come here and have a good time. About the only thing I want to keep a big handle on is letting this board wallow in pity. I have seen a bunch of the boards start out so great and end up with everyone complaining ALL the time and then people end up dropping out. We have to have some time where we really really need to talk about something and I don't consider that complaining. Complaining to me is day after day saying this or that and never attempting to do anything about it. I want everyone to succeed so much and we are all here to help each other do that! You are a great bunch of ladies and all on the ball about your weight loss.***

Michelle: I am with you about Dr Phil. I pretty much watch him everyday as it is right around the time my dh gets home from work, but I hardly agree with him all the time. In fact, he had this one show where this one woman said how fat people were taking up her space and I thought he was a weeny about addressing it. I e-mailed him and told him he screwed up big time. I told him: "Other than health issues, there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with being fat. We may have the desire to be thinner, want to get in better shape to allow ourselves to do things, get healthy, but I am fed up with people looking at us as if we are aliens from another planet. Just because our body is bigger than someone else has not one darn thing to do with who we are and I am not now nor will I EVER be ashamed of my body. No emotionally unstable woman that can't seem to get her head screwed on straight is gonna tell me I am taking up HER space." She was a real piece of work. I ranted at my husband for half hour after the show was over and then came up and let loose on Dr PHil.

Jana: Wondered when you would figure out who I was! I was going to give you one more day and then tell you! lol I had to get some things straight before coming back.

Well, I went over, got into the pool, almost had cardiac arrest (only kidding) from it being cold and the wind is blowing a little and did my 30 minutes. I cannot tell you how great water aerobics is especially for morbidly obese people. Your body uses the muscles, but the water protects knees, ankles etc that out of water cannot do. I do deep knee bends in the water and absolutely cannot do that out of water without dislocating my kneecap.

Well, I have blabbed here enough so I am getting off.


06-03-2003, 12:34 PM
:wave: Hi there my new found friends,

Jana: your making me laugh today, I'm cleaning the house too, and keep checking in on the computer....guess which one is winning more time here? :lol: . You got to look at the bright side, I am keeping my fingers busy and not thinking and obssessing about the food.

I can't get Dr. Phil either. I wish I could. Maybe I'm just not catching it at the right time? I have Dircetv, does anyone use that? And what channel do you tune in to to catch him?

I like the way Faye has asked us to use the names, it will keep us straight...or it will me anyway :) .

Michelle: Thanks for the compliments on my weight loss so far. I am not putting the 24 lbs gone down at all!!! I love that. I was just trying to state that it seems so easy to put it all back on and to fall back in to old habits.

I am being strong today.....here it is 11:36 and I have had my coffee and oatmeal for breakfast. I usually don't eat breakfast, and I know I should, so now I am adding it to my plan!!!

Okay, time to wax the kitchen floor, then maybe I will get to the shower. I will be back...you know I will:D

06-03-2003, 01:05 PM
Well ladies, after wallowing in my own self pity for a while, I read your posts today from work and decided to jump on your bandwagon. I think today I will give up chocolate....(unfortunately I had already eaten a handful of Hershey's kisses...but that was BEFORE i read these posts). Chocolate is my main weakness, so today I will have no more! I have found these great ice cream sandwiches made by Skinny Cow, which are fat free! And verrrrry tasty! A good "helpful" snack. Now as for the objectives...
1. I'm shooting for 5 days of exercise at 30 minutes each shot. I went on a 2 mile walk yesterday and will probably do the 2 mile Walk Away the Pounds tonight (poopy weather here in PA).
2. My one food...hmmm....I will try to cut out mayonnaise...of course the full fat kind is best, so that's what my goal will be. i can't jump right up to french fries, now can I? :)
3. I am going to try my hardest, though my bummy attitude holds me down sometimes.
4. Water I'm pretty good on. I try to get in 4 bottles a day at work. Each bottle is 16-oz. So if every 2 hours I have one bottle, by the end of the day, I got my 64oz. in. AND I"m a crystal light addict, so that definitely helps.
5. I'd say this is my tough one. :( I do have problems believing that I'm beautiful, but I'm gonna tell myself I am. My best friend and I were college roommates and we started telling each other 'you look hot!" merely as a joke, but it got us to the point where we belived we were...so I'm gonna stick to this one.
6. I will do my best to help others, it's something I'll gladly do becaues I know I could definitely use the help. :)

Thanks for this group ladies, I hope it's ok if I jump in.

06-03-2003, 01:39 PM
Afternoon, all you beautiful ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gee OH!!!!! I get up and go to the gym for my workout, that is after I drop off ds for his summer fun program and the is one moving thread. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that the fact that many are posting it helps keep you focused on what we all are doing!

OK like many of you I too am a morning person for the puter but this morning I decided not to and get a move on the day. Faye,(my middle name even with the e and all), thanks for sharing that little bit from Dr Phill. I haven't made up my mind yet on if I like him or not. Have only got to watch about 3 shows and that is it.

The weather is not working with us here as well. There are lots of people who have been complaining about the rain but I tell them to be glad that we have it cause it a month or so you will be wishing for the rain.

My thing for today is to eat healthy snack. I usually start off with good intentions(and we all know where that leads) and some days I make it and some days I don't. Today I have already decided that either fruit or yogurt is going to be my snacks that is if I even need them. Have already gotten in 40 oz of water and had my healthy start for the day. My breakfast was lunch today. Working evenings I tend to get into that trap but hey it works and that is all that matters to me.

I could go on but I have to finish getting ready for work. Time to go and get a move on.

Here's a little saying from a plaque that is hanging in the deli of the grocery store where I work..........It is hard to soar with eagle when you fly with turkeys. Think about it. It is so true.

Here's to a BLESSED DAY!!!!!!!!!


06-03-2003, 01:47 PM
Hey Missy welcome, welcome, welcome! Good for you. It is really just a test of what strength we really do have to give something up for just 1 day. You have to take it one day at a time! Missy, I think pretty much everyone is a Skinny Cow eater, but I have to tell you that I found great very low fat ice cream sandwiches at Kroger and they are the Klondike brand and I even like them better. They have a smoother ice cream I think though the Skinny Cow have a lot of flavors now and these are either chocolate or vanilla. Another chocolate substitute is Honey Maid graham has come out with these little chocolate graham sticks and they are yummy and I think you get 14 sticks for about 120 cal or so. I know they are lower than the ole Hershey kisses! lol

The reason I am back at it so soon is because I am a dope and know little or nothing about starting new threads so I asked Peek to do it for me. She wanted me to poll you ladies and find out how often you want to start a new one, every 30 posts, once a month or what? My personal opinion, though I really don't care is maybe no later than the 4th page. I guess it depends whether or not we have a lot of posts and it looks like we are a talking group which is great!

I just saw on the internet news they have indicted Martha Stewart for her insider trading. Whoops, Marty, you should have stuck to cooking and decorating and left the stocks to your investment manager! lol I of course do not have to worry about prison for insider trading. I have nothing to trade inside with! :lol:

Well, that is really what I wanted to ask you guys, so give Peek your opinion and she will implement it.


06-03-2003, 02:23 PM
Heres the thing about the threads. I don't care how long they tend to get? And you can set your own options in your edit options page here on 3fc. Mine are set at 20 posts per page. I belong to another group that starts another new thread every 30 posts or so and yet another that starts a new one the first of every month. But, what I'm trying to get at is if you have your option set at 10 posts per page you are getting 2 pages to my 1, get the idea.

I think I prefer to start a new one every month that way everyone is aware that a new one will be starting on the first of the month. I'm not always as chatty as today, but today is my day off and it's my first day of being back OP for so long, that I just need to be here a lot today. So let us know?


PS) Just had a :T lunch....macarroni and tomatoes....love it. and am on like the 3rd tall glass of water.

06-03-2003, 03:57 PM
OK...I think I just experienced a miracle first hand.

My office is naughty food central in that we are right next to a conference room where the 'big wigs' have their meetings. Of course my office gets all the leftovers. This morning there was eggs, bacon, all that crappy-for-you breakfast food. I successfully resisted! Then this afternoon we got a big tray of super rich desserts! I successfully resisted that too, even with CHOCOLATE! UGH! Then...we got this gorgeous thing of fresh fruit. It was like a savior! LOL This thing is soooo cool! All the fruit is on skewers and cut to look like flowers and then it's all in a terra cotta pot! But at any rate, it was just in the nick of time for me!


06-03-2003, 05:27 PM
Welcome to the group, Missy:) And what a great little group we have!

I share in your weakness for chocolate...especially this kind... :m: :m: :m: Then again, who doesn't like chocolate? It is hard to stay away from.

Good for you for staying away from all the not so good for you foods and choosing the fruit. Who went to such an effort to do it up like flowers in pots?? Cool idea!! That would be a great way to get kids to eat it, too. The more appealing/fun you make it look, the better the chance you will choose that!

Another Walk Away the Pounds Fan...that is great. Keep at it!! If for nothing else but the way it makes you feel and the health benefits :strong:

Faye: LOL about giving it to Dr. Phil about the weight issue!! I remember him saying once that if you follow a thin person around you will see how different their lifestyle is from a heavy person's. That was such a generalized statement. Not every heavy person sits on the couch all day eating bon bons. Yes, this does contribute, and yes, there are people who DO have very minimal activity and who DO eat alot. But I do not believe that this is the norm. I have plenty of really tiny friends who do NOTHING BUT eat all day, lol, and don't do a whole lot of anything else. They don't exercise and they sit at their job all day. If THEY followed ME around all day, I don't know as if they could keep up, lol!! So, there is more to it than just eating too much.

Glad you were able to stay in that frigid water even though you probably wanted to jump right out again, lol!! And you are right about it being good for you. Very gentle on the body.

I am making a note to get the Klondike ice cream sandwiches that you mentioned. Helps to have options!

Peek: So sorry that I misread what you had originally said about losing weight. I went back and looked and you weren't beating yourself up at all, lol!! :sorry: I do agree that it is easy to gain it back!! The same has been happening to me. :stress:

Dr. Phil is on CBS....if that helps at all. I do not have Direct Tv. He is on at 3 where I live, but I know the times are different for everyone.

Good idea about adding breakfast. I have the same problem. This has been one of my goals for sooooo long. I simply forget to do it. I don't like to eat before I work out, so I get busy with other things afterwards and I forget breakfast. They say that it helps with weight loss. Especially eating oatmeal. I will think of you each morning while making myself do it, lol!

Sandy: How was your workout? Great that you made time for that!

I think you are right about the rain. Every summer, it can be dry and we can be having a drought and people STILL complain the ONE day it rains. Better to have too much than too little.

I hope you do well with the snacking today. It helps to have a plan in motion and it sounds like you do;)

As for the posts and when to start a new thread....I am fine with whatever you all decide to do. No problem :spin:

My food intake was going good til I came in and ate 2 :cookie: Bad bad bad!

So far today:


1 cup decaf black coffee
1 banana
1/2 cup oatmeal


roast beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese & mustard on whole wheat bread


2 ginger/molasses cookies

I am making fajittas with a nice green salad for dinner. If I do not overeat at dinner and do not snack tonight, I will be fine. Alot of IF's there!!! :lol:

Ok, I am off for now. You gals have a wonderful evening, okie dokie?!

Oh, by the way, my AOL Instant Messenger is Getinfit and my Yahoo Instant Messenger is Michelle03840. Feel free to give me a holler if anyone ever wants to chat!



06-03-2003, 06:57 PM
Three cheers for Missy! Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray! Nice going girl. I used to work for a fancy law firm and my desk was across the hall from the kitchen. There seemed to be yummy foods in there all the time on top of the fact they bought candy and snacks AND every kind of soft drink imaginable for us to eat and it didn't cost us a dime. Every client there was food, every deposition, food, and on and on.

Man, I tore my thumb all to heck getting clothes out of the washer so when I went to the pool it stung big time, came back and took out another load and did the same thing in the same spot, then this afternoon burned the whole length of same thumb on the upper burner on the oven taking something out. What a total klutz I have been today.

Dh called at 2 to say he had to work about 2 hours overtime at least. We always eat early because he works 6-3 and has lunch at like 11. I usually have dinner ready at 4 so I am starving. I ate a few pretzel sticks and an orange, but if I don't hear from him soon I am going to finish BBQing the top sirloin, make myself some rice and a veggie and eat.

Regarding my avatar, I love Thomas Kinkade paintings. I received one for Christmas from my children year before last and below is a picture of the adorable music box my husband bought me on our recent vacation. It plays Bette Midler's "From a Distance" and the house and light house light up.

Well ladies, I hope you have a delightful evening!

Faye :)

06-03-2003, 10:59 PM
Good night girls,
I stayed on plan today!!! My hubby came home and sent me off to Bingo (I love bingo) so I hae been away from my puter for a while. But I did manage to stay on plan.

Today I ate.....2 cups coffee
1 serving oatmeal(br sugar and cinn flavor)

Lunch: Macarroni and tomatoes...
Supper: Chix salad sandwich ( you know the canned chix)
3 pcs of bacon

snack: 2 pieces of toast with strawberry jam

That was it.....except for lots of water and I did have one diet vanilla coke and I think it was caffine free.

Check in with you all in the a.m.


06-03-2003, 11:15 PM
Evening ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems like everyone has done a really grat jod today of staying OP. I had 2 slips but hey it's over with and tomorrow is the start of anither day. As for the starting a thread it really makes to difference to me whatsoever. Just got home from work and I am just about ready to hit the hay I have to be up early in the morning for an early day. Workout went great. Time for bed so that I can get my beauty rest and be energized for tomorrow.


06-04-2003, 07:22 AM
Rise and Shine BEAUTIFUL ladies. It's the start of a new day. I am beutiful......and I will radiate this today? Gosh, I hope so? I got an e mail from my boss yesterday, she said we are moving the office to a better location and we are changing the name slightly? I do all the book work, so I wonder how slightly and how intence this will be for me to change everything over. I might be busy for a bit? The office is smaller, but she plans on working from home lots, so that's a plus for me. We will see.

I'm having my first cup of java with you girls again, sugar free again. I think today I will focus on making sure I get all the water in, I'm not sure how much I did yesterday, I did not measure it. It was a lot though.

I will check in from work....
Wishing you all a wonderful OP day.

06-04-2003, 07:44 AM
Good Morning ladies!

I only have a couple minutes as I am taking dh to work this morning and stopping at the store.

Way to go Sandy! That is the way to look at slips, you'll do better tomorrow. Tomorrow is here so I know you will do spectacular today.

I had a terrible time sleeping last night. My one hip wouldn't quit hurting. Old age is the pits! lol

My Wednesday woe is not about a trouble I am having as I seem to be doing pretty good, it is about others. My wish is that overweight people were seen as just people, like people with glasses are people who wear glasses or people that wear purple and orange together, though they have no fashion sense :lol: , they are who they are. Together I think we can work to make it more acceptable not being tiny by holding our heads up and being proud of who we are. If the world sees we are not ashamed, they will not shame us!

Be proud of the wonderful and beautiful human being you are inside and OUT!

Got out and take the world by storm today ladies.

Peek, hold onto the lifeboat, it may be a rocky ride. Our company was bought out and they changed everything and it was crazy. (the funny thing is the company did poorly financially so they sold it back and so everything had to be changed again!)

Faye :)

06-04-2003, 09:10 AM
Good morning Everyone:)

We were supposed to get all kinds of rain today, but it looks like it will just be a shower here and there later tonight. For now, we are blessed with sunshine :flame:

Faye: I hope that your thumb is feeling better this morning. Isn't that always the case? Once you hurt it, you just keep on hurting it!!

I love Thomas Kinkade as well. I love to go to the little gallery in the mall. My MIL bought us one of the little display plates for our Anniversary one year. His stuff is just beautiful. Expensive, but beautiful;)

How is your hip feeling? Hate when you can't sleep because your body isn't feeling good! I had one of those nights too.

I, too, wish that people would see overweight people as just the same. It bothers me that people have to put a label on it to begin with. My mother does this alot. When she is talking about someone, she always has to throw a comment in about size if they are overweight. It never has anything to do with anything. It is a common descriptor for her. People just can't seem to see beyond it.

Peek: Did you have fun at Bingo?? That is definitely a good time :dance:

Great attitude you have this morning!! It got that song, "You are Beautiful" by Christina Aguilara in my head, :lol:

Good luck with your office move. Hopefully, it will not be too stressful or too much of a burden for you!

I guess my Wednesday Woe would be in regard to what you were talking about, Faye. This whole "love yourself" and "you are beautiful" concept is a hard one for me to apply to myself. And the thing is, until I learn to accept MYSELF and love MYSELF for who I am--regardless of my size--I will continue to project that aura that it is ok to judge me for it. If that makes sense. I think when you are confident and feel good about yourself, it radiates and people tend to be more able to overlook, or not focus on size. This is something I really need to work on. I think it really started to wear on me when my mom made a comment about my older sister who is overweight also. She called me and told me that my sister had lost all her looks. That she wasn't even pretty anymore and that she just looked old and haggard and worn out. My sister is only 37!! She has been gaining even more weight lately and my mother is constantly on her case about it. It really upset me for her to be saying this about my sister. I thought it was mean. It's like, you can't be pretty if you are overweight? She definitely equates looks with size. And if she can say this about my sister, what does she say about me behind my back? If my own mother isn't even accepting of her overweight children, why would I expect the world to be? The frustrating part of it is that my mom is not free of weight issues herself. Granted, she is not obese, but she has weight problems. I told her once that she needed to have some understanding and compassion for anyone seriously overweight because if she can't even lose the few pounds she needs to lose, why wouldn't it be a million times harder for those carrying ALOT of extra weight? I mean, really! Anyway....there are alot of things going on for me that contribute to the poor body-image and self-image. My other big issue is that I have had alot of hair loss going on. I have had everything checked. Even had a biopsy of my scalp by my Dermatologist. It is plain old heriditary hair loss. My older sister has this and a few others in the family. In the past year, alot has fallen out. I used Rogaine for 8 months and it did nothing. What a pain that was! Anyhow, I am not bald, but you can see through to my scalp in the front. Like the outline and it wears on me every time I look in the mirror. Combine that with the weight and I have a hard time feeling anything but freakish sometimes, lol! :yikes:

I know that the tapes we play over and over in our own heads do not help. I believe that we say more negative things to ourselves than anyone else ever could. It is how to stop those messages. So, this is what I really really REALLY need to work on!! How to do this, though? Any suggestions? My husband is wonderful to me. He tells me that I am beautiful every single day and I know that he means it. But until I feel that way about myself, it doesn't change a thing. The funny thing is that if anyone else told me that they were feeling this way, I would tell them to stop it and tell them all the wonderful things I know to be true about them and blah, blah, blah. So, why can't I tell myself the same things and BELIEVE THEM, :lol: ??

Ok, again, I have rambled enough. I am going to go do my step aerobics. Hoping our weather warms up soon here so that I can start adding swimming to my day as well! It is not really getting out of the 60's or low 70's for the next week or so. I wonder if this will be a cold summer?

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

06-04-2003, 10:35 AM
I cannot believe I can't go into a grocery store and not spend a bunch of money. I went in there for a couple pet things and ended up spending $52 and that is not even regular grocery shopping, which I get to go and do today. DH is gonna kill me because he always goes with me so I don't have to carry in the groceries when we get home. He is forever telling me not to go while he is at work so he can help me, but I want to get it done.

As soon as ole 9 am rolls around I am off to the pool. I want to get done so I can go to the store. The one I go to is a quite a drive from home and I buy the bulk of my groceries for 2 weeks at a time.

Michelle: Honey, I am so sorry that besides the overweight issue, you have to deal with hair loss. That in itself is one heck of a self image destroyer. You keep that beautiful chin of yours up and keep plugging along and you will succeed! As for the Thomas Kinkade, you are right he can be expensive, but if you really like him having just a couple of his things are nice. My little music box was less than $35 and it gives me a nice peaceful feeling listening to the music and seeing the little lights in the cottage.

To everyone else I wish a great OP morning and day. Dig deep in your souls today girls and bring up that strength of commitment I know that each of you have to do this. For inspiration for all you have to do today here are our little friends to remind us!
:strong: :grouphug: :nono: :chef:

Looking ahead to tomorrow. I am making Thurs our Time for you Thur. Now this is real important gals so try and do this if at all possible. Try and take at least an hour on Thur to do something for yourself. Manicure, pedicure, read a book, nice leisurely bath, crafts, gardening, BINGO!, anything that gives you just an hour to yourself. Talk to dh and tell him that he is responible for 1 hour for the kids on Thur if you can't get it in during the day and have kids at home. I know that not working outside the home and not having children in the home, I have an unusual amount of time most of you don't but try to give yourself the time. You deserve it for all the hard work you do. If Thur is not a good day, pick a day and get your hour in.

Be sweet ladies


06-04-2003, 10:44 AM
Good morning ladies and thanks for all the happy thoughts! I feel so welcomed to this group! I did pretty good yesterday, though I OD'd on the Snack Wells mini choco chip cookies! But no more than 2 servings, so not soooo bad. I am a pertual non-cook, so I rely on microwaveable stuff for meals at work, today I'm having Spaghettios, 180 cal and 1 g fat, not too bad for a junk food, right? The only thing I strayed from yesterday was my exercise, I took a MEGA power walk on Monday and am still sore from that...plus being overly tired from my 'mystery illness'. *shrug* Who knows?

BUT...today is a new day and I do feel mostly beautiful today, i say mostly because we are having YET ANOTHER day of rain here in Pennsylvania. I'm starting to wonder if we are going for 40 days/40 nights of straight rain!!! But how can one expect to have a good hair day in weather like this?

Anyway, good luck today ladies!!!! Keep up the good, I mean GREAT work!
:) :) :) :)

06-04-2003, 10:49 AM
Hey there girls,
I'm at work now and all alone....just the way I like it:D . I have started the day off good once again, I have had 2 coffees and a bowl of cereal (cocoa-puffs) I think that helps the sweet need, it was a small bowl, then hubby saw me drinking the milk right out of the bowl...:lol: he said "OH WHAT A LADY YOU ARE:D " he was laughing. Now I know I am not the only one to drink my cereal mild...LOL.

So, I'm ready to switch over to water for the rest of the day. I brought my lunch too, tuna is the choice today.

Yes, I had a wonderful time at Bingo, but I didn't win a thing:mad: .

Michelle: OMG, I can so understand the hair thing. I have really thin hair and you can see my scalp and I am 33 years old. I have always had thin hair, but lately it just seems to be getting thinner. I try not to let it bother me, there is nothing I can do about it. If you stop to look around though, you will find lots of woman that have thin or thinning hair. My hair is so thin that if I forget to wear a hat outside I will burn the top of my scalp, then it peels and looks like I have major dandruff going on:?: .

On the thread issue? I think if I am in charge of it, I will start a new one every month, that way we all know that come the first of the month give or take a day a new one will be started. I will always leave the last posting saying that we have moved on and where to find us and will just add the number of the thread to the end of the name like this Time for SERIOUS FUN #2.

I guess I should really get to work, this is a pay week and I have to get all these time sheets entered so I can print checks.

Tootles chick pea's,

06-04-2003, 12:46 PM
BRRRRRRRRRRR! Hear my teeth cccchattering? The water was
COLD this morning. I put my big ole banana boat foot on that step and had something akin to a sexual experience without the partner and the afterglow:lol: I did increase my exercise time by 5 minutes today. I am also down another 1.5 lbs! Look out world here comes the sexy old lady!

Ok, Peek's been watching too much Gidget on the TV. That was the last time I heard tootles!:lol: Actually, I love that show. I just think it is so cute. I would have died for some of those clothes she wore when I was a kid. And now from the diaries of Faye and her kooky family: Your Cocoapuffs made me think of when my daughter was in high school. She bought some CocoPebbles at the store when I went shopping and kept them in her room as a snack. She ate pretty much the whole box I guess almost at one sitting dry not with milk (she is skinny as a rail I might add!) and ended up getting really really sick. She was out of school for 3 days with an impacted bowel. Needless to say, she never did that again!

Missy you are very much part of this group! BUT spaghettios....ugh! :lol: I used to gag when I gave them to my kids. They loved the kind with the little meatballs if I remember right. The grandson is not allowed stuff like that so it has been a really really long time! I would have never thought they would be that low cal though. Eat up and enjoy, but give those ole choc chip cookies a good cursing out for making you eat them. HOW DARE THEY DO SUCH A THING!

Well, though I would love to linger and yak up a storm, the store is calling my name so I better get to it!

Au Revoir Mes Amis!

06-04-2003, 01:59 PM
This board is gonna get me fired from work, LOL. It gives me something to do during the slow times, which lately, have been a plenty, so I turn towards the net for things to occupy my time, instead of those tasty food items people always bring in....there is one of those leftover "retirement' style cakes sitting here...it doesn't even look good, but it's slightly calling my name! But I was a good girl today and had an english muffin (complete with nooks and crannies) for breakfast.

Anywho...yep Faye, I'm a junk food junkie...McD's fries are my WEAKNESS, and chocolate and salt. Pretty much ANYTHING that's bad for you. BUT, I am a big 25 year old loser who doesn't make enough $$$ to live on her own, so my mommy still makes me dinners, and I learned early on how tasty veggies can be, so I always have veggies in my dinner. But yeah, Spaghettios, don't know why but...mmmm...they are good. I THOUGHT about the meatball ones, but they weren't worth that extra 7g of fat!!! I also prefer Kraft Mac & Cheese to the homemade stuff, how's that for weird.

So today ladies I'm looking for suggestions...what are some good snacks to eat. I love choco chip rice cakes but they are getting old. Also snacked on the low fat grahams. But I pretty much like anything, so...lay some suggestions on me...but remember, easiness is the KEY to me.



06-04-2003, 02:01 PM
PS - I'm afraid if I curse out the cookies Faye they will jump in my mouth again to shut me up! LOL So I'm just locking them FARRRRRR away.

06-04-2003, 02:16 PM
Missy, try the amost fat free microwave popcorns....they are a lifesaver to me at times. I love the Orville Redenbocker Kettle corn one for a sweet and I mean sweet treat. Or try the skinny cow ice cream treats or the Klondike ones.....and Snackwells are good if you can eat just one serving~~~ I too have a hard time with a box of goodies sitting there just staring at me. I think that is where I have to learn the self control thing.

I just got done with the payroll and had my lunch and figured I would pop on in and see how everyone was doing.......ONE BIG PROBEM???? Where the heck is everyone? Yesterday we were chatty chatty and today???? Let's see this makes ummmmmm I think #3 post for me today and 3 or 4 for Missy and 3 for Faye and 1 nice big one for Michelle:) so that leaves......Jana and elle, and the other Sandy????? Where are you girls today?

Faye, major grocery trip huh? Don't forget all the wonderful healthy foods you have on your list. "TOOTLES":lol: I must have heard someone say it or seen in on someones post, cause I don't usually use that word, but I kinda like it, so I think I will use it for a while:D .

I will try to get my walk in today or at least some of the Walk away the pounds tape. I was lax with the exercise bit yesterday, but I was cleaning the house a lot, laundry is in the cellar and I washed and waxed the kitchen floor. But the challenge is 4 times a week right?


06-04-2003, 02:56 PM
Good afternoon Gang :goodvibes:

I am working in my office today, trying to organize things a bit. That is always fun:) And I actually DO mean that :cb:

I am drinking decaf mandarin orange tea with raspberry honey. It is kind of a breezy, chilly day today, and I just felt like some tea. Plus, I was hoping it would chase the munchies away!! So far, so good!

Faye: I know what you mean about shopping and prices!! Jeff, my husband, and I keep saying how we can't believe how much it costs to go to the grocery store these days!! :rolleyes: Especially when you try to be good and load up on fruits and veggies!! Yikes!!

ROFL :lol: about your little cold water experience this morning!!! But, CONGRATULATIONS on your 1.5 lb. weight loss!!!! Excellent!!! :cp: You are doing very well, my dear!! Keep it up:)

Missy: I like spaghettios every once in a while, too! I don't eat them often, but every few months I will have some.

And with the cereal, my husband likes to eat alot of the "not so good for you" kinds, and I enjoy a bowl or 2 here and there. I had to implement a rule where we are only allowed to get the "junk" kind once per month, lol!

I forget what you said you do for work, Missy? I don't envy you trying to resist all that stuff. It would be calling my name, too, lol!!! Don't give in to the urge. Post here if need be. We will try to talk you down, :lol:

Hey, don't be calling yourself a loser, either, just because you aren't able to move out yet. The time will come soon enough!

You asked for snack suggestions. Do you like fruit and yogurt? Frozen grapes and frozen blueberries are really good. Also, if you cut up some banana and dip it in some chocolate sauce and freeze, these are delish as well. Warning about the blueberries....don't eat them at work unless you don't care that your mouth and lips will turn completely blue, lol. They are my favorite snack at night during the summer when it is hot, though!! Fat-free puddings are good too. I like the devil's food kind. Even a whole wheat peanut butter sandwich is a very healthy thing! Plus, it will give you more staying power than alot of the sugary cookies, candy and cakes, etc. What about some low-fat cottage cheese and some veggies for dipping? All these things are easy and portable:) Half a turkey sandwich with lowfat cheese and mustard is good. Try to think of snacks that have more satisfying elements. That might help you through a tough afternoon at work!

Peek: How are you doing on your water intake today? Do you like flavored seltzers? I like those as sometimes just plain water can be a bit redundant.

Bummer that you didn't win anything with Bingo last night! Maybe next time :spin:

I am sorry that you, too, suffer with the hair loss thing. 33 IS young! I am 35, so young for me too. I guess I should consider myself lucky that it took this long to kick in. My older sister has had this problem since her early 20's. And much worse than mine. Did you ever try the Rogaine? It is such a pain to use!! I wish that they could make it more convenient. I would really like to look into hair replacement. It is VERY expensive, though, and I just can't afford it. My Dermatologist said that it does work, though. It used to be alot more noticeable, but they have apparently come a long way. I am saving my pennies!! Have you ever tried a scalp protector spray like Banana Boat?? It has SPF 15 and you spray on both scalp and hair. Protects from burning and keeps hair from getting damaged by the sun. I use it during the summer all the time and it works without making your hair greasy, sticky, etc. It sure isn't fun to have this going on, is it :cry:

Have any of you heard of this new oil called Enova?? It is made from soybean and canola oils and they are saying it may help you lose weight and body fat. A tablespoon of Enova contains the same 120 calories and 14 grams of fat as regular oil, but it is metabolized so that more is burned for energy instead of being stored as fat. They say that there are no bad side-effects like was found with Olestra. It is not widely available in the US yet, but you can buy it online at www.enovaoil.com. It is pricey, though--$5.79 plus S&H per bottle. I wonder if this stuff really does what it claims. At the very least, if it isn't stored as fat, that is a great thing!! Would make using oil alot more healthy.

Also, was wondering if any of you have tried Splenda?? I am not a fan of diet softdrinks with artificial sweeteners because I can't stand the taste. Does Splenda taste like the traditional artificial sweeteners?? Would love to hear anyone's comments on this as I am thinking of trying it!

Ok, I have done another long post here. Sorry :smug:

I better get back to my organizing! Enjoy the rest of your day :grouphug:

06-04-2003, 03:30 PM
OK it's the post-addict again. LOL

Michelle - A quick note on Splenda, I myself can't stand artificial sweeteners either, but a co-worker of mine SWEARS by Splenda, she said it tastes great and not at all 'chemically' the way the others taste. It's supposedly great for baking and such too. So, who knows.

I actually work as a copywriter in the Advertising department at this department store called Boscov's, which if you live in the tri-state area, or even NY, you're sure to have heard of.

Today has been pretty good for temptations, but when I stopped by the grocery store this morning (for my spaghettios of course) I picked up these new jell-o pudding snacks...they are like gummi pudding. Not very great tasting, but satisfying my chocolate cravings...they are at about 90 cal, 2.5g fat....of course now I've had 4 packs (they are way mini!)...GRRR!!! But it's not the worst...I'm ok with that, so now i'm trying to pack on the water consumption to make up for it. I don't recommend these little guys...you get 6 packs (which, as I said, are SMALL) for like $2.69...not worth it.

GREAT suggestions guys too...Michelle I actually LOVE fruit (not bananas tho)...I have a question....If you use that pudding mix, and add skim milk, it will be fat free, right? I mean it only makes sense...but I wasn't sure.

As a snack suggestion to you guys, I loved baked tostitos and salsa, it's a tasty combo with very low cals and fat.

I'm pretty much just trying that...drinking water...working out 4-5 days a week....and then doing low fat/low cal as much as possible.

What's coffee like too? I load it up with about 6 sugars and 3 creamers...pretty bad, huh? I never really knew but I'm trying to be more conscious now.

OK sorry for the rambling and the abundance of posts today, I'm just trying to keep you ladies entertained!!!

Off for now....

06-04-2003, 04:34 PM
:wave: Missy, my posting addict buddy. Don't you just love to post? I do!!!!! I love the baked tostitas too with salsa when I can find them. I hate bananas too:) .

I have a great pumkin pudding recipe that is almost fat free, I know it's like 1 pt on WW for a good size portion, and it tastes just like pumpkin pie minus the crust that is.

Michelle: I've never tried rogaine, didn't know if it really worked. I guess I just accepted that I have thin hair and there is nothing I can do about it other than buy a wig:lol: and that ain't happening...LOL

Faye: What did you find good at the store? I saw your grham cracker stick things at the store when I stoped on the way home, but wowzers they were like $3.69 a box.

On the menu for tonight is.....Spaggetti (I love pasta) Sauce with some hamburger, gr. pepper, onion and mushrooms in it. And of course I have to have a piece of garlic bread.....this I think is okay because like 6 months ago I would have eatten half the loaf...thats no joke.

Missy: coffee with 6 sugars and 3 creams......omg, do you want some coffee to go with all that sugar:lol: .......that's what I ask my sil all the time, cause she uses lots of sugar too. I say try this, tomorrow cut back on one sugar and see how that goes, then in another day or two cut out another, until you can wean yourself. The cream actually sweetens the coffee, and I buy the FF flavored creams, so that's even better.


06-04-2003, 06:32 PM
Guess what????? I get Dr. Phil and I didnt even know it.

I happened to be turning the tv on for my 5 year old in her room and turned to cbs and OMG there was Dr. Phil. I guess I never noticed, because usually I don't watch to much tv, and at this time of day usually my kids have it or hubby does.

06-04-2003, 08:16 PM
You guys are so funny! I was cracking up at some of the posts.

Peek: You are a real hoot. Now you can get your Dr Phil fix. Please feel free to swear at him when he makes a stupid fat call!
Hey, I was excellant today, fresh pears, apples, nectarines, cantaloupe, frozen Bberrries, raspberries, ff pdding, low fat cr cheese (fat free stuff is nasty!), low fat margarine, tiny little bagels that are only 70 cal, lean cuisine etc meals, lean pockets, my graham snacks (only 2.50$ at the comm) and then all the junk my dh eats. I bought diet IBC rootbeer. Whooeee! NOT a good choice and it is expensive. Darn girl, remind me how old I am by not knowing that Gidget always says toodles! lolol

Man, I was so mad when I went shopping. Their meat case was on the fritz and so they had all the meat in the back and you had to ring and they would come out and ask what kind and bring ONE kind out, then serve everyone that wanted say hamburger before they brought out the next kind. Would have taken me 45 minutes to get meat. Though it is much cheaper, I was not in the mood. I ranted and raved all through the store to anyone who would listen! It takes between 30-45 minutes to get there so I don't just buy a damn loaf of bread.

Everybody pretty much covered all my snacks except I buy pretzel sticks, those soft pretzels and use some mustard and I get 98% fat free ham and make a sandwich with it and it is only 25 cal/5 fat cal a slice. As to Splenda, it is better than aspartame etc, but I still don't think it is that great. I bought a box and it does work well in recipes, but I mixed it with frozen fruit and wasn't impressed with the taste.

My cereal problem is the milk! I HATE milk and have my whole life. We always had to drink a glass of milk with meals so I would hold my breath and drink mine straight down! I swore when I got married NO MORE MILK FOR ME! Cereal is not the same just sitting in a bowl like a snack. I have bought some that I like though like the Special K with strawberrys and that Blueberry Morning. Catching on I am a fruit addict? I love all kinds of fruit except maybe honey dew melon which I hate and apples cooked in pies. Hate that too, though I like turnovers! I know I am totally nuts!

You guys make me feel so OLD! My son is 30 and my daughter 26. I was married at 10 though so...........:lol: Actually, I don't mind being older since I can have that scrumptious little boy as a benefit. He asked me when I took him his gifts from our vacation if he could go with me on bacation next time! (his parents would never allow it!)

Well, I am supposed to be spending time with dh downstairs instead of goofing off up here his office so I better go.

Everyone have a spectacular evening!


06-05-2003, 08:13 AM
Well here it is Thursday already! Hope everyone is having a very productive weight loss week so far!

THURSDAY: Time for us. Try and make some time for yourself today! :flow2:

Man, I must have really done a workout yesterday and with all the store walking...I was sore again last night, but much better this morning, compliments of good ole Advil and Icy Hot! :lol:

We should be aware of our water and food choices today. Be sure and get in some sort of exercise. Our body deserves it! Be an encouragement to at least one person today!

When you have a moment, please pray for a friend of mine. Her husband has been permanently injured and no longer able to work. This is going to be financially devastating to them. She needs to be uplifted right now as she is one who struggles with weight loss also. Thanks you sweet ones!

I am going to try and get my sheets done and house cleaned today. I did part of it last night as tv, all gazillion channels had nothing on to watch (everything is into re-runs now), but didn't do the dusting and vacuuming. I have one of those newer real powerful vacuums, which work spectacularly, but is heavy as the devil to drag up and down the stairs. I was too sore to mess with it, but I just try and look at it as weight lifting exercise! :lol:

I will check in later and see what sleepyheads are up and running!

Faye :dizzy:

06-05-2003, 08:28 AM
Morning girls,
I had another on plan day yesterday....that's 2 days in a row now. The water is even doing well. I know someone asked me if I do the seltzer waters? Yes, I do get the flavored waters a lot, I love them.

Faye: My prayers are with your friend and her family. Hope all turns out the best.

I don't know when I will make it back to the thread today. I have to meet the boss at the office at 8:30 to be at the lawyers by 9a.m. to talk about the move and maybe changing the name and all of that stuff........oh well, it will keep me busy. I will try to pop back on in the afternoon if she leaves, it not you lovies are gonna have to wait for me to get home this afternoon. "will I survive?"


PS) Wishing everyone an on plan day.

06-05-2003, 08:47 AM
Good morning Gals:)

It is another wet and rainy morning here in NH :rain: Guess we won't be worrying about a drought for awhile!

Missy: Yes, if you mix the pudding with fat-free milk, it will indeed be fat free. You can also buy the ones already made up in individual servings at the grocery store--even easier:)

I think that Peek made an excellent suggestion in trying to cut back on the amount of sugar you use in your coffee as that will be a biggie too! Great idea, Peek :bravo: Sometimes we forget that all that sugar can be a major downfall to our diet efforts. Peek's idea about the flavored fat free creamers is also a great suggestion! Kill 2 birds with one stone.

What kind of workout do you do, Missy? Hopefully, you like to exercise and don't have to force yourself. I know it can be much harder for those that don't really care for working out.

Peek: Would love that pumpkin pudding recipe you were talking about if you don't mind sharing!! Sounds yummy. My hubby loves pumpkin pie, so I would love to make this for him.

Glad to hear that you do get Dr. Phil! Let us know how you like him. He certainly isn't for everyone!

Faye: Sounds like your trip to the store was NOT a fun one. Talk about inconvenient!! :yikes: At least you are all stocked up with your healthy foods, though:)

I, too, love fruits!! I always have a huge assortment on my counter. Can't wait for the good strawberries. Actually, I will go strawberry picking and get some myself. IF we have a good crop this year. With all this rain and these chilly temps....not so sure.

I don't know how old you are, but YOU AREN'T OLD, lol!! Your little grandson sounds precious. Bacation! How cute:)

Sorry to hear about your friend's husband:( Does she work, herself? I will definitely keep them in my prayers. I know that can be so hard!! Especially during these times.

I plan on getting in some me time today, for sure. Like you, since I do not work outside the home and do not have children as of yet, I have alot more free time than those who work do. So, I always try to get some special time in anyway. Today will be a trip to the ocean day. I plan on meeting my husband with lunch. Then afterwards, I will sit by the beach and read a book:) My favorite thing to do. I won't be able to spend much time outdoors today as it is raining, so this will be perfect. I can do this in my car. So, that is my "me time" for the day :flow1:

I am off to get my workout in. Hope you all have a wonderful, on program day!!

Michelle/Elle, Jana and Gigglez......hope to hear from you ladies soon! I saw your post from yesterday, Gigglez, and I think I lumped you in with the other Sandy, lol. Didn't mean to ignore you!! Hope you are doing ok and doing well with exercise and food, etc.!


06-05-2003, 11:24 AM
Ahhh happy Thursday everyone! We made it over the 'hump' and now only 1 more day till the weekend! HOORAY!

I had mostly a plan day yesterday...my guy and I have a Wednesday night tradition of eating pizza, so hence my 'mostly.' LOL But I did a hard walk last night so I think that helped a little.

Michelle - You asked what kind of workout I do. I do the 2 mile Walk Away the Pounds tapes 5x a week...or most recently I started doing power walks on my own. I'm shooting for 2 miles in 30 min...like the WATP tape, but right now I'm at about 35 minutes...I guess it's just harder w/o Leslie urging me on. LOL I don't dislike exercise today, but I'm plagued by constant tiredness. My doc thinks it may be hypothyroidism (aka underactive thyroid)...but I have to wait until 6/18 for the results from a second round of blood tests. I pray that's what is wrong with me, which may sound odd, but after being tired for so long, it would be nice to have a medical reason for it, ya know?

Actually ladies, I'm shooting to stay away from coffee for a while, and have now gone to hot tea. I don't think coffee is doable without a TON of sugar, and since tea only takes 4 (right now) that's the better alternative. I also cut out my morning bagel and fat free cream cheese..doing an english muffin with jelly. I try mostly to control my eating at work since I live with a mother who ALWAYS pulls the "ohhh just finish off the mashed potatoes." LOL But she's getting better. I told her I'm trying to lose weight and she makes mostly healthy stuff b/c my dad has a heart condition, so we are eating greens with nearly every meal.

It was weird, i went for my 2 mile walk on Monday and my shins were killing me all Tues. and all Wed...but last night I figured I'd go for a walk anyway...I feel I need to vary it up a bit since WATP was a bit easy for me. But the funny thing was, I started my walk and it hurt so bad...so I just slowed my pace abit. Halfway through, my shins actually started to feel better!!! So yay me!

Here's another thing I'm curious about, when do you ladies "weigh in." I find that if I do it every night, I drive myself bonkers. :( I fluctuate about 3-lbs. every day...so do others do a 'once a week' check in? Or? Thanks in advance.

Faye - I am soooo sorry to hear about your friend. A similar situation came last year when a lady I used to work with, h ad a friend who's husband was struck by an elderly man in a car. Her husband worked construction I believed and he was unable to work and they have 2 small children. It's so sad when something like this happens...I'll keep your friend in my prayers. I'm sure she'll do just fine with her plan too, tell her not to give up and stay strong. :)

OK that's all I have for now...but I did get a really neat forward and saw some other inspirational type things on the net this AM, so I'll post them to give you guys a smile!!!

Think about this.. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true.____ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
1. At least 2 people in this world love you so much they would die for you.
2. At least 15 people in this world love you in someway.
3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.
4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.
5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.
6. You mean the world to someone.
7. If not for you, someone may not be living.
8. You are special and unique.
9. Someone that you don't even know exists, loves you.
10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.
11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world.
12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, probably, sooner or later, you will get it.
13. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.
14. Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel much better when they know.
15. If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they are great.
These comments were all very inspirational to me...with my weight goals AND life goals. I've had a tough time lately as I keep getting denied for jobs and I just want to advance my career...but I must think positively...and eventually it HAS to happen...no wait...it WILL happen.

And then, I saw this...I don't watch American Idol, but I did hear about the Frenchie scandal...she sounds like an inspirational gal to me!!!


Frenchie's proving she can cut the mustard on Broadway.
- NYP: Jennifer Weisbord
_Email _Archives
_Print _ReprintJune 4, 2003 -- NEW York has room for more than one "American Idol" - even a fallen one.

When Frenchie Davis - the powerhouse soprano booted from the contest she seemed destined to win - walks through Times Square, she literally stops traffic.

Fans of all ages, grizzled bike messengers and 12-year-olds alike, cheer her, hug her - and tell her she was robbed.

And Frenchie, who's stopping the show these days in Broadway's "Rent," agrees.

"Ruben [Studdard] and I are very good friends," she says of her former rival and reigning American Idol, "but I tell him, 'You'd have gone home if I stayed in.' "

For those who've been on another planet and need an update: Frenchie got dumped from TV's "American Idol" in February, after the show's producers found she had posed for a Web site that catered to dirty old men.

Neither a flood of angry e-mails nor 40,000 petition-signing fans changed the producers' minds.

Not that Frenchie's bitter. Well, not much.
"Anyone with a brain can't possibly look at this and say it was fair - no one," she tells The Post. "There was definitely a double standard . . . If I was a typical, thin hot chick, I wouldn't have been kicked off the show."

Over lunch at Simply Pasta, right down the street from "Rent," Frenchie - short for Franchell, her grandmother's name - talked passionately about her determination to finish college (she's got one more year to go) and her fall from grace on "Idol."

As Frenchie tells it, she was 19 when she posed for the site, which claimed to feature underage girls - and she did it only to pay for college. "I don't know what the new owners turned it into, but when I was working for the Web side, I was not naked, it was not pornography and we never promoted ourselves as under the age of 18," she insists.

"It's very easy for people to sit on their high horse and say I could have done something different, but I assure you that none of those people would have written me a check to cover my tuition." These days, she's paying her tuition and rent by performing in "Rent," which she joined last month. She's just an ensemble member, a player of bit parts - until Act 2, when she takes center stage as the soloist in "Seasons of Love," and her warm, velvety voice brings down the house.

"What Frenchie has, which you can't teach anyone, is presence," says Boko Suzuki, the show's music director. "The audience loves her," adds Andy Senor, who plays Angel, a saintly transvestite, in "Rent."

"You can tell who the 'Idol' fans are because they start nudging each other. We see people holding up their cell phones so their friends can hear her sing."

Growing up in Los Angeles, Frenchie always dreamed of performing. She went to her parents' alma mater, Howard University - she was born on their graduation day - and started out as a jazz major, switching to theater "because I didn't want to be just another full-figured girl standing still on stage."

"Idol" aside, she seems to be comfortable with who she is.

"When I was younger, I had my self-esteem issues - but I'm proportionately big," she says. "My boobs are big. I have a waistline. When I raise my arms, they don't waddle.

"With a 36KK bra size, how thin can I be and not topple over?"

These days, she's living alone in an apartment she rents in the West Village - "where the gay boys hang out," she says. "I love them. They welcomed me with open arms."

Not that she wouldn't want a boyfriend. And perhaps a recording contract (she's negotiating with some labels now). For now, though, she's happy to be in "Rent."

"I honestly believe I would have made it with or without 'American Idol,' " she says. "It just made things happen faster.

"It didn't make me a star. I made me a star."

OK ladies, sorry for the long one!!!

Bye for now!!

06-05-2003, 12:55 PM
Hey Faye! I'm so glad I found this thread. ;) And thanks so much for "all" the support. And for those of you who don't know I am the "friend" who's husband is out of work and I would really like to thank each and everyone of you for keeping me in your prayers. It is really amazing that all of you who don't even know me are so supportive, it really makes me feel loved. :grouphug: :love: As for the weight issue, I had to quit WW due to finances and have lost 31 lbs on it so I am devastated over that. I do have a couple very supportive friends so I am sure I can stick to it. I am going to give it an all star try. I am just a very weak person and have a hard time doing anything on my own, without that accountability. So anyway there is my story. As for my DH I know we will get through this, we have been through rough times before, and its not like it was a big surprise, we knew this day would come just didnt think it would be so soon or wouldnt have over extended and bought all our toys that we did. If you know what I mean. So we might have to lose some of them, at least we still have a house and each other and our wonderful kids!!!

06-05-2003, 01:04 PM
Hello again! I did 45 minutes in the pool today and am a little tired, but refreshed also. I never thought I would be a huge proponent of exercise, but it has taken over 90 lbs off me in just a little over 5 months and that is with gaining several lbs twice. I am also staying close to my program.

Deon: It is so great to see you here. You are very right. No matter what happens to you, you have your wonderful children and dh and together you can weather anything! We are here for you girl. ( Hope you don't mind I got a little more prayer oomph for you! ;) )

Peek: We will miss you today, but work unfortunately has to come first. Don't work too hard though.

Michelle: I will be 50 in just a few months. Let me tell you, it is no picnic when right after your 49th birthday you start getting stuff from AARP! :lol: I saw you are a book reader. What kind of books or authors are your favorites? I read voraciously.

Missy: Dh and I go and have Pizza occasionally and we get Personal Pans from Pizza hut. You can actually do some that are pretty sensible. Check out www.dwlz.com for actual points and or calories. You know if your thyroid (which you definitely have symptoms) is ok, you might ask the doctor about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since they can't seem to find out what is wrong. Hopefully it won't be long and you will have some kind of diagnosis. I really like bagels, but they are pretty high fat and calorie for what you get so I try not to eat them too often. They are like 290 cal and that takes a chunk out of my cal for he day! What shoes do you wear for walking? My exercise was walking and still is on rainy days and come fall. My dh is a huge New Balance fan and said he thought they would work for me. Besides being so obese, I have totally flat feet, wide and big feet. I got a pair of 400's and they were a dream come true. If you have a Rack Room Shoe store they have them (they are last year's model so you can get them fairly cheap usually). They have worked wonders for me. I wear them everywhere.

Looking to tomorrow: Our Friday is Fabulous LBs down day. Not that you can't tell us all the time, but I thought for those who have no set day to weigh in and tend to do it everyday, you can set up Friday for weigh in and share with us if you like. It can go either way, so don't think this is just for loss. If you gain, let us know so we can pump you up and get you going again!

Well, the vacuum is calling my name. I have the upstairs done (I got up with dh at 5 am and finished! The poor neighbors!) and part of the downstairs so I want to finish it up before Jack gets home this afternoon.

Have a beautiful day even if it is rainy! We are in this together and together we can win this battle!:cb:

Faye :)

06-05-2003, 01:15 PM
Faye: Just a quick reply to that last reply. Bagels: oroweat, whole grain bagels, only 3 pnts per bagel and very filling and yummy!! And rain:rain: ?? Send some my way, it is in the 90's here!! I love sunshine, but I hate the heat, and sweating. Ugh!!Well gotta run!

06-05-2003, 01:58 PM
Hey I have been really busy and havent had much time to get online. I haven't got much time but real quick I am down 4 more this week that puts me at 184. I will try to catch up tonight, this is if I am able to get online. Keep up all the good work!


06-05-2003, 03:29 PM
Deon: You guys haven't had rain? That's unusual isn't it? I would think that if Seattle Washington gets a lot of rain it would filter down to you guys! Thanks for the bagel info. Oh and let me give you some instructions so you can keep everyone clear in your head. We have 2 Sandys and 2 Michelles, the user Elle we call elle and the other one Michelle, the user Peekaboo (who you know is Sandy) we call Peek and the other one Sandy.

Sandy: How terrific for you! I know you don't want to hear this, but I would give anything to weigh 184. I still have 134 lbs to get that far! I am so proud of you and your hard work. What is your goal again?

I am trying to keep busy. I have my house all done as well as the laundry done and put away and now am footloose so I have to find something else to do to keep from getting bored. I think I am going to go outside since it is so beautiful right now and sweep the patio and clean the patio chairs etc.

Talk to you in a bit, girls!

Faye ;)

06-05-2003, 04:22 PM
DEON Welcome to the thread. I'm glad you found your way over. On here they call me *Peek*, as Faye told you, it keeps us all straight. I am still doing WW/modified at home, so I am here for you and you can get tons and tons of info for free from the site that Faye told you about.


Put all ingredients in meduim bowl. Mix at med. speed for one minute. Serve with 1 T. fat free coolwhip.

1cup of pudding=1 WW point.

I'm telling you it is so so good, make my mount water :T just thinking of it.

Well, I have so much to tell you all, but I have to run to the store, I forgot the cat litter and the box smells so bad!!!! I know "shame on me says Faye":lol:


06-05-2003, 04:31 PM
Faye: We ususally get rain, but not for a couple days. It has just been so hot, went from cooler temperatures and rain to 90's and dry. I am just a rainy type of gal!!:dizzy:

Peek: Nice to see ya!! So how hard is it to stick with doing home WW??

Isn't time for someone to start a new thread???

06-05-2003, 05:05 PM
Deon: Peek is in charge of the thread starting as I am clueless and ask her to do it. She wants to only do it once and month so everyone knows when it will change and no one objected so that is why. We have had kind of cooler than normal temps here in upper 60's to 80 but next week it is supposed to warm up into upper 80's. I sure hope so. It will warm up the pool water! :lol: I am not on WW so I have no support so to speak from others with weight problems. I know that it is VERY difficult for some to just follow a program without one on one support. I haven't found that it has been too bad. I try and keep myself pretty busy when I have "down" time. Sometimes, you just have to force yourself to do things with your hands so you won't eat. I mean there are times when I absolutely don't feel in the mood to pick up a book or work on my scrapbooking, but I do it because I know if I don't out to the fridge I will go. I think you have to combine a lot of things to help you stay on your WW program. Come here often if you can. I am in and out of the site all the time and always available by e-mail most days. I will be glad to help get you over the "brain hungry hump." Call someone on the phone, read, crochet, whatever it is that you can do that will keep those hands busy. Also, like I have said numerous times, one of the biggest things is to look at yourself and see what triggers you to eat and try and eliminate that. Sometimes it takes awhile, but I gave up soft drinks and that was a HUGE monkey on my back so I know you can find the things that make you want to run to the fridge. I am a big boredom eater too and since I don't work and don't have kids to pick up after etc, I have a LOT of free time to deal with. I have started going to the library, sitting with a book out on my patio, visiting with my grandson when I can, even though the last time I was over there to take him his gifts from our vacation, he insisted I eat his gummi lifesavers. (only the colors he didn't like and wanted to get rid of out of the package like the yellow UGH ones! Hang in there, all of us will help you get through this and adjusted.

Peek: I cracked up laughing at the cat litter thing. You are not going to believe this, but last night I was messing with the box because I was upstairs and had started cleaning and thought to myself, "I need to ask Sandy how often she cleans her litter box." I scoop the box out twice a day and replace the plastic liner and all the litter about every three weeks. I add litter to the box about once a week. My daughter says I am nuts. What else is new? Besides me being the way I am.....I have a dog that gets into it so I have to keep it clean. There was a deal made between DH and me, HE would take care of all the cat stuff if I said it was ok to bring him home. Welllllll.......I clean the box, I change it, I feed him, I water him, etc, etc. He got a real good deal out of this! :lol: :lol:

Dh should be home in just a few so I need to go downstairs.

Faye ;)

06-05-2003, 06:35 PM
Just wanted to give deon a proper welcome too. Keep on smiling hon!!!

I'm curious....how do u set up a home WW plan? Is there a site? How do u know how many points to use too? I'm just curious....

Thanks guys and peace,

06-05-2003, 08:39 PM
Missy, if you click on this link.... Dotties Weight Loss Zone (www.dwlz.com) it will take you to dotties and there is a world of good there. But, here is what my book says for pts.
Less than 150 pounds.....................18-23
150 to 174 pounds...........................20-25
more than 350..................................32-37
And if you are a nursing mom you get more.

I think that explains it, and almost all of the lean cuisenes and such have the pt value on them....and then on dotties you can look up almost anything to find the pt value, if not just go searching...lol....and you can access some free stuff from WW online just go to their web site. I think it is Weight Watchers (www.weightwatchers.com) Good luck.

Where is everyone? I'm lonely.....twidling my thumbs...:lol:

Faye: I'm not even gonna tell you about the cat box.....lol....actually I clean if fully about once every 10 days or so, and I do not scoop!!!!! My cat this time of year goes outside also, so it tends not to get that bad.


06-05-2003, 09:29 PM
Peek: I was not casting aspersions on your cat box cleaning, only on the fact my daughter says I am nuts to clean it twice a day. :lol: If I could teach the little bugger to go in the toilet and not drink out of it instead I would! :lol: Living in the city there is no way Butterscotch could go outdoors, though he did get loose last week when I was trying to go to the pool. Luckily, he doesn't run from me unless he thinks I am going to put him in his carrier. Also, thanks for giving Missy all the info.

My dh got called out to work tonight and he left here with steam coming out of his ears. There is a really big problem at the plant he works at with people waiting til right before quitting time and then calling on the radio saying there is a problem that needs fixing. DH has this problem with one of the operators (glorified knob turner) that is a big whiner. Everytime this guy doesn't get his way, he whines to his supervisor that so and so didn't do such and such like they were toddlers or something. On top of that, yesterday I guess the plant manager who knows nothing about mechanics, electronics or electrical made them turn something on with a kink in one of these huge metal hoses. He was warned 4 times by the head mechanic not to do it that the hose would burst. Sure enough, he made them turn it on and it burst so a bunch of the guys had to work on that all day and then they decided to move this piece of machinery to another area or something. DH's boss wanted him to stay (overtime is not manditory) and dh said no he couldn't. The guy started calling here at 4:30 and Jack just let the machine pick up. One of the other electricians is on vacation tomorrow so he would not get paid overtime to go out there tonight and the other is a kid who knows little to nothing. His boss kept calling back every few minutes and finally dh went out there. Going out the door, he said, "Tomorrow I am going to kick Daniel straight in the#$%." I said, "Don't get fired." He told me he didn't mean he would kick him literally. Poor guy. He has already had to go out to the plant and work this week already. There are some big managerial problems out there and dh hopes when his boss moves to the other plant that he will be promoted because at least he has managed before. The increase in pay is nominal at best , but dh just wants to try and get things running smoothly, which I doubt can ever happen considering who are the managers out there. So, with that said, because I stayed downstairs when I usually go upstairs so I won't eat, I was naughty and ate something I shouldn't have so the pool and I are going to be BIG buddies tomorrow! :lol: (if we don't get dumped on with rain as it is predicted)

Remember, tomorrow is the day we can sing the blues at a gain or be excited about our weight loss .

See you tomorrow. Have a nice evening.


06-05-2003, 10:45 PM
Just wanted to pop in and say Good night. And to report my food intake for today. Hope this is okay, keeps me honest, although I could just go type it in my journal and then if your interested you could go read that????HUMMMMM what to do~~what to do??? Okay for tonight since I am here I will write it here then tomorrow I will start it in my diary like I had planned on doing before....ramble ramble ramble....

Breakfast: 2 coffees and I forgot to eat before I left for work and I was good and did not stop anywhere to buy anything. Bad girl for missing he breakfast meal though.

Lunch: Spagg/Sause leftovers

Supper: Beef stir fry with Rice Roni rice.

And honesty.....I had one bite of my daughters cheese boxed pizza to make sure it was cool enough (I know an excuse but thats the truth)

Snack: 7 animal crackers

Lots and Lots of water.....help me I'm peeing all the time and I swear I could fill a liter bottle at a time:lol:

Faye: I took no offence to the kitty box question, I was only joking with you. I just knew you had to do it lots more than the average person.



06-06-2003, 08:32 AM
Good morning, Gals :wave:

Well, Friday is here. What are your plans for the weekend?? Anybody going to do anything exciting? We get to work on our house--wahoo!!! Doesn't get any more exciting than that :lol:

Missy: I hope that your doctor figures out what is going on with you soon. Feeling just not right, and not being able to figure out the cause is frustrating. I know this firsthand! And since I know this firsthand, I know exactly what you mean when you say you are praying that they DO find something. It is not at all weird.

I think that you are doing great with your current 35 minutes for 2 miles. Keep at it and you will increase your distance and decrease your minutes:) And Faye is right about the shoes. Make sure you have good shoes designed for walking or even crosstrainers. Also, do you do stretches afterwards? This will help alot!! I used to have that problem. I get it alot if I run. You also could be overdoing your exercise, so those are all things to be aware of.

You asked about when we all weigh in. I only weigh myself once a month. Too many things like hormone fluctuations, etc., to drive me crazy. I had posted before about measuring inches lost. Have you tried this in addition to weighing yourself?

Deon: Welcome to the group here:) It is nice to hear from you, Faye's friend!!

A big CONGRATULATIONS on your 31 lb. weight loss!! Great job :cp:

Your attitude about your current situation is very positive, so I KNOW you are going to make it. It will be hard, but it sounds like you and your family are very tight and can handle it!! Good luck to you:) We are all here to help any way we can!

Faye: Amazing to have lost over 90 lbs. in the pool!!! That is just so awesome:) You are really doing such a remarkable job :cb:

Yes, I do love to read. I like many different authors and types of books. Right now, I am busy with Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. It is fantasy. If you like "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings", you would like the Wheel series. It is some heavy-duty reading, that's for sure! I am on book 10!!! I am not sure WHEN he will be done with the series. No other book is out yet.

On the cat box thing, I am fortunate in that my hubby does all that for me, :lol: I told him that I would do it when we got my cat, but, of course, he is doing it. I make him clean it out once a week. Speaking of my kitty, my avator is my cat. He is a huge 14 year old lynx point siamese whom I adore!!

Hope your hubby gets that transfer AND promotion--regardless of the fact that it won't be much more in pay. Being happy is worth far more if you ask me!!

Gigglez: Good to hear from you! WAHOO on your 4 lb. weight loss!!! EXCELLENT!! You gals are doing just awesome. So, tell us, Gigglez....how are you doing it??? Like Faye, I can't WAIT till I get to 184!!!! I am beginning to think that it will never happen. Keep up the amazing job :bravo:

Peek: Thanks for the pumpkin pudding recipe. I will be sure to give it a try;) Of course, I will probably opt for the regular version of pudding mix as I don't like sugar-free products. Or, can you taste the difference?

How did your day at work go yesterday? Nice and smooth and easy....I hope:)

I am happy because much of the week was a success in terms of both eating my breakfast AND not snacking too much!! Baby steps:)

I am off to get in my step aerobics and then I am heading outdoors to work out there now that we have some nice weather!!

Have a great day ladies!

06-06-2003, 08:43 AM
Morning Beautiful ladies!!!!!!

Sorry that I haven't been around much lately but work has been killer plus I have some personal problems at home that need my undivided attention at this point in time. I could go on and on but I wont don't want to start the pitty party today! Thanks for the pumpkin recipe I think that I will try it sometime soon. Faye as for my goal it is 160. I have a large bone structure so I don't want to go below that. On the hairloss thing count me in. It is gettin worse since my hyst. I guess that is why someone out there invented wigs. Gotta run time to go to work. Here's to a blessed day!


06-06-2003, 10:16 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

I'm at work already....I was up bright and early today 5:20 a.m and I was wide awake. Can you believe yesterday we had such a rainy dreary day and today when I opened my eyes the sun was shining every so brightly and made for a happy morning.:flow2:

Work is going good, just working on transition as well as the regular stuff you know.

Faye: Where are you this morning?

Sandy: Feel free to vent here if needed. Thats what we are all about~~Support, not just in weight loss but in everyday life. Funny how woman can open up to one another so easily, I like it.

Michelle: You don't taste the difference in the pumpkin pudding cause you really only taste the pumpkin.

Okay got to run, be back in a while.


06-06-2003, 10:48 AM
FRIDAY: Fabulous down with lbs day. Time to get a pat on the back or a lift of spirit for your weight loss this week.

Good morning, good morning, good morning! Hope you all are going to have nice sunny and warm weather. Looks like we are going to get rain. It is cloudy here right now so I hope it will hold off for another couple hours so I can get a workout in. I will do it in the rain (I used to walk when it rained) as long as it isn't thundering or lightening. I am goofy, but I am not an IDIOT!

I am so proud of you ladies! You seem to not only be working hard, but not making disappointments or steps backward as anything serious. Every one of you has the right to stand up and cheer at how hard you are working.

I weighed in this morning and looks like I have a total weight loss of 11 lbs for this week. For those of you who don't know me, let me repeat myself that I believe only in healthy weight loss for myself. I eat a balance of foods, stay within a 1600-1800 cal range and no more than 450-500 fat cal. I have carried this weight around for over 25 years so I don't expect it to come off fast and I am not trying to rush it. I guess my body was just taking in huge amounts of fat and since I have trimmed that down, I am losing quickly. I just know this kind of one week loss is a shock to you and I don't want you to think I am fasting or pills or anything like that. At my age and weight, I would be afraid of having a heart attack doing something stupid. That is why I backed out of surgery before even getting to the appt. Let's just say I allowed family (not dh) to pump me up that this was the solution because I had not been very successful otherwise. I talked to my husband (who though he said nothing, I know was not thrilled with the idea) and told him that I didn't think I should do it because I was the one who did this to my body so why should a doctor fix the problem for me? Let me say, this is my opinion for myself and not for anyone else. Anyway, enough of that.

Peek: You are such a devil! I know I didn't upset you and you were teasing me about my "malady." :lol: Good job on the food by the way. You are doing great. How much have you lost so far?

Deon: Hi, sweety, already been on the prayer train this morning for you. How is the program coming along? How are the kids taking this with their dad?

Sandy: You have to take care of the home fires and work first and we all understand that. We are just here to talk and visit with you and help you when you need it. BTW, great weight loss!

Michelle: What is your cat's name? Our cat was an abandoned kitten my husband found at the back door of our plant. He is not a year old yet so we are still having "kitten" issues, but he and my yorkie are best buddies. They actually groom each other. It is a sight to see. My son loves Tolkien's books. Me, I am your basic who dunnit, legal, dectective, thriller kind of girl. I am a huge fan of Stuart Woods and about 20 other authors who I read everything they write. I am including a picture of Butterscotch. This was a few months ago. Jack was trying to work on replacing the cartridge on the faucet and he climbed into the sink bowl and just layed there while Jack worked.

Jana: We miss seeing you. I know in the summer you are out in that yard of yours and not on the computer. Just want you to know we miss you!

Missy: Hope your day is going well. We love having your here with us, by the way.

Well, it is almost 9 so I need to make the bed, get on that suit and get to the pool when it opens.


06-06-2003, 11:50 AM
Well good morning all! Besides being a little tired and sunburned :cool:I am doing really well this morning!:flow2:

Missy: Go to weightwatchers.com and they have everything you need there to do this at home, I used to go to the meetings that is how I have everything. I just quit going this week. I have not been succesful in doing this at home in the past, there is just something about going to that weigh in, no one wants to go there and have them say "so you've gained again!" But when you do it at home no one knows but you. I am weak. But getting stronger.

Sandy: Love your avatar!! I am a beach person, if you didnt notice with my avatar!!;)

Faye: It must be all those prayers and :goodvibes everyone is sending my way, because I am doing exeptionally well through all this. I am just dealing with everything as comes along. Congrats on 11 lbs in one week!! Wow!:bravo: The kids love having their Dad at home. They hate when he works cause he is always gone, he works long way from home, and he is always tired and grumpy. So they enjoy their time with him.

Well I am off to go try to get some sleep while it is still relatively cool in the house, it was still 80 at 11 last night. UGH!!:flow2: :flame: That's just too warm.

06-06-2003, 12:44 PM

What a LOOOOONG week this has been. Maybe it's because it's my first real "trying" week. *shrug* OK I must ask, where do you guys find all these nifty smilies??? They are just too cute. :)

Faye ~ I currently use Skechers shoes for walking...they prolly aren't the greatest for support and such. But they seem to work for the most part. I had never had any problems with them before when I used to walk. My walk yesterday went, enh, OK. I'm gonna try to give it another week with these shoes and see if I am just weak in the calves. Maybe the Walk Away tapes don't build alot of strength in the same way walking outside does. Who knows. :) I also did think about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I'm gonna grill her next time I'm back. I'm a little bummed out by the fact that I have to wait soooo long to go for my follow-up...BUT, I dealt with my current condition for like 2 years or so now, LOL, so what's a few more weeks. I guess I"m just excited by the fact that there might actually be something that can be done for me. I've been reading up on Hypothyroidism obviously, and I saw that ALOT of people struggle with weight loss on this. I found a message board on webmd and soooo many women (and men) post on there saying they've tried every exercise, diet, etc. imaginable and no success. I guess I'm lucky in that I wasn't very overweight when the problem was discovered...but it doesn't feel that way, ya konw? ALSO...a BIG congratulations on your weight loss this week!!! YOU ROCK! :) :) :) I also agree with your opinion on the weight loss surgery. A friend of mine was considering the surgury as she is 100-lbs. overweight, but I tried to talk her out of it (and think I have succeeded) as I have heard sooo many dangerous stories about it. I think it's great if it works for certain people, but...I don't know that I'd want anyone I care about to try it. I try to tell her that we didn't put the weight on overnight, and it's not gonna go away overnight. Also thank you so much for the warm welcome, I'm glad I found a spot to fit in here. And one last note...YOUR KITTY IN THE SINK PIC IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!

Sandy ~ Congrats on your loss! Keep up the good work sweetie!!!

Deon ~ No rain? You need to come to Pennsylvania...we've had nothing BUT and it looks like another blah weekend in the works. At least today is nice out! Thank you also for the WW info. I am the SAME way about being weak. I know for a fact that I didn't do the way I should this week. I ate healthy AT TIMES, but slacked off at others. Last night I had another Snackwell's mini choco chip binge LOL...BUT they are 'low' in fat at least. So I'll tell you what, you nag me about staying on plan and I'll nag you. :)

Peek ~ Your recipe for pudding sounds awesome!!! And I don't even like pumpkin pie...I think I just may have to try it. Also, thanks SO much for the WW at home info...I will be checking that out today and hopefully arranging an updated plan for next week. And, can I PRETEND I'm a nursing mom, LOL. All I can say is that I hope that there are alot of good 1 pt. snacks. LOL But losing weight isn't easy right? But it sure is easy to put it on.

Michelle ~ When you say you know first hand about not feeling right...do you also have a thyroid issue? Or something else perhaps? I'm curious to know what to expect from horomone replacement for the missing stuff from my thyroid. I have all these misnomers in my head LOL like I'm gonna grow a beard or something. Ha! :) My sister is an RN and she tells me that I'm crazy, but hey, who knows what you can expect.


I'm not really going to say I gained or lost anything this week because honestly I'm not really sure...#1. I think our scale is on the fritz :/ it's a digital and any time I weight myself elsewhere, I magically gain a few lbs. LOL #2. I weighed myself last night and magically lost 4-lbs. overnight...but anywhere here are my goals...

I currently weigh 146lbs.
Last night was 150lbs. and I seem to fluctuate between these two off and on.

My goal is to be healthy. Ideally I'd like to reclaim my high school days to 120lbs. LOL..but being 5'8" I don't think that's really too healthy. So I will say my goal is 130lbs. I've been seriously trying all this calendar year to lose but to no avail.

An idea for some may be yoga. I took classes for about 4 months and LOVED it. I only stopped due to the fact that I may have been switching jobs and couldn't fit into my schedule. But it's great for relaxation and also great for your peace of mind...it makes you feel so...happy for lack of a better word...and every one of our classes ended with a 10 minute guided relaxation. Where else can you take a 10 minute soothing nap! LOL

Anyway I hope everyone that lost this week feels just great about themselves cause it's awesome! And if you didn't lose or even gained...ahhhh so what? It's one week, we'll get that scale next week! :P

Have a good weekend everyone! I'm gonna have to send this link to my house so I can check in while not at work.

Buh bye!!

06-06-2003, 02:38 PM
Good afternoon :wave:

Wow, what a great day out! It is sooo nice and toasty :flame:

Gigglez: Faye is right. Don't worry about being MIA around here. Your other stuff is more important. I hope that it is nothing too serious. Please know our thoughts are with you! Sending lots of good wishes your way :goodvibes:

Peek: So true about us women! We sure know how to open up and really get our gab on :twirly: That's what makes these types of groups so great!

Faye: 11 lbs. in a week! Amazing. I would be ecstatic if I were you!! :cb:

I am glad that you opted NOT to do the surgery for now. You are doing great on your own. There are so many risks associated with it and it doesn't always keep the weight off so kudos to you for deciding to take charge and do this on your own!! We are here to help when you need it. I just know you are going to make it!!

My cat's name is Mickey. We had just gotten back from Disney when we got him and I was on a Mickey Mouse high, :lol: Hence the name :mouse:

Your cat is adorable!! Thanks for sharing the pic with us >^..^<

Hope you were able to get your swim in before it rained!!

Deon: I am with you on the hot temps. When it starts getting about 85, I don't like it, lol!! Unless it is really dry. I don't like humidity and I don't like high heat. I get way too hot all the time as it is.

Glad to hear how good you are doing with all that is going on!

Missy: When you are posting, do you see the little box to the left with the smiley faces? If you scroll down a bit, you will see "get more". You can find additional ones when you click on that. All you do is click on the smiley face that you want added to your text, in the spot you want it added and voila! It puts em in :smug:

I do not have experience with a thyroid condition, I do, however, have other health issues that took quite some time before I was diagnosed. So, I know how that all goes. That feeling of KNOWING that something isn't quite right. In fact, my weight problems are a result of some of the stuff I have had going on. I can't believe you have been going through this for 2 years and are still having to wait for answers. Well....I CAN believe it but it still isn't fair! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get answers soon. Hang in there! :grouphug:

Had a good lunch with my husband. We sat outside near the beach. Felt so good to be in the warm air! There is a nice warm breeze along with it. Now this is perfect weather!

So many things are waking up after a long hard winter! My azaleas and rhododendrons are blazing with color. My geranium, hostas and lilies are getting HUGE. My Japanese Maples are a glorious crimson. I have done such extensive landscaping, it is finally paying off for me:) I LOVE looking at everything!! One of the things I want to do this summer is spend more time enjoying the fruits of my labor. I spend so much time running around everywhere and trying to do more and more and more here that I never enjoy what I have. I will try to focus on just stopping and smelling the roses so to speak this summer :df:


Ok....nothing new to report. Just wanted to check in and TRY to keep up with all the posts! I am going back outside to do some more work....or maybe I will read.....:chin: hmmmmmmm.....


06-06-2003, 05:23 PM
Hi everyone! Well I went with my daughter and grandson shopping today because just as I got my suit on it started to rain.
:( The thing of it is, I have a big pain in the tooty daughter sometimes. She can be ultra critical and she said something to me today that really hurt my feelings alot though I didn't tell her. First off she hates the clothes I bought for my gs for his birthday and told me to my face she won't ever put them on him (I payed about $50 for the 2 outfits while I was in Houston at a store they don't have here), secondly, when I told her the souvenir t-shirt I wanted to buy him but they didn't have his size said, "Somebody who loves you bought you this t-shirt in Houston, Tx" She said that was stupid and she hated those kinds of shirts. I said to her I pity her grandkids cause she won't be a very fun grandma. She said, No, that she was not going to be stupid and that was stupid. She then said, we (dh and I) were stupid grandparents. So, I am a little down about that because my grandbaby means a huge amount to me.

I did get in my 45 minutes of pool time at 2 pm between rain showers though so I have that done and I have stayed op today even with her!

I called dh on the cell phone since he is on the way home and ask him if he would like to go to the movies tonight (I need something to laugh at) and he said yes, so we are going to go see Bruce Almighty.

Well, he should be here any minute and I am sitting in a night shirt because I just got out of the shower after swimming.

You ladies have an excellent weekend.

Tomorrow is Sunny thoughts Saturday so I want to hear some Sunny things from you guys tomorrow!


06-06-2003, 05:33 PM

I felt so bad reading your post:( That was not very nice of your daughter to say to you at all!! I can understand why you would have hurt feelings. I remember several years back when my best friend had her second baby. I sent her $200 worth of baby clothes. I was so excited for her. She called me up and complained about nearly all of it. I was so hurt. After I listened to all the negative comments, I said, please send them back to me and I will give them to my nephew who is a baby who would NOT discriminate against ANYTHING I gave to him. I couldn't figure out where she was coming from because the stuff I got was really nice and everyone I showed them too said the same. She got the message and apologized. I never sent anything again after that! People can be so thoughtless sometimes.

:grouphug: You have the right idea! Go out and see that movie!! Hubby and I saw it and it was funny. You will definitely get a few :lol: :lol: out of it!!

Have fun and try not to think about what your daughter said. I know that can be hard when someone hurts your feelings. I have no doubt that you are NOT a stupid grandmother, but rather a very caring one. You would not have thought to buy him anything otherwise!!

Enjoy your weekend as well :wave:

06-06-2003, 05:45 PM
My dear Faye let me give you a big {{{{{{HUG}}}}}. I can't believe she said that stuff to you. I'm sorry, I have young children and I thank god when my mom buys them things, that means I don't have to :) . Actually, she loves to buy them things when she has the money and I don't think I ever said anything bad about it. She would ask me about something maybe, but usually I just say "well your the grandma" or if it really is something I disaprove of (can't think or anything) I would kindly say that I think such and such may be a better choice. I'm glad you stayed on your plan though. Enjoy your date with hubby!! You deserve a good laugh.

As for my family.......tonight Evan (11 year old son) has a chorus concert at school, so thats our entertainment for the night.:)

Michelle: It's warm here today too, and still sunny!!!

Deon: hope the rain gets to you soon.

Missy: I think the 130 goal is a good one at 5'8". I can dream that I will one day be oh lets say.........*cough cough* 175, oh what a dream....

Jana, Sandy, Elle and I'm not sure if I forgot anyone else, hope you all had a wonderful day and have it continue through the night.


06-06-2003, 05:54 PM
Thanks for all your sweet thoughts! I really need them because dh just got home and he has to go the emergency room and get a tentanus shot and checked out because he fell in the lagoon this afternoon. He works as an electrician at a waste water treatment plant so you can imagine what the lagoon is filled with. Yep, $%&^! Talk to you later, he is out of the shower now.

Love and hugs to you all!

06-07-2003, 09:14 AM
Hello all your beauties. It has come to my attention that the thread is so long that it does effect some peoples browsers and takes forever to download, me being pretty much computer illiterate did not realize this happens, so it is time to start a new thread so lots of others can join in too. So, with that said.....