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06-02-2003, 07:29 AM
Just getting us started for the week. I have not posted in a few days........life is just getting in the way :D

Off for my mall walk with Hazel......back in a little while.

peach pit
06-03-2003, 03:28 PM
Hey! Debkay!

How was your walk with Hazel?

Same old same old around here. I spent three hours cleaning the kitchen and family room. Mom was here for lunch and the big kid has a night game...which is a super big deal. ...hoping the rain will keep away.

Still wondering if I am going to get approved or not for surgery.


where is everyone?

06-03-2003, 05:41 PM
Happy Tuesday everyone,
Where is everyone??? Sure would like to see this site to become more active.. but I am as guilty as the next. I am going to try and do better and post more often.... Who else out there is with me????
I should know within a week my surgery date. Ohh this will probably be the slowest week ever too!! Seems like it's been forever. I started my process back in Nov. By the time I found the RIGHT dr. it was April 15th (that was my first meeting with Dr. Choban). I guess all in all.... once the ball got rolling it has gone rather fast. I am guessing my surgery will be in August. Which is only 4 months from when I first met the surgeon. And only 2 months from now.
I feel good about the fact I am going to the pool 5 times a week. I think this can only help me in the long run, and i know I will miss it when I can't get in right after surgery.
I have been on my apena machine since thursday night. My longest to keep it on was last night ... which I lasted 7 hours. I am feeling pretty dang good today too !! Can't remember the last time I woke up feeling somewhat refreshed!! Now to get my husband to start wearing his again... and see if we can get tangles up in our hoses... makes me think of teenagers with braces.... getting stuck together.... lol
Well, as i said I WILL not only check in more often, but I will post more often too. Let's get this site going gals.... and guys. I know it's easier to read... but I too know there are lots of questions to be asked.... and comments to be made.
Keep the Faith.... and hugs to you all !

Cindy :)

06-04-2003, 08:07 AM
Gee, back in a little while turned into days.......sorry!

Hi peachie, do you have any idea where your paper work is in the process? Have you spoken with anyone? By the time the waiting is over your house will sparkle :D

Cindy, I didn't have sleep apnea, but I understand it is truly amazing how much better you sleep with the machine. And, August will be here before you know it.

Chickadee......are there any tissues left in CO? Have you recovered from you very busy weekend? Whats going on with Kaiser?

No Mall walking yesterday or today. I have been bragging way too much about my knee pain being gone......it decided to rear it's ugly head on Monday. I had to cut our mall walk short by a lap, and cancel yesterday and today. DARN KNEE!!!!!! It is getting better and I should be able to go for our next scheduled mall walk on Friday. It is amazing to me how much I miss the walks. Hazel is such good company, our walks make my day.

Jiff how are things going with you??

Off to start my day, I hope everyone has a good day.

06-04-2003, 09:04 AM

Nice to see you all, still lurking :D

06-04-2003, 11:53 AM
feeling so guilty here, but no time to post a real update! maybe that's why we're not posting so much??/ now that we can all move more easily, we're not sitting around on our computers!!!!

more later about the video shoot and the support group meeting with the plastic surgeon!!!!!

06-05-2003, 07:50 AM
:dance: Jiff, so that means you got it!!! :dance: Can't wait for your update

Hey L :wave:

The hot humid hasn't hit yet in the deep south..........but it will :rolleyes: It's down-right chilly outside this morning.

My middle son starts classes today for the summer quarter. He's working on his degree ever so slowly, but at least he is moving in the right direction.

I really need to get some new clothes......I'm still wearing my size 26/28 shorts! Only around the house, but they look horrible! I have two pair of capris that sorta fit.......as long as I wash them in hot water and put them on the highest setting in the dryer :lol: I'm just not ready to put a bunch of money into to more clothes......is that pitiful or what!

The above is a whine, but a whine I love being able to whine about :lol:

Off to start the day

06-05-2003, 09:29 AM
:wave: Um.....I am still in winter slacks and a long sleeved shirt. Send me some summer, OK?

06-05-2003, 05:23 PM
Hi All!

So Deb, are you holding those shorts on with safety pins and string or what? They're 26/28 and you're in 18's now? Go to Wally World my dear friend and splurge a little! Do you have Kohl's down there in peachy Georgia? They have some amazing sales right now. (Disclaimer in case someone's moderating this board - the previous sentence is not intended as an ad, only a suggestion!)

My son's graduation was wonderful. His class only had 56 people, so when they got their diploma, every graduate came into the audience and gave their mom a rose and we got to get all misty-eyed and hug him. I think he was a little verklempt (sp?) too.

The Eagle ceremony was also wonderful. It was everything he wanted and what we wanted too. The mom gets to pin the eagle badge on and I was shaking so bad it took twice as long as it should have. My sweet husband, who never gets teary, was all red-eyed and choked up. All in all, it was very nice! And, it is very nice to have it all over with! Love my family and DH's family, but I also love seeing them all go. Deb, I had a Braves fan and a two Diamondbacks fan staying at my house. They just don't appreciate my Rockies like they should!

I joined Curves on Monday. My mom has been doing it with great success and I went with her while she was here. I like it so hopefully will keep it up.

I'm still waiting on Kaiser. I called to see where they are in their process of reorganizing the WLS program, figuring I will be the squeaky wheel, but have no answers. I'm getting frustrated, but will keep trying. I'm considering changing insurance coverage if I have to.

Ruth, we're wearing long sleeves still too. Drought my big fat butt! It's been wetter here this spring than any I can remember. I want sun!

That's it for now,

06-05-2003, 11:30 PM
hey chicadee,
I had a wonderful visit to your home state about 3 weeks ago. The weather was such a great change form the misery of the north east. But we did have about 2 hours of torental down pour.

Good to see all of you! :wave:


06-06-2003, 07:27 AM
Good early morning!!! Checking in before leaving to meet Hazel for the walk......this is the first time since Monday.

Hazel and I went yesterday to meet an older post-op. When I say older I mean age, she is 60, had the surgery in Feb. What a wonderful time we had. It did take us 2 hours to get to her house, she lives north of Atlanta. Bless Hazel's heart for driving, we came home in Atlanta rush hour traffic.......not a pretty sight, but we did well!!! The lady we went to see is house bound and has a hard time getting to our support group meetings. What a neat lady!! Just wish she lived closer.

Chickadee, I know, I know........I have looked at Wal-Mart, nothing strikes my fancy :rolleyes: Something better catch my eye soon, or I will be wearing my shorts around my ankles. :lol:

Taking my friend out to lunch today for her birthday. Jiff and peachie......remember the Stone Mountain Tea Room? The place where Jiff and I shared the steak salad. That is where we are going. YUM!!!

Have a good day all

06-06-2003, 12:43 PM
that was a GREAT steak salad!!!! i'm planning on going back there. and to the stone mountain pocketbook place. in fact, i was just sitting here, thinking about what to get my goddaughter for her college graduation, and wondering if a stone mountain pocketbook would be a good idea. or earrings. something special as she starts her new job in nyc at a big 3 accounting firm!!!

damn... oops.. can't finish this note now.. work is bellowing

06-07-2003, 04:20 PM
Been my usual busy self, with summer auditions, housekeeping, volunteer work, and of course, being in love :love:

I met the guy online of all places (it is the 21st century after all :lol: )...his name is Brian, and of all things, being I usually go for the tall dark haired ones, this little beauty is 5'8 and has a mop of blond hair, a killer sense of humor and sensitive. Funny how things work out.

Anyway, we exchanged phone numbers and chatted; he's trying to swing into Pittsburgh next weekend. Hopefully all goes well.

Now I have another reason to watch my food and go to my August WLS consultation....:love:

Did I mention there is a 17-year age difference...me being the elder?:^: Hey, if it works for Demi Moore.....:lol:

06-07-2003, 08:05 PM
Hey, he is a cutie (but he looks about the same age as my sons LOL. Nothing new going on around here. Old Alvin's still plugging along, and I'm still struggling! oh well...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend,

06-07-2003, 09:33 PM
Hi all :wave:

Good to see ya Barb!

Lori good luck with the new man in your life.

Rainy day today. Didn't do much of anything. Maybe tomorrow will be a more productive day.

Jiff I think a Stone Mountain Handbag would be a great gift for your goddaughter. Would you like me to check it out for you? You can also purchase them on QVC and I bet they have a web site.