Weight Loss Support - Losing weight and bras...... frustrated

05-07-2013, 01:36 AM
Ugh... I'm feeling frustrated.
my bras aren't fitting me right AT ALL. I'm been researching how to correctly measure and all that and seems I should be wearing a 36F. Unfortunately, all the bras I own are 40DD, some 36Ds (ha! yea right) and a couple 36DDs. Basically nothing that fits. I can't seem to find any reasonable priced bras in a 36f. Everything seems like $60+ and I just hate to spend that much money when I know I'll lose more weight and have to buy another one in a couple months. I guess this is more of a rant than anything else. Moneys a little tight right now so I've been putting it off but I know I'm just going to have to suck it up and buy one. I have a few dresses I've been dying to wear because they fit again but the bras I own now are just not working. :(

Has anyone every purchased bras off ebay? I've seen some in my size that are cheaper there but then I worry they wont fit correctly and I'll be stuck with yet another bra that doesn't fit.

Sorry if I'm being a Negative Nancy today... just in a blah mood

05-07-2013, 02:11 AM
I know how you feel - but a properly fitting bra is a wardrobe essential!
I often will try something on in a store locally (whether it's a sports bra, shoes or pants, etc) and then look to see if I can find it cheaper on ebay. I wouldn't buy it if I didn't know the brand/model/size that I needed.

05-07-2013, 03:01 AM
Have you tried Ross by any chance? My friend's mom got some bras there for around $8 but I'm not sure of the sizes they carry, I feel like it might be a hit and miss wherever you go. Also, do thrift stores have bras? I've been seeing a lot of people recommending shopping there while losing weight since it's really cheap.

Not sure if that helps but hopefully you find something!!

05-07-2013, 03:57 AM
Also check out Amazon. You can choose bra size and sort by price. I've actually found some cheap bras there. I have amazon prime - so im not sure if this is true for non-amazon prime members, but if the seller is amazon, shipping returns are free for clothes that don't fit!

05-07-2013, 07:27 AM
Herroom.com (http://www.herroom.com/know-your-breasts/Questions.aspx)has a lot of great info about bra fitting. Plus they have "universal sizing" since not all manufacturers use the same letters for sizes. (So instead of shopping for 36F you'd shop for 36D4, for example.) I've had great luck finding bras on eBay, but it's important to understand how different manufacturers size their bras. You may need a 36E in Fantastie, a 36FF in Wacoal, and 36DDD in Bali. Yeah, the whole process is annoying as everything! ;)

05-07-2013, 07:44 AM
My Goodwill store has a great assortment for $4.99 (all BRAND NEW with tags, they don't sell used undergarments). You might find something there to get you by.

05-07-2013, 07:59 AM
Check this facebook page out; https://www.facebook.com/groups/261128837304402/

05-07-2013, 11:33 AM
I know Lane Bryant will measure you. I was wearing the completely wrong size, in inches and in cup. I don't know what their sizes go up to, but I wait until they have killer sales and stock up. My last bra cost me $18.

05-07-2013, 01:10 PM
I'm a Vicky's lover. I get resized once every couple months just in case. I've felt like my boobs are getting smaller so I had them check me and I was still the same size. Their bras can get expensive but I only buy them when I have the $10 off coupon because of how cheap it makes them. I love the way they fit because I can walk in, grab what I need without checking the fitting and leave. Works everytime. Even if you get fitted in store and order online, that's fine too because I know they have bigger sizes on their site.

05-07-2013, 01:46 PM
I do buy bras from eBay and they fit me. I make sure to do research on the particular brand/model of bra to see if I need to go up or down in cup or band. I'm currently wearing a Panache bra I got for $20 from eBay =)

05-07-2013, 08:41 PM
I always buy my bra from Frederick's. I'm a DD so it's hard to find a decent bra that's cute and in my size in "regular" stores.

They often have great sales, so I would keep checking their site!

05-07-2013, 10:54 PM
I don't have a whole lot of suggestions other than to get professionally measured, but I feel your pain! Before I starting losing weight I was a 38D. Right now, almost to the middle of my weight loss I'm between a D and DD cup and a 36 and 38 band. Nothing fits! So frustrating. I'm going to make it through with mostly sports bras and go bra shopping again when I'm done losing weight. Good luck!:hug:

Arctic Mama
05-08-2013, 04:33 AM
Ewa Michalak! I get my funky sizes bras there for better quality, prettier, and cheaper than anything comparable in the states. The shipping isn't bad and even my 32-34J's work out to $40 per bra or less.

I have gone through hundreds of dollars in bras over the past two years alone, and it IS frustrating to find your size and then have it change (and sometimes in quite unpredictable ways). But that's the nature of weight loss, and even more encouragement to get to goal and maintain from there :)