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05-10-2013, 05:46 PM

It is a high humid day ~ ugh ~ 42% now but was 84% earlier and the temp is 67ºF and I am staying inside for sure. This area doesn’t usually have high humid days for which I am thankful. Well when it is 100% at least it is raining. :cp: There is no rain in today’s forecast but a few sprinkles now and then.

I was reading a news article about a little parasite that is killing off the orange trees in Florida and the powers that be scientists don’t have a clue to on how kill it even though it has been there a few years already. They are smaller than a head of a pin and go from tree to tree sucking the life out of it leaving it useless in producing any oranges that are edible. That my, friends, tells me the price of orange juice will be going up considerably. Isn’t the price on everything going up though. This is just another tragedy that knocks folks out of a job in those orchards.

I just got my latest issue of Cooking Light magazine and it has a good looking recipe for Vanilla Bean Ice Cream that I am going to make. I have one of those freezers where you keep the innards in the freezer so it will be ready to use when one gets the urge to make ice cream. I think I will do it sometime early next week so by then I will have all the ingredients rounded up. For dinner today I am going to make a Hamburger Helper meal called Beef Pasta. When I make these type dinners I use half the meat they call for because using the whole amount seems like just too much. Cooking it that way it comes out to 6 p+ for half of it. Along with a tossed green salad it makes a good quick tasty meal.

DONNA FAYE I do hope the flood in your state isn't severe. :bravo: for your weight loss. You will make the 40 down mark for sure if you keep up the pace. Isn't it a good feeling to have your menu all planned out. I like having mine even though i don't always follow it for various reasons. Yep, Cecil is an unusual cat to not mind frolicking in the rain. But our last manx cat liked wading in the kiddie pool so maybe that breed doesn't mind the water. Those are some snappy looking dresses you are planning on getting. I like those sandals.

JEAN Isn't it too bad to have two occasions happening at the same time and you have to make a choice of which to attend. Nope, I didn't get all i wanted to accomplish in the kitchen but it is all back in order and I will finsih up what I want to do out there next week. It is nice that you can kinda make it easier for your yard birds by moving something around to make it more user friendly. Cecil uses the bird bath in our back yard as his outdoor drinking fountain. It must be raining again for he just came in for a petting and his back is all wet.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

05-11-2013, 04:11 PM
Good afternoon gals. I got in here late because we had breakfast with Kelly's family today. We have a blast. We talked a lot about cruising as Tom and Kelly have been on several and they are going again in July around their anniversary while Thomas is at camp either band or scout, I am not sure which one. They were telling us some hilarious stories about watching the drunk passengers get back on board when the ship is ready pull out. Thomas was his quiet self unless being asked something. He said he and4 others had to finish up their English project at his house this afternoon. They had to make a movie about a book they read. He said they were doing the editing to finish it up today.

We then went to where Jack got his glasses and had them tightened. He says he thinks the frames are just too big for him. Frankly at what they charge the idiot woman that sold them to him, should have seen that when she fitted them. She was a real dingbat. I just ordered a spare pair of sunglasses so in case I lose a pair. I don't usually put things like that down and walk away from them, but with it being summer coming up and my eyes are really sensitive to bright sun I thought a pair in the purse and a pair in the car would be the ticket and besides they cost me $20 so how bad is that for prescription.

We had to go by Krogers to get more of their lowfat ice cream. We buy their brand in a very very good vanilla. It tastes really custardy, but is like 2 pts for a 1/2 c or something like that. Jack loves ice cream so WW treats and then this ice cream keeps him from wanting frosting. :lol: The other man that lives in our house is loving the Caesar brand of their special selects and sunrise dog food and the commissary only has two flavors of this stuff and Krogers has like 5 that the commissary doesn't. They are much more expensive at the commissary charges 50 cents per container and Krogers is 89 cents but they had 10 for $7.50 so I bought 2 containers each of all five kinds. They have this one that is ham, potato and cheese he really likes. He doesn't like any of the stuff that has liver in it I am finding out. He never eats the liver combos and I end up throwing it out. Tomorrow I will get the rest of the 3 weeks. We then toddled on home and hubby is taking a snooze with the dog in the recliner and I am doing a load of laundry and reading.

Kelly got me a $50 kindle gift card for mother's day so I am saving it for the cruise and buying some of the newer books I have been wanting to read. I probably can get nearly 5 kindle books out of the card. They gave me the funniest card and she wrote Fortune had ask her to buy me a card. The card was in the words of a dog and how much he loved me and on and on. It was really cute.

Jean: The dresses are made to order so you can have it a-line or princess cute (cost more), sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve, then you pick the length you want, and you can pick whether you want the front shorter than the back like the picture which I think is extra too. You can choose neckline style, v neck, square neck, which is $5 extra, round neck, deep v, etc. You can also have the material made into a dress, a duster style coat, a jacket, a tie style jacket or duster, a shirt, and/or palazzo pants, I love that slinky type fabric because it doesn't bind and just flows. They have from about a size bust 44" hips around 50" all the way up to chest 84" and hips 92" The dresses run about $50 apiece not on sale. The on sale ones can be as cheap as $35.

Maggie: I remember back when I was a kid our town had beautiful elm trees all the way through town down the main street. They were all killed by dutch elm disease and from what I understand there are no elm trees anywhere in the US anymore because of that disease. I hope the scientists can find a way to protect the orange trees and the things don't migrate to Florida too. OJ is expensive now.

Well, need to check my dryer. Have a great afternoon. Faye

05-12-2013, 10:37 AM
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to everyone!! :love::love: We are getting ready to go to the commissary this mother's day. :lol: We gotta eat I guess. Nothing much going on after that. I am going to make chick fried steak for dinner tonight as Jack really loves his chick fried steak. I calorie it down though with egg beaters, ff milk and use spray Pam and just a tiny bit of olive oil to keep it from sticking.

Not much news since I posted yesterday. It is supposed to be nice and sunny here today but a bit cooler. I am still going to wear capris and sandals. I am done with closed toe shoes! :lol:

I put post it notes or tape paper notes on the upper ledge of my computer so I remember things like dr appts and such. I have a haircut, 2 dr appts, one for each of us, Jack's jury duty and a couple others that stay up there all the time. I could put them in my Iphone calendar, but this works better as I take them off as they occur as I see them everyday. I just have one more a dog grooming appt, but they haven't gotten far enough in their booking for me to make the appt I want.

I had a time of it this morning. I had leg cramps, a sore back, had a sick tummy and a headache. Sheesh! I took some advil for the soreness and the headache, ate come crackers for the tummy and seem to be ok now. I eat bananas and other potassium laden fruits to make sure I don't get cramps, but last night they just wanted to cramp up for some reason. We leave in an hour so I should be all ready by them. I cleaned up, washed my hair, blow dried and styled it, put on my make up and part of my jewelry and am sitting in my nightgown that way until right before we go. :lol:

You girls have a really nice day today. If you have family close by I hope you get to spend a bit of time with them, if not, just know I think each of you is a very special and wonderful lady!!! Faye

05-12-2013, 11:40 AM
Happy Mother's Day, ladies! 59 degrees right now and, what else, rain.

Although it wasn't planned, I ended up working a full week last week. Boss was going out of town and left everything he needed to take to the last minute again. Back to work tomorrow since he'll be gone another week.

I have an appointment with my personal trainer today at 4:45 - her idea since I had to cancel last week and she has another lady right before me. She isn't a mother either so I'm not taking her away from family.

I know you don't want to hear this, but I am trying to eat more so I quit losing weight. The nutritionist told me to add more fat to my diet. Scary thought but everything else I eat fills me up and I just can't eat bigger portions.

Glory and I went to tea yesterday. They actually made a special one for me with things I could eat with a good conscious. Wasn't a typical English tea but it was fine by me because I enjoy my friends. Glory and I made the aquaintance of an English lady who lives in Yorktown. She's 83 years old and lives alone. I'm sure she doesn't have much money because she lives in subsidized senior housing. Glory and I have taken her to tea for the last 2 months and paid for it. She tells the best stories about England and growing up and she still has family living there.

Maggie, that's terrible about the orange trees. We have a parasite that is getting closer (about 20 miles away) that kills deer. They literally starve to death. Casper loves water. He'll get in the shower with me and let me wash him. He gets in the tub if I don't close the door and cries for the water to be turned on. He's one strange cat. I guess he figures Mom does that and he should too.

Faye, it sounds like you had a lovely day with your family. How nice for you. That gift certificate will come in handy. I used up another Kindle and it was out of warranty but they offered me several models, all brand new not reconditioned, at discounted prices. I chose the Kindle Fire HD with the 8.9" screen for $169. What a deal - $100 off! I'm loving it!

Wow, the sun just came out!

Have a wonderful day.

05-12-2013, 02:42 PM
Good Afternoon and Happy Mother's Day to all of you Flowers! I am home alone, with my furry children. Bob went to Sioux Falls to help Jason get started on his lawn shed. Amanda was going to work because they are short of nurses this weekend; I decided I could accomplish more at home than there today. Beth had plans for a picnic and the dog park today. Picnic I could do, dog park not so much. :lol: The sun is shining and it's looks outside. I thought I posted yesterday but see that I didn't. Next week is soccer games and baseball begins in SF. Ian's games are both late this week so think we will wait until next week to go.

Maggie -- We are on our second round of Oriole food in two different feeders, each holding about a quart. We haven't seen any hummingbirds yet though. Quite some time ago the paper said they were heading north early because of the warmer weather, but then it turned cold again so I hope they are just late and nothing happened to them. :crossed: The stray cats drink out of our bird bath too. They hop up and balance on the rim. When Sonny lived outside he would stand on his hind legs and stretch. If the water was low he never got his drink. ;) I've noticed on the cooking channel the chefs use vanilla beans a lot. I've never used one.

"Gma" -- I'm glad you enjoyed your breakfast with Kelly and family. :) There is nothing worse than glasses that don't fit right. I had to have my sunglasses adjusted several times just because they didn't feel right; after an hour I'd have a headache because they were too tight. I had to :lol: when reading about the "other man in your house!" I had to stop and think. Hope your commissary run was quick and easy today. Which style dress are you going to choose? I hope the crackers helped settle your stomach. Every once in awhile I will wake up with a charlie horse or else my foot itches. Weird.

Susan -- Isn't it hard to work a full week when you're not used to it? I find that if I have days where if I'm gone most of the day I am more tired at night. :yawn: I have heard of people trying to gain weight. Unfortunately that has never been a problem for me. How nice of you and Glory to treat your new friend to tea! :cp: I wish I could go to tea with you. I've never been to any kind of "tea" other than tea parties with my grandma when I was little. I've never had a cat who liked to be in water but would still lick the faucet drips in the tub. When I have trickles in the basement they walk through it and don't seem to mind that.

I have laundry ready to go so need to get moving. I picked up the gift shop money Friday when I closed out the weekly paperwork for the director so need to get that counted and ready to deposit. Enjoy the rest of your day and do something nice for yourselves! :wave:

05-13-2013, 11:05 AM
Good morning to you ladies. It is bright and sunny and supposed to be lovely today, which is nice. I am sick of rain.

Jay called me around noon yesterday. He apologized but said he didn't get in until 6 am and went straight to bed. Jay studies brazillian jiu jitsu and I believe has a brown belt. He was in Susan country, Yorktown for the last few days looking at the Jiu-Jitsu Institute. It is on production dr, Susan. Anyway, he went there to check out their whole operation as the dojo in South Bend wants him to buy in as a partner and he knew this one was run well. He had a nice time, but he sounded pooped when he called me. He said it was just he and the cat. Alicia, Jackson and their dogs were in Ohio visiting her mom. We had a nice long talk. Jack and I didn't want to deal with lunch or dinner out on Mother's Day so Jack surprised me and bought us Chinese for dinner. It was a nice change of pace and really yummy.

That was as exciting as we got yesterday.

Susan: Nice to hear from you and looks like you had a nice day. I have been to one english tea, but it was a large group of women from out church not intimate. One of the gals that was a member was english and we had a full english tea for one of the missionaries that was visiting at the time. They are lovely. I imagine when you think where you started, eating more is very strange for you.

Jean: Sounds like you all had another busy day. I use vanilla bean if I make homemade ice cream. Fresh Market sells vanilla beans in little jars so they don't dry out. The first dress I bought was square necked, long and 3/4 sleeves. These two will be just round necked, long but I think I will get 3/4 sleeves on them both. Last year they were all sleeveless and I wore short sleeved little sweaters.

I hope everyone has a good start to their week. Gotta let the little man out as he is barking at me. Faye

05-13-2013, 12:19 PM
Good morning, ladies! It rained in the night and brought in a cold front - 59 degees right now and probably tomorrow but then back to 70s.

I had a great workout with my PT yesterday late afternoon. We are working on things I can do at home with my resistance ball, resistance bands and hand weights for days I can't get to the gym. She checked me out on all the machines again to be sure my form was correct. I got 3 sessions so one of them will be kettle bell exercises for I'm buying myself one of those. I've used them at the gym in classes and they are fun.

Faye, had I known Jay was in the area, I'd have taken him to dinner. Production Drive is something I pass every day on my way to and from work, about 8 miles from my house. Your dresses sound lovely. I wish they had smaller sizes, I'd love a couple myself.

Jean, I thing you did post that day but it was the last one in the previous thread. Baseball is in full swing around here. I love to see the littlest ones. They are so cute.

Hi, Maggie!

Breaks over so back to work. Enjoy your day.

05-13-2013, 03:20 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and the wind is blowing; it was nice outside this morning before the wind picked up. We are in a "severe" fire warning because of the wind and dry grass/weeds from last summer. We had a lot to count this morning at church. Yesterday was baccalaureate so had lots more people there. One of the graduates fainted and hit his head on the step leading up to the altar. He didn't come to the reception afterwards so don't know if he was really hurt or just embarrassed. I had the gift shop money over the weekend so made that deposit on my way home. I really need to do something constructive but feel like a nap instead.

A neighbor up the street planted a new tree; it's more like a twig but has huge white flowers. She was out watering it so I stopped to ask and it's a magnolia tree. I was so surprised because I thought they were just found in the southern states.

"Gma" -- Will Jay quit the job he has now if he decides to join the Jiu-Jitsu partnership? I wish you could model your new dresses for us! I seriously need some new clothes for spring/summer. Everything I've found so far, from last year, is ratty looking and needs to be replaced! :yes:

Susan -- I really admire how dedicated you are to your exercise program! You are a wonder gal for sure! Are you working all week again? :twirly:

I do have laundry to fold so need to go do that. I hope you all are enjoying a marvelous Monday! :wave:

05-13-2013, 03:34 PM
Happy Belated Mothers day

05-14-2013, 09:19 AM
Good morning to you ladies. Another lovely day is coming our way, which is so very nice. I have a bit of some back muscle problems that are causing me a bit of trouble. I am going to try doing some stretching and that sort of thing. They aren't really in my back but almost in my tush area. It is one muscle that is making it hard to go from sitting to standing, but I am working on it so I imagine sooner or later it will right itself.

I am down 2 more lbs and am now 40+ lost and down another pt you might say. :carrot:

I am going to try and get some cleaning done today. I didn't start yesterday because my back was so sore. I am well rested and hopefully the back won't give me a problem so I want to get some work done today. I do give in to an indulgence everyday. Spike tv has a couple rerun episodes of CSI NY, which I really like so I usually watch them before starting to work.

Susan: I didn't even know he had gone to Yorktown until I saw pictures of him with some of the guys from the Jiu Jitsu place. Then when I talked to him on Mother's Day he told me he had gone for a few days. Sounds like you are all set up for your exercising now. You haven't said anything about it, did you take on the tax work again this year?

Jean: I bet that poor young man was embarrassed, but it isn't just females that can faint dead away that's for sure. I hope he wasn't hurt, but also he didn't stay away from his reception over embarrassment. I imagine Thomas might, I don't know. No, Jay won't quit his job. He has been offered a job closer to home with more money from a client he has now, but I don't know what he has decided. He works as a senior marketing, advertising, and sales director. It is an advertising company of some kind. I don't know what the new job would be, I think he said sales, which I think is what he really loves. His personality is such he could sell anyone anything and he isn't slick, he's honest. He is really into Jiu Jitsu and I imagine this opportunity appealed to him. I think Jackson has started too. I really enjoy these dresses because they are so comfortable and move so easily. My problem is I have been blackballed by the majority of plus size stores. Anything that Lane Bryant or Brylane owns, which is most of them. About 10 years ago, I bought some stuff and it didn't fit so I sent it back. I didn't insure it, but I did send it with the postal delivery confirmation. Well they said they never got it even though I proved they had. Somebody in that warehouse took off with it all and got themselves some nice clothing. I refused to pay for the stuff and told them straight out I had proof it was delivered to them. They quit bugging me about paying, but they won't let me order anything online from any of their stores now. I mean, Lane Bryant, Woman Within, Catherine's, Roamans, One Stop Shopping, none of them. This place I buy the dresses and Ulla Popken are about it. I used to buy from Silhouettes, but I think they went out of business because their website has been down for a couple years now. I suppose if I went into one of these stores and paid cash they wouldn't know, but frankly they made me so mad I won't use them unless I am desperate.

Last but not least. My sweet Thomas won this award at the band banquet last night for being most outstanding in 7th grade band. You rock, Thomas!!

I guess I better get going. Hope you all have a nice Tuesday. Faye

05-14-2013, 10:34 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's supposed to hit 98 degrees with a 30 mph wind today. :eek: We have soccer games later this afternoon; not looking forward to either the heat nor the wind! I need to make a grocery run this morning and clear off the kitchen island . . . . again. :rolleyes:

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another 2#s! Wow! I hope your back feels better after doing some stretches. I have that happen every once in awhile but can't blame it on anything that I did to cause it. That is too bad about the clothing returns and not being able to order any longer! I always do the confirmation request also but try to order from places that have free shipping and return. Actually, I guess I haven't ordered much online lately, except "toys." I imagine Thomas will acquire lots of awards and trophies over his next few years in school. He is quite the young man! :D

I need to get dressed and get going. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! :wave:

05-14-2013, 06:11 PM

It is going to be another hot spring or no spring and hop right into summer. This is a high 90º day and I want cool breezes and am not getting them. :cry: The heat doesn’t seem to bother Beanie for he is frolicking in the back yard and the cat and Ragg are in the house snoozing under a ceiling fan. I am going to have to drink more water than usual this week for I tend to need it in the summer heat and don’t want to ever get dehydrated. My extremities do swell in the heat also so I need to drink water to keep them flushed out.

I found another silver charm in my Smithsonian® summer catalogue that I want to get for my bracelet. If any of you get that catalogue it is on page 28. Now to find a place to put it on for my bracelet for it is quite full but I just have to have this one and will find a place to fit it in. It is an envelope that holds messages and the flap locks down. I can put my 3 favorite weight loss sayings in it. I typed them up in tiny letters and have laminated them and they will fit when I get the silver envelope. My favorite sayings for this trip down the road to thin are (1) Don’t exchange what you want most for what you want at the moment. (2) A setback is only a setup for a comeback. (3) Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. The envelope measures 1”x ¾” so the tiny messages I made should fit. :cp:

Will has been out spraying weeds. They sure come back in a hurry when things green up. A dear friend of ours owns a farm supply outfit and loaned him a sprayer that he took to the museum and sprayed their vast lawn with. The museum has the whole side of the block and rents out a house on the far corner of the property so he sprayed that yard also. He is now spraying weeds in the church lawn and ours. it was all looking so good last year so where in the world did all those weeds come from. The wind brings seeds and deposits them then the rain comes and they get watered and grow up to be sprayed again each year.

Here is a meatball recipe I received from my WW leader and thought maybe you would be interested in it also:

MEATBALLS a la Biggest Looser
Preheat oven to 400º
Olive Oil spray
2 egg whites
½ C quick cooking oats
¼ C fat-free milk
½ C finely chopped Fresh parsley
1 Tbsp. dried minced onion
½ tsp. dried oregano
½ tsp. garlic powder
¼ tsp. salt
⅛ tsp. crushed red pepper flakes
1 lb. 96% Lean ground beef (93% are not as dry)

1. Lightly coat a large nonstick baking sheet with spray.
2. In a medium bowl, using a fork, mix together the egg whites, oats, and milk until well combined.
3. Add the parsley, onion, oregano, garlic powder, salt, and crushed red pepper flakes and mix until well combined.
4. Make 32 uniform meatballs, each about 1¼” in diameter (2 tablespoons).
5. Roll the balls with your hands and arrange, not touching, on the prepared baking sheet.
6. Bake for 7 to 10 minutes, or until no longer pink inside.

8 Meatballs per serving
96% hamburger is 5 p+ per serving
93% hamburger is 6 p+ per serving.

I’ll be making myself a batch of those meatballs soon for they should freeze well.

I just had my post all ready and my computer shut itself off. I am afraid I will have to be shopping for a new one sonner than I thought. I had the personals all typed and now I had better shut this box down before it does it itself again.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

05-15-2013, 05:48 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 85 degrees, sunshine and windy.

I went to the gym this morning and then took Casper in his stroller for a mile walk after lunch. Decided to clean out the fridge and that is all I'm doing today except going to my quilting bee at the library tonight. I don't like how I have my furniture in the family room so it looks like I'll be doing that again this weekend.

Faye, I did do taxes this year, but only 2 nights a week. Congratulations to Thomas. He's a handsome boy! Jackson must look so cute in his jiu-jitsu uniform. 2 more pounds gone ! Good for you!

Jean, you are sure sweltering early this year. I've got 7 pink roses and 5 yellow blooming now.

Maggie, every year Scott has my lawn looking beautiful and every spring it's full of weeds again. It's a constant battle for sure. I hope there are no fires near year. The fan may be going in your computer. It's a pretty cheap fix. If it's not working right, the computer starts to overheat and shuts down. That's what I just had replaced in mine for the same reason.

Have a great evening.

05-15-2013, 07:00 PM

It has been a nice warm day with a slight breeze blowing this day. We have been out and about on our daily run about town and seeing the buffalo. One is missing from the pen and I imagine it is at the vet. I told Will they need to post a sign on the fence when they take any of them out of the pen so we would know where they were being taken for we can only guess. It was one of the females and not the big ole bull.

I have one of those things that has a fan in it that is made to sit a laptop computer on when used on a table. I dug it out and now have it under my computer and it is keeping it cool and working much better today so I am prolonging its life before getting a new one. :cp: I have my eye on a new one just like this one I have only with upgrades. It is a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC and has great sound when watching a movie or playing music. It is the computer we plan on taking along with us when we go anywhere when we get a motor home. I just want this one to last as long as I can make it before buying a new one for I am waiting for the price to drop some for the man at the store said it will be happening. :lol: In the meantime this fan is keeping my lap top cool. I had actually forgotten I had this fan for I had used it for a different lap top some years back. There is a tiny port in the back of some lap tops where a fan can be plugged in.

Today the flags are flying half mast for the fallen police. Will has gone out of town where they are holding the celebration to give them a talk as their guest speaker. Since we both are retired peace officers and they know Will is a good public speaker they snagged him. He will be gone through the dinner time so I will make a TV dinner for myself and have some fresh strawberries.

SUSAN I am certain it is the fan that is going bad in my lap top for since I set it on tis external fan it is back to its happy self perfoming like it should. I am just trying to prolong it's life right now. Casper probablly likes your walds geting to gaze at the view as he is pushed along. Those animal strollers are so neat.

JEAN how did the soccer game come out and did you stay cool? I tood don't like to order "on line" for I perfer to talk to a person when ordering for they can answer my questions if I happen to have any.

DONNA FAYE :bravo: for your weight loss. You are going to be much thinner come cruise time this year. :cp: You are doint so well ~ keep it up girlfriend. What a charming kid that Thomas of yours is. :cp:

Hope all are having a lovely afternoon. :wave:

05-16-2013, 01:58 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! Just checking in on my way to bed. Had my nails and toes done this morning, so the toes are ready for sandals. Bob was home this afternoon and I don't seem to get much done when he's around. But then, I don't get much done if he isn't around either. Tomorrow, Friday, and Monday mornings I am covering the church office for the secretary. I will be curious to see if she found someone for the afternoons as they are pretty quiet and boring. In the afternoon I have crafty club.

I couldn't get in here earlier today for some reason so haven't caught up on reading. Will do that tomorrow at the office!

Hope you all have a terrific Thursday! :wave:

05-16-2013, 04:22 PM

This is a beautiful day in the low 80ºs and just a slight breeze. It would be so nice if it would stay in these temps through the summer months, but alas it will get in the 100º quickly and we won’t have any spring to speak of again this year. The few plants we put out are doing fine right now for we are giving them as much protection we can.

Will is at the museum today. His presentation for the “fallen police” appreciation ceremony last evening was received with much appreciation. All the flags across this state were flown at half mast for the fallen yesterday. Those that were there when their comrades fell were there last evening to tell the tale. The other officers can learn from any mistakes that might have been made during those episodes. They were interested on hearing what I used to do before I retired and what Will had done when he worked for the Sherriff dept. out in CA. Each person there was given a bag full of candy, chips and sodas. I called the Cop food baggies without donuts. :lol: “Cops and donuts” got its start in years past when the only place open during the night were the donut backing places where cops would gather to discuss business. Nowdays there are many places they can go in and have coffee and eat “real” food or have a donut if they wish.

My fan continues to keep this lap top cool but I don’t leave it turned on all day anymore. I did what I needed to do on it this morning then turned it off so it got a rest and really cooled down. The fan sure helps it though.

Tonight I am backing some boneless pork strips that I will roll in beaten egg then in Lemon Pepper Panko and spray with olive oil. I will serve green beans spritzed with I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter and sprinkled with a few real bacon bits. I will also serve the ever lovely green salad. I love that salad dressing dispenser I got at a WW meeting which dispenses the exact right amount onto a salad. I plan on getting another to keep a different kind of dressing in for I like a variety. I still use the dipping of my fork in the dressing while in a restaurant and never use all of the dressing served.

JEAN So now you have happy toes to peek out from your sandals. I like to see ladies with nice painted toenails and rings on their toes. I have a lovely toe ring and will have to locate it in my box. I have yet to paint my toenails this year and don't often paint my had nails. I am thinking of doing them French tipped this afternoon. I have all the "proper" stuff with which to do that. It is just finidng the time I want to spend to do it.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

05-16-2013, 06:54 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We started the day with sunshine but the clouds have rolled in and it's really dark in the west. We are supposed to get some thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. Of course my basement has just dried up, par for the course. It was hard to get up and get going this morning knowing that I had to go to "work;" for some reason it takes me longer to get ready than it used to. :rolleyes: The church office was pretty quiet and Fridays are really quiet. Crafty club, this afternoon, was ok although there was only 7 of us there. I don't often see these gals but once a month so it's fun to catch up.

Maggie -- Your new charm sounds neat being able to hold your three favorite sayings. Did you find out anything about the awol buffalo? Thanks for sharing your meatball recipe. :T I wish I had time to make them tonight. While it was hot at the soccer games, the humidity was low so it didn't seem quite so hot. The wind wasn't as strong as they predicted it would be so having a breeze helped too. The kids had water breaks more often so they didn't seem to mind the heat.

Susan -- I would love to see Casper in his stroller! :yes: We planted geraniums in pots as well as some tube roses, marigolds, and impatiens. A hummingbird showed up yesterday and the orioles like his red liquid more than their orange, for some reason. I'm surprised they can get any because the perches are so small and close to the feeder.

I need to think about something quick for supper since we have a meeting at church tonight. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

05-17-2013, 12:36 PM
Good morning to you all. It is raining all day and night supposedly but warm not cold here. I guess we have finally fallen into a nice spring/summer beginning to weather.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but my back was so bad it was excruciating to stand up and especially to sit in the computer chair for some reason. I tried to walk around as much as possible, etc to try and keep stretching it out, but when I would go from sitting to standing it would "catch" and the pain was awful. I would force myself to stand up all the way even though it hurt like the dickens and took my breath away. It is not completely gone, but so much better than yesterday. I got stuck on the toilet for about 5 minutes yesterday because the toilet sits low and trying to get up hurt so much. I finally took a good hold on the sink cabinet and just stood straight up. It made me lightheaded it hurt so much. I figure this weekend I can get around and loosen it completely back up. Part of it is losing weight believe it or not. on my legs they get hollow and have a fat pad above them so they will make my lower thighs ache and I figure the back is probably sort of the same thing, I have lost fat in areas and the fat still above it puts pressure on the muscle below.

I did something unusual and weighed myself this morning even though I just did it a few days ago. I am down another 2 lbs. I have 7 to get into the 30's, which is what I told Jack a year ago I would be satisfied with if I couldn't get anymore off. If I can get into the 20's before the cruise, my jeans will fit me and some of the other nice summer clothing I have. I think for one thing, I have conquered the hormone pills and the hunger they cause and also worked and adjusted my body so I am not having cravings and stuff like that. I am not sure how I did it, I just know the way I am eating now works so I plan to keep it up. I always have a banana each morning for the potassium. I know other things have great potassium too, but bananas are easy and portable. They have a lot of sugar for a fruit, but I eat so little sugar it doesn't seem to make a big difference.

I have my list going for the trip to Indiana. :lol: I looked at it and Fortune's part is pretty long for a darn dog. :lol: I am really looking forward to the short trip. I get to babysitting the munchkin all day on Friday, have breakfast with my sister, who is not doing so well with her feet I am afraid, and have lunch with my very best friend. Yesterday was her birthday and I called her and we talked for 2 1/2 hours!!! Then Saturday is Jackson's bday party so that should be fun. I will get to see a lot of their friends we usually don't see when we are up there. We then come home and start gearing up for the cruise. Well, I start gearing up, Jack is already in 6th gear I think. :lol:

Maggie: Yes, way back when, donut shops were open 24-7 and the one place they could go and get coffee and something to eat, donuts having high sugar giving them a bit of a boost on the overnights. Donuts unlike other things before the advent of millions of takeout places and fast food places, were portable and they could eat them in their cars too. They may be made fun of for the donut thing, but they still can be found crowded into the parking lot of a donut shop here for sure. :lol: Jack has one of those fans and uses it constantly for his laptop to keep it cool. Thanks for the meatball recipe. I actually have a bagful already made that I take some out and use for our spaghetti night.

Jean: I don't get pedicures for the most part because the chairs kill my bad knee when I have to stretch it out and hold it up for her to work on my heel. I hate the darn rolling thingy in the back seat to make you feel better too. They always turn it on and I can't find the switch to turn it off and it makes my back hurt instead of feel better, but like I said, having my knee hang out in open space really locks it up and such so I just go usually like when we go on vacation or whatever and even then usually opt for just having them painted not the whole thing. Do you just take a book or something to read while you are at the church office?

Susan: Are your flowers in the front or back of your condo? We aren't allowed to plant anything except if it is hidden behind our back gate. Stupid, I know, but then people plant stuff and don't take care of it and move, etc, etc. Though the lazy lawn people barely mow let alone do anything else anymore. I bet Casper thinks he is cat about town having his own limo to ride around in. :lol:

Well girls, it is getting late in the morning and I need to get moving. Have a great weekend. Faye

05-17-2013, 06:11 PM

It is another day in the high 70ºF and low 80ºF which is the beginning of summer for sure. I don’t have many plans of what I am going to be doing this day of yet. I have gotten all the house work done that I plan on doing and now I can do other “stuff.” I am going to sort though all my coupons and discard any that have expired. I have quite a few from WW that are really good savings on their products. I attach them to the shopping list I give Will when he plans on going to the store. I have some coupons for those Green Giant single serving broccoli packets which are great. He doesn’t like broccoli so they are good for just one serving for me. We use coupons more now that the prices of products have been steadily going up of late. It just turned noon of the clock and I need to go to the kitchen and figure out what we will be having for lunch now.

Back now after lunch then going to the store for some needed items and having an Artic Rush at DQ for 3 p+ while Will had his cone. We stopped by a building supply place and picked up a bird feeder that we installed on the clothesline pole up out of reach from our animals and out from the house so the birds can get a snack. So far besides the little birds we have seen a Robin red breast and a Blue Jay that have been hanging around in our back yard trees and such so we decided to provide some food for them and make sure the bird bath keeps fresh water in it. They can grab a drink in it when Cecil isn’t around for he things it is his drinking fountain.

DONNA FAYE OUCH ~ Sorry to hear you back is giving you fits. When a back hurts a person hurts all over. Been there, done that. Yes, as we lose weight our innards shift which is one reason my doc advised me to lose it slowly to give myself a chance to adjust as comfortably as possible. i also like making lists for they are a good way to not forget to take anyting while planning a trip for sure. When we had our motor home and went on short trips I made my grocerie list then made sure I had the proper way to prepare what I had bought. I'll do the same when we get our next MH. :cool: Take care and don't over-do when you do get to feeling better. :hug:

JEAN Is your WW group participating with the daily walk in order to get that walking charm? I think we will be turning our cards in next Monday so the leader can send them in on time for the "vacation" drawing for then the next Monday is a holiday and there won't be a meeting. (We only have the one time here to meet.) I feel much better now that I have been doing my walking program. :p No, the buffalo is still AWOL. The bull still has 4 ladies though. The owner of that land has others elsewhere I understand, so he may have moved her in with them.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

05-18-2013, 11:45 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, NO wind, :cp: and it's a beautiful morning in my corner of the world! I can tell the humidity is on the rise so guess our summer weather had arrived. It's supposed to hit 85 today so will set the air to come on later. Ernie is sitting in the open window beside me and Sonny is guarding the deck through the back screen door. I've decided that "working" is for the birds! I don't get anything done at home after being gone in the morning. I met a friend for pie and coffee yesterday afternoon and we talked for over two hours. We try to get together once a month for sure, as well as being together in our lunch bunch. She is the caregiver for her husband who has bladder cancer and dementia; she talks and I listen. Her two sons, who don't live here, are about the same ages as Beth and Jason so they know each other from school. I fell asleep in front of the tv last night, got up and went to bed, then slept all night.

"Gma" -- I hope your back is feeling better today, and you are able to move without the severe pain. Another 2#s are gone forever! :cheer: I don't like the pedicure massager chairs either. The gals will ask and I just say, "no thanks." It's too bad they can't figure out a way to hold your foot so your knee won't hurt. I love the massage part but my feet are ticklish and I have trouble holding still. I can keep busy when I babysit the church office. I type up vouchers for the treasurer to pay bills, can run the bulletin copies on the "grumpy" machine, take phone messages, and sometimes answer questions when people call. We have people come in to pay their "dues" so I can process their checks for counting on Monday. Actually, I know enough to be dangerous. ;) I do take magazines or a book to read. Right now I'm reading The Drop by Michael Connelly. I do like him and think of you whenever I find a book I haven't read.

Maggie -- I am famous for cutting out coupons and letting them expire. :o It's frustrating that they are only good for a short period of time where they used to be good for six months or a year. Our DQ has done some remodeling and so far, is very clean with very well mannered and well groomed employees. During the day it has white employees while at night they are all Mexicans. I've been out of school long enough that they don't recognize me, which is good. :D Yes, the local WW groups are doing the daily walk challenge. I didn't sign up because my heart isn't in it right now. Our weather has been so awful, but I'm hoping it has settled down and I can get back to walking. Bob wants to start walking again, so that will help me.

Susan -- What is on your agenda today besides WW? :twirly:

I have laundry going and need to take another pile downstairs. The flannel sheets are being put away and I'm washing all the bedding. Have a super nice Saturday and enjoy! :wave:

05-19-2013, 09:19 AM
Good morning gals. I hope your Sunday is going well. It is going to be sunny and hot here today. We had to go out for a bit yesterday and it was horribly humid. We are going to have bug issues this year too. Memphis has real problems with roaches. I chase the little buggers down and drown them in raid! :lol: I let Fortune out in the middle of the night and turn on our outside lighting and you see dozens scurry all over the deck. Disgusting, but all I can do is spray. I have to be careful because of Fortune.

My back is finally feeling better, still a smidge sore, but not like it was on Wednesday, the worst day. I still don't know what caused it, but it did make other problems for some reason. The muscle cramping I have when I walk, the muscles in my groin areas, acted up on Thursday maybe because I was compensating or something. At least no pain when I try and I try and stand up and straighten up, just a little soreness.

Thomas and Tom did a mini Triathlon. Thomas was 3rd in his age group for the swim and second on his bike. I don't know how he did on his run, but Kelly said they acheived their goals. She posted a picture of the two of them after the race and Thomas looked whipped he was leaning towards his dad.

Maggie: We have a large park here in Memphis and have a whole herd of buffalo including cute baby ones. The park does a lot of research and such with things like planting and animal stuff. I don't know what they are doing with the buffalo, but they have been there for years.

Jean: I applaud you for trying to get work done that is needed in the office. Many people wouldn't touch it even if they knew how. Aww, I know your friend appreciates the shoulder to spill everything on. Nothing is worse than being a heavy caregiver and have no way to release sadness, frustration, anger, exhaustion, etc. You are a good friend. So what kind of pie did you have??? I was dying for pie so yesterday when we went to the grocery store I bought one of those little single serving boxes. It has two small sizes and I got the lemon merinque. It was more like lemon ice box, but it was yummy. I didn't eat the crust just the filling.

Well Jack just came downstairs so it is time for breakfast. Take care everyone. Faye

05-19-2013, 11:25 AM
Good morning, ladies! It's already in the 70s this day but thunderstorms...and it rained yesterday and is in the forecast for all next week.

I have an appointment with my trainer at 5 pm today. We are going to work on things I can do at home today.

My computer is acting up again. I should have just gotten a new one when it did before. It's going to have to keep going until fall for taxes, flood insurance and house insurance are all due between June and September.

Faye, my bug problem is ants...the tiny ones you can hardly see. I found a recipe on the internet that uses sugar, borax and water and it works great. They eat it and take it back to the nest and soon they are gone. Thomas is certainly a well-round young man.

Jean, you are such a good person with your volunteer work and listening to the caregiver. I know how hard that job was for me.

Maggie, since I cut out processed foods there aren't many coupons I find useful but I have always used them. I have them in a coupon organizer and I glued a pad for my shopping list inside the flap so they are always together. On the first of the month I go through them and pull the ones expiring that month.

Have a great day!

05-19-2013, 01:54 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a drizzly day in my neighborhood today. I guess it started during the night since the street was wet when I got up this morning. We've been to church; Bob just sang at first service because several of the group couldn't be there. Now it's almost time to dream up something for lunch; I was thinking something grilled would be easy. Nothing else planned except for sorting through Bob's winter/summer clothes and making the switch. I still have my summer t-shirts and capris "out" from our Florida jaunt in January.

"Gma" -- Roaches are gross for sure! I'm sure they are in Iowa too, but we've never had them. I admire Tom and Thomas for even trying a triathlon, let alone being able to finish. Good for them! :cheer: This restaurant makes their own pies; I chose a chocolate mint creation this time. The crust was chocolate cookie crumbs, a layer of chocolate pudding, a layer of mint pudding, then a layer of whipped cream with chocolate curls on top. Needless to say, that was also my supper that night. I can't think of the brand, but WM and the grocery stores here carry little individual pieces of pie in the freezer section. I buy the key lime but there is also chocolate. The same brand has whole pies but I've never bought one of those.

Susan -- We have had ants in the house in the spring. They usually come in the back door for some reason. I use Toro (?) ant poison; just put a drop on a piece of cardboard or waxed paper, they eat then head back to their nest. I put one of Bob's baseball caps over it so the cats won't stick their paws in it. I will have to look for your recipe. I don't know about the homes along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, but we can't buy flood insurance in this part of the state. Bob's repaired lots of flooded basements during his career. :yes: Have "fun" with your trainer this afternoon!

I'm off to check on a lunch menu with the man of the house. Enjoy your day today! :wave:

05-19-2013, 07:09 PM

Yesterday afternoon we went to two different graduation parties and all I had to eat was some watermelon cubes. :cp: I planned to not have anything but when they had fresh cut up fruit I did have some and left the cake and other goodies alone. We grilled burgers for dinner so I did have the points to enjoy dinner. :cp: We had to make a trip downstairs for we were under a tornado watch for one was headed our way but as it was it did it damage a few miles down the road ~ ate up a line of power poles and took off the roof from a storage building where a small restaurant had frozen stuff out there. Since he lost electricity he was loaned some generators from some nice folks so his food wouldn’t spoil. Good neighbors are so valuable in situations like that. That happened in the area where we traveled to for Will to preach today. That is the closest we have had one come since we have lived here. For lunch we had pot-luck and I filled my plate with salad sans dressing and one meat ball and 2Tbs of lasagna and didn’t have any dessert even though that homemade lemon meringue pie called my name. That, my friends, is my very most favorite pie and I turned my back on it. That was not easy. :no: I give myself a pat on the back. I would have had a small bite if that were the kind Will got but he chose coconut cream meringue not knowing the other pie next to it was lemon meringue for no pieces were missing from it yet ~ so I didn’t even get a taste ~ not one little taste. Not one.

We are going to have a re-run of burgers this evening for we have the items with which to make them ~ just have to grill the meat and that will use up the last of the buns in the package. Not much happening around here this afternoon.

DONNA FAYE That is neat that you have a herd of buffalo there in Memphis. Do you ever go and park and watch the buffalo? We try to visit this little herd every day. I am so glad that there are still some that folks can see and watch. How neat for Thomas and Tom to do the triathlon together.

SUSAN Sounds like you have a nifty way of saving coupons. I understand why you don't use many for you have to be so watchful of ingredients that go into a food item. Are you using a lap top? That is all I have used for years. Keeping mine sitting on this fan box thingie has sure kept it cool and proglonging its life for I have not had any problems since I started using it. I think I will continue to use it when I do get a new computer.

JEAN Do start walking with Bob for it will help you. I am still doing my laps around inside here adding minutes as I progress. This is what I worte that my activity goal is: "Steady as she goes ~ walking ~ adding minutes each day till I reach an hour walk." I go at my own pace. I really don't like to exercise but I need to exercise so am just "doing it." Plus I want that walking charm for my bracelet and since I can't buy it ~ so I need to earn it. :lol: See the psychology in that? That walking charm is a carrot that WW has dangled in front of me. I will keep up my walking program for it is good for me. Different things work for different folks and that charm got my attention and I am willing to better myself to earn it.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

05-20-2013, 04:46 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm just hanging around waiting to see what the weather is going to do. We are supposed to get some thunderstorms late afternoon/early evening. I was hoping it would happen before we leave for the soccer game. I worked in the church office this morning. There wasn't much money to count so that went by quickly. I sorted and pitched catalogs that seem to come in multiples and then started shredding the 2011 giving envelopes. I just tear the names off the envelopes and then shred the check copy papers. My fingers are a little stiff and sore!

Maggie -- You did "good" staying away from the no-no foods at the graduation parties. :cheer: I admire your will power! You will earn that charm and enjoy wearing it knowing all the effort you put into earning it!

I need to change clothes and get ready to leave. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

05-20-2013, 05:17 PM
Good afternoon ladies. Sun is out now but we had a bad thunderstorm last night and it continued to rain until 2pm.

Maggie, I have a desktop and that's what I'll be getting. My Kindle Fire HD 8.9" works fine for away from home. Good for you on making choices that support your weight loss goals. Sometimes one bite leads to another...

Jean, you sure stay busy with your volunteer work. I hope the rain holds off until you get home from the soccer game.

Have a great evening.

05-20-2013, 09:37 PM

It is a lovely day in the 70º so far this day and I am so thankful that tornado didn’t touch down here yesterday. We live in what they call “tornado alley” and so far we have not been hit here ~ but very near here. We do see the “storm chaser” vehicles around here when the sky looks threatening. Right now I am munching on a BelVita® nutritious sustained energy, all morning Blueberry bar and sipping my morning coffee. I don’t like to eat anything “heavy” before my weigh in which is this evening. I expect to be at least a pound down so we shall see. For dinner after WW we are grilling and will have some delicious looking fruit. In the fridge cooling as I type are a seedless watermelon, a tray of beautiful black berries and one of strawberries. This afternoon I will open the watermelon and make cubes out of it which makes it easier to eat. One of the ladies in the church we went to yesterday said she will give me a bag of freshly cut asparagus when we go there next month. She wanted to make sure we liked it before she brought it which makes good sense because that is one of the things you ether like or absolutely don’t like. I remember as a child going out with my father to the ditches and cutting wild asparagus that grew there. My mom would steam it and sprinkle it with freshly grated parmesan cheese and it was soooo good and still is. :cp: I spritz it with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter® so the cheese sticks to the spears nicely. I like it fresh in salads also. That lady is quite a trouper. They own fast pieces of grazing land and run cattle on it and she rides fences every other day checking to see if the animals have enough water and if the water is getting low she activates the pumps and brings some up for them. They drink lots of water ~ vast amounts ~ one cow will drink 5 gallons a day or more. I guess the “or more” will depend on how hot it is that day and it has been hot. If the water table gets too low they may have to sell off part of their herd.

I’ll be back later this day to finish this post after I have gone to WW and have found out if I did lose or if I need to have a crying fit.

No crying fit here! YIPEKIO I showed a loss of 2.8 which brings me to 91.6 gone from this body of mine. No meeting next Monday due to Memorial Day so I need to watch it close for two weeks this time instead of just one week at a time. But I will do it one day at a time anyway so nothing really will change. It will be the Monday after next we will get our walking charm for those participating in the program.

SUSAN You are so right that one bite can lead to another. However, if I tell Will I only one bite that is all I get. :lol: Works good that way for me. I haven't had a desk top computer for so long I really don't think I need one for these small ones have great amount of storage these days.

JEAN I am stubborn so I call will power my Won't Power. When I decide I won't do something then I usually follow through. Trouble is I don't use that WP enough. :no: I hope that weather held off so you could enjoy the game. Not fun getting soaked during a game is it. I have decided where on my bracelet that charm will go. :cp: I'll get it next time WW meets here.

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

05-21-2013, 08:42 AM
Good morning to you all! Cripes I did it again. I have to quit coming in here and reading posts and getting called away and then think I posted when I didn't.

We got a big thunder and lightening storm early this morning about 3 AM and some rain, but nothing spectacular. I think of those poor folks in the OKC area and the parents of those children killed in their school. Kelly has a friend I checked in on, but she said she doesn't live that close to OKC.

My sandals should ship in the next day or so. I ordered yellow ones from this online place that is mostly for mothers with little kids called Totsy. I got the sandals for $6!!!! They have these sales that are fairly quick and you can save a ton of money. They sent me another email and I went and found a green pair and a cute brown pair that has buttons and things on it and paid $12 a pair and they are regular $36 a pair. I would like to find a purple pair and I think Target has a pair, but I can't remember. I should be getting my new sunglasses in a few days too. The other pair I got free and they don't fit properly and the lenses aren't correct either so out they go.

I have a bit of an earache this AM and don't know why. Maybe I slept on it wrong or something. I know my back is about 98% better and I was able to clean the whole downstairs yesterday, which made me feel 100% better.

We are having baked steak and mashed potatoes and I haven't decided on the veg yet. It is super easy, I just pound my sirloin, cut it into portions (I buy 1 lb packages so it works well) then stick it in the crockpot with ff beef broth mixed with some packaged gravy mix. Tomorrow night is chicken and noodles because Jack has a dr appt right after work. He needs new referrals for his cardiologist and his new dr wants to see him first before he issues a referral. Jack needs to go anyway so perfect timing. Me, I got next week. I finished up my hormone meds and have a whole week to see how it reacts. Since this time I had basically what a younger woman would call a "light period," and it was continuous the whole three months, I don't know what she will say about it. I then have to run my pooch to the groomers at 1 PM then out to get Jack around 2:15.

Maggie: Congrats on avoiding the yummies at the graduation parties. I am not much of a cake eater so that wouldn't be hard for me, but I'd have more trouble with the chips, pretzels and that sort of thing I think. I take my asparagus and sprinkle olive oil spray and just the plain powdered parmesaan on it and bake it in the oven and it is yummy that way the the only way I can get Jack to eat it. I told him he will eat snails but not vegetables. What sense does that make? :lol: He may not get any this cruise as the growers have a small crop so the ships aren't serving them again.

Susan: We have a dell desktop and I like it just fine. My kindle is strictly books, but I know Kelly likes her Kindle fire. She also has an Ipad though. Hope your weather clears up and sunny skies for you!

Jean: Hope you made the soccer games. Kelly and family are headed to Indiana next weekend for the Sunburst marathon in South Bend. Tom and Jay will run the half marathon and Thomas is going to do the 5k. Bless them that sounds like pure torture to me. I could run now with my knee if I was skinny. I would someday like to maybe get a bicycle and ride again. I used to really love it. Sounds like you found plenty to do at the church. Sounds like the pies were really good. The slice brand I buy is Edwards. If I make a whole pie, I will eat a whole pie, so when I want a treat I buy those little slices.

Well girls, I need to get going with my day. Hope you have a nice Tuesday all. Faye

05-21-2013, 10:34 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! Our weather is "iffy" again this morning and looks like it could rain any minute. We made it through the soccer game just putting up with "cool and wind" but no rain. I'm hoping the rain holds off for the baseball game tonight as it is an early one; the Thursday game is 2 hours later which makes it after midnight for getting home.

Susan -- I have a desktop computer that I much prefer to use for typing rather than on the laptop. I got the laptop when I started the treasurer's job for the gift shop just to be able to keep that paperwork separate and not have the chance of it being dumped or virused. I like my iPad except that I can type and correct much quicker on the PC. I am "good" if I never take the first bite on lots of favorite foods . . . . sometimes :o .

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another 2.8#s! You are on a roll! A friend gave me some fresh asparagus so I plan to fix it for lunch. I'm not too fond of it so may give some to my neighbor. I'm glad the bad storms missed you. The devastation in OK is tragic!

"Gma" -- You will have a large selection of sandals! :D When I first started teaching, in heels, I had all different colors to go with outfits that I wore to school. The little kids love jewelry and shoes for some reason. To me, running of any kind would be torture! Kuddos to Tom and Thomas! Glad your back is feeling better.

I need to make a grocery list and head for the store. Enjoy your day and be thankful for your many blessings. :wave:

05-21-2013, 07:38 PM

Tornados are definitely killers and destruction agents. I will have those folks in my prayers that did survive to get their lives back in order. It is good to see all the folks that have turned up to help in that area of OK. I have never been in one but have had to find shelter in a few “could be” situations. It is hard to imagine the devastation they make even while looking at the disaster pictures. Years back when we lived in SD we were having a vacation bible school and there was a group from OK that came and helped out. While they were there a tornado hit where they lived in OK and some didn’t have a home to go back to. Before they returned to OK they were directed to go to relatives homes that didn’t get whacked in the storm. The teen’s folks were able to get that message to us. The parents were so thankful that their kids weren’t home in OK when the storm hit and were safe in SD. The two gals we had stay with us in our spare room were delightful guests. Our house was big enough to get them all together for a meal and some games until we could arrange where they would be going. Other families housed some for the night and then would send them over to our house in the day so we could have them all together and feed them. Believe me I had all the help in making the meals that I needed. Those girls were great in pitching in and doing anything needed. Fortunate for those kids that they had several changes of clothes with them. We got everything all washed up before they left. Everything they had with them all of a sudden became more important to them when they realized there was nothing of theirs left at home.

We purchased several veggie plants and are planting them today. We got all the colors of bell peppers that they had and some other veggies that are easily preserved or saved like acorn squash. If we pack the squash in straw and put it outside in the shed it stays pretty good. We moved the strawberry patch to a different part of the yard which may work better. I also picked up some herbs that I am going to grow in my kitchen window under grow lights in small 5” pots. I now have flat leaf and curly leaf parsley, chives, Tuscan blue rosemary, sage, & thyme. 6 pots lined up on a wooden ledge beneath my window over my kitchen sink sitting under 3 grow lights that are on a track hanging the proper distance above them which I turn on for awhile each day. I did this before and loved having fresh herbs in my kitchen ready to snip and use. One day I may find the perfect long pot to grow them all in and put the ones that don’t require as much water at one end.

JEAN Hopefully the weather co-operaes with your ball game plans and you stay dry. Thank for the confdence in my weight loss journey. :p
Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave: I don't have any trouble typing on my lap top for the keys are regular size I guess.:D

DONNA FAYE Looks you are going to be sandle rich with so many colors. There are just enough foods for me to eat without adding snails to the menu. No thanks. Slimey little things that eat geranium plants.

Have a great evening Magnolias ~ :wave:

05-22-2013, 10:47 AM
Good morning to you gals. It is humid and overcast and warming up quickly looks like. Jack will be home in about 3 hours. He is taking a partial day off sick time to go to the doctors today.

I put on some chicken and fat free broth to cook up for chicken and noodles tonight. Jack likes potatoes with his, me I like it more like soup. I will fix a couple yeast rolls and a veg.

I ordered munchkin's bday presents and found a pair of purple sandals so ordered those two. I am pretty rainbowed out now so should have a color for each outfit and all together probably spent less than $100 total. For me expensive shoes work no better than the cheapo ones. I have totally flat feet and I have tried shoes that are supposed to help with it, but all I find is they make the arch hurt and hurt badly. I am stuck with my feet as I am not going to mess with surgery and such at my age, besides the weight would probably just ruin whatever they did anyway.

I have my chores all done except for folding a load of clothes that's not dry so I can do whatever I want this morning. Right now I am downloading books to my Kindle because I am way behind on that. I usually sit in the living room and read through my Iphone and I have about 60 books I need to put on my Kindle. I am getting closer as we are at almost 180 and I have a total of 210 on my Amazon site. There are some I didn't like and have deleted and some I have read and don't want to reread so am letting them go too.

Susan: Since you are a fan of Harry Potter, have you read the Septimus Heap series. They are aimed a bit younger than the Potter books but I am on my first one and enjoying it.

Jean: I am caught up with the Connelly books. Well, I am reading The Black Box and haven't finished it yet. I don't think it has as much zoom to it as the other books. Kelly gave me a $50 Amazon gift card to buy books for the cruise (like having 200+ books isn't enough to enjoy :lol: ) and so I went and put a bunch in my wish list and have bought some of the cheap ones and am saving the new releases for right before we leave. Hope the ballgame didn't get rained out. The kids are so sad when that happens. Who is playing ball, Kolby or Ian or both???

Maggie: Congrats on the loss!!!! It is coming off slowly but surely and you have made good progress over the last year. Glad you didn't get hit by the storms. What a mess and loss of life. I would so love to have just one little tomato plant for fresh tomatoes, but the squirrel would rip it to shreds.

I bought my nail polish colors for Indiana and the cruise. Since I don't leave the house a whole lot, I quit the expense of having my nails and toes done, but I do have them done when we are going somewhere. I always buy OPI products because for one thing I love how they name them and secondly, it is top notch polish. It is more expensive but the stuff stays on. The one showing the nails is "Kiss me on my Tulips" and the bottle is from the Spiderman collections and is called "Your Web or Mine."

Well gals, I haven't eaten breakfast so should get to that and check on the clothes. Have a great middle of the week!!! Faye

05-22-2013, 07:21 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! My furnace is running so enough said about the gloomy weather again today. :( It was my morning to work in the gift shop; I sold two bracelets to the same employee. I did get caught up on my magazines and folded some pamphlets for one of the departments.

Maggie -- I hope you have good summer weather for growing your garden produce. :yes: I'm beginning to think spring and summer have bypassed us. I know it will get hot eventually though. Ian played at 5:30 last night and were we ever glad. We drove through rain getting there but kept in touch with Jason knowing it wasn't raining there. By the end of the game at 7:15, the wind had come up and it was misting. It was miserably cold! :brr: The second round of players were on the field warming up when we left. We try to stop for a treat after games and ended up waiting for a pot of coffee at the DQ. I guess not many drink coffee there.

"Gma" -- More sandals? :lol3: Ian is playing baseball for the first half of the summer and will switch to football the second half. Kolby's last soccer game was Monday night and Maddy played her last soccer game last night. We hit one soccer game, out of two, each week. Will try to do that for Ian but he has a couple weeks where both games don't start until 7:30 -- that makes it after midnight to get back home again. :yawn: I just can't stay awake and feel bad for Bob! Zowie wants to do gymnastics this summer so will see what that brings.

I need to figure out what's for supper. Bob is out at the farm working on his tractor so doesn't have a clue what time it is. Hope you all enjoy your evening! :wave:

05-23-2013, 10:39 AM
Good morning to you all. It is lovely and sunny and warm and wonderful. We are supposed to get more rain, but until it comes I am going to assume we won't.

Target did it to me again. I put the order in for Jackson's bday gifts and had them shipped to their house and they defaulted back to my address so I have to hold my breath they will get here in time. It is cutting it close. I had to wait to order the stuff but worse comes to worse, if it doesn't get to my house in time, I will buy it at the Target's up there and then return what I bought online.

I finished the first Septimus Heap book and it was pretty good. It is aimed at the younger reading group more like the 8-10 crowd, but it is still fun and interesting reading. Reminds me more of the hobbit then harry potter.

Jean: Hang on to your flip flops, I ordered one last pair of purple sandals this morning. I hadn't found any except the earth shoe type, very expensive ie near $100 or rubber flip flops. Target had two purple and I chose one of them. They were $12 can't beat that. :lol: I now have every color pretty much except red and I don't have red outfits except a pair of shorts. We have been running our ac for at least a week now. I turn it off until it gets warm in the house though.

Getting late for me this morning so I better go. I hope your Thursday is great! Faye

05-23-2013, 11:59 AM
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