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05-06-2013, 09:27 PM
Need to Vent.

So today I went to an orthopedic surgeon in NYC to get another opinion about having my knees replaced.

My regular Orthopedic Surgeon that I see told me that since the cortisone shots were not working anymore the only thing left was knee replacement. I am really ready for this. I can't walk up stairs, I have to hold onto something to use the bathroom, getting out of a chair after sitting for a short amount of time is painful.

And then it gets complicated.

I have PTTD posterior tibilia tendon dysfuntion which is causing horrible horrible pain in my feet to the point I can't sleep without pain meds some nights. And my feet are flat. That's a whole other set of doctors. At least 7 over the past 6 years. SMH

Okay back to my knees. The first doctor said whenever I'm ready to have it done to just call his office. Then he said something that sent chills down my spine and freaked me out so bad I knew I couldn't let him do it.

He said the now.... you GO HOME THE DAY AFTER SURGERY:mad:. oh heck no not me. I need to recuperate in the hospital at least a couple of days.

The doctor that I saw today said he could replace my knee depending on how much pain I was in. I said that's why I'm here. However he said I really should lose weight first because of the problem with my other knee and my feet. Just taking off some of the weight would help me a lot and he said if I got down to at least
190 it would be better for me to have the surgery then.

Well I just needed to vent.

It's time I get myself in gear and take this serious.

PS I go to the gym 3 times a week. Water aerobics, and strength training with the 'circuit' workout. I mostly do my upper body because I can't use the machine on my legs they hurt to much. Heck I can't even use the treadmill anymore.

Has anyone here had to lose weight before having knee replacement surgery?

Thanks for listing.